Ackergill Tower, 15th century hotel, Scottish Highlands

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Experience the finest Highland hospitality in the sparkling and historic setting of our 15th century castle.

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For more than 600 years, Ackergill Tower has stood majestically above the rugged shoreline at Sinclair Bay on the northernmost tip of Scotland – Our quaint Highland Estate is one of the remotest, most romantic settings in the entire British Isles. Steeped in history, with a 21st century touch, the castle and its 3,000 acre private estate will delight and inspire you. From the Tower’s stout granite walls, to Europe’s largest treehouse with a bedroom, discover what makes Ackergill Tower the jewel in the Highlands and enjoy a stay that will shine brightly in your memory for many years to come.

“Location, location, location! What an amazing location. Beautiful castle in a stunning area. Lovely country house feel and very friendly staff.”


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Close, yet a world away

The remoteness of the castle adds to its undeniable appeal, and here you can truly get back to nature by exploring the unspoilt Sinclair Bay. Love might not know any boundaries, but fortunately Ackergill Tower is easily accessed, and not as far away as you may think…


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