Authentic Hygge Living Room Design Ideas


Having a hygge living room means that you are going to have a warm, welcoming, and restful lounge inside the house. 

Hence, for those who do not know what Hygge is all about, you are in for a treat.

All the things about this special concept, the color scheme, decoration, furniture, and stuff, are ready to be explored. 

After this, you will become an expert on Hygge design.

What is Hygge Style?

Initially, you need to know what this Hygge is. It is a Danish concept that involves cozy and relaxing feelings. 

Likewise, it is a big part of Danish culture that becomes popular worldwide.

As said before, Hygge represents a warm, welcoming, and peaceful space. So, how do you pronounce it? 

It is pronounced as “hoo-ga” which means the amounts to a feeling of comfort.

Therefore, imagine sitting on a comfy couch, reading your favorite books with a few snacks and drinks, that is hygge. 

You may not realize it even though you have experienced it.

Furthermore, in the world of home design, there are many ways you can do to include hygge in your living room or your unfinished basement style

Fortunately, this special concept does not require large space. Hygge can add a bit of needed comfort in your small living room.

Why Small Hygge Style Living Room?

There are a lot of reasons why hygge is the best concept for small spaces. The first one is adding a sense of hygge is easy. 

Thus, you can add it in an instant using deliciously scented candles. These items are very important to experience hygge style. 

Moreover, they add warmth to a small space.

In the living room, you can arrange some candles on the bookcase or the marble coffee table. Also, greenery can also make a room hygge. 

Additionally, it is incredibly soothing and purifies the air. This concept also allows you to embrace the outdoor. 

Hence, opt for some air-purifying plants in the small living room.

A good book is a big part of this Danish concept. So, having a book nook in a living room will make it even better. 

However, if there is not a book nook yet, you can build a quaint and compact one. It will not require a lot of space.

Without furniture, Hygge can still be the main concept of your living room. 

There is a common misconception that says Hygge needs to be in a house full of Scandinavian furniture. Indeed, that is completely wrong.

For example, a living room with only a few floor cushions is still going to be hygge. You can add some other items you need.

Meanwhile, minimalists will be a good pair with this danish concept. Hygge is one nordic style that wants you to limit yourself to only some things that can make you happy. 

Therefore, it is perfect for a small space.

The Hygee Living Room Color Scheme

Hygge Living Room Design

Obviously, the recommended color scheme for the hygge room is neutral. Then, you should pick the two-color palette combination that works with many other Scandinavian design themes. 

Further, the choice is quite simple. You should go with soft paint colors on the wall and ceiling.

Also, you can accent it with natural-tone elements. The mindset is to keep everything warm and cozy. 

There are many paint colors available from various providers. You should find your browns, whites, or beiges.

Let us take an example from the popular paint store, Benjamin Moore. They have a hygge-inspired color palette that will be ideal for all Scandinavian themes. 

For instance, you can choose cotton balls, fog mist, thundercloud gray, silhouette, angelica, and silver fox.

The Furniture for Hygge Living Room

Furniture is a big part of any room. It will make a great impact to affect the rest of the elements. So, having Hygge furniture will make the room feel the same way. 

As we know, the base of this concept is using neutral earthy tones.

Some other colors can be part of the room in a form of accessories and accents. For the sofa, check out the modern cream leather sofa. 

As you can see in the picture, the sofa offers a hygge experience where you can expect a snuggly cushion to sink in.

Well, what is hygge living furniture actually? Practical furnishing is more essential than aesthetical ones. 

The furniture is boasting neutral colors and the best of comfort. A wooden coffee table would be enough to complete the living room.

Moreover, it is going to be a cozy space for family members or friends to gather, have a chat, or play some board games in the living room.

Hygge Decor Living Room

As we know, Hygge is not about decoration. It is a simple concept that emphasizes more comfort, cozy, and peace. 

Likewise, if some pieces of decor can improve the style without losing their value, it would be perfect to maximize the hygge.

Additionally, there are several ways to turn an ordinary space into hygge. You can do it by adding a certain decoration. 

Hygge home accessories are in minimalistic style. Here are some of the decor tips for hygge living room:

  • Decorate the room with throw blankets, pillows, livingroom wall mirror and area rugs.
  • Use a neutral color scene and add an element like wood, bamboo, and plants.
  • Set up a mood lighting with the right tone in string lights.
  • Light up some scented candles to welcome everyone with comforting scents.
  • Set up a space that’s comfortable enough for reading.
  • Add throw pillows and blankets to fill up the room.

Hygge Style Tips for Living Room

hygge living room ideas

If you want to emphasize the Hygge concept in your living room, there are a few things you can do.

Further, make the space feel cozier by adding some earthy tones, such as deep oranges and greens. Besides, a few wood accents can bring a vibe of comfort into the living room.

Some throw pillows ad blankets will also strengthen the hygge living room design. Choose to have them in textured that are paired with soft materials.

Importantly, do not leave the window without a curtain or coverings. It can be something to display the hygge style. 

Use simple coverings such as the classic french linens. It makes perfect support to the earthy elements. 

A simple and elegant window curtains can give you a cohesive space for relaxation and comfort.

Meanwhile, candles are like the main decoration for the hygge living room. Having some scented candles makes the style more complete.

The Hygge Living Room Ideas

hygge living room ideas

To complete your exploration of the hygge living room, here are some hygge living room design to check out.

Fireplace with Candles

scandi hygge living room

Candles are already the biggest part of the hygge living room. A mid-century fireplace is also an option instead of a candle. 

So having both of them in one spot will definitely emphasize the hygge elements inside the room. As we know, candles can give you a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The candles are enough to make a simple and elegant decoration. You can light them only when you need a relaxing ambiance. 

In addition, the light of a candle is an alternative lighting source. It is a great way to enjoy and relax.

A fireplace can also give similar effects. Combining these two elements can make your space feel both more welcoming and warmer.

Neutral Scheme

Neutral Scheme

A neutral color palette is perfect for hygge living room. This scheme helps you to obtain a harmonious surrounding. 

You should focus on the grays, whites, creams, and browns. Then, it would help you to reach your goal.

Importantly, you should create a warm and peaceful atmosphere all over the space. Keep it neutral and do not distract the harmony with any overly loud colors. 

For example, from this picture, we know that all the things are in neutral colors.

The green color is not loud and it comes in natural form. This living is ready to accommodate the hygge experience you need.

Rustic Wooden Style

Rustic Wooden Style

As said before, the design and color of the furniture can change the rest of the environment. Choosing the furniture is a great starting point of achieving Hygge. 

Furthermore, wood is an accent element to have in a neutral living room.

The brown color of the wood can support the hygge design. It can easily match with the rest of the things in the living room. 

Well, you can go wrong with this material.

Full of Nature

full of nature intergration

More precisely, it is a living room filled with a lot of houseplants. Plant lovers would go crazy with this concept. 

As we know, Hygge is not about decoration. In this case, most of the decor items are from natural elements.

According to science, adding plants, real or fake, can increase happiness. 

However, you do not need to have plants as the centerpiece of a living room. Adding one or two will still make a difference to your space.

Try having the long-vine plants and place them on the top of the shelf or walk through closet. So, the vines can go down through the shelves. It will be interesting to look at.

Deep Blue Accents

Deep Blue Accents hygee room

Getting the Hygge does not mean that you cannot involve some deep colors. Besides orange and green, blue can also be a good choice. 

Among other neutral colors in the living room, some deep blue elements would support the soothing environment.

As we know, blue is a cool and soothing color. So, it definitely supports the purpose of Hygge. 

This living room has a messy spot. It will be something that blocks your relaxation feeling. Make sure all the things are well stored. 

Thus, add some baskets to accommodate that.

Calming Lights

Calming Lights

It is also explained before. String lights are recommended for the Hygge room. Therefore, you should incorporate this lighting fixture into your room. 

There are a few places to hang the lights, such as around windows, the TVs or just hang them on the wall. It would make a nice background.

The light bulbs should be in soft white. They offer a warmer yellow light. Hence, it makes the room feels more relaxing and inviting. 

Also, soft lights are great for your sight. It would fit as hygge decor bedroom.

Pillows All Over The Place

Many Pillows

One thing that comes to mind seeing this living room, there are so many pillows. Some people would feel that it is too much to handle. 

The covers have a plaid pattern which complements the exposed brick wall.

However, patterns will not be a distraction in this living room. The sofa seems comfy enough to achieve the Hygge experience in your space. 

There are two kinds of coffee table, the wooden and glass top. It provides you with everything for the living room.

Warming Blankets

Warming Blankets

Besides pillows, blankets are also important components for relaxing space. Blankets are functional to support the Hygge experience. 

Make sure they are ready to use in the living room. You can add storage for extra blankets right next to the sofa.

So, whenever you need some comfort and warmth while enjoying the book, reach the storage for some blankets. 

Then, continue enjoying the Hygge.

Cozy Element

Cozy Element

Coziness is what people look for in Hygge living room. You need to include some cozy elements to make the space feel more comfortable. 

A throw blankets and fluffy pillows. Meanwhile, cashmere blankets have a texture that you can enjoy.

Grey and white are in this living room to support the relaxation state you should have. A scandi coffee table is enough to maintain the functions. 

Right above the sofa, there are some artworks that are still in the same hue.

Texture and Tactile

Texture and Tactile hygee deocer

The sensation of tactile is what hygge enthusiasts when for their living room. It offers more than just comfort but also beautiful visuals. 

Candles on the lighting, a cozy couch, a neutral scheme, and a tufted coffee table are some examples.

The texture on the coffee table improves the Hygge value of your living room. It looks elegant and attractive. 

Moreover, the sheer curtain that covers the big window on the back is just allowing the outdoors inside the living room. You will love the Hygge in this space.

In Closing

Finally, it is time to apply this Danish style to your house. It would be perfect for all kinds of space but the point of this article is to achieve the best Hygge living room. Go for it!

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