Area Rug Placement Living Room: An Easy Guide to Choose


Have you ever heard something about area rug placement living room? It is not a new idea, but it always grabs the attention of room decor drafters.

Although very interesting, there is still much-hidden information about how to choose a rug for living room. 

There are a few tricks you need to master before placing one of them in your home.

Thereupon, on this page, we will discuss the area rug placement living room and the ins-outs. Stay reading, and pay close attention to every detail of the information.

What is an Area Rug?

Before talking further about area rug placement living room, it is better to learn what sort of items we will discuss this time. 

Rugs are thick sheets of cloth that cover only a part of the room floor. More than a carpet, it can be a decoration that determines the tone of the room.

The function of area rugs

It is a bit different from a wall-to-wall carpet and covers the entire area where we stand. People use area rugs according to functional and aesthetic purposes. 

Regardless of the function, it adds beautiful decorative elements to the house. Homeowners commonly put an area rug in the living room.

From a functional point of view, people place it as a different zone divider. 

For example, in the open spot, an idea of rug placement living room with fireplace will bring an intimate and more exclusive feel.

Another purpose of placing area rugs for the living room is to protect the table, chair, or sofa from slipping on the wooden floor. 

It will be true if you have slippery floorings.

The rugs can indeed make the house look more beautiful. A very diverse design allows you to embellish every corner of the house without excessive effort.

In a minimalist interior concept, the carpet is a prominent point and becomes the center of attention. 

Meanwhile, an area rug placement living room can give a warm and soft feel.

Where to place a rug

Area Rug Placement Living Room

Regarding where to place a rug, the most common part is the living room. People choose decorative shapes, motifs, and colors to give a beautiful and comfortable feel to them.

People also use it in the bedroom Christmas decor or modern office room. Just like the living room, its use is also as a decoration as well as marking an area in the most private location in your house.

Many people use it in the kitchen because this location is prone to slipping. However, avoid a place with the risk of water, fire, or heat exposure to prevent the damage quickly.

Area Rugs in Living Room: Pros and Cons

Area rug placement living room has been popular for centuries as a floor covering that has many advantages. Until now, you can find it in many residences.

However, it is undeniable that an area rug also has some disadvantages and inappropriateness in some ways.


  • Provides comfort and retains heat so that it helps to get warm in winter.
  • Area rugs for the living room can also absorb loud sounds perfectly, such as those in a music studio.
  • The dark colors will help cover dirt well.
  • Become a comfortable place for children and adults.
  • It prevents furniture friction on the floor.
  • Minimize incidents due to slippery floors.
  • Beautiful decoration for the room.


  • Dust that accumulates can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and sleep disturbances.
  • Area rugs are more prone to odors and dirt.
  • It will be potentially a breeding ground for bacteria. The average carpet is four times dirtier than a toilet seat.
  • There is a risk of fire because almost all types of carpet can trigger a big fire.
  • Area rugs have the risk of being damaged more quickly in the living room because of the high mobility of their users.
  • Maintenance is quite complicated, and you have to clean it often.

In addition to those advantages, area rugs also come with several drawbacks. 

However, with good management, area rug placement living room ideas are still one of the best choices.

The Best Materials to Choose

Area Rug Placement Living Room best materials

Understanding the differences in materials will help you choose the right area rugs for your home. Each type may have a distinct effect in terms of texture and response to room conditions.

The following are some materials for the area rug placement living room, along with their characteristics: 

  • Wool: This soft and luxurious material is easy to clean and heat resistant. It is great for areas under the bed and near the mid-century fireplace.
  • Acrylic: This is a strong and easy to clean material. This type is suitable for areas with high mobility.
  • Polypropylene: Its characteristics are almost the same as acrylic. Since this material is synthetic, the texture is less soft.
  • Jute: This natural fiber is strong and suitable for areas with high mobility. It is perfect for wooden floors or large rooms that require a touch of warmth.
  • Sisal: This material is strong but not water-resistant because it can damage the fiber. It is suitable for mid century style decorative purposes, instead of comfort or warmth.
  • Viscose: The material is less strong so it is not good for high traffic zones. Choose one that contains a wool blend to get a beautiful shiny effect.

List of Area Rugs Sizes

In an area rug placement living room, the size will significantly affect the whole thing. Therefore, you need to analyze whether your purpose is as a focal point or just as an accent.

Before deciding to buy, the first thing to do is to mark the room. Hence, you will have an idea of the ​​ area rug placement living room.

Area carpets have a standard size but can be different for each brand. The common sizes are:

  • 2×3 inches: This size is more or less following a standard coffee table, perfect for a modern, compact, and minimalist concept room.
  • 3×5 inches: It is the best choice if you wonder how to place a rug in a small living room. The size is comparable to a two-seater sofa or rug placement living room with tv.
  • 4×6 inches: You can use it as a base for a dining table with a capacity of approximately four people or other equivalent furniture.
  • 5×7 inches: The size of this rug area is equivalent to a dining table with a capacity of up to 6 people.
  • 5×8 inches: With almost the same size, you can use it as the size 5×7 above.
  • 7×10 inches: This size is suitable for larger living rooms because it can be an underneath base for a 3-seater sofa or a double bed.
  • 8×11 inches: The size is quite large and can be a base for a super king-size bed.
  • 9×12 inches: With this size, you can give a beautiful feel to a large room.
  • 10×14 inches: This size is super large and suitable for very big-sized rooms, such as halls. It can be a carpet in a small area.

One note, the sizes above may vary from each product. You may find something almost similar to the others. 

Choosing Area Rugs for Living Room

The living room is an area that should be the most welcoming and pleasant spot in the house. You will spend the whole day relaxing or chatting with family or guests.

The decoration is an important thing to create that atmosphere. Therefore, one of them is to apply the idea of ​​an area rug placement living room. How to?

The first thing, how to choose a rug for the living room is that it depends on the atmosphere you want to build in it. 

Thus, before buying, understand your needs first.

For example, if you like to have a chat with music on and allow for a little dance, choose a large rug to give the impression of relief and freedom to do many things together.

If your living room is filled with a lot of furniture, you should avoid patterned carpets to avoid being more cramped.

Choosing a plain rug in a room full of furniture will keep the main focus of the room on a beautiful sofa or chair. 

However, a little pattern might be beautiful if the room decor is mostly plain.

There is a little suggestion for a perfect look.  Place a pair of the front legs of the furniture on the edge of the carpet and the rest outside the rug.

This method will be part of a decorating trick to prevent a monotonous impression in the room. For the rest, choose the motif and size that suits your needs.

Area Rug Placement Living Room Ideas

Area Rug Placement Living Room A Guide to Choose

After reading the reviews above, you may already think of ​​what kind of area rug placement living room to apply. 

However, you may require some ideas to go ahead.

Wherefore, we will give some ideas for area rug placement living room. Besides, you can still improve it under personal taste. Here are the rug under couch rules:

  • All legs on. All furniture legs are on the carpet. If you want the conversation to seem full and warm, leave 10-18 inches of distance between the wall and the rug.
  • Front legs only. Allow the front legs of the furniture to be on the carpet. It is a trick of placing a rug in a small living room. 

The part under is a maximum of one-third of the width of the furniture. It will give a more spacious yet decorative feel.

  • All legs off. What is on the carpet is only the main table, not with a seat. When done with the right proportions, the rug will look intentional and fill the negative space.
  • Layer two rugs. Stack two different sizes of rugs. With the right carpet pair, your interior will look fantastic.
  • Rounded arrangement. A large round carpet in an area rug placement living room. A standard-sized rug can hold all the furniture with a few inches left.

Those are some tips for designing an area rug placement living room sectional. Look for references often to get the perfect feel. Do not forget to maintain them too.

Maintenance Tips

Area rug placement living room is not only about the design but also maintenance. The following are tips that are prominent for you to do regularly.

  • Clean the dust regularly to prevent dirt, dust, and bacteria from sticking to the carpet fibers.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to clean. Do not use a coarse brush as this may damage the fibers. A vacuum cleaner can be an option.
  • When something spills on it, you should immediately clean it so that the dirt does not get stubborn because it is firmly attached to the fabric fibers.
  • Do not install it in wet conditions. In a damp room or any water spills, you should dry it well first.
  • Routinely professionally clean the carpet, for example, by using the services of an expert.
  • Use a mat at the bottom of the rug that it doesn’t come into direct contact with the floor.
  • Rotate the carpet according to the direction of the foot most often stepped.
  • Pay attention to the footwear you use. Choose soft or fluffy sandals when stepping on them.
  • Do not use dirty footwear when walking on them.
  • Avoid dragging furniture on it to avoid damaging fibers.

Those are some carpet care tips that are very easy to do. Hopefully, it can help you in your area rug placement living room.


Based on the explanation above, we can see that rug and carpet have several differences. One of them is about the area covered.

A rug only covers a part of the room, while the carpet is for the whole area. The first also has a more decorative purpose.

Regarding the area rug placement living room, you can apply several tricks before choosing. The first thing is deciding the appropriate size, and then place it according to your tastes and needs.

However, there is no definite concept in the area rug placement living room. Back again to your goal, whether you want to make the room feel bigger, comfortable, or unite the whole room.

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