Green Tree Frog Care as Pets (GUIDE)


Having an attractive physical appearance, many people are interested in knowing about green tree frog care. Well, you are now on the right track. 

This article presents everything you need to know about the smiling amphibian.

Behavior and Fun Facts

Behavior and Fun Facts green tree frog green tree frog care

If you like making amphibians as pets, then a green tree frog will be the best choice. 

Besides being docile, this animal has a unique behavior to eat anything without caring about being hungry or full.

As the name suggests, this frog has a bright green color that resembles a leaf. This hue helps it to adapt easily to the foliage.

But among the many charms in its appearance that stands out the most are the eyes. The black part looks almost horizontal, so it seems like smiling.

The green tree frog care is also easy despite their problems with water and lack of calcium. Here are some fun facts you need to know:

  • The green tree frog lifespan is up to 15 years, depending on the treatment and the environment.
  • During the mating season, these amphibians make loud sounds to attract the opposite sex.
  • It has sticky parts on its feet that allow it to climb walls quickly and powerfully.
  • The green tree frog pet is quite able to tolerate touch and handling.
  • They are nocturnal, which means doing activities at night.
  • It has an arboreal nature; it spends more time in the trees.
  • Green tree frog prefers a very humid environment, up to 100 percent of humidity.
  • It has the nickname the smiling frog because of the horizontal black part of his eyes.
  • It is an opportunist feeder, eating anything without counting.

You should know about those facts before understanding green tree frog care

In addition to the points above, maybe there are many other unique things that they have. So, let us continue the discussion.

Green Tree Frog Food

Green Tree Frog Food

Like most of its species, the green tree frog food is an insect. Crickets are the main intake, but you also give other insects such as flies, worms, moths, and others.

For the best green tree frog care, give the gut-loaded foods to the pets. 

It means that you have fed the insects with high nutrients before offering them to your beloved amphibians.

The purpose of gut loading is to provide the perfect nutrition for the frogs. Because in the food they prey there are various nutrients they need.

Once feeding, you can give 3-4 insects to the green tree frogs. Do not overdo it to avoid making them obese. They are easy to gain weight because they are very fond of eating.

Normally, you must feed them every day. But if they start to show obesity, reduce the portion. Remember to provide sufficient water that is free of chlorine.

In addition to food portions, nutrition must also be a crucial consideration in green tree frog care. The biggest problem with the amphibian diet is the lack of calcium and excess protein.

You can give additional calcium gut-loaded or mix it in the water you consume. 

Additionally, you can place it in a strategic location because adult frogs tend to put anything in their mouths.

Green Tree Frog Habitat Setup

Green Tree Frog Habitat Setup green tree frog care

Green tree frog care is not just about feeding and drinking. You also have to know how to create a proper and comfortable cage. 

Habitat-appropriate conditions will help them live healthily.

The most appropriate place to live easily is in a terrarium. The presence of plants, water, and other natural elements will be a perfect green tree frog habitat.

They are sociable-type that you can place several tails in them at once. As a guide to building a green tree frog tank, you can pay attention to the following points:

  • Green Tree Frog Tank Size
Green Tree Frog Tank Size care

For convenience, you need to prepare the right tank for the pets. A terrarium should be 18″x18″x24″. In it, you can place 3-5 adult frogs.

In addition to paying attention to size, you also have to make sure that the aquarium is waterproof and escape-proof. 

The glass tank will be perfect because it is easy to get and clean. In addition, this material can also be resistant to poison.

However, because green tree frogs can climb glass, ensure that the terrarium has adequate protection. One way is to provide cover.

You can choose an aesthetic design and shape according to your taste. But one important note to remember is to make sure the terrarium is well ventilated and does not leak.

  • Lighting
lighting forgreen tree frog

As a nocturnal creature, you do not need to provide a lot of light in green tree frog care. You can put it indoors without being touched by direct sunlight.

Even so, you still need to provide a little light in the terrarium to meet their calcium needs. 

For your information, these animals are very susceptible to diseases because of a lack of bone nutrition.

If you place the tank indoors, there are several solutions to do. First, you can put it in a location that has access to light. Second, you can use artificial lights.

UVB lighting will help your green tree frog care. This artificial lamp will emit UV rays like the sun, but with adjustable levels and brightness.

  • Temperature
temperature green frog nice

For good green tree frog care, you have to keep the terrarium warm. Despite loving water, cold temperatures of less than 10 degrees Celsius can kill them.

There will not be any problem if you have a warm climate or live in the tropics. But if the temperature around you is cold, you must provide a heater in the water.

The ideal temperature for the water in the terrarium is 24-26 degrees Celsius. If this is not possible, then the minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is still acceptable.

To keep conditions stable and prevent a sudden drop in temperature, you can cover the terrarium with plastic or glass. 

However, make sure the cover does not block UV rays.

  • Water
water for tree green frog care

Water quality is prominent in green tree frog care. They cannot survive with chlorine that you must provide pure and safe water for their skin.

To be sure, you can place aquatic plants in the terrarium. They will absorb toxins in the water and make it safer for the frogs. Setting the running water can also help purify water.

Water is also very important to keep the humidity stable at 50-60 percent during the day and 80-100 percent at night. Use your hygrometer, and make sure it doesn’t fall below 50.

  • Decoration
water for tree green frog care green habitat

Decoration in this context is how to make the terrarium comfortable for the frogs. 

You can include several sustainable plants so that they can help maintain the balance of conditions in them.

However, placing some decorations for aesthetic purposes is also a good idea. You can create an artificial river with flowing water or use fake plants to enhance your appearance.

In addition, do not forget to maintain cleanliness. Remove accumulated dirt regularly to create a clean and healthy environment.


water for tree green frog care green habitat reproduction

In terms of breeding, the green tree frog is the same as other types. Warm temperatures are the best time for reproduction. Usually, they leave the eggs in ponds or where possible.

They also go through the same phase as other types of frogs. Once laying eggs, the parent will produce 2000-3000 pieces at a time. 

Tadpoles will hatch from eggs, grow into tadpoles, and become adults.

Unfortunately, of all the eggs, not all of them managed to become frogs. Competition and environmental conditions make only a few tails that can survive to adulthood.

However, in captivity, the life expectancy may be higher as long as you do the best green tree frog care. But of course, you have to prepare a lot of places. 

Common Health Problems

problem for freen tree frog

As with frogs in general, the most health problem is a lack of calcium. It will affect movement and activity. In addition, they are also susceptible to bacteria and fungi.

If the environmental conditions are not good enough, they also display flu-like symptoms such as sneezing and breathing problems. 

Parasite attacks can also make them reluctant to eat, which is strange behavior to this species. It will bring more severe effects to the health.

If you are familiar with green tree frog care, you will also know that they range from ammonia poisoning. It happens if in the terrarium there is a lot of dirt that produces toxic gases.

Therefore, if they show unusual behavior, there is a possibility that they will develop the disease. The sick frogs will show the following signs:

  • Weight loss due to loss of appetite.
  • Skin color appears faded or discolored.
  • Swollen body parts.
  • Movement is not active.
  • Hiding or being alone most of the time.

If those symptoms occur, immediately check the environmental conditions. If your pet does not fit, then you have to fix it immediately. 

Providing nutritional intake, vitamins, and supplements will also be beneficial. See if these actions can make their condition better. 

If it still does not improve, you can take it to a reptile vet for treatment. 

Signs of Healthy Green Tree Frogs

sign ofHealthy Green Tree Frogs

Some beginners may be confused about if they have done the best way is green tree frog care. You may wonder if the pet is really in a health condition.

But calm down. To ensure that they are healthy, pay attention to some indicators below. Here are some signs that you have no issue with your green tree frog care.

  • It shows active and alerts behavior.
  • The eyes were clear, with a bright skin tone.
  • It shows good eating behavior.
  • Have no symptoms of illness, such as sneezing, weakness, or being alone.
  • Have no wounds on the body.
  • It can make a fairly loud sound.

If you find the signs above, do not worry because they are probably in the best condition. However, be careful, and keep doing the best green tree frog care.

How to Keep Them Happy

How to Keep Them Happy tree green frog

Apart from giving food and a place to live, keeping the pet healthy and happy is a tough challenge for those who struggle with green tree frog care

You have to keep monitoring because these animals are very susceptible to disease because of various unexpected factors. 

Sometimes it brings fatal consequences so that require better green tree frog care.

The frogs are very susceptible to chemicals, ranging from soaps, detergents, and even chlorine in the water. Therefore, you must make sure the terrarium is free of toxins.

The only way is to control the artificial environment in the terrarium regularly. Ensure that the humidity, temperature, lighting, and other aspects are to their liking.

In addition, cleanliness also takes an important role. Following are some mandatory actions in green tree frog care to keep them in perfect condition. 

  • Do not forget to add vitamin D supplements to the diet. It is necessary to prevent various diseases.
  • Clean the terrarium regularly to prevent the formation of gases that can cause ammonia poisoning in frogs.
  • This frog likes humid conditions so. To prevent fungal and bacterial infections, you should clean your terrarium regularly.
  • Spray chlorine-free water as often as possible to maintain humidity.
  • Place aqua plants in drinking containers to prevent them from being poisoned by chlorine.
  • Frogs are not great swimmers. Therefore, the artificial river or water container in the terrarium must be shallow.
  • Vary their food that they do not get bored.

In addition to the tips above, there may be many other ways you can make them feel comfortable and grow well. 

Remember to do periodic checks to make sure everything is good. 

How much do American green tree frogs cost?

The initial cost of purchasing an American green tree frog can range anywhere from $5 to $50 depending on size and availability. In addition, there may be additional costs for shipping or a cage setup which could add another $15-$30 to total expenses. Furthermore, ongoing care expenses such as food and water supplies should also be taken into consideration. Finally, it is important to factor in veterinary visits and any treatments that may be needed throughout the lifespan of your pet frog.

Where do American green tree frogs lay their eggs?

American green tree frogs lay their eggs either on land or in water, depending on what source is available at the time. If ponds or other sources of still water are available, female American green tree frogs will often lay their eggs in them. This provides protection for the eggs as well as allowing the tadpoles easy access to food once they hatch from their eggs.

On dry land, however, these same female American green tree frogs will often hide their egg clusters under logs and rocks to protect them from predators and external elements such as sun exposure that could damage or kill them before hatching occurs.

What do green tree frogs eat?

Green tree frogs are insectivores, meaning that most of their diet consists of insects. They will happily munch on crickets, mealworms, waxworms, flies, moths and other small insects. They may also feed on small fish or worms if available. Green tree frogs should be fed every few days when young and once a week when adults. It’s best to offer them several varieties of food sources for a balanced diet and healthy development.
Providing dusting powder with vitamins is another way to ensure your green tree frog is getting all the nutrients it needs.

What size tank does a green frog need?

For smaller species of green frogs such as the Cuban treefrog or the Bronze Frog, a 10-20 gallon aquarium should provide ample space for one or two frogs. If you’re looking to create an entire colony of Cuban treefrogs however, several 20-30 gallon tanks will be needed to house them adequately; these tanks should be connected with tubes between them so that the frogs can access all areas comfortably

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