20 Genius Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget


Are you looking for above ground pool deck ideas on a budget? Among other types, the above-ground one is never getting old and is suitable for any style of home decor.

Nowadays, you can easily find so many types of above-ground pools. Most of them are using stones, bricks, wood, and many more. 

For your reference, here is a little bit of insight for you before installing the above-ground pool in your backyard without breaking the bank.

Determining the Size of Your Above-ground Pool Deck

Having a ground pool has some considerations. Initially, you should consider before having it is the size. It will affect how many decks that you need.

Before measuring the size, consider the shape of your pool. If you want to install a circle pool, you have to measure the diameter.

You have to measure the length and width by measuring the diameter straight across from the inside wall to another one. 

For the height, it is preferable to measure it from the outside pool. Just measure it from the very bottom to the very top of the pool wall.

Mostly, the above-ground pool has a height of around 4 ft, 4.3 ft, or 4.5 ft. So, it is important to measure it.

Moreover, you have to consider the size of your ground pool and the pool deck at the same time. After having the size of the pool, you should measure the length of the deck.

You select either big or small pool deck. The larger your ground pool, the bigger the cost that you need to install the pool. 

In this case, you can calculate how much you will spend on your pool deck.

DIY Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on A Budget

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget

The most spending for installing the pool along with the deck is hiring a professional. It will save your time, but you have to spend more on it.

You may hire a professional as on your budget. However, it still costs much more than if you install it by yourself.

If you like to do DIY and want to save the budget, installing the ground pool deck by yourself is the solution. 

Check how Stefan Beese transform a dumpster into a stunning abouve ground pool!

Do not forget to have above-ground pool deck kits if you want to install them by yourself.

Are you looking for above ground pool deck ideas on a budget? Among other types, the above-ground one is never getting old and is suitable for any style of home decor.

Nowadays, you can easily find so many types of above-ground pools. Most of them are using stones, bricks, wood, and many more. 

For your reference, here is a little bit of insight for you before installing the above-ground pool in your backyard without breaking the bank.

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Before preparing all the equipment, you should come up with some ideas first. What kind and how the pool is your favorite. Here are above ground pool deck ideas on a budget for you!

Pool Wrapped in Stone and Wood

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Mostly the ground pool has wood material. Otherwise, combining it with stones or paver deck is also possible. These two materials have different points but will match well to wrap your ground pool.

It will give more advantages if you want the DIY above-ground pool deck with wood and stone. You can choose the stone and wood for certain needs which will save your budget.

Besides the cost, your pool will look more aesthetic. You can raise the wall on one side and wrap the pool with stones around it. 

In this way, it will be more effective to barrier half of your pool perimeter. On the other side, use the woods as a deck. 

This combination will be perfectly warm and strong. 

Round above-ground pool deck

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget plans

Getting a round above-ground pool is very space-saving. It gives more free space but still enough to swim around.

As mentioned previously, you need to take the right measurement to get the right space. The deck can be a combination of woods with composite or stones.

Around the pool, set some pool seats and a bench. You can also place any items that you like to take while swimming. 

If you have children, you can also install a ball hoop or a slider.

Pool with terraced steps

There is another way to get a ground pool to look neater. You can install the ground pool with the terraced steps. 

For this concept, you need to install a wall higher than your ground. You have to measure in which there will be two to three steps there.

If you like the pool brought to the corner, then install the deck with steps on one side only. In contrast, you can apply the deck with steps around the pool if you like the pool in the middle part.

The steps will not only have a function as a pool driveway, but you can use them as a comfortable seating area with games coffe table around. Save money and save space, right?

Half-Buried Pool with Composite Deck

Half Buried Pool with Composite Deck

Half buried pool with a composite deck is also the best recommended one. It has a unique and integrated look.

You do not need to equalize the surface of your pool, but just make it higher than the ground around 15 to 20 cm.

At the same time, you can also use the wood deck and wrap the outside wall with stone. To make it more beautiful, spread around small rocks on the side of the higher part.

Above-ground pool with wooden deck

Above ground pool with wooden deck

Wood has its taste. It evokes a vintage look but strong at the same time. That is why most people prefer having a wooden deck for their backyard.

Moreover, the wooden deck is recommended for you who are looking for a small deck for an above-ground pool. 

This concept looks like a bathtub that looks more comfortable. You can build up the pool by wrapping around the outside wall with wood. 

Also, install a small bridge and set up a stair to enter the pool. For homeowners who want a vintage style, this is a perfect concept.

Small deck for above ground pool

Tiny above ground pool

This is one of the best above ground pool deck ideas on a budget that you can pick for a narrow space. 

Located in the corner of the deck, you will still have much space to put some pieces of furniture to enjoy the breeze.

Do it yourself round above ground pool deck plans

Having a deck for above-ground pool looks greater. However, you have to know some considerations when installing it to suit your budget. 

Some considerations for above ground pool deck ideas on a budget are as follow for your reference.

  • Hire a Professional or DIY

Initially, decide whether you hire a professional or make it by yourself. It will save more cost if you choose a DIY project. You can find a ready to assemble pool deck kits around your location.

However, it is better to hire a professional if you think that you are not that good enough to do DIY.

  • Install the Pool First

Then, you have to install the pool before having the deck. Although the above-ground pool already has standardized wall heights, it is still possible that your pool will be slightly different. 

So, you have to take the right measurement for the deck after the pool is well installed.

  • Build the Deck as Close as Possible

For a satisfactory result, you have to make sure that the deck is built as close as possible to the pool. It will be safe and offer a good look in design. 

It can help to minimize your falls or trips over the jut-out pieces since it will keep the ground level for the in and out things from the pools.

  • Cost of Materials

The costs are the important thing for those who have a strict budget. So, you have to make sure that the materials that you need are not over your budget. 

There are some options for deck materials, which are composite, plastic, and wood. These materials will highly impact your cost. 

Tips to Spruce up Your Above-ground Pool Deck

above pool deck tips

Having above ground pool deck ideas on a budget does not always mean that you have to minimize all the things. 

You are possible to get a gorgeous pool without breaking your bank. Try these tips below to spruce up this attraction like magic.

Add Lighting Around

lighthing above ground pool

Some of you may tend to swim at night. After having a long day, swimming at night can be so relaxing. In that way, you need better lighting. 

It will help your pool look more romantic and dramatic at night.

There are some options for adding the lighting around your pool. If you do nighttime swimming regularly, it is highly necessary to install permanent lighting or even hardwired lights. 

It is also highly recommended to install mini spotlights outside the pool to keep you safe.

On the other hand, you can just set some floating pool lights if you do not do nighttime swimming regularly. It is perfect if you want to host a barbecue party. 

There are also some types of floating lights like solar-powered or battery lights. Moreover, you can get the lights with color changing or shading shape option.

Get the Decorative Floating

floating pool light

You may already get the above ground pool deck ideas on a budget but still need more. The materials might be enough, but you can add some decoration for your pool.

The simplest and quickest way to make your pool look more beautiful is by adding decorative floating things to your pool.

These floating things are perfect for you who want a fun and loving vibe. It is also iconic and upload-worthy which can be a new spot to take your moment.

The most important thing is you do not need to add more cost to it. Just buy the simple and inexpensive but look good ones.

Hide the Pool

There will be some things that are not related to the pool and cannot help as a decoration. It can be pipes and many more.

The thing you can do is hide the pool. It is preferable to have a higher wall so that it will hide the things around. 

You can also install the wood planks and seal them with flexible bamboo screening or polyurethane. For the beachy vibe, you can also install a reed fence as the frame.

For another option, you can also use brick panels or faux stones to frame around the pool. The panels will work easier than installing real brick or stone.

If you like something outstanding, a small bar is an answer. You can build a mini bar around the outside edge of your pool. 

Just add some barstools to make it accessible from the outside or you can even swim up to the bar from inside the pool.

All of these will help to conceal the things that should be hidden around the pool.

Landscaping the Above-Ground Pool

To make your above-ground pool look warm and tropical, you can add some plants or tropical flower like orchid around. However, do not plant whatever plant that you found.

You have to choose the plants that will not grow taller than the wall of the pool. It is considerable since it will let you work harder to clean the floor grout on the deck. 

The plants that will grow taller than the wall of the pool will drop their flower petals or leaves into the pool.

Moreover, you have also avoided climbing plants since it will cause some problems if they start to grow inside the pool.

Thus, the recommended plants for landscaping your above-ground pool are evergreen shrubs directly next to your pool. 

It will not grow taller and even if you add some flowering perennials or even annuals.

On the other hand, you can hang the hanging planter or planter boxes from the top of your pool. By adding these plants, your pool will look fresh but there will be no further problem with your pool. 

All in all, the most important thing you can do for installing the above-ground pool is knowing the measurement and have the concept that you want. 

After having these points, you will find it easier to get the budget right.

Above all, check on some other above ground pool deck ideas on a budget so that you can get this home attraction without adding unnecessary cost. 

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