20+ Inspiring Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas to Try


Now that the festive season is just around the corner, it is common for everyone to look for some wonderful Christmas bedroom decor ideas. 

Instead of decorating the primary living room only for Christmas, many people start to spice up the other spaces inside the home including the bedroom. 

Furthermore, the following article will show you some inspiring ideas to make the most of your Christmas decor. 

So, get ready to spruce up your christmas bedroom decor with the holiday spirit as well.

Good Reasons to Decor a Christmas Bedroom

First of all, let us talk about all the great reasons to decorate your bedroom with the Christmas vibes this holiday. 

When it comes to Christmas bedroom decor, you do not need to spend a lot of money. 

Besides, this room is not as spacious as your main living space and will not require much adjustment. 

Decorating a Christmas bedroom is easy and magical as well. 

Thus, get ready to feel the festive spirit every time you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. 

Also, this is a powerful way to infuse your home and heart with the spirit of the holiday. 

Moreover, you just need a little bit of time and some creative Christmas decor ideas to make Christmas bedroom aesthetic.  

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas and Tips

Christmas Bedroom Decor

It is no secret that the wonderful Christmas bedroom is more effortless to achieve than you might ever think. 

From hanging stockings to adding string lights above your bed, there are countless ideas to decorate your bedroom this Christmas. 

Going with a more conventional color scheme of green and red always makes a good start. 

However, you can feel free to pick hues of blue with silver or white as well to create a more stunning style too.

You can also try the following ideas and tips to make the most of your Christmas bedroom decor.

Pick the right bedding

ChristmasPick the right bedding

Every Christmas bedroom deserves the right bedding that can spark up the festive mood. 

If you do not prefer the conventional novelty prints like candy canes and Santa Claus, consider using an elegant, subtle design instead.

For instance, you can opt for tartan or flannel prints that come in classic tones like beige, green, and red to give a festive touch to the bedroom.

Different from more usual Christmas prints, flannel typically looks wonderful all year round. Hence, you do not purchase a thing that may only be useful during the festive holiday.

Bring Christmas colors into the bedroom

Free Christmas Wrapping In Store Promotion Poster 1

Incorporating traditional Christmas colors into your bedroom will help to set the festive scene in this room. 

The option between purchasing new Christmas bedding and creating some festive-themed throw pillows is all on yours. 

Thus, ensure that the items showcase a staple Christmas color palette that includes ruby reds, forest greens, and crisp whites. 

Take advantage of cushions

Bring Christmas colors into the bedroom

If you are looking for one of the greatest styling tools that can promote Christmas vibes, cushions are the answer.

For your Christmas bedroom decor, consider adding three to six cushions depending on the size of your bed. 

Additionally, get several cushions in jewel tones like a peacock and burnt orange. Then, swap out them at the front row and you will have a versatile decor element there. 

Never forget festive scents

Never forget festive scents

Whether it comes from diffusers or candles, festive scents can always help to call fond memories to mind. 

Strong scents including vanilla, gingerbread, and cinnamon will make a perfect choice as they can hint at the arrival of Christmas. 

For decoration purposes, you can layer up additional scents by combining potpourri, reed diffusers, and candles to create that festive atmosphere. 

Bedroom christmas tree

Bedroom christmas tree 1 1

Do not limit yourself by hesitating to introduce a Christmas tree in your living room only. Use this main festive decoration to spruce up your bedroom this holiday.

However, you do not need to get a Christmas tree that is as large as the one in the living room. One that fits on your tabletop will be enough to bring in festive vibes.

Instead of a conventional design, you can have alternative ideas like a twig or wooden Christmas tree too.

Get Christmas-themed wallpaper

Get Christmas themed wallpaper

If you want to decorate your children’s room for this Christmas, do not hesitate to update the wallpaper with something that brings back that festive memory.

With its neutral color, this Christmas-themed wallpaper will fit the rest of the interior all year round.

Include fairy lights in your decor

Twinkling fairy lights is something you should not miss when it comes to Christmas bedroom decor.

This traditional Christmas decoration is very flexible. 

You can line the lights across the headboard, hang them on the ceiling, or arrange them on your pine tree.

The lights are helpful to introduce a festive vibe and provide you with a little sparkle. Also, allow the fairy lights to stay in your bedroom all year round for a striking glow.

Bring that snowy vibe

Bedroom christmas tree 2

Do you need an elegant Christmas master bedroom idea? This picture offers you a classy reference that is not difficult to recreate.

Likewise, the decor that is mostly in white will remind you of Christmas that is identical to snowy weather. 

This idea is particularly perfect if your master bedroom is more of an all-white design. 

Then, you can simply add a Christmas tree at the corner of the room. After that, adorn it with white ribbons and fairy lights.

Add additional light sources

Bedroom christmas tree 3

Aside from those twinkling fairy lights on the Christmas tree, you can also incorporate other lighting sources to give a warmer ambiance to your bedroom.

Dedicate a small bench to act as a bed couch and use it to display a variety of beautiful lighting fixtures. 

Further, for extra textures to the design, you can apply a white furry blanket on the bench before lining your gorgeous lamps.

Decorate the windows too

When you are working on Christmas bedroom decor, do not forget to spice up your windows with some adornments too.

You can hang wreaths or a string of lights around the windows. 

Swapping your daily curtain with one that is more suitable for Christmas will make a nice movement as well.

Hang your favorite things

Hang your favorite things

The festive decoration is not always about the Christmas tree. Also you can beautify your bedroom by hanging a range of favorite adornments.

For instance, window stickers, wreaths, stars, and garlands are just some of the options. 

Moreover, adding DIY paper chains, a customized bed tray, and a row of chinaware make a great choice too.

Fit the size to your space

christmas bedroom aesthetic

If you think that your Christmas bedroom decor is not complete without a pine tree but there is not much space left, get the miniature.

Get a pair of Christmas trees that fit your nightstands. Then, install fairy lights on each tree so that they can substitute the function of your table lamp.

Do not hesitate to incorporate a vase of flowers or other decor elements that can make your bedroom appear more wonderful.

Spruce up your headboard

Your headboard is one of the most obvious parts that ask for attention when it comes to a bedroom makeover. 

For Christmas decor, you can decorate it with garlands, fairy lights, stars, and others. 

Hang your favorite things 1

However, do not forget to arrange your colorful cushions as well to complement the adorned headboard.

Show your style

Preloved christmast stuff to decorate

Rather than a pair of nightstands, the bed is between two Christmas trees. 

The medium size fits the bedroom size perfectly and the lights make it double as an ambient floor lamp.

Thus, with the Christmas trees, you can keep the other decoration neutral so that they can be suitable all year round. 

Additionally, you can hang a collection of your holiday tickets, favorite caps, stickers, or anything you like over the headboard.

Farmhouse christmas bedroom

Bring Christmas colors into the bedroom

Easy and Affordable Christmas bedroom decor DIY

There is no need to spend a lot when you are decorating your Christmas bedroom. You do not have to use specially-designed decor to make the most of your room.

Otherwise, you can include elements of nature by using outdoor items like evergreen branches, pine cones, or holly berries.

Get around your home to find out anything that can be repurposed for Christmas bedroom decor.

Therefore, you do not have to purchase everything new from the local store.

If you need more ideas for simple and low-priced DIY decorations for the Christmas bedroom, check the following list!

Customized fresh garlands

Customized fresh garlands

Fresh garlands are stylish and always work for Christmas decor. Customize them yourself to add a touch of fun and ensure these stylish tools suit the existing interior design.

Get some colorful construction paper and cut it into floral or seasonal shapes. Then, hang them from your fresh garlands in a pretty way.

Customized fresh garlands 1

You can hang your customized fresh garlands on one side of your bed or above it. Combine them with string lights for a livelier Christmas bedroom decor.

DIY stocking display box

DIY stocking display

Instead of the usual go-to stocking hangers you have, create a display box for this Christmas and decorate it as you wish.

With some wooden boards or repurposed pieces of your old furniture, you can easily build this stocking display box. 

Fill the box with scented candles and other decorative elements to make it glow interestingly when the night comes. 

Upcycled stand hanger

Upcycled stand hanger

Do you have an old door from your previous remodel? Hence, consider repurposing it into a stand hanger for your Christmas bedroom decor.

Simply repaint the door in white and install some holders or hooks to hang your towel. 

You can also spruce up this hanger with a Christmas wreath or any other decor elements that promote this festive holiday.

Simple wreaths

Simple wreaths

These simple wreaths are easy to recreate as there is nothing complicated from the design. Make three of them in a different size.

Then, hang those wreaths in a row over your headboard.

Otherwise, if you do not want to make the wreaths yourself, simply get ones from the local store.

After that, decorate them with extra greenery, ribbons, artificial flowers, or even gold jingle bells.

Unexpected Christmas candle holders

Unexpected Christmas candle holders

You can literally use everything anything to create a beautiful Christmas bedroom decor as long as you know how to make it work.

Likewise, this wine glass candle holder is one of the unexpected DIY ideas to beautify your bedroom. 

With materials that are available at home, you can infuse Christmas vibes into the room without too much cost.

Adorn your wine glass candle holder with a red ribbon, jingle bells, greenery, or any other decor elements you like. 

DIY yarn decor

DIY yarn decor

If you are looking for small Christmas bedroom ideas that do not break your bank, this DIY project is one of the solutions.

With some small balls of colorful yarn, you can create a beautiful Christmas stocking to hang around your bed. 

You can also turn this affordable material into a few tiny Christmas trees as a cute substitute to the traditional one.

A basket of happiness

A basket of happiness

Create a wicker basket or buy one from a nearby home improvement store and fill it with everything you love.

To promote Christmas vibes, use a small pine tree and a red throw pillow to fill the basket. Further, you can put it on your bedroom bench or anywhere around this room.

Bed tray with a vintage flair

Bed tray with a vintage flair

Repurpose your old tray into a vintage Christmas bedroom decor that is simple and affordable. 

Instead of serving breakfast, this bed tray displays a stack of books and a jug of flowers. Also, do not forget that broken white mug that wishes you Marry Christmas.

If you do not have an old tray for this project, simply get a cheap one from a dollar store and distress the paint for the vintage touch.

The Bottom Line 

Despite how simple it could be people tend to skip decorating their bedrooms for Christmas due to several reasons. 

The most common ones include spending less money and already running out of decoration pieces. 

After reading the above ideas and tips, you probably will not skip Christmas bedroom decor anymore since it can be so much fulfilling and money-saving at the same time. 

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