10 Best Door Colors For Red Brick House


Just like what the title told you, this is where you can find the best door colors for red brick house. Further, it is going to be more than that. 

Well, the front door is like the first impression for the guests when they enter the house. Importantly, you have to make some considerations before opting for the appropriate one. 

For those who are about to complete the red brick house, looking for the best colors for the door is probably pretty challenging.

Therefore, explore some of the best options to choose the right color from this page. Also, grab several other useful information to make a successful choice. Here are some door colors for red brick house you can choose as examples!

Why Red Brick House?

 Door Colors For Red Brick House

This house design is a favorite choice for victorian or mid-century styles in the past. Now, it becomes a classic luxury.

A red brick house can give you the comforts of home. Besides, it offers a welcoming look that makes people want to come and say hello to the owner. 

According to a study from trusted organizations, this kind of house is loved by many people.

The look of brick on the wall of a house offers you some curb appeal that you cannot get from many other houses. Importantly, opt for the right door’s color. 

Likewise, the door should complement the brick structure and make it more beautiful.

If you choose the wrong color, the red brick house with black door will fall flat among others. Thus, having a vision for curb appeal is necessary.

It can start with asking yourself a few questions, such as “which colors suit the architecture of your house?”.

Then, decide on a classic or contemporary look to go with. Finally, consider the other designs in the neighborhood. The vision should be compatible with it.

Pros and Cons with Brick House

Pros and Cons with Brick House

Before we go further with the ideas of door colors for red brick house, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of having a brick house. 

So, you can make a decision from both considerations.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fire and Weather Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Sound Performance
  • Temperature Control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Increased Home Value

Red bricks are made of clay and shale. Because of their humidity, you will not face any problems with mold, dust mites, and mildew. 

Therefore, many people choose brick to build their houses because it is compact and reliable.

Also, bricks are retardant to flame and noncombustible. They have great durability and color retention. 

So, you do not have to do anything to them, just a little bit of needed treatment. Bricks have a perfect thickness to block more sound.

Surely, the red bricks increase the home value since the price is quite expensive. However, you will save on maintenance costs.


  • Expensive Price
  • Limited Color Choices
  • Issues with Temperature Changes
  • Difficult Remodeling

Besides the advantages, bricks also have some downsides. As mentioned previously, this material is not a cheap one. 

You can choose to invest in a bricks structure without spending a lot more money on maintenance.

The color combination choices are also limited. If you do not paint the brick, the natural ones are only available in earthy colors, like beige, brown, and red.

Meanwhile, paint is not a solution to color choice because many brick home enthusiasts want them to look natural.

For those who live in areas with extreme temperature changes, a brick house is not really a good choice. 

The bricks are going to have a lot of issues including mold, mortar wear, and foundation shift. Homeowners understand, they choose a brick home with a risk of difficult remodeling.

Paint Colors that Compliment Red Brick

Let us talk about the door colors. Before deciding the hues, you may need to know that a general rule for that is to choose the complementary to the shade of brick. 

Furthermore, it will give a dynamic contrast to the scene. For instance, a red brick house will be great with a green front door. 

You can choose the Forest green from Benjamin Moore. That traditional mix will strike the guests’ eyes. 

Besides the complimentary one, you can opt for the analogous ones.

If you look at the color wheel, select the next hue that is near to each other. For example, the red brick wall would make a good combination of pink or light red.

When you choose a front door color, think about how the choice could make good pair with other features other than the wall.

The Best Door Colors for Red Brick House

The Best Door Colors for Red Brick House

There are a bunch of considerations you need to take before choosing the door color for a red brick house. 

It is not just about pairing the wall with the door, but it pairs with other elements like mailbox posts or seasonal wreaths.

To get you out of confusion, you may explore these door colors for red brick house. You will surely get inspired by it.

Red brick house with blue door

Red brick house with blue door

In this house, blue becomes a perfect hue for the red brick walls. It is not a dark version of the wall but has brighter look that can manage to have a splash of color. 

Additionally, that blue front door really keeps the house from being washed out in looks.

The blue front door set the right mood for the whole scene. Choosing such a cooling hue gives a tranquil feeling to the house exterior. 

Interestingly, the red bricks do not cover the entire wall space. The lower part of the wall plays an important role to brighten the atmosphere.

Instead of blue, these door colors for red brick house can also go with red and green. Each of them will add a different look to the scene. 

For example, a red door can give it a more exciting look. While a green front door can give a more earthy combination.  

Red brick house with red door

t with Red Door

This red brick house comes with a red front door. It really brings more heat to the exterior but in a different way. 

The homeowner decides to have the red bricks wall inconsistent in color. Besides, there are some gray bricks among them.

They manage to keep it in the right pat. There are more elements that come in gray colors such as the window cover and the main pillars of the housefront. Besides, the stone walkaway paver adds another touch of authenticity and uniqueness.

To make an impact, a deep red stain as the door color complements the red bricks.

This red brick house with gray trim matches perfectly with the victorian-modern style front porch.

Red brick house front door with Green

Give Forest Like Quality with Green

Take a look at the green tones on doors and windows. Likewise, the white frames complement it well.

The house has a brick wall with a medium tone which means you should decide which way to go, whether the door is going to be darker or brighter.

As you can see, the homeowner plays on both sides. He or she decided to have it dark on the door and bright on the frame. 

The deep green color offers a forest-like look to the exterior. Meanwhile, the window container makes a great space for some plants.

The plants complete the scene and make it more alive. Besides, you can see another door to get to the basement. 

Furthermore, the color matches the window and front door which is not unexpected.

Maintain Continuity with White

Maintain Continuity with White

White is the color to maintain continuity. At least it is the reason why the homeowner chooses this hue over any other options. 

From this angle, we will know that the main red brick house color schemes is white and dark red.

It is going to be awkward if there is a pop of color in the middle. For example, if you choose the front door in yellow, it will be the only hue you can see. 

The white fence is in one set with the pillars, vergeboard, and of course the door. This simple decision will give a precise and dignified look to the house. 

Actually, the owner chooses the rest of the elements to complement the vergeboard design. It looks even more highlighted and beautiful.

The white front door is the right decision in this case. If you choose red or yellow, it will distract the ornament of the vergeboard.

Blend The Scheme with Brown Wood

Blend The Scheme with Brown Wood

This red brick house has some big pillars colored in white. It should become something to refer to for choosing the front door color. 

However, the owner chooses to refer to the color of the ceiling. As a result, it blends well with the scene.

Even though they both come in a different stain of wood, the color is still in a similar brown hue. 

Instead of making the front door the center of attention, the owner wanted it to blend with the bricks and the other things.

The brown wood front door also lets the red brick wall remains the centerpiece. Its design does not have to be filled with textures or ornaments. 

That would be enough to impress. One more thing, this front door colors for red brick house with black shutters is a great design to consider.

Pair the Sky with Pastel Yellow

Pair the Sky with Pastel Yellow

Pairing the color of the front door with the sky is very common. Mostly, homeowners would go with cobalt blue. 

Well, this red brick house design takes a different route. The yellow pastel looks similar to the subdued winter sun.

This shade of yellow makes a great addition to this red brick house which comes on the lighter side. In this photo, the sunlight makes the yellow door pops even more.

Cool it Off with Cobalt Blue

Cool it Off with Cobalt Blue 1

Speaking of cobalt blue, the owner of this house does not have any intention to match the door with the sky. 

Well, they choose blue to offer some relief from the vibrant bricks. As you can see, the roof comes in dark gray asphalt. 

Hence, the color will not work well with a bolder color.

Cobalt blue seems to be the perfect choice of hue. Obviously, the red-orange brick wall was too strong. So, the roof and the door work together to make it calmer. 

Otherwise, if you choose red or black, the exterior scene will get more heat.

Make it Pretty with Pink

Make it Pretty with Pink

We have talked about this previously. Indeed, pink would make a good color against the red bricks. 

Pink is the color next to red which is what analogous is all about. Besides the pretty hue, this idea has the cutest door design. It is a bit whimsical and so much fun.

Moreover, this hue becomes quite a popular front door color for brick houses. 

This exterior photo shows you how well pink can go with such an impactful red brick house. You can add more value to the combination with some flowers side yard with a similar tone.

For example, there are some purple flowers planted in the front yard. 

This flower garden is an important part of the house. It completes the pretty combination that happens at the entrance. 

Calm Down with Bold Purple

Calm Down with Bold Purple

Speaking of purple, it is the unexpected color to go against red brick. Check out this Tudor-style house. It has a purple-colored front door. 

This is why the existence of a flower garden is very important. As you can see, the front door matches with the flowers instead of the dark red bricks. 

From the owner’s point of view, he or she wanted to take the calming and soothing side of the purple hue. It does not really pop in this exterior.

That is the reason this red brick house seems welcoming and inviting. Some people would feel the classic gothic side of this building.

Neutralize with Medium Gray

Neutralize with Medium Gray

If you do not want to pop color in the middle of your house exterior, just go with neutral. You cannot find another color that can be better at neutralizing than gray. 

Therefore, choosing a medium gray hue for the front door. No need to add any undertones. 

This hue will fit the brick well and make it stand out. Additionally, you can make it a red brick house with black trim.

Final Words

There are many other ideas of door colors for a red brick house to find. However, those ideas represent the choice of colors you can choose to maximize the exterior. Check our article about How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key If You Locked Out.

What color door goes best with red brick?

Dark colors are often recommended for red brick homes because they contrast nicely, without being too harsh or overwhelming. For example, navy blue, black and dark brown are all popular choices that can help add depth to the overall look of a home. Other possible options include deep shades of green or gray.
Light colors also work well with red brick if chosen carefully; pastels like off-white, light blue and yellow can all be used to bring together an attractive facade.

What 3 colors go well with red?

The most popular hues that work well with red include brown, yellow, and blue. Brown is a warm neutral color which brings out the warmth of red in any combination. Yellow adds an energetic pop of brightness while blue creates a contrast between the two tones to make them both stand out more. Brown and yellow also help emphasize any orange undertones found in shades of red. Additionally, pairing blues and greens together will bring out the cooler tones in some shades of red

How do you brighten a red brick house?

One way to bring life back into a dull-looking red brick house is to add color with paint or staining. A fresh coat of paint on window frames or doors can really make your home stand out and draw attention away from any flaws in the bricks. You could also consider staining the bricks if you want an aged look while still adding definition and color contrast. Another great idea is to replace any old fixtures with modern ones; this will enhance both aesthetics and functionality at once.

How do you soften red brick color?

One way to soften the appearance of red brick is by applying a light wash with a mixture of latex paint diluted with water. The paint will adhere lightly to the surface and give it a subtle tone change without covering up the entire piece of brick. You can also apply a limewash or masonry stucco using similar methods; just make sure not to use too much product as this could cause discoloration.

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