20+ Magical Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas


Creating a charming farmhouse laundry room can make doing one of these mundane household tasks even more exciting. 

Likewise, farmhouse decor itself is very popular for its rustic charm and how family-friendly it can turn out to be. 

Of course, you need to do it right to achieve the best of this style.

For your easy reference, this article has covered everything you need to know about farmhouse style including how to infuse it into your laundry room and the inspiring ideas. Hera are some farmhouse laundry room decorating ideas your you!

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

If you already exposed yourself to a lot of rustic laundry room ideas, you may notice that most of them include something in common.

Indeed, neutral paint colors are one of the most common elements in a farmhouse design. You are more likely to see a laundry room with this style has shiplap and greenery.

Meanwhile, metal elements on hooks and light fixtures are the other ones that typically make a farmhouse-style room. 

Natural baskets, bins, coffe table and countertops are pretty common as well.

For the details, use the following rooms as inspiration before proceeding with the makeover of your laundry area. 

Farmhouse small laundry room

farmhouse laundry room1

Thanks to its simplicity and the use of neutral elements, the farmhouse style can be a perfect choice to design a narrow laundry room.

By utilizing a narrow corner of the house, this laundry room features wall-mounted laundry shelving units that are more than enough to store your detergent containers and some accessories.

Additionally, right below the upper shelf, there is a simple wooden rail to hang your clothes.

Exposed brick background

modern farmhouse laundry room ideas

If you are interested in including a noteworthy accent wall in your farmhouse laundry room, this idea is probably of interest. 

Painted in white, this exposed brick accent wall gives out that neutral vibe without diminishing its uniqueness. 

Further, along with the wooden shelving and a hint of metal elements, this laundry room looks so welcoming.

Elegant farmhouse laundry wall cabinet

farmhouse laundry room decorating ideas

This combo of a farmhouse wall cabinet and open shelves will give you enough space to store your laundry supplies and decorative elements.

Thus, you will love how this laundry room takes advantage of wicker and wire baskets as additional storage units too. 

With a matching unit beside the washer and dryer, the wall cabinet should not appear off the context in this farmhouse laundry room.

Notable tiles and little greenery 

farmhouse laundry room decor

This laundry room showcases a lot of natural elements from that beautiful dirty cloth basket to the wooden shelves and a bit of greenery located on the unfinished basement.

Of course, you should not forget that wooden hooks that make a good place to hang some jackets. 

Meanwhile, the monochrome tiles and rug steal the attention as well as perfectly contrasts the all-white walls.

Kitchen and laundry room combo

rustic farmhouse laundry room decor

If you cannot afford a dedicated farmhouse laundry room, consider adding this function to one part of your kitchen. 

This elegant kitchen has a farmhouse backsplash and a small laundry area at the corner. 

Also, featuring a wire basket, scandinavian table and cloth hanging bar, you should have enough room to keep dirty clothes for one or two people.

The jute area rug is particularly charming for a farmhouse-style space. It works well against the light grey palette of the wall and cabinets.

A statement lighting fixture

A statement lighting fixture

Your laundry room deserves a unique lighting fixture that can create a statement. Hence, this concrete-like pendant light makes a great choice for this neutral palette. 

For a twist, the one side of the walls features half-offset tiles that are perfect for a farmhouse laundry room. There is also a hanging indoor plant that enlivens the all-white design a bit.

A touch of barn style

farmhouse laundry room small

This farmhouse laundry room has a wall cabinet that showcases a rustic barn style. Along with the baskets and some wooden elements, it can be one of your favorite spaces around the house.

It does not take much space but offers everything you need from a laundry room. Besides, the eye-catching wreath and a bit of greenery make this space even more fantastic. 

Very simple laundry room décor

Very simple laundry room décor

Even the narrowest laundry room deserves your care to keep it neat and beautiful. Incorporate an open shelving unit and wire baskets to organize your detergent, softener, and other supplies.

Moreover, do not forget to leave some space on the shelf to display a picture or anything you love for a more personal touch. 

Hard-working storage solution

Hard working storage solution

This is another farmhouse laundry room that is ideal for a small space. Since the room is enough for a washer and dryer only, you can go vertical to add a storage solution.

The wall-mounted storage unit not only has some shelves to accommodate your containers but also some hooks that make a good place for your cleaning equipment.

Then, grab yourself a little indoor plant and put it on the counter to make the laundry room look fresher.

A Modern Laundry Room Vibe

A Modern Laundry Room Vibe

Your laundry room can have a modern farmhouse vibe too. Just like this wall-mounted cabinetry that comes with glass doors and an all-white color.

This kind of neutral design is perfect for those who love to remodel their space regularly. 

You can easily repaint the cabinet into a bold tone for a splash of color once you are getting bored with the white hue.

In case you do not want to repaint the cabinet, adding a hidden lamp or fairy lights inside it will evoke such a beautiful atmosphere too.

Charming rustic laundry room ideas

Charming rustic laundry room ideas

If you prefer a rustic farmhouse look, this laundry room makes a good example with its wooden flooring, broken white shiplap walls, old wicker basket, and metal hooks.

This farmhouse laundry room features a built-in bench that allows you to get relaxed while waiting for your washer to get its job done. 

For a twist, there is a glass pendant light over the seating area.

DIY cloth hanger

DIY cloth hanger

Add a touch of color in your laundry room by adding something that contrasts the backdrop palette. If you have time to create an extraordinary decoration, try this DIY cloth hanger project.

Furthermore, by using an old wooden ladder and black metal hooks, this wall-mounted cloth hanger will become something special in your room décor.

Also, it doubles as a shelving unit to keep your big baskets or pails. You can even hang a pot of creeping fern or other indoor plants.

Farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sink laundry room

Add a classic farmhouse sink to your side yard laundry room to promote this elegant style without too many accessories.

This idea is indeed perfect for those who like straightforward design that is clutter-free yet stylish. Simply put some indoor plants on the windowsill for a pop of color.

For the dirty laundry, this laundry room has a tall woven basket that matches the color of the wooden countertop.

Affordable farmhouse accessories

Although you cannot build a new farmhouse laundry room or remodel the one you already have, simply incorporating some affordable accessories can make this space more cheerful and stylish.

You can create a wooden plank with laundry-related words stenciled there. 

Thus, repurposing an old bicycle basket into a container for your detergent will save some money for decoration too.

If you want to include some indoor plants into the décor, upcycle cans of any size for the planter.

Shiplap walls

Affordable farmhouse accessories 1

When it comes to the farmhouse design, shiplap is something common that many homeowners pick to promote the style.

The white cabinetry matches the shiplap backdrop. Meanwhile, the herringbone flooring gives a little twist with its color and pattern. 

To make this laundry room feel less empty, do not hesitate to bring some indoor plants and display them on the counter. 

Rolling basket and wall hooks

Rolling basket and wall hooks

Against the white cabinetry, the brick pattern of the floor looks especially charming. The glass pendant lights make this farmhouse laundry room even more inviting and stylish.

Meanwhile, the rolling basket allows you to easily transport clothes from the washer to the dryer. It can double as an extra container for your dirty laundry as well. 

Do not forget that farmhouse sink and a bit of greenery that add style to this laundry room too.

Modern farmhouse laundry decor

Modern farmhouse laundry decor

This beautiful laundry room comes with shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, an under-mount sink, and subway tile backsplashes.

The black floor matches the side-by-side dryer and washer. Then, the monochrome wallpaper complements the palette while adding a touch of fun to this laundry room.

You will love the woven pendant light and basket that bring natural elements in this farmhouse laundry room as well.

Astonishing black sink

Astonishing black sink

Instead of the usual white farmhouse-style sink, this laundry room has a black one that matches with the faucet. 

It gives an unexpected charm to the all-white palette.

Aside from the black sink and faucet, everything noticeable in this room is white. With the classic shiplap wall as the backdrop, this space is indeed perfect to showcase your farmhouse style.

Woven basket and floating shelves

Woven basket and floating shelves

Woven baskets are indeed common in a farmhouse laundry room. You can get one to keep your face towels or a bigger size that will accommodate your dirty laundry.

Floating wooden shelves will save you some floor space to get an additional storage unit to store detergent jars or other laundry supplies.

You can also use the floating shelves to display DIY wall art, a pot of indoor plants, or anything you like.

Extra lighting fixtures

Extra farmhouse lighting fixtures

The dark sliding doors of this laundry room match the side-by-side washer and dryer. Some of the décor elements in this space also hint at the darker shade to balance the white palette.

Besides, there is a row of spotlights installed over the countertop, offering additional illumination that also highlights the counter surfaces.

Ironing board desk


Rather than being a space for washing and drying clothes only, this laundry room also features an ironing board desk for an additional function.

This desk also features some cotton containers that can store a lot of your dry clothes at once. There is also a cloth hanger if you do not want them to wrinkle.

Tips to Organize a Tiny Farmhouse Laundry Room

Do not let your little farmhouse laundry room stop you from making it fun and inviting. Keep in mind that a small space can be both functional and beautiful too.

To organize your tiny laundry room, start with adding storage units. Every single space inside the house deserves a good space to keep things. 

Since a small laundry room typically is lacking floor space, you should consider going vertical instead of simply swapping that tiny cabinet to the bulky one.

A wall-mounted cabinet will be perfect to keep your towels and laundry necessities without taking floor space. 

Hence, you can use it for additional machines or other things.

  • Incorporate an open shelf
Incorporate an open shelf

If you are looking for a way to keep as much concealed space as possible in your farmhouse laundry room, try adding an open shelf. 

Instead of displaying ugly containers, consider grabbing yourself a stylish glass jar to keep your laundry detergent or a cute dispenser if you prefer the liquid one. 

Aside from your laundry necessities, an open shelf will allow you to showcase accessories that promote the farmhouse style. 

  • Create a location to hang your clothes

Having a place to hang your clothes straight away from the dryer must be comforting. Sometimes you just do not want them to wrinkle or it is just not the time to fold all of them.

Although it may not be significant, owning a good place to hang clothes in your laundry room can help keep your floor cleaner

  • Sort your dirty laundry
Sort your dirty laundry

Instead of piling your dirty laundry in one basket, it would be better to sort it. As a result, you can easily transport it to the washer directly.

There is no need to dump all your dirty laundry on the floor as you have sorted previously.

Moreover, it is also recommended to add a smaller basket in a place where things are more likely to pile up, for example, the counter beside your dryer or washer. 

Adding a basket should help reduce the ability of your family members to pile things in a particular spot.

All in all, thanks to its visual beauty and easy-to-recreate nature, creating a farmhouse laundry room can be a good choice for any homeowner who is looking for a way to make their daily routine more thrilling. 

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