20+ Trending Boy Bathroom Ideas


Get ready to be inspired by these astonishing boy bathroom ideas. Thus, if you want to design and build a washroom for your kids, make sure to explore this page first.

Designing a bathroom for the boys will be a pretty challenging job. Likewise, for those who have younger boys, a fun and cool bathroom is a must. 

For example, the space can feel like a zoo with all the pictures or decals on the wall.

The decoration is everything. Therefore, make sure the decor items are the things that they love. Also, these pieces should be playful and colorful. 

So, explore some of the coolest boy bathroom ideas from this article. Besides, there are a few tips to help you to decide.

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Just like adults, kids should have their own space at home. So, a personalized room would make a great place for them to play and do what children do. 

The bathroom is not an exception. When you design a bathroom for your kid, it is not just about the decoration.

Furthermore, all the settlements need to be kid-friendly. We are talking about the bathtub, shower head, sink faucet, floor tiles, curtain, and many more. 

However, the key to designing a room for kids is the fun.

That is what separates room for children and adults. Indeed, a fun thing does not have to be colorful decorations or playful items. 

Moreover, just add some fun accents that go well with the room’s style and the color scheme.

Boy Bathroom Ideas

You can find more from other sources like boy bathroom ideas Pinterest. However, we have gathered all the best ones right here on this page. 

Thus, there is no need to find some inspiration somewhere else. These amusing boy bathroom ideas would be more than enough.

Sailor Man Theme 

boy bathroom ideas pinterest

If your kids love Popeye, the cartoon character of a sailor, they will love to have this theme for their bathroom. 

The whole concept is very consistent. Also, the designers of this bathroom pay attention to detail. The color scheme and the decor items are matched really well.

Further, the nautical vibe is filled all over the bathroom. The fun image of ships is everywhere. 

As you can see on the white wall, there are some decals to fulfill the empty wall. The big ship on the boy bathroom shower curtains is where it all begins.

Well, the ship does not only come in a form of images. There is an actual replica of a wooden ship on the cabinet. 

Moreover, it adds more value to the designs scheme. 

All the sailor man-themed items are there to accompany the captain. Look how happy that boy in the picture is.

Simple and Colorful Superhero Bathroom Style

boys' bathroom grammar

In this small bathroom, all you can see are three hues, blue, red, and yellow. Likewise, it is almost like traffic.

However, it is in the superhero theme. Red is for superman. Batman is yellow and blue is for Captain America.

Additionally, it is such a simple application of a superhero theme for a room. You just play with the colors that represent the heroes your kid love. 

Furthermore, it is quite surprising that you can change any bathroom with just colorful towels. With this smart idea, you can transform any bathroom into a sanctuary for a boy superhero. Collaborate bathroom shelf or walk through closet to the bathroom for a beautiful accent.

An image of a city on the wall complements the main concept of this bathroom. Also, it balances the power of all the bright-colored towels.

Meanwhile, having a neutral combination like gray and white is just right. It lets the rest of the elements shine brighter.  

Cabin for the Captain

Cabin for the Captain

The door design becomes a focal point of this bathroom. It is the one that carries the entire concept of the space. 

Hence, changing the door can really make a huge difference. So, if you want to have a new and fresh bathroom design quickly, get a new door.

When you get the right design of a door according to the planned style, it will make a big difference. 

Further, this bathroom design is an example of a sailor-themed item that looks perfect and fun. After that, you can get some matching items to complete the renovation.

If your kids love everything about ships, they will be amazed by this simple change. The boy will feel like a captain who’s ready to sail.

Boy Bathroom Ideas for Basketball Fans

boy bathroom shower curtains

For basketball enthusiasts, this one is probably the coolest bathroom you could ever have. As you can see, it has a statement-making decoration. 

It looks like a scoreboard for basketball games. Also, it is great for any sports fanatics.

When the boys enter this bathroom, they would feel like they are in a dressing room for the athletes. It features all the elements, the locker, the scoreboard, the bell, and stuff. 

The wainscoting wall becomes matching background with all the things around.

Moreover, one special feature about this boy bathroom idea is the accent wall. There is a huge image painted on the wall. 

It is a painting of basketball legends. Thus, that is what defines the theme of this bathroom.

Wallpaper Vanity Background Wall

teenage bathroom decorating ideas

This simple bathroom has an impressive ship graphic on the wall. It is actually a pattern of wallpaper for the vanity background wall. 

Besides, it is literally the best place to apply such a fashionable feature. The dark blue and white color is truly representing the nautical vibe.

Indeed, the designer seems to be aware that a rectangular or square mirror will not work well in these surroundings. 

Thereupon, the hanging circular one is chosen. It looks more classy. Also, it has an ideal size that highlights the graphics even more.

To complete the style of this trendy boy bathroom, there is a couple of classic cylindrical grid lights. Those twin elements give an outstanding style statement.

As you can see, the curtain and window on each side support all the things that happened.

Shower Curtain for Boy

boys bathroom sets

Looking for a fun and colorful bathroom, this one is surely the choice. At first, you can see that unique door design that looks like a classic public telephone in Britain. 

Further, the red color is surely making a big statement in this bathroom.

Meanwhile, some other elements come in bright red colors. Those are enough to create an energizing atmosphere. 

A few superhero-themed pictures on the wall define the concept of the room.

Additionally, on the curtain, there is a comical graphic that says “POW”. All comic fans would understand what this room is all about. 

Otherwise, you can just describe it as a fun and colorful bathroom.

The white and yellow scheme is what makes the red even more powerful. Make sure the light is bright enough to maximize the color combination appearance.

Nautical Style Bathroom 

The nautical style seems to be the right design for baby boy bathroom ideas. Probably, that is because there is water in it. 

Also, the vibe needs to be balanced with fun things. You can paint the cabinet or the wall with stencil art to get a unique touch for the bathroom.

Otherwise, it does not have to be a complicated or artistic image. For instance, just put a simple anchor or school of fish in the water. 

Blue and white with a pop of red can make a perfect combination to achieve a fun and colorful bathroom for boys.

Soft Color Scheme with Fun Stickers

Soft Color Scheme with Fun Stickers

Simple decoration can easily change the theme of the bathroom. Well, there are a lot of animal decals on some parts of the wall. 

Furthermore, those stickers define the concept of this boy bathroom ideas.

Probably, this boy bathroom will not be special without those additional decor items on the wall. That small stuff can bring a great impact.

 However, the soft purple and white scheme with pops of yellow is quite friendly for kids too.

Check out the floor tile. Instead of plain white, the designer adds a groovy touch to make it more alive and active.

Sugar Cube Tile for Boys

Sugar Cube Tile for Boys

A bathroom with sugar cube tile will not be a boring bathroom. It is full of patterns on both wall and floor. I

Besides, it is quite energetic as an atmosphere. This one is actually a family bathroom but it has a perfect concept for boys.

The green sugar cube tiles with robots and stuff. Also, there is a retro poster with an image of a robot. 

That is enough to indicate who belongs to this bathroom. If the decor is not enough, you can add more personal elements.

For some people, those simple decor items will be enough since it is already filled with attractive tiles on the wall and floor.

Funky Venice Loft Inspired Bathroom

Funky Venice Loft Inspired Bathroom

For teenage boys, this funky bathroom idea will be the best one ever. The first thing you have to make sure of before applying that colorful graffiti, painting the room dark. 

Hence, that is the way to highlight the paintings.

Moreover, the lightings are very important especially in dark rooms like this one. The graffiti consisted of purple, blue, and yellow hues that pop in these teenage bathroom decorating ideas. 

It seems to be the only one that makes the space relevant.

Design Tips for Kids’ Bathroom

Design Tips for Kids Bathroom 1

There are 8 important things you need to do for designing a kid-friendly bathroom properly. Hence, these tips will be helpful to decide what to do in the project.

Choose the Theme

boy room theme 1

This is definitely the first step to begin the project. After choosing the theme to apply, stick with it. 

Then, it would be easy to get everything from the store since the sets are available. An option to decide yourself is also possible.

If you go that way, remember to use the elements of the theme sparingly. It will avoid the room to look too busy. 

Pay attention to small things like toothbrushes, towels, fixtures.

Think About The Entire Family

boy bathroom bathup

To make everything budget-friendly, you have to keep in mind that a child will get older. Soon, all the pastel colors and childish designs are no longer fun for them. 

It is better not to go all out on designing for kids. You can also integrate the farmhouse laundry room to maximize the space.

You should keep the whole family in mind. Design a bathroom that every member of the family will be okay with. 

Instead of going pastel with colors, try the bold hues. Then, add some kiddy stuff to attract the boy.

All The Needs Ready

All The Needs Ready

All of your kids’ needs should be available in the bathroom. That includes a step or stool for reaching the sink, toothbrushes, towels, laundry room shelving, toilets, water toys, etc. 

Those are the reason why kids will enjoy being in the bathroom.

Apply Bright Colors

Apply Bright Colors

Pastel color is recommended for the boy bathroom ideas. In designing any room for boys or girls, bright hues are so popular. 

It is to maintain a youthful vibe. That does not mean bright colors are childish. It is what liven the space up.

Safety is Number One

Safety is Number One

It is something you do not want to miss. Designing a room for boy bathroom ideas is not all about fun, safety is crucial.

You have to invest in some absolute safety products like tub mats and covers for everything dangerous. 

Make sure the products fit with your design.

Appealing Style

Appealing Style

Make the bathroom you’ve designed appealing to the boys. It is important to install some little whimsy things. 

A quirky element like a funky animal head will be enough.

Let The Kids Decide

Let The Kids Decide

It is very important to let the boys choose what they want for their space. You can let them choose the theme and the must-have items for the bathroom. 

Their input will be valuable to get the design successful.

For example, you can ask your kids what cartoon character they like or what animal they love to have. Colors are also so crucial. 

You can go neutral to highlight the other elements in the bathroom.

What is a good color for a man’s bathroom?

Darker tones can create a cozy and intimate space while light colors can make the room appear larger and brighter. Ultimately, it is important to select a color that reflects personal preferences and enhances the overall aesthetic of the room.
For those who want their bathroom to feel warm and inviting, shades of navy blue or forest green work well in this type of space. These colors tend to be calming yet masculine in nature which makes them ideal options for any man’s space. On the other hand, if someone wants something bolder, then deep burgundy or black might be better choices as they will add an air of sophistication and luxury to any bathroom design.

Why do guys stay in the bathroom so long?

There are many theories that attempt to explain this phenomenon. One of which is simply that men take more time when it comes to hygiene and grooming practices like shaving or taking a shower. Another theory suggests that men are using the extra time as an escape from their day-to-day lives and just want some peace and quiet while they’re in there.
It could also be because of biological differences between genders, with some studies suggesting that male bodies produce more sweat meaning they need additional time to fully clean themselves off properly.

What do you put in a man’s bathroom?

First, it’s important to consider storage options. Shelves, cabinets, or even baskets can house necessities like shaving supplies and toiletries while keeping them neatly organized. For a touch of style, opt for wooden or metal accents like wall-mounted shelves or towel racks. Next, add some colorful towels and rugs to bring in color and personality into the room. Artwork or photographs hung on the walls are also great additions – they’ll provide visual interest without taking up floor space. Finally, don’t forget about lighting fixtures.

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