20 Useful Laundry Room Shelving Ideas and Tips


Sometimes you may find that an area for doing the family wash is not that attractive. Also, many clothes hanging around the laundry room shelving

At worse, this makes doing this household activity becomes the hardest part of the week.

However, some people might think that doing laundry is refreshing. If you want to be more passionate about doing this daily activity, you might change the look of your room.

At least, it will help to motivate you to do laundry. Whether you go with a refreshing, warm, or even vibrant look, the ultimate choice is in your hand.

Lovely Ideas for Your Laundry Room Shelving 

The laundry room might be forgotten by some people while decorating their house despite it also has an essential function in every house.

It is great to apply a similar theme to your laundry room. Meanwhile, you can create a new decoration to define your character.

Incorporating shelving units is indeed one of the most popular ways to add a function and make your laundry room appear more inviting. 

If you still have no idea on what to do with this space, find out below a few laundry room shelving ideas to get inspired.

Introduce a Pop of Color

Laundry Room Shelving

There are many types of interior for a laundry room. People mostly chose a tropical concept for their laundry room as this concept is fresh and modern.

If you already have a simple unfinished wood look or white-color shelves, you can just simply add some pop colors in your laundry room.

You can get the colored washing machine and add the same color for the details on your shelves. Moreover, you can also lay down a rug or carpet in the same theme.

It will make your laundry room look fresh and you will never get bored of washing.

Keep It within a Reach

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas and Tips

For its function, you should make sure that your shelving unit is within your reach so that it is easier to grab the laundry essentials.

Also, you can have extra storage units like this plastic basket to store your dirty laundry. Thus, you will not bother your open shelves with something that may ruin their aesthetical value.

Laundry shelves over washer/dryer

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas and Tips

If you have limited space for your laundry room, you do not need to install such bulky and multiple shelves.

You can just install the simple shelves which are enough to store the needs. The float laundry room shelving are the recommended one since it does not need much space.

Consider stacking up the shelves to save more space. Then, you can also install a hanger between the washing machine and the first hanger. 

With the hanger, you can simply hang there without needing more space. 

Add Some Hooks

hanger laundry room

Besides installing a hanger, you can also install some hooks as a storage solution for hanging your clothes, inside or outside the shelves.

If you want to keep them outside the shelves, you need to measure the right position so the hooks will not distract your movement while in the laundry room.

On the other hand, you can just put the hooks on the open side of the shelves. 

While there are so many types of hooks nowadays, you can choose the hooks based on the materials for the easiest method.

Opt for Space-Saving Shelving

Opt for Space Saving Shelving

The laundry room shelving are not always in big size. You can always install the shelves as you need.

For the small laundry room shelving, you can buy movable laundry shelves. This type of shelf is very flexible since you do not need to install them right on the wall. 

Since the shelf is movable, it is perfect for the limited space and also for those who like to change their interior regularly. 

Just move the shelf and decorate the laundry room as you want.

If you need more storage, you can also get a plastic mini-shelf. You can get it through online shops and e-commerce. 

It is not only effective as additional storage, but also makes your laundry room look great in a simple way.

Take Floating Shelves into Account

Take Floating Shelves into Account

Mostly, the laundry room has limited space since we do not do our activities regularly there. However, you still need some work on decorating this small corner in your house.

If you have a problem with installing a full covered shelf or having limited space, you can just install a floating shelf. 

You can even install and stack them up around 3 to 5 rows. Attach the floating shelves right on the top of your washing machine. 

When it comes with a top-loader model, give a space between the lowest row of the shelf with the washing machine.

Meanwhile, you can do the same or give no space for the front loading washing machine

Additionally, if you prefer to stack up the stackable washing machine, mount the shelves on one of its sides.

Combine with Mudroom Shelving

Combine with Mudroom Shelving

It will be better if you have a complete function of the laundry room. So, you will not only wash the clothes, but you can also do another core at the same time.

If you have more space for your laundry room, you can add the mudroom shelving. It will help as additional storage when you need it without distracting your interior.

You can install the mudroom shelving opposite the washing machine. 

With this position, you can sit in front of the washing machine. While waiting for your laundry, you do another task by sitting in front of the laundry.

Adorn with Wallpaper

You might get tired of a one-tone or all-white laundry room since it is the basic and the simple concept one. 

If you like vibrant concepts, you can add some colors that you like and get the wallpaper.

For the wallpaper, you can set it on one side only. Then, you can paint other sides with vibrant colors or colorful wallpaper.

Although your washing machine is all-white, you can make your laundry room look fresh and alive. 

If you still have more space, you can also add the rug with colorful ornaments.

On the other hand, adding the wallpaper will let you have a chic laundry room without taking too much effort to decorate.

Laundry room wall shelves

Utilize a cubby shelving unit

Laundry room shelving is mostly used for laundry supplies. Most people also like to keep the stock at first which sometimes needs more space.

A cubby shelving unit is one solution for having more storage without placing more storage. The shelf is adjustable. 

Therefore, take the right measurement for having perfect cubby shelves.

Besides, combine the cubby shelf with another type of shelves. In that way, you can store the laundry without worrying about anything again.

Fill the whole wall space

Fill the whole wall space

A laundry area is not always a whole room. It can be a corner or one side of your space or basement that has a function for the family wash.

Basically, half of the area is enough for your laundry room. 

It should be noted that you have organized the laundry room well. You can customize a shelf covering all the walls. 

Then, design your washing area by yourself for each function. It will also work for DIY laundry room shelves since you can customize the space as you need. 

If you require extra storage, create a shelf with more space on the right, left, and above sides.

Laundry room shelf with hanging rod

ring in an Industrial Shelf

For a more eye-catching laundry room, you can get an industrial concept. You can combine wood and iron. 

Furthermore, use them as floating shelves or hangers.

Although you apply the industrial concept, you can still install the usual shelves. Then, add some details like iron and wood.

Since you will add wood as a material, you need to consider the right placement. 

Woods are easily damaged in the wet, so you need extra maintenance if placing the wood materials on the wrong side.

Laundry Shelves over a Washer

Laundry Shelves over a Washer

For the front loader washing machine, laundry shelves over a washer are the recommended ones. It will offer more space and become neat.

The installation for this kind of shelves has two options. The first recommendation is you can use the surface for a table. 

You can place your laundry supplies that are most needed or just add the ornaments.

Besides, turning the surface will transform it into an iron table. Then, you will get two functions on one shelf.

For the second option, you can directly install the cubby shelves on the top. It will be more efficient if you hardly need more space for your laundry supplies.

Grab extra organizers

Grab extra organizers

Incorporate a variety of organizers to make your laundry room shelving even more functional and eye-catching.

From woven baskets to pretty boxes, you can take advantage of different organizers to keep your shelving unit neat and clutter-free.

Other Tips for Organizing Laundry Room

Other Tips for Organizing Laundry Room

Basically, there are a lot of things that you can do for your laundry room. Since decoration is all about your characteristics, the interior might depend on you.

However, look for other ideas that help you find your own concept. Besides finding the ideas, there are some tips for you to get a well-organized laundry room.

It will be wasted if you have a tremendous concept but did not organize it well. Hence, you will need the following tips to avoid such things happening.

  • Create a streamlined laundry room
Create a streamlined laundry room

Although a laundry room is not the main room, it has an essential function. That is why you should make your washing area function effectively.

You can measure your room first and then choose the washing machine that will be used. After that, consider the placement. 

At this point, you will know the best placement for the laundry shelves and additional ornaments.

  • Print out stain chart
https ae01.alicdn.comkfHe96bac2a9d6e4ec89ae01d561f6f20c9rLaundry Room B W Wash Wall Decor Laundry Symbols Guide Art Canvas Painting Print Poster Laundry.jpg Q90.jpg .webp

After focusing on general and big things in the laundry room, it is time for getting the details. 

There are some ways to decorate your laundry room, like hanging paints or pictures. You can choose the ornaments based on your main concept.

For another idea, you can display a stain chart in your laundry room. It will be perfect and naturally relatable with the washing space.

It is not only looking good for the ornaments, but also helps you with the laundry things.

  • Get an adjustable laundry closet

The first thing to do before decorating your laundry room is taking the right measurement of your room. 

You have to know how much space that you have and compare it with the things that will be stored.

After that, you can decide what type of washing machine that you need. Importantly, the key is you have to adjust the shelves well.

That is why installing the shelves might be the last step for decorating your washing area. You can also install wall mounted laundry shelves for the best function.

  • Check on your laundry supplies
Check on your laundry supplies

Recently, there is a trend that people like to sort out everything in their kitchen and laundry room shelving. 

This thing seems fascinating and may help to motivate you to do the same.

Ensure that the space is available for storing all your laundry supplies. You can place them based on the most used, color, or function.

Moreover, you can get baskets, canisters, or containers for storing the supplies separately. Also, buy the aesthetic storage for your detergent, stain removers, and many more.

Designing a laundry room is similar to decorating another area. Measuring the space and getting the concept is the first thing to do. 

There are so many concepts that are perfect for the laundry room that will turn it into an extraordinary corner.

Finally, follow the above ideas and tips to create your best laundry room shelving to support your interior. 

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