Ackergill Tower Estate - Ackergill Tower Scotland

Spectacular buildings with luxurious interiors

Discover one of the finest castle hotels in the Scottish Highlands.

The Bedrooms

Ackergill Tower may well be one of the remotest castles in Scotland but it’s also easily accessible and, at the end of your journey you’ll be rewarded with luxury, great service and amazing architecture on our 3,000 acre estate. From the stout granite walls of the castle, to the glass ceiling of our treehouse (the largest of its kind in Europe), all our rooms luxuriously comfortable and splendidly welcoming. Hold your event in one of our superb venues such as the Great Hall or Sinclair Palace, the largest event space in the Highlands. Stay in one of 35 bedrooms or for a more romantic and private getaway, one of our six individual and luxury self-catering cottages. There are moments in life that demand a big gesture, and nowhere else rises to these occasions as gloriously as Ackergill Tower Estate.  


Many of our rooms have sea views and all offer you the most peaceful night’s sleep but don’t worry about packing an alarm clock – we’ll wake you gently each morning, ready for breakfast, with the distant, romantic sound of bagpipes drifting on the air.  

“Staggering beauty and exquisite attention to detail abounds! From the moment you start heading down the drive, the anticipation is building and it really does feel like a Christmas Present that you simply cant wait to unwrap!”



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