How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key If You Locked Out


To some, talking about how to open a locked door without a key may sound criminal. But given the possibility of a future emergency, trust that lockpicking is an important ability you need to master.

In some cases, your keys may be damaged, lost, even confused with others. It must be very frustrating if you are locked out after a hectic long road trip.

There are many objects to use, such as cards, clothes hangers, and even paperclips. The easy methods that even ordinary people can do it.

However, most methods are potentially destructive, so you should only use them in an emergency. Let’s jump to the list!

The Power of Paperclips

If you are used to paper, then it will be your best friend forever. But did you know that this little thing can open many doors?

The method we will use is called lock-picking. Despite many other items to use, but we are just going to focus on paperclips.

It is simple but time-consuming and requires skill. However, many locksmiths use it as a first choice before other complicated methods. 

Here, we will discuss two ways involving paperclips.

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Scrubbing Method

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key

When talking about how to open a locked door without a key, people use it as the first choice because of its simplicity and high success rate. The steps are:

  • Initially, you must know the direction of lock rotation. If you do not know, use a tension wrench or an Allen key.
  • Insert the lower end of the tension wrench or Allen key into the bottom edge of the keyhole.

Apply a little pressure, then twist a little.

  • Hold the pressure in the keyhole briefly and insert the straightened paperclips into the bottom of the keyhole (near the tension wrench or Allen key).
  • Do a circular motion several times in the direction of unlocking.
  • After a while, you may feel the lock move until it opens.

This method requires patience and persistence. The above may fail for some people. However, you still have other alternatives of how to open a locked door without a key.

Pin-to-Pin Method

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key if you locked out

Some lock consists of several pins. In this case, the door will open if we manage to open all of them. Therefore, we will try it with the following steps.

  • Perform steps 1-2 above sequentially.
  • Keep pressure on the tension wrench or Allen key, and use paperclips to locate the pins in the lock.
  • When you find it, press up until it locks into place.
  • Repeat this step on all the pins so that the door opens.

That is an easy way you can do it with paper clips. Now, you have already known how to unlock a front door without a key.

However, if there is no tension wrench or Allen lock to use, you can also use other paperclips as how to open a locked door without a key method.

This method is the best if you often deal with locked doors and need to open them quickly and practically. 

In addition to paperclips, some people also use hair clips as a substitute.

Picking the Lock

locks variation

In the previous “how to open a locked door without a key” section, we have discussed the use of paperclips in the lock picking method. 

Otherwise, the paperclip is only one of several excellent items. 

In this part, we will see how to use a set of lock picking tools, which are the must-have items for locksmiths. 

The controversy is, some countries stipulate that these items are off-limits to civilians for fear of increasing crime rates.

However, not all countries enforce it. Due to various considerations, many have legalized it for everyday use. 

You might use various methods. They depend on the type of locked doors to open. Here are some of them:

Skeleton Keys

skeleton keys open door

If you are facing warded locks, then skeleton keys are the answer. It consists of several keys with different ends.

Curtain Pick for Lever Tumbler

emergency lock key oepning

This type of tool is for opening lever tumbler locks. As for us, we usually call this lock-picking type with the term curtain pick.

Tumbler Pin

Tumbler pins are one of the most popular types, but they are also tricky. Therefore, there is a set of tools we need with different functions.

  • Tension wrench
  • Rake pick
  • Half-diamond pick
  • Bump keys
  • Decoder pick
  • Ball pick

When talking about how to open a locked door without a key, the list above is the most critical item for you to have. 

Moreover, you need some other tools in an emergency.

Wafer tumbler

universal jiggle keys

Another type that is openable with lock picking is the wafer tumbler. Jigglers, or try-out keys, are a must-have kind because of their ability to unlock most locks.

However, sometimes you can use a pin-tumbler too to open the same type of door. It can also be openable with pick guns or tubular lock picks.

The number of lock picking tools is indeed helpful in an emergency. 

However, it is often confusing because not everyone knows how to use it unless you are a locksmith.

How to Open a Locked Door with a Card

Credit cards are not only a key to finances but also a lifesaver when you are locked out. 

It is indeed an answer to how to open a locked door from the outside without a key. First, you have to prepare a thin laminated sheet that is not easy to break. 

Credit cards are the most common, but locksmiths often use thick-enough plastic shims.

If you have gotten a card or other suitable sheet, you can insert it between the door and the barrier attached to the frame (strike plate).

After touching the lock inside, press the card slightly and move it against the strike plate. 

The goal is to return the latch to the door so that it opens. However, the attempt may not be successful right away and require several tries. 

You also need a strong card so that it does not break easily during the process. But with a method like this, a card can only function properly on a spring lock. 

You will not be able to use it on deadbolt-type doors, which are indeed well-designed with higher security.

However, the hack with a card I still the best way of how to open a locked door without a key. Besides not requiring many tools, the success rate is also high enough.

How to Open a Locked Door with a Knife

It may sound scary and criminal. Those who do not know the right way are reluctant to use this method because of worrying about the damaging impact.

Despite the negative reputation, this method is friendly enough, especially if you face a problem with a simple door model.

For a simple door model and without complicated security, you can use the tip of a knife and insert it into the keyhole. It is an easy way of how to open a locked bedroom door from the outside.

Twist a little, and your problem is solved. This method usually applies to bathroom doors that have a flat keyhole. 

Its simple design allows the tip of a knife, even a coin, to go inside and unlock. In case you are worried about the bad impact, another helper is possible. 

You can also use other objects such as paperclips or hair clips as a how to open a locked door without a key method.

You can alternatively use a knife for the spring lock in place of a credit card. 

The method is the same, namely by inserting a knife between the door and the strike plate. After that, you have to move it up and down to find the position of the door bolt. 

If you have found the door bolt, move it right and left to return it to the unlock position.

However, to open this door model, you need a knife that is not too thick to fit between the door and the barrier attached to the frame. 

Also, make sure the structure is flexible enough but strong. Interestingly, a knife can help you open more complicated latch models with lock-picking. 

Tools may be required, but you can also use blade standalone by applying the same method. Apply sufficient pressure to the bottom of the keyhole before turning it open.

How to open a locked door with a screwdriver

Regarding how to open a locked door without a key, there are many savior items to use. As above, we have talked about some hacks from the simplest to the most advanced.

You can even use carpentry tools, such as a screwdriver. This item is the best when you open the door of a building or car.

The screwdriver will open the door using a button easily. 

How to open a locked bedroom door without a key?

It is usually in the office room, bedroom or bathroom, where the user locks the door by pressing the knob on the handle.

To open it, you need a screwdriver with a small handle to insert into the hole. Do it as far as you can. 

After turning a little, the door will open. But be careful if you want to open the car with it as the tool is potentially destructive. 

Insert the screwdriver handles into the door folds and the separation frame on the rear seats.

If you manage to push the screwdriver, the door may crack. After that, you can insert a stick or other long tool to press the unlock button in the car.

Unlock Car door using a String

Isn’t shoelace an almost always-on-the-go part? This method is quite effective when your car keys are left inside the fireplace or lost.

To get back in, first, untie the shoelaces and tie a knot in the middle. After that, insert the knot into the car by inserting it through the side of the door. 

The thing you need to do is tie the knot on the key opener on the inside door of the car.

You can adjust it by managing the ends of the shoelace (it may not be easy). Once tied, you need to pull the rope from the outside until the door opens.

It only works on cars with vertical locks. If your vehicle uses a locking system on the interior handle, then forget about this method. 

However, you can still try how to open a locked door without a key method on several possible building door models.

Use the Wire Clothes Hanger (If Possible)

If you are locked in your house, the most likely thing you will find is a clothes hanger. The good news is, you can also use it as a method.

But before going any further on the next how to open a locked door without a key, you need to know that the object we are going to discuss is a clothes hanger with a wire inside. 

Basically, this method is the same as when using paperclips. 

Take the wire inside the clothes hanger and straighten it. You cannot use the bent part to open the door.

The other way is the same as what we discussed in the paperclips section. Insert it at the bottom of the keyhole, press it slightly, and then turn it around. The door will open.

However, you need to understand that maybe not all doors can use this method. If indeed you have tried, but failed, change to another technique or call a locksmith.

How to open a door lock without key in 5 seconds? (Highly Destructive Potential)

Indeed, there are many ways on how to open a locked door without a key. But the problem is, many conditions do not support using the methods above.

Cards, knives, screwdrivers, and even paperclips do not always open doors. Furthermore, we cannot find those objects at the scene. 

Therefore, drilling can be a last resort.

The trick is simple! Drill the lock system component, and damage the part that makes it unable to open. 

But the risk is, you cannot use it anymore. This method is indeed a quick answer to open a locked door without using a key. 

But if you do not have to, you should use a safer and less destructive method.

Not only does this damage the key components, but this method may also damage other parts, such as doors, frames, or even walls. 

The impact was almost the same as breaking it violently. In addition, this “how to remove a locked door knob from the outside” method may create noise and dirt. 

You can do drilling when dealing with a high-in-security door, for example, with a code.

What is the easiest way to open a locked door?

The easiest way to open a locked door depends on the type of lock and whether you have access to any tools such as a credit card or hairpin.
If you are dealing with an interior door such as one in your home or office, then you can use a credit card to try and manipulate the lock from the outside. All you will need is something flat that can slide between the frame and latch of the door. Once inserted, apply gentle pressure on one side of the card until you feel it catch onto something inside then move it back and forth until it slides free from its locking mechanism.

What key is hardest to open?

The first contender is an old-fashioned combination lock. Despite its antiquated design and lack of modern security measures, these locks can still be incredibly tricky to crack. As they rely solely on an intricate system of levers and pins, combinations can range from simple three digit codes all the way up to long strings of numbers and letters that require memorization or written notes.
Another likely candidate for toughest key to open would be custom built locks with sophisticated anti-theft mechanisms.

What is a 999 key?

A 999 key is a unique, specialized type of key that is used for emergency services in the United Kingdom. It grants access to locked properties in emergency situations, allowing firefighters, paramedics and police officers to gain entry when necessary. This type of key originated from the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, which was passed in order to allow emergency personnel quicker response times during dire circumstances.

The 999 key has become an invaluable tool for those on duty responding to life-or-death situations. By providing uniform access to otherwise inaccessible buildings such as hotels, schools or offices, the 999 key enables quicker responses and more effective use of resources by emergency personnel. The use of these keys also helps ensure public safety by eliminating the need for destructive forced entry techniques such as breaking windows or doors.


Those are some explanations about how to open a locked door without a key. You can use various techniques according to your condition.However, learning how to open a locked door without a key is not always related to crime or illegal acts. For various reasons, you need to master this ability in case of an emergency.

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