How to Layer a Bed with A Coverlet


Looking on how to layer a bed with a coverlet? If you’re looking for a stylish way to layer your bed, a coverlet is the perfect solution.
But what is a coverlet, and how do you style one? Here’s everything you need to know about this bedding essential.

What is a coverlet?

What is a coverlet?

A coverlet is a decorative piece of fabric that lays over the top of a bedspread or comforter. It can be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes, and is often used as an alternative to a bedspread in warmer months. 

Coverlets are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, making them a versatile choice for any bedroom.

Why use a coverlet?

Why use a coverlet?

A coverlet is a decorative bed covering that typically has a quilted or embroidered design. 

It differs from a comforter in that it is not meant to be used alone; instead, it is meant to be layered with other bedding, such as keeping sheets and blankets. 

Coverlets come in a variety of colors and designs, making them a versatile and stylish option for any bedroom.

How to layer a bed with a coverlet

How to layer a bed with a coverlet

A coverlet is a lighter-weight, decorative fabric that is usually quilted. It can be used in place of a blanket or top sheet, or it can be layered with other bedding to add visual interest and texture. If you’re not sure how to layer a bed with a coverlet, here are some tips.

Choosing Coverlet

Choosing Coverlet

Start by choosing a coverlet that complements the other colors and patterns in your room. If your room has a lot of color and pattern, go for a solid-colored coverlet. If your room is more subdued, you can choose a coverlet with a pattern or design.

Drape over

Once you’ve selected your coverlet, drape it over the foot of the bed so that it covers the mattress and hangs evenly on both sides. If you’re using a quilt or blanket underneath, tuck it in at the foot of the bed so that it’s not visible.

Arrange pillow

Next, arrange your pillows on top of the bed. You can use all pillows of the same size, or vary the sizes for a more interesting look. Be sure to fluff them up so they look full and inviting.

Fold Down

Finally, fold down the top edge of the coverlet so that it hangs evenly over the sides of the bed. You can leave it loose or secure it in place with decorative throw pillows placed at the head of the bed.

How to make a bed with a coverlet and comforter

How to make a bed with a coverlet and comforter

Making a bed with a coverlet and comforter is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with a fitted sheet on the mattress.
  2. Add a flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet.
  3. Place the coverlet on top of the flat sheet.
  4. Add the comforter on top of the coverlet.
  5. Smooth out all the wrinkles and enjoy your beautiful, made bed!

How to layer a bed for summer

To layer a bed for summer, start with a light-weight quilt or coverlet.

Top it with a light cotton blanket or duvet for extra warmth on cooler nights. Add a pop of color and pattern with a throw pillow or two.

Finish it off with a lightweight cotton sheet and you’re all set!

How do you style a coverlet bed?

When layering a bed with a coverlet, it’s important to consider both the function and aesthetic of the coverlet. A coverlet is primarily a decorative piece, so it’s important to choose one that fits your personal style day bed. If you plan on using the coverlet as a light blanket, be sure to choose one that is the appropriate size for your bed.

Next, you’ll need to select what type of material you would like your coverlet to be made from. A cotton coverlet is a good choice for those who want a natural fiber that is easy to care for. If you’re looking for something with more visual interest, consider a jacquard weave coverlet or one with embellishments like fringe or embroidery.

Once you’ve decided on the material and pattern of your coverlet, it’s time to start layering. If you’re using the coverlet as a blanket, be sure to place it at the bottom of the bed so it can be easily removed when not in use. For added warmth, try layering another quilt or comforter on top of the coverlet. If you’re just looking for extra coverage or additional color in your room, try draping the coverlet over the foot of the bed or hanging it over a chair in the room.

Do hotels use coverlets?

Hotels often use coverlets in guest rooms because they are an easy way to add an extra layer of warmth to your styling your bed like hotel bed. A coverlet is a type of bedspread that is usually quilted and can be used with or without a top sheet.

What are coverlets good for?

Coverlets are often used as an additional layer of warmth on the bed. They can be used in any season, but are especially popular in winter. Many people also use them as a decorative element, adding color and pattern to the bed.

Coverlets typically have a quilted or woven surface, and they come in a variety of materials including cotton, linen, and wool.

Which is better a coverlet or a quilt?

In general, quilts are thicker than coverlets and provide more insulation. They’re often made with batting (a layer of cotton or other material used to even out the thickness of a quilt) and have a stitched design on the top.

Coverlets are usually thinner and have a looser weave, making them less warm. They’re typically used more as a decorative layer on the bed, although some people do use them as the only layer on warm nights.

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