20 Unique Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas


Some kitchen wall decor ideas will be needed to give a whole new look to your cooking space. Also, a decoration will emphasize the room’s function and the ambiance you want to build. 

Indeed, the kitchen is the most essential part of the house. It is the room where all magic happens. People prepare their meals and do most of the stuff in this area. 

This cooking space is the busiest place in the house. Besides the Hygee living room, a kitchen also becomes the spot for family and friends to gather to relax and enjoy the time being together.

To decorate a kitchen, you can involve your personality in it. Choose the decor items that represent the function of the kitchen and your personal favorite things. 

This page will let you explore a lot of kitchen wall decor ideas 2022 to inspire you to transform your kitchen easily.

What to do with empty wall space in kitchen?

Initially, what should you put on the wall in the cooking space? Something on the wall can be decorative or functional. Also, it can be both. 

To get the kitchen stylish, you should consider paint, tiles, wallpaper, poster and signs, murals, and many others.

Further, add drama to your kitchen walls with some kind of mural. Wall paneling on some parts can be a good option too. 

Having an artwork or beautiful painting can really increase the value of the space.

Instead of having a plain surface, you can set up an exposed brick on the wall. It surely makes a big impact on the kitchen. 

Additionally, it is perfect for rustic style. If you want it to be more functional, decorate the wall with holders or shelves. 

Brilliant Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Inspire

Without further ado, get ready to explore all the items to hang on the wall as a kitchen decoration. We have covered all the easy and simple addition to the vertical surface. 

Choose some of them to be in your kitchen, it surely changes the look and feels in the cooking space.

Let’s Eat Wall Decor

Lets Eat Wall Decor

Check out this rustic sign that says “Let’s Eat”. It is representing the activity in the kitchen. Mount this decorative piece on the wall in an open space with a dining room in it.

Moreover, it is a perfect decor item for a country-style room.

The sign has a nice scripted text that could really put interest on the wall. Besides, there is a knife and fork symbol that emphasizes the activity. 

It uses whitewashed wood the strengthen the farmhouse look along with the reclaimed frame. Hanging it on that pure white wall highlights the texture and rustic charm of the sight.

Burger Artwork

inexpensive kitchen wall decorating ideas

It is a “Burger Plant” poster that looks so unique. It would make a perfect kitchen wall decor for your house. 

Furthermore, a combination of traditional and modern will create a marvelous touch in your kitchen. For burger lovers, they will not deny the beauty of this poster.

The print features a traditional botanical painting with a burger twist, not flowers. Just attach the poster anywhere you like on the wall. 

Thus, it gives a traditional farmhouse look to the kitchen that comes with humor. It would be great kitchen wall decor ideas modern to have.

Simple Kitchen Wall Decor

kitchen wall decor ideas pinterest

Compared to the previous one, this amazing wall decor concept offers a more functional feature. For a farmhouse kitchen, that rustic sign will be a great decoration. 

Likewise, it is made of metal with great modern and rustic styles.

It says “KITCHEN” which explains it all. Right under the sign, there is some kind of chalkboard. The family member can write the menu for a week.

Besides, there are some hooks on the bottom. They are for hanging some of the tools you use during your cooking.

 Moreover, whether the things are a blanket, a big spoon, a spatula, or whatever, just hang them.

Herbs and Spices Wall Decal

kitchen wall decor ideas modern

Wall decal is one of the most favorite kitchen wall decor ideas Pinterest. If you have an interest in this decor item, apply it to your wall right away.

The theme is herbs and spices ith the actual ingredients arranged on the counter. Hence, the decal makes a perfect background.

Also, the wall decor has a rustic farmhouse charm to fill up the entire space. The painted background looks like a shiplap wall.

Rustic Window Shutter

simple kitchen wall decor ideas

A sign does not have to be in the ordinary frame, this unique decor item explains it all. If you have a window shutter left in the storage or warehouse, you might take it out. 

Interestingly, it is a great idea for sprucing up the kitchen wall.

It is something big that only requires a small budget. The reclaimed wood look becomes perfect for country style. 

The sign says “Life if Lovely” written artistically. Besides, there is a pretty flower garland to complement the text design.

It becomes a perfect accent to the wall that adds energy and life to the cooking space.

LEO Zodiac Sign Board

LEO Zodiac Sign Board

An image of the Zodiac would still interest many people. Indeed, it is something personal. You can have this hanging in the kitchen. 

For example, this LEO sign will add colors to the kitchen. The orange hues can definitely give energy to your kitchen.

Actually, this board sign can be used as a cutting board. So, whenever you need a base to cut the veggies, lie it on the counter. 

After that, make it your decoration again. The statement that this board is making, is so fun.

Furthermore, it would fit well in a modern and bohemian kitchen. An empty wall would be transformed into a bright surface with a fun vibe.

Cutting Board Butchers Information

cutting board decor kitchen

Meat lovers, this is what you need for the kitchen wall decor. Once again, it is a sign with a cutting board concept. 

This multifunctional item makes a meaningful decoration for your kitchen. Instead of being a wall-mounted decor, just lean it to the wall like this.

The butcher selection information is very useful for the cooks. If they do not know the name of the meat part of the cattle, this decor item would come in handy.

Besides, this butcher’s information emphasizes your love of meat. It is a great or kitchen for both inside and outside for the BBQ.

Coffee Cup Hanger

Coffee Cup Hanger

It is time for a cup of coffee. For a kitchen that has a special station for the drink, this is going to be a notable addition. 

Also, this decorative item become an accessory to the wall that is so functional. It comes with a bunch of hooks to hang the cups

With this cup holder sign, the station will be ready to make a cup of coffee anytime you want. It is not necessary to open up the cabinets to look for a cup. 

It locates exactly in front of you. The whitewashed wooden base complement that white-painted brick wall.

For coffee lovers, you do not need to have a lot of consideration to pick this one for your kitchen.

Easy and Creative Tips for Kitchen Decoration

Besides those kitchen wall decor ideas, you have provided several tips to get you ready for a transformation. 

These creative tips would lead you to a successful application to embellish your cooking area.

 Whether it requires a renovation or a simple addition to the wall, you have to pick the right one for your own kitchen.

Eye-Catching Title

Eye Catching Title

A decorative kitchen tile is not only for backsplash. You actually have an option to apply it on the entire one-side wall. 

Pay attention to this artistic tile arrangement. It covers a big part of the wall that would catch every eye.

The picture shows a map of the shelter island graphic. It becomes a vibrant display that shows off the work of art. 

Then choose your favorite design for the kitchen. However, the graphic should not be too many colors and patterns.

Chalkboard Wall Decor

Chalkboard Wall Decor

This is quite popular to be in a kitchen. it gives you big space for writing a lot of things necessary on the wall. 

Therefore, keep the grocery list and schedule well organized. Make sure to install the chalkboard paint in a busy area where you pass often.

That is the important aspect, you want to be noticed. A chalkboard paint feature also acts as the accent wall in the kitchen. 

Basically, it uses black paint. You can also choose other dark colors like bold blue and brown.

One more thing, you have to ensure that the color matches the existing design scheme. Moreover, no needto make an accent wall with it when you do not have the space.

Artistic Wall Display

Artistic Wall Display

As said before, installing shelves or open cabinets can be a decoration. No need to add more accessories to the wall when you have this concept in your kitchen.

Further, put some glasses and plates with an interesting or antique look. Hence, it would be a good point.

Do not leave any space empty. If you do not have any more plates or glasses to display, you can fill it with some interesting objects or items. 

Adding cookbooks and kitchen supplies can be a good option to try. Your cooking space must be looking so stylish. It could be nice elegant kitchen wall decor ideas.

Baskets Wall Decor

Baskets Wall Decor

A wall full of baskets is another way to decor an empty wall in the kitchen. As you can see, this dining room gives you a simple idea to transform the entire atmosphere. 

So, just gather a bunch of baskets and arrange them on the wall.

They add more texture to the space. These items are perfect for you who want to inject a bohemian vibe into the room. 

The style may depend on the basket design you choose. Meanwhile, the homeowner decided to have light pendants that match the baskets.

All of them have similar sizes and shapes, however, each of the baskets has its own pattern. That makes it more interesting. 

The plain white wall really extends the value of this wall decor. Additionally, the wooden scandiavian coffe table and its bench complement the entire concept.

Plates and Platters

Plates and Platters

It is another way to display the plates in your kitchen. Instead of arranging them in an open cabinet or shelves, you can just hang them all on the wall with good organization.

You should take a look at this photo. The wall is already filled with texture. 

Then, the middle part has all the china languish displayed. Several pans are also coming to play. They are arranged on each side. 

Furthermore, the antique plates become the main attraction of this scene.

Floating Greenery Shelves

Floating Greenery Shelves

Adding some plants inside the kitchen is pretty common. It gives away the natural feeling that lets you relax during your cooking activity. 

Also, the greenery adds a splash of color to the wall. You can have them as wall decor.

Using some hanging plants or the wall-mounted ones. Fill the container with herbs. So, it does not have to be only for decoration. 

When the herbs are grown enough, you can use them as the ingredients for your healthy cooking.

Many homeowners have a bunch of herbs in pots right on the box bay window design. It gives the plants the sunlight it needs. 

For this concept, it is best to have a window in the kitchen.

Other Interesting Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

There are a lot more types regarding kitchen wall decor, like slat walls or unfinished style decor. Some of them are already explained above.

Indeed, those kitchen wall decor ideas and tips are enough to get you ready for the next renovation or decoration project.

Basically, it is only about adding something interesting to the wall. It can definitely change the look and feel of the entire kitchen. You can put those wall decor around the portable travel cooler too!

What color is popular for kitchen walls?

Neutral colors such as white, gray and beige remain a classic choice for many homeowners. These colors tend to open up a room and create a feeling of airiness that helps the kitchen feel larger than it actually is. Neutral colors also offer versatility when it comes to accessorizing; they can easily be paired with any other color you want to add into your kitchen design.
On the other hand, bolder hues such as blue, yellow and green are also becoming increasingly popular in kitchens today

Should kitchen walls be darker than cabinets?

Darker walls can provide depth and contrast to an otherwise all-over white kitchen, while lighter colored walls keep the space bright and airy. Additionally, darker tones have been known to hide imperfections such as scratches in areas where wear and tear may occur over time like countertops or cabinets. On the other hand, lighter color schemes allow more light into rooms with little sunlight access; they also give off a feeling of expansion due to their reflective nature.

What colors make a kitchen brighter?

Brightening up a kitchen is easy when you know what colors will work best.
From vibrant yellows and oranges to light blues and greens, there are several shades that can be used to create an uplifting atmosphere in the kitchen. Whether you prefer muted tones or bolder hues, adding any of these colors will help create an airy and cheerful environment for cooking and entertaining. Furthermore, if you choose to feature multiple shades in your design scheme, you can mix-and-match different hues for maximum impact.

Is gloss or matt better for kitchens?

Gloss surfaces are known for their bright, eye-catching appearance which adds a touch of glamour to any space. They are also very easy to keep clean as grease, dirt and marks will simply wipe away without leaving residue or streaks. However, gloss surfaces can easily show up fingerprints and scratches so may not be ideal if you’re looking for something more long-lasting.
Matt surfaces offer more of a subtle feel with little shine compared to gloss finishes.

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