Attractive Box Bay Window Design with Pictures


A box bay window is a house feature that would never go out of style. In the world of home design, trends will come and go. 

Therefore, when it comes to picking a design for windows, homeowners tend to aim for the classic ones for an easy selection.

Having a bay window in your house will bring in natural light. Also, it gives you a space to create a window seat, multi-function area, or even a garden space. 

Moreover, there are several types of bay windows with different shapes and designs.

What is Box Bay Window?

So, what exactly is the box bay window. Basically, its shape looks like a box, square or rectangular. It features a flat font, flat sides, and a roof.

The bay window itself is a window space that projects outward 90 degrees from the wall of your house. Normally, this window style comes from 3 glass panels. 

Then, the middle panel is a picture window that is generally larger than the two sides.

Meanwhile, the side windows will be smaller than the middle ones. This style is so common across UK countries. 

Sometimes, the building concept is not flat but angled. You can call this type of box bay to feature a canted window.

Some people might be wondering about the maximum depth of a box bay window. Well, that depends on the angle it projects outward from the wall. 

Most bay windows range from about 12 to 24 inches deep. Meanwhile, the box units will be about 18 to 24 inches.

Generally, the space inside a box bay window is perfect for plants or ornaments. Sometimes, it is in the kitchen. 

Moreover, install it in the cooking room to offer light and a view for the cook right from the kitchen. Compared to many other types, the box bay ones are more economical in form.

Types of Bay Windows

Box Bay Window

There are many types of bay window designs you can see in many houses, especially in the UK. Some of them are historical houses. 

Besides boy bay windows, check out some other types that will inspire you to choose how your window is going to be.

1. Bow Bay Window

It is a curved window that projects outward from the main walls of the house. This style is shaped like a bow. 

However, it is not the same as the box ones because it is gently curved to create an arch. It has four or more casement windows.

Additionally, the size is larger than the box bay windows. So, it offers more space and light for the room.

2. Canted Bay Window

Box Bay Window

This one is classic. Most Colombus homes come with it. The major distinctive feature between this window and the boxy ones is the slanted sides.

Instead of the 90-degree side panels, it is more like within a 45-degree angle.

Furthermore, it consists of about three to four individual windows. You might find this design of windows mostly in Victorian houses.

3. Oriel Bay Window

box bay window design

This is a orel style bay window that you cannot find often. Typically, this concept is at the entrance to a building. It is like a modern front porch that does not connect to the ground. 

Hence, for those who like to have a gothic-style exterior, you may have this window in your old-style house.

Further, this unique bay window is great for a house with a narrow and dark hallway on the upper floor. 

Besides, the bay window can open up the sense of space and add the natural light you need.

4. Circle Bay Window

box bay window design

Box bay window is the one with a square or rectangular shape. Obviously, the circle window is the round one. 

Indeed, it is a new version of the bow bay window. It has a smoother circular area. Mostly, homeowners install it in the corner space.

Moreover, in the era of Gothic, the circle bay window is quite popular. It is so fashionable in your master Hygge living room, dining nooks, and bedrooms.

Bay Window Installation

Bay window is not a single window. People who concern about the looks and light, just have three fixed picture windows of the same sizes. 

Otherwise, choose the three-window concept that has a larger panel in the middle.

For additional functionality, homeowners may add two flanking windows that can be opened to get some airflow from different angles. 

Additionally, it takes part in ventilating the house. The cooling breeze from the bay window would be so comfortable.

So, what kind of configuration should you choose? The most common items belong to casement windows and double-hung windows.

Meanwhile, the casement units will get the entire panel open by turning a crank. 

You can adjust how big the panel opened to get the breeze coming. Then, double-hung ones will give you a ventilation system in a different method.

You can only open the window in half portions but there are options to choose from. Besides, you might have the top, bottom, or both sashes open for air circulation.

Styles of Box Bay Window Design

There are different styles of windows to choose from. If you want to see them by yourself, try walking in the area of a historic district nearby. 

Then, you will easily find houses with bay windows.

Besides all the types of bay windows we are talking about, there is one that we should mention here. It is the custom box bay window. 

Likewise, this is the one that would fit your unique characteristics for the architectural home style.

1. Victorian Small Box Bay Window

Victorian Bay Window

As said before, you can find the oriel bay windows in many Victorian houses combined with unique door colors for red brick houses. However, the defining feature of Victorian design is actually the classic canted bay. 

According to history, this style became so popular after the 1800s. The change made many homeowners get their windows extended outward beyond the walls. 

Then, the beauty of the Victorian bay window has claimed its iconic spot in that rowhomes in San Francisco.

2. Tudor Style Bay Window

box bay window construction details

In Tudor-style homes, they usually have some oriel windows on both levels of the building. 

The Tudor bay window usually has wood brackets that are in line with the exposed timbers on the facade structure.

Furthermore, the common kind of windows in Tudor homes is casement ones. It is something that could complement the architecture.

3. Modern Style Bay Window

Originally, bay windows are decorative and ornate. Most of them are in the traditional and ancient style of design. 

However, it does fit modern style too. The picture windows are usually having small frames with large glass for the box bay window modern concept.

Meanwhile, the clean and unadorned panes make a perfect way for natural light to get inside the space. 

The circle bay window seems to be the perfect type for modern houses. How about in mid-century modern style?

Having a bay window in mid-century modern style is like coming home. The style shares the same clean, minimalist charm. 

Additionally, a mid-century house with casement and picture windows will improve the value and beauty of the environment on the outside.

4. Craftsman Style Window

Craftsman bay winsdow

Craftsman bungalows seem to be a fan of bay windows. Thus, this window would be perfect in such a modest-sized house and they are less in aesthetics.

Further, a bay window would give the small house the ability to get more space. The concept of this style is to focus more on space functionality. 

Mostly, it functions as additional seating or mailbox post decoration. The flexibility is also endless.

Box Bay Window Treatments

Box Bay Window Treatments

Installing a bay window in your house would give an additional architectural interest to both interior and exterior. 

Thankfully, the size of the bay window tends to be large which lets floods of light into the room. At some point, you want to control the sunlight.

Therefore, window treatments come to play. Besides covering the lights whenever you need them, they can also be something that draws attention to the elegant feature. 

Wanna have some ideas of how to dress your box bay window beautifully?

Looking for the best box bay window curtains will be so easy. However, we recommend using blinds for a square or box bay concept. 

Here are some of the recommended types for your picture windows.

You can install a fabric roller blind that can go from the front or the rear. So, there will not be any potential gap reduced dramatically when you fit the blinds. 

That is why it is perfect for the box bay window.

Check out vertical blinds. It is suitable for a square bay window because it sits at the right angles. These blinds are popular for the boxy bay. 

Besides, Venetian blinds can also be a good choice. You can choose to have the traditional aluminum or the wooden ones.

However, each of the materials has different issues. It happens when the blinds are closed. When they are open, you can see something wrong.

Instead of blinds, have something natural to be the shutters for the windows. 

Plantation shutters become a great choice since it doesn’t have any gap when closed. So, you will get the privacy you need.

Box Bay Window Pictures

For those who love to have a box bay window inside their houses, here are some of the inspirations to apply it in your house.  

Ornate Wood

Ornate Wood

This one is Cannon House in Colorado. The color combination of soft yellow and white on the exterior looks so inviting. 

Furthermore, the boxy window that pops out from the wall really adds some architectural interest to the exterior.

It locates right in the living room. There are only two middle doors. That invites the sunlight to come in. 

There is only a small space added for the interior. However, it does not even matter since its design becomes a feature of the exterior.

Dining Table

Dining Table

If you do not have any space left in the middle of the house, you can set the dining table in your bay window area. 

It means you have to use the whole floor space of the bay window for furniture. Then, check out this box bay window interior near the kitchen.

 It becomes an eat-in spot that would let you relax while enjoying the meal with a refreshing outdoor view. 

This timeless kitchen’s eat-in can also be a great space to read books in the morning or afternoon. Besides, the bright light will really help to see clearly what’s in the book.

Contemporary Patio Bay Window

Contemporary Patio Bay Window

This box bay window is applied in a Lexington home. It becomes a perfect choice to update a kitchen. The contemporary patio seems like a large bay window that comes in a form of a floating box. 

Moreover, it really transfers the space entirely without intervention.

The glass panels are installed without a single frame in the center. All the frames are only on the sides. So, the view will not get blocked. 

You can see everything. During the day, the box bay window will let a lot of sunlight in.

Beach Bedroom

This simple bedroom is a part of the beach house. It has a medium-tone wood floor that goes well in contrast with the wall and ceiling. 

Additionally, it has a small box bay window that looks perfect in this small bedroom.

Both the door and bay window really add a lot of space. Moreover, the sleeping area is bright and comfortable. 

You can even enjoy the beautiful beach view right from the bedroom while lying on the bed.

Meanwhile, window roller blinds become a perfect option in this kind of space. Curtains or drapes will not be beneficial for this beach-style bedroom.

Is Box Bay Windows The Best Choice?

Many choices are available. All the bay windows are great for certain types of architecture.
So, is box bay windows the best? 

That depends on the homeowner’s intention and purpose in having such a feature.

It can be for functional use with seating

and stuff. Also, it might be perfect for decoration and the matter of architecture only. 

From those factors, you can decide which one will be the best to have.


Now, you must be sure about what to install in your house, a box bay window. This ancient-inspired style of window will be a great feature to add to any home, including yours.

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