15 Approved Black Marble Coffee Table Ideas


Black marble coffee table ideas have recently become a trend among people. More than just furniture, its simple-but-classy appearance supports today’s lifestyle.

For decades, marble has been synonymous with luxury or prestige. Meantime, the black one has a reputation as a material that reflects the elegance behind the mystery.

Eventually, furniture designers adopted black marble as a material for making coffee tables. This combination seems to complement the classy lifestyle of modern society.

However, for many communities, black marble is too expensive to the budget of most wars. Therefore, the faux edition appears at a lower price but looks no less classy than the original.

Regardless of whether the material is original or not, the black marble coffee table is an option that you seem to have to try at least once. If you are curious, take a look at some of the ideas below.

Rectangular Black Marble Coffee Table

Black Marble Coffee Table

Rectangular is a well-known shape, which we often encounter in everyday life. But what if the object is a precious black marble?

With its simple form, this design has become the soul of various living rooms around the world. No shelves, or other storage space, and it is just a solid rectangular.

Aside from being a beautiful coffee table, this furniture is also handy so that many people use it to showcase various decorative items. 

Your attention will not be able to escape from its unique motif.

However, the rectangular coffee table is less friendly to space. This furniture will only look beautiful if it is in a large room.

Placement in a narrow location will make the room feel cramped, in addition to its large shape and decorative motif. 

A comfortable couch will be the perfect combination for this furniture.

Oval Black Marble Coffee Table

Black Marble Coffee Table oval

In terms of shape, not everyone agrees, including about the black marble coffee table. Instead of rectangular, some people rely more on ovals as part of their room.

This form is no less decorative than rectangular. The shape, which is sometimes not symmetrical, actually becomes an attraction that makes it have artistic value.

Its oval shape refers to the part of the surface that functions as a container. The legs are generally quite varied, depending on the manufacturer’s design.

But generally, the color of the legs is not too diverse, between black and gold. Because the color is too flashy, it will reduce the beauty of the black marble coffee table.

Compared to rectangular, oval is more flexible in terms of placement. You do not have to place it in a spacious location, but it is adjustable in a small room.

The use of this model also reflects dynamic and changing conditions. The perfect combination is a comfortable sofa in black or one that fits the legs of the coffee table.

Circle Black Marble Coffee Table

Circle Black Marble Coffee Table

In addition to the two designs above, the circle is no less popular. Its unique and adjustable shape with various room concepts is the main attraction.

Besides black, you can usually find white marble coffee table designs in various locations, from offices, cafes, and even private homes. 

Not surprisingly, the minimalist shape follows the modern style, which is the theme of many modern buildings.

Besides, a circle suggests an orderly but dynamic life. Its use gives a relaxed impression but becomes an attractive form of business life.

A circle black marble coffee table is generally available in the market with a variety of attractive designs. 

You can get a kind with legs made of metal, wood, or even rock.

This design is also very adjustable to the size of the room. You can place it in a living room or even in an unfinised basement but still, look attractive in a smaller one.

Octagonal Coffee Table

octagon coffee table

We should be grateful because, at this time, there have been many design innovations that have aesthetic value as well as use-value. 

Some even offer flexibility to ambient conditions.

One of them is a black marble coffee table with an octagonal shape. It allows you to install and put it together.

This product from Eichholtz Galaxy Modern has an octagonal shape which has six pieces. Each cut has a marble surface on it, while the legs are from gold-colored metal.

The product features a unique design, so you can utilize it flexibly. Thus, take one of the pieces and use it as needed. Interesting enough, right?

Modern Black Marble Coffee Table

Modern Black Marble Coffee Table

Furniture that carries a modern theme generally has two characteristics: simplicity and use-value. Its simple design offers more space-saving. 

However, with such a concept, modern furniture generally has an elegant value compared to others. That is why it always be a favorable choice.

One example is the black marble coffee table which we will discuss here. The design is quite familiar with its square surface and slender legs.

You also find a simple shelf at the bottom of the surface. Its purpose is as a place to store goods. Thus, it has more use-value.

Currently, many coffee table products are circulating with this concept. Opt for any model depending on your room design and taste.

While choosing, you also need to adjust the material to the conditions of your room and furniture. Make sure everything fits the concept and looks harmonious with each other.

Vintage Black Marble Coffee Table

Vintage Black Marble Coffee Table

From time to time, the vintage concept never dies and has always been the target of many people. Furniture with this concept also always has fans because of the classic feel that appears.

This concept is also suitable for you to apply to a black marble coffee table

With the typical shape and style of the 1970s era, you can bring a classic feel when you meet and gather with others.

In general, a vintage black marble coffee table is not too complicated in terms of design. 

However, you can see some unique shapes, such as slightly tilted table legs or washed colored surfaces.

To make it look perfect in the room, you can combine it with other classic furniture and decorations, like a mirror wall living room

A wooden sofa with natural color can be one of the excellent combinations for this coffee table. Do not forget to put the rug or bedroom carpet on to make it classier.

Mid Century Coffee Table

mid century table livingroom

One more concept that you can adopt in room decoration is the mid-century style. Although decades have passed, the classic feel has still become people’s favorite.

The primary characteristic of mid-century furniture is the short legs. 

However, the structure is dominant because the position of the legs attached is tilted. It is also one of the attractions.

Although this concept is generally identical to the color of wood, black marble makes it even more perfect. 

You can enjoy the beautiful natural nuances in every coffee time, either alone or together.

The shape of the coffee table with this concept is indeed mostly round with chairs around it. However, not a few rectangular-shaped pieces of furniture adorn various living rooms.

The Taste of Postmodern

contemporer table

After the modern concept, we also know the term postmodern. This concept carries an urban context.

The main characteristic of this concept is a form that is not symmetrical and identical to straight or curved lines.

In addition, this concept also displays a lot of ornaments. 

However, the black marble coffee table design shows minimal pictures because the pattern on the rock surface is quite dominant.

Carrying furniture with this concept can also be a choice. The reason is, the shape is quite playful with curves and geometric patterns.

Black Marble and Gold Coffee Table

gold and black marble tabel

One of the reasons why black marble coffee tables generally do not explore color is to make the rocks stand out. 

But you can choose the other colors.

Try choosing a black marble coffee table with a touch of gold, for example, on the legs and surface supports. 

It will give a luxurious and classy feel to your room. Regarding the shape, you can choose designs ranging from the simplest to the most complex. 

In addition to gold, some models also combine it with gray or white.

Black marble coffee table vintage

retro coffe table

If we had time to discuss the combination of black and gold, now we look at other possibilities. How about the shades of brown on the coffee table?

It seems to be an interesting idea. Try combining black marble with a wooden table frame, and you will get a beautiful rustic feel.

Uniquely again, the brown color turned out to influence marble. The color radiance can give a color bias so that the black on the marble looks faded.

With supporting lighting and furniture, you will get a natural atmosphere in your room. Do not forget to give the right area rug to strengthen the rustic impression.

Black Marble Coffee Table with Storage

Black Marble Coffee Table with Storage

In the modern concept, all aspects must have a use-value. It also applies to this coffee table. The financial storage system will make it even more perfect.

In this design, black marble is only a table surface. Meanwhile, the storage function is from plastic, metal, wood, or other materials.

It is understandable because carving marble is not an easy thing. 

Moreover, combining it with other materials in no way reduces the aesthetics and increases the use-value.

You can choose various designs according to your wishes and needs. 

Almost all shapes and models of large black marble coffee tables are available in series with a storage area.

Using this coffee table also provides various advantages. The existence of storage will allow the display to look neater because there are no scattered items.

Two Color Combination

black and white marble table

Black is indeed a very dominant color in the world of design. However, this hue allows you to combine it with other tones. 

Try to apply the black and white color combination on the marble coffee table. Some designers have reworked it very nicely into extraordinary masterpieces. 

The photo above shows a circle coffee table using black and white marble. Both of them look combined and provide an aesthetic that will decorate your 2 color combination room decor.

The Taste of Middle East

easteren coffee table arabic

The feel of the Middle East is also not a bad idea in choosing a black marble coffee table. Although not using stone but its use as a surface is enough to give a touch of luxury.

For a better nuance, a gold-colored frame and legs are an option. The design also includes a typical Middle Eastern ornament in the form of a dome-like circle.

The use of this black marble coffee table square matches a thick sofa with gold color. You also strengthen that impression with other decorations in the room.

The Blank Space

luxury coffe table

The interesting thing about black marble coffee table ideas is that you can adopt cultures from various countries. One that you can take is Norwegian style.

In the photo above, the legs use a circle which is a typical ornament of the country. The gold color gives a classy impression to your room.

Instead of storage, there is a blank space at the bottom of the table. It is indeed contrary to the modern concept but quite beautiful as a decoration.

Nesting Coffee Table

gameing coffee nesting table

Because of its significant role in the living room, an attractive design is a must. You can choose a black marble coffee table based on the type, function, and model.

One of the highlights is the nesting table which allows you to get several pieces of furniture at once. Each has a different height for easy storage when not in use.

With this design, you can be more flexible when dealing with a diverse number of people. Generally, nesting tables have 2-5 surfaces in one package.

However, the nesting table design does not only apply to black marble coffee tables. You can also get other furniture with this model and use it as a games coffee table.


Those are some black marble coffee table ideas that you can use as inspiration. All of them have different charms and will enhance your room’s appearance.

In addition to black marble coffee table ideas, maybe you can design your furniture for your home. 

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