20 DIY Games Coffee Table Ideas That You Will Love


Whether you are a professional gamer or simply love to play games for entertainment purposes, having a dedicated games coffee table will boost your gaming experience as well as relaxation. 

Unfortunately, a gaming table is pretty pricey although you plan on buying the most basic one. 

Otherwise, if you do not want to spend much, creating this furniture piece yourself will be a good choice. The best car seat cushion for long distance driving is another thing you don’t wanna miss.

Going for a DIY games table project not only helps you save some money, but this should end up giving you a piece that suits your style the best. 

DIY Gaming Coffee Table That You’ll Love to Recreate

20 DIY Games Coffee Table Ideas That You Will Love

When it comes to a gaming coffee table, you should create one that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing as this furniture can be the center of attention. 

Aside from being a table to play your favorite games with family, this piece may double as a place to store your magazines and any other objects. 

For this reason, it is important to build a games coffee table that reflects your personality and suits the rest of the decor surrounding this piece.

Further, if you need some references, the following DIY gaming coffee tables may help find what you need. 

DIY gaming table with built-in storage

DIY gaming table with built-in storage

When you are playing Monopoly, you will require a place to organize your property cards and money. Other board games that have a lot of pieces may need additional space for the equipment too.

Therefore, this games coffee table has built-in storage made by thewoodwhispererguild that makes a good solution for the above situation. 

Besides, its design is ideal for other gaming conditions as well. 

Additionally, you can get the plans from the internet or simply create one yourself to suit your requirement.

Nesting checkers game table

Nesting checkers game table

Do you enjoy playing chess, checkers, or other run-of-the-mill games? Then, repurposing a few nesting tables into a fun gaming table must be one of your likings.

Although you have no old nesting tables at home, buying ones from a nearby thrift shop will be easy and do not need to break the bank. 

Moreover, by adding a stencil and spraying on a new layer of paint, you will have that unique games coffee table for your basement or living room. 

Steampunk Gaming table

Steampunk Gaming table

If you are into the science fiction genre and want to take your game room to the next level, recreating this unique piece of steampunk furniture will be great.

Also, with built-in beverageware holders and two-tier surfaces, this table can provide you with a new gaming experience at home.

The circular design makes this table even more ideal for a family game room since it can encourage more communication between the players. 

Digital DIY gaming table

Digital DIY gaming table

If budget is not your problem, creating this DIY games coffee table can be the best choice. With a built-in flat-screen TV, you can play any type of software-driven game here.

Thus, from board games to miniatures to the popular RPGs, you can count on this table to handle all these gaming types. 

You can build this piece by using an old gaming table and modifying it with the built-in screen. The required materials will include screws, lag bolts for legs, putty, stain, and others. 

For the tools, prepare a jigsaw, drill, and mitre saw. Considering that you already have a used games coffee table, the project may cost at least $150.

Blackboard coffee table

chalboard cofee table

This project is perfect for you who have an old coffee table with fine legs but a damaged top. With some paints and a board, you can turn the piece into something functional.

Instead of a usual tabletop, consider swapping it with a blackboard. This will allow you to write down scores when playing with other family members. 

DIY board game coffee table


While this games coffee table appears like it was created by a professional, this only needs some easy cuts and measurements to create the piece at home.

It features some hidden shelves where you can use to store your board game supplies. 

Additionally, this table comes with an open rack for saving your collection of newspapers or magazines. 

If you have an intermediate experience level and are familiar with the plan, it is possible to complete this DIY project within several days. 

Simple gaming coffee table

Simple gaming coffee table

You can create this DIY project from scratch or convert a store-bought coffee table into a functional tabletop gaming desk. 

This games coffee table comes with an elevated border around it and spacious shelves below the tabletop to keep things like magazines, cell phones, or others. 

If you decide to build this gaming table from scratch, you will require wood boards, foam, adhesive, and some tools like a drill and staple gun.

Outdoor game table

outdoor Simple gaming coffee table

If your family prefers playing games outdoors, it will be a wise choice to bring your gaming table outside. 

This gaming table is typically not that different from the one you place inside the home. You simply need a piece that can withstand your outdoor conditions.

A round wooden gaming table as shown above is perfect to play board or card games with your loved one during the breeze summer.

Gaming table from repurposed furniture

Gaming table from repurposed furniture

Save much of your budget by creating a games coffee table from an old piece of furniture. You can repurpose a used rocking chair to create a functional gaming table for kids. 

This piece is pretty straightforward to recreate and allows you to change it a bit to meet your children’s personalities.

For instance, if your kids love dinosaurs, feel free to change the design by creating a head of this species and attaching it to one side of the table. 

DIY puzzle game table

puzzle table

Any kind of puzzle games is exciting and relaxing. These make a good game to play with your family or to simply spend some time yourself.

If you love to work on this kind of game, consider building a puzzle table that lets you tuck the pieces away when you are not playing it. 

The good news is that you will not ruin all the effort you already put into the puzzles although you use the furniture as a conventional coffee table. 

Space for game consoles


If you need extra storage for your game consoles, consider creating a gaming table that comes with some open racks.

Provide enough space in each rack so that you can also use it to display some decorative elements inside your bedroom. However, make sure that you do not make the shelf overstuffed with your things to keep it neat.

Glass top gaming coffee table

Glass top gaming coffee table

This gaming coffee table comes with a glass top that allows you to see through the second tier of the surface.

You can use the lower surface to display a checkerboard along with the chess pieces. Then, utilize the top to play other board games.

Instead of a checkerboard, you may consider showcasing other things such as your favorite action figures and various decorative elements. 

Expandable coffee table

An expandable coffee table is highly popular among urban dwellers that do not have much space for this furniture. 

If your gaming room is somewhat minimalist, this DIY project probably suits your taste.

To expand this games coffee table, you can simply slide the tabletop to the left and right. For the inside layer, just feel free to design it according to your needs.

You can stencil the upper surface of the table with checkers or other types of board games. Leave it paint-free if you want the tabletop to appear more flexible. 

DIY family gaming table

DIY family gaming table

If you are creating a games coffee table for a family of four or more, this DIY project is probably of interest. 

With its rectangular shape, this gaming table can accommodate four to six persons at once. Featuring built-in glass holders, playing games with your family in the evenings will be so fun, perfect for your christmas decor activities.

This plan allows you to repurpose a dining table into a new piece of furniture, but creating one from scratch is not impossible as well.

Rustic gaming table

rustic coffe table

For your L-shaped sofa, you should take this square games coffee table into account. Its size is not too big or small for a living room but still offers enough space to play a variety of board games.

You can gather the materials from used pieces of furniture around your home. Do not forget to refinish the surfaces to make this gaming table look fresh. 

Paint a chessboard on the tabletop and you can save money by not purchasing one at the store. For the chess pieces, you can create them as well from bottle caps or other things. 

Tips to Get Your Best Games Coffee Table

Tips to Get Your Best Games Coffee Table

Whether you are following the above ideas to create a DIY gaming table or deciding to invest in a store-bought piece, it is critical to know how to get the best choice for your needs.

Finding a suitable games coffee table can be pretty challenging although you just need to pick one that suits your preference. 

However, depending on everyone’s particular needs, the best gaming table for you might be different from others. 

Thus, knowing the reasons to invest in one is important here.

Other than knowing how you will use the gaming table later, here are the other things to do before creating or buying one for your home. 

Determine the materials

gaming coffe table materials

Depending on your taste and the design of the gaming area, you can choose from a variety of coffee table materials including brass, wood, glass, and marble.

If you plan on playing there with your children, pick a material that is safe for your kids. It will be better to have one that can withstand scratches as well.

For board games, you may prefer a table that features additional tiers and trays. 

This should be more comfortable as you can hide your gaming equipment out and keep it from falling under the sofas or on the floor.

Pick the right shape

coffe table postition

Whether you end up having a round, rectangular, oval, or square games coffee table, make sure that the shape complements its function and the overall style of your living space. 

When it comes to the best coffee table for board games, you should stay away from one that is too asymmetrical since this will make it difficult to play on the table’s surface.

Measure the needed size

Measure the needed size games cofee table

Since you want to use it to play games, it should not be too big or small. The width of the coffee table must be 2/3 of your sofa’s wide at the maximum. 

As for the height, it should be the same or a little lower than the seat of your couch. If the table is too high or low, you will not be able to play board games conveniently. 

In case your only choice is a games coffee table that is too large or tiny, go for the smaller choice. Just make sure that there is still sufficient space for a walking path.

The rule of thumb is to place the coffee table around 38,1 cm from your sofa. 

If you want to add television or LCD for gaming or entertainment purposes, situate it between 61 to 76 cm distance. 

How to Decor Your Home with a Gaming Coffee Table

How to Decor Your Home with a Gaming Coffee Table

You already know some ideas to create DIY gaming coffee tables and a few tips to find your best pick. Now is the time to include this piece in your living spaces. 

If you play a lot in the evening with your family, you will want to have your favorite games within reach so that setting and cleaning up the stuff can be easy.

In this view, adding a decorative box or pretty wicker basket will be a good option as you can keep your deck of cards or other gaming pieces there. 

When not in use, this container can act as a beautiful centerpiece of your games coffee table.

Aside from a functional and fashionable centerpiece, you may not need another stuff to display since the gaming coffee table will look proper if you stick to utilize a few accessories only.

All in all, a functional DIY games coffee table is a good alternative to the expensive store-bought one. Just make sure that you pick the piece that suits the rest of your current gaming room or living space. 

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