15 Creative DIY Mailbox Post Ideas for Secure Package


For those who think the mailbox really represents the house, you might look for the right mailbox post ideas

It is like the initial thing that visitors will see while coming to someone’s house. The main purpose of a mailbox is definitely for receiving essential mails.

Therefore, having a mailbox is very essential if you having a road trip. Instead of having an ordinary kind of mailbox, you should consider having it upgraded for aesthetic purposes. 

Moreover, it would really affect the atmosphere and look of the entire front yard. Check out our compilation of Mailbox Post Ideas!

Mailbox Post Ideas

Making your own mailbox post for the house is not the hardest thing to do. You can, indeed, use materials easily found at home and store. 

Moreover, these DIY ideas allow you to design and create your own. Let us begin.

Wall Mounted Mailbox

Without a doubt, many people are really interested in simple things. That includes choosing the design of a mailbox post. 

For instance, wall-mounted mailbox is one that has an ultra-simple design. All you need is just tuck it on your front porch, it is also perfect for decoration beside you seasonal wreath. Usually, you may find it in black.

A lot of wall-mounted mailbox posts are made of thin iron and sometimes they have got some glass in the facade. 

This thing is open at the top. You can just lift the small knob to open the mailbox. So, it will be easy to take everything out whenever you need it.

wall mounted mail box diy

Importantly, the key point of the installation for the wall-mounted mailbox is to make sure it is secured enough.

Otherwise, if you do not like such dark hues, there are some other colors to choose from, like dull silver, white, and so on.

Hanging Pot Plant Mailbox

Hanging Pot Plant Mailbox

Treating a mailbox post like a pot plant is probably one of the most unique designs you could see from people’s houses. 

It is like a combination of two great ideas. This hanging pot plant mailbox has more purpose than just holding mail.

Also, it becomes the decoration and a place for the flowers to live. If you choose to have the iron mailbox with an arch shape. 

Further, that classic touch would make a perfect element to combine with hanging pots and the plants like Chinese elm bonsai plants.

Check out this picture of this mailbox post design. The red accent goes well with the pink flowers. It is such a beautiful addition to anyone’s front or side yard ideas.

Brick Mailbox Post Ideas

This is the right idea of mailbox post for you who receive a lot of mails and package from dhl, ups of fedex. It is something to consider because a brick mailbox would be ready to accommodate the mountains of mail you will get securely. 

Likewise, the strong concrete structure is the main reason why you need it. It is perfect to put right beside your modern paver driveway.

The structure is covered with tiles and bricks. Likewise, those combination and design make the mailbox post looks like a chimney. 

Brick Mailbox Post Ideas

Furthermore, it would be perfect if the house has that element too. It is like a little chimney to welcome the guest to get to the bigger one.

This chimney post has a broad space at the top to hold the mailbox post. Right at the back, there is a door for the owner to take all the mails. You can do this to unlock the door without a key in emergency condition!

Additionally, the simple brick design would make you feel that it is going be your next DIY project.

Barnwood Mailbox Post

Barnwood Mailbox Post

Want to have an attractive rustic or mid century decor feature on your front yard right outside the fence? Check this Barnwood mailbox post idea. 

It is such an amazing element to fulfill the whole house’s design. Typically, this kind of element is placed on the side of the road.

The element seems to be the landmark of the house. Then, this white fence really gives great contrast for the dark cross pole to shine. 

Besides, the mailbox post design blends with rustic wood. Also, there is a red hook to emphasize the appearance of the mailbox.

Nearby this Barnwood feature, you can see a bunch of rocks and plants that naturally color the ground. The rest of the space on the ground is filled with soil which is perfect to complement the material.

Paving Stone Planter Mailbox

Paving Stone Planter Mailbox

Repurposing is not going to be hard to do especially if you have some creative flair. This idea gives you the inspiration to transform a paving stone planter into a mailbox post. 

It is an easy way to get something unique for your exterior feature.

Make the paving stone planter part the base for the structure. Like the basic concept of this mailbox idea is to have a mailbox and wooden cross pole to stand properly on the paving stone planter. 

Also, you can make the planter yourself by placing the paving stones in the circle.

Paint the mailbox in black to get a good contrast with the light-brown wood. Then, attach a lamp on top of the pole. So, people would see the mailbox at night. 

Finally, it is a planter after all. You can just plant some orchid flowers

or other plants on it.

Unusual and Cool Mailboxes

Unique Bike Mailbox

Do you have a bicycle that you are no longer using? If it is in vintage or retro design, it is even better. Well, any kind of bike will be great for this idea. 

Turn into a unique and interesting mailbox post. In this photo, you can see a combination of three things, a planter, a mailbox, and a bike.

It is such a smart and creative idea, to begin with. Set the bike on a planter that is strong enough to be the base for the entire structure. 

Attach the mailbox anywhere you like. Then, set the flowers or plants. You can also begin growing them right from scratch.

In this photo, the vintage old bike is painted in light blue and white color. It is a great kind of color combination

It would be perfect if the flower blooms in a matching tone.  Thereupon, this is one of the most interesting and unique mailbox post ideas.

Grey Granite Mailbox Post Design

Grey Granite Mailbox Post Design

Black and red seem to be the popular combination of mailbox colors. Well, the hues do not always become that way. 

You can choose almost any color that suits the feel you want to set for the outdoor space of the house.

One-color that could be interesting for your exterior is gray granite. It will make a perfect cross pole material. 

However, you will still need to set up wooden support. The structure will perfectly blend with the mailbox style.

You can find the opening on the facade which comes with a knob. On the left, you can see the lettering which is in brass. 

The grey color expresses the elegance of this mailbox design. Set it near the pathway from the road. Surround it with simple greenery or grass to complete the look.

Rustic Mailbox with Trellis and Garden Box

It is one of the simple mailbox post ideas you can do right away. Then, you should prepare all the stuff to create this project.

For instance, you need a mailbox, marking tools, saw, trellis, raised bed garden box, screws, hammer, chisel, bolt cutter, screwdriver, bits, and hole auger.

The very first thing to do before you begin is to determine the right dimensions and draw them on paper. After that, you will be ready to cut the pieces and attach them to fit together with screws and wood glue.

Then, you can begin to construct the base and pour all the soil and plant it onto the garden bed. Make sure the plant does not grow much. 

Otherwise, you will need to cut them every time it goes beyond the bed. However, you can set creeping flowers to fulfill the trellis.

Next, you can deal with the mailbox frame to get the piece to become one with the structure.

Modern DIY Mailbox Ideas

If you are a fan of something modern, take a look at this one. It is one of the steel and wood mailbox post ideas you can find. 

Besides, you will also need a concrete mix, steel pipe, clamps, glue, and angle glider to make one.

You can begin creating the foundation for the mailbox structure. The concrete mix will be ready for that. Then, before it settles, stick the steel pipe into the mix. 

D:\@ARSIP\#2021\OKTOBER\mailbox modern.JPG

After that, bend the steel plate to form a mailbox. Also, install the door and attach the angle glider with the glue.

As you can see, it is minimalist and beautifully designed. The light blue color and the wooden door make a cool contrast. 

One thing is for sure, this mailbox post ideas DIY project to make a mailbox post does not require welding.

Well, there will be a lot of modern mailbox post ideas. Mostly, they are simple, attractive, and easy to make. So, it is going to be my favorite idea.

Red Colored Mailbox Design

Red Colored Mailbox Design

This garden storage is actually a simple mailbox post idea. It will be something easy to make. 

You will only need a few cutting, hammering, attaching the materials together. A red-colored mailbox is one of my favorite ones.

It goes really well with the wooden post. The red mailbox draws a lot of attention to the eye. It becomes the first thing that people see from the house exterior. 

To complete the concept, you have to put some plants on the base.

So, it becomes the garden that has a mailbox as its storage. It is such a simple cross pole design that would work for any house.

Traditional DIY Mailbox Post Ideas

This is a rural mailbox design for your front yard that is made using U bolts, T-posts, post driver, wood screws, drill, bits, tape measure, saw wrench, hammer, screwdriver, and pencil. 

Simplicity is the keyword of this mailbox post idea.

You do not need any complicated cross pole design. Just have one post standing strong on the ground. Then, attach the horizontal one with the mailbox.

Therefore, no need for any paint, let it be natural and a bit rustic. That way will create a nice-looking traditional touch to the house exterior.

How do you make a good mailbox post?

Mailbox Post Ideas

The design of a mailbox post should be something that represents the house. However, most homeowners do not pay attention to this thing. 

Therefore, it is plain and ordinary. So, just make it fun and unique.

Before that, you may need to know a few things. It is pretty challenging to decide the right types and designs of mailbox posts for the house. 

Furthermore, for some people, designing mailbox posts might be overwhelming.

Type of Mailbox Mount 

First, you should choose the type of mailbox mount. Hence, choosing the right way that you want the mailbox mounted will help to decide the right kind of post. 

Likewise, there are three choices to opt for, the Top Mount, Arm Mount, and Side Mount.

Indeed, the top mount post becomes the most popular type. It will be the easiest choice you can go to. Well, that does not mean the other two options are bad. 

Therefore, choose it based on the concept you are about to apply.

Every mailbox mount type has its own benefits. For example, the arm mount will let you place a newspaper box directly under it. 

For double arms, the box can go on the other.

Type of Post

After getting the right mailbox mount, it is time to decide which type of post you want for the house. Then, the post can be made of wood, aluminum, cast-iron, stone, brick, and many others. 

That would be based on the style.

If you want it in contemporary scandinavian style, aluminum is the perfect material for it. Meanwhile, for rustic style, the wooden post will be a great choice. 

Additionally, the post that is made of stone would have a sense of nature on it. So, which one you want to go with?

The Installation

Another important part of a mailbox post is the installation. Thus, you need to choose how it is installed. Some posts need an inground placement. 

So, there is going to be some digging and securing. Then, you will need to drive it into the ground.

For the no-dig ones, they usually get bolted to concrete on the ground. You will be dealing with concrete stuff for the base. Or, just contact someone to do it for you.

Final Words

Above all, it is not that hard to make those mailbox post ideas. So, you should decide when to begin. Make your ordinary mailbox more special and interesting right now.  

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