25 Up to Date Mid Century Christmas Decor Ideas


Mid century Christmas decor is a stylish choice for your jolly holiday. Thus, getting some inspiration to decorate the house will not be a hassle anymore. 

This page has everything you need, especially if you are into mid-century modern aesthetics.

For beginners who really need to know how to begin, there will be some guides to help you with that. 

Check out this article on how you can do your own mid century christmas decor!

The Elements of Mid-Century Christmas

Mid Century Christmas Decor

The very first question before starting mid century christmas decor the beginners would be wondering is what this style is all about. Then, consider some must-have elements. 

Make sure it is there to complete the mid-century style of your Christmas decoration.

Mid Century decor is a style known as Mid-Century Modern. The main characteristic is functional and simple. 

Besides, the main features of this style are classic, clean lines, and an understated look with minimal ornamentation.

Mostly, the materials used in mid-century items are made of plastic which is used for its own qualities. 

Sometimes, you can also find a lot of designers using other popular materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, plywood, glass, Lucite, and Plexiglass. These are some elements you can put inside your mid century christmas decor:

The Aluminum Tree

Bring that snowy vibe

The first one is the statement-making element of mid century Christmas decor. When we were children, we really insisted on a real tree every time. 

We know now that an artificial tree will not be a hassle and requires no maintenance. Aluminum Trees are the must-have items to improve your retro decoration for Christmas. 

For example, this lightweight artificial tree is recommended for every family. If you want to have it, go to the nearby store to get one.

After Christmas is over, you can keep the tree in storage. 

Then, pop it back up the next year. You can form it again in no time. Indeed, it is a great choice for mid-century modern decor.

Of course, you do not want it to be plain without any decoration. First of all, get a color wheel. It is some kind of lighting that can change colors. 

Hence, you will not see the silver and bare tree anymore. There will be a beautiful vintage rainbow dream. 

Moreover, add some ornaments to finish the festive. You can also add more element of mid century modern christmas lights or mid century christmas tree skirt into the tree.

The Retro Stockings

The Retro Stockings

Stockings are a big part of Christmas decorations. To achieve the mid century christmas decor style, you should go retro. 

This is the best and important part of decorating for Christmas. Besides, it has some legendary background stories.

For children, stockings represent drama and anticipation. Therefore, make sure you fill all of them with treats to complete the Christmas experience. 

Red stockings lit up the whole scene. To make it more interesting, you can add some embellishments, cutouts, and ribbons to fulfill the festivity.

One thing for sure, it is only for Christmas decorations. So, you can just space them out on the banister or fireplace mantel. 

Then, you can keep them all in storage for next-year celebration.

The Mid Century Front-Door Wreath

wreath beauty mid century christmat

A hanging wreath on the front door seems to be a must during Christmas time. For a mid century christmas decor, you should think about things in the 60s or 70s. 

That is the time this style should refer to. There are a lot of ideas when it comes to Christmas wreaths.

Things from a tree or plants are the popular components of a wreath. 

Also, a tinsel wreath is a great idea as a mid-century modern decor. You can simply make it by picking up some packs of tinsel garland. 

Then, glue it around the circular frame. Finish with a tie-up ribbon.

Additionally, this mid century Christmas wreath is similar to the aluminum tree. This is a great way to have matching Christmas decor for this holiday.

The Mid Century 1950’s Christmas Acessories

Those are really enormous-looking mid century Christmas decor! you can just literary jump out to the retro atmosphere just by sitting there.

There are some other decor elements that you should consider to be included in the decor. Check out some bubble lights.

They would make a perfect addition to the garland on the fireplace mantle.

Meanwhile, do not leave the sideboard or table empty. You can add a mini Christmas tree. It becomes a great centerpiece for the cofee table

Besides, the sputnik design element is a mid-century themed item that can draw attention. It can be the mirror, wall clock, chandelier, and tree decoration.

Further, there are many other kinds like this to add which include terrarium, pillows, blankets, wall decor, and so on.

Tips for Mid Century Christmas Decor

christmast vintage style

From other sources, you might find a lot of tips to design with a mid-century modern style. Well, we will take you to a different route. 

The main concept is to combine this style with minimalism. This is what blogger Jenny James of Suburban Pop did in her house located in California.

Indeed, the combination of mid-century and minimalist style becomes the perfect mix for getting a clean mid century modern house ornament. 

decor mid century christmast

Jenny wanted to go with a vintage mid century Christmas decor with a minimal look for her Christmas decor. As a result, she managed to apply it in a very old and cheerful method.

The classic aluminum tree is a must. She decorated the room with all the vintage items. It is not about what you have as your decor but it is more about the way you use them. 

Moreover, make sure each of them makes a big impact. It can be achieved by adding decorations such as bonsai plants or orchid flowers.

There are three things you can do to achieve the true mid century decor for Christmas. First, you have to curate the color scheme. 

It is important to decide on at least five colors for your house. The second one is starting slow. It means you should get things slowly, not everything at once.

The last thing is to look past Christmas. 

It is better to think about that can double as a Christmas decoration. For example, you can purchase a green blanket and a red chair. It goes all year long.

Some Mid Century Christmas Decor Ideas

It is time for some inspiration in decorating the house for Christmas. These decor ideas would make everything very clear. 

Hence, you will find out how mid-century Christmas decor is supposed to be. 

The season is approaching. So, you would better be prepared for a classic and festive Christmas experience.

Mid century modern christmas tree ornaments

Mid century Modern Christmas Sideboard Display christmas tree cute

It is quite a popular choice to fill up the sideboard. As you can see, this interior scene looks so colorful and ornamental. 

Meanwhile, there is a bunch of ceramic Christmas trees on top of the cabinet. This side of the house becomes a defining picture by itself.

All the trees are gathered in one place. Also, it is full of ornaments and colors. 

Additionally, the wall is very crowded with colorful paintings. White seems to be the perfect background to highlight all the artworks.

The wooden sideboard which comes in brown color offers the needed elegance to maintain the ambiance. 

Besides, it blends with the other furniture inside the room. With this setup, you do not need any other decor items on another side of the room.

This mid-century Christmas decor is both impressive and attractive. 

After the holiday is over, you can keep them all in storage and place them back on the spot the next year.  

Retro Space Age


This decor idea is simply about the atomic space age. The aluminum tree topped with a bunch of decoration complement the color scheme of this bedroom christmas decor

Furthermore, there are some old electronics. You can see that the TV set is there for decoration purposes.

It matches with the classic dark-wood furniture. The contrast bright white elements make them even bolder. 

Also, it gets a color wheel right beside the tree. It is the one that makes the tree so special. On the coffee in the middle. You can see two centerpieces

A space robot and a silver cone. These items emphasize the atomic space-age theme. 

On the wall, you can see an abstract wooden ornament that blends with the theme. The poster next to the door really shows the connection.

Doorway Arch

christmar arch decor mid century nice looking

In Christmas decor, a doorway arch is often mentioned. However, many people choose not to have one because it might feel too crowded. 

This doorway arch is a simple kind of decoration but it will be making a big impact.

As you can see, the doorway arch idea is in a minimal version. It is still a huge statement for the interior. 

Thus, if you choose to be minimalistic in applying mid-century decor, this is something to consider.

Instead of having the entire doorway filled with pine leaves, just focus on the top part. That would be enough. 

After you that, you should keep the other part of the room in minimal design. Make sure they are all still in mid century minimalism mood. You can also use those arcs for mid century modern outdoor christmas decor, to spread the atmosphere.

Mantel Decoration

The Mid Century Front Door mantel fireplace decor

Decorating the mantel is also a big part of mid century modern style for Christmas. It is a cheery and bright idea for the holiday celebration. 

For instance, this modern Christmas village concept is designed by a blogger named Arsenic lace.

It gives you the fun vibe from the 50s. People might ask what is the point of that T-rex photo? Well, it represents the retro era. 

That is what defines the mid century style of this mantel decoration. Some colorful garlands are there to put a lot of interest in the fireplace.

Further, on the top of the mantle, there are some colorful miniature trees. Those are made of a bottle brush. 

Also, you can see some tiny colorful miniatures of mid century Christmas house which are handmade. 

Do not forget about the stockings. They come in neutral hues which highlights the colorful garlands and crafts. 

That is a fine decision but you will miss the lit power of the stockings.

Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas Tree 1

Take a look at this stunning Christmas tree. It is such a perfect decoration for female members of the family. 

Pink is the main color of this tree. Instead of having it in silver, this sweet color is an upgrade.

Just place it in the living room and add some Christmas ornaments. Obviously, you do not need anything more. 

In the picture, you can see the circular felt base filled with colorful cutouts to make it more interesting.

All the felt cutouts have some colors that connect with the furniture. The pink tree also gets complemented by the sideboard. 

That makes the tree does not look so lost in the middle. It shares the statement with the entire space.

Besides, the room has a tropical element in the background. The dark green color eliminates the brightness a little bit. 

So, the room will not feel too bright with pinky aluminum as the focal point. Check out that unique mirror that hangs on the wall. 

The room is completely full of magical items.

Stockings on Sideboard

Besides arranging it on the fireplace mantle or banister, a sideboard would be a great spot too. The stockings come in the true style of mid-century. 

They make a strong look of Christmas decor. The powerful red color and white accent have changed the sideboard look.

This is the right alternative spot for a house that does not have a fireplace and banister. In fact, it is just simple addition. The sideboard would not mind about it at all.

Sputnik and Tinsel Combination

Mid-century Modern Tinsel Wreath and Sputnik Chandelier via suburbanpop

The combination of two popular mid-century items is going to be a great way to design the house for Christmas. 

This picture shows you an open door that has a wreath and a chandelier inside the house. Those two elements welcome the guest in mid-century style.

Check out the bright orange color of the front door. It contrasts with white paint for the entire interior.

The white wreath becomes a stunning focal point in front of the door. It becomes the highlight of the exterior.

Let us talk about that sputnik chandelier. It is surely a statement-making piece in mid-century style. 

The gold color on the structure is making a bit of connection with the door. I am not talking about the color. 

Can’t you see the handles and the keyhole?

What is MCM Christmas?

Mid-century Christmas (MCM Christmas) is a style of holiday decor that has become increasingly popular in recent years. MCM Christmas is an aesthetically pleasing combination of the traditional and modern, creating a timeless look for your home during the festive season.
This style of decorating typically involves classic retro elements such as vintage glass ornaments, bold colors, chrome accents, and mid-century modern furniture pieces. These are mixed with more contemporary decorations such as LED lights, festive greenery, and rustic wood touches to create an eye-catching holiday display. Natural materials like pinecones and rattan can also be used to add texture to the space while keeping it warm and inviting.

What colors are mid-century modern?

Primary colors like yellow, blue, red, and orange are often used in this style as they bring out the vibrancy of the design.

Mid-century modern also incorporates pastel shades such as pink and light blue for an airy feel. Neutral tones like beige or white can act as a backdrop for bolder hues, while earth tones such as greens, browns, tans give more depth to the design. Metallics like silver or bronze can be used to add some glitz and glamour to your living space. Finally, black is great for making statements with furniture pieces or wall art designs.

Can you mix mid-century with contemporary?

When mixing these two design styles, it’s important to focus on the elements that draw them together. Mid-century designs were characterized by clean lines and minimalism, while contemporary styles emphasize organic shapes and bold colors – but there are still many similarities between the two. Focus on materials like wood and metal, which can be used to bridge the gap between the two styles, as well as neutral shades of gray that complement both looks.
By using texture, contrast and scale to bring together mid-century and contemporary pieces in an unexpected way, you can create a space that feels warm yet modern at the same time.

What patterns are mid-century modern?

Mid-century modern design is characterized by a clean and minimal aesthetic, often featuring geometric patterns. This style of design was popularized in the mid twentieth century, and it continues to be a popular choice for home decor today. One of the most recognizable patterns associated with mid-century modern is the atomic pattern which features vibrant colorful circles against a bold black background.

Geometric shapes such as diamonds, squares, rectangles and chevrons are also common motifs used in mid-century modern designs. In addition to these classic geometric shapes, abstracted florals or tropical plants like palm fronds are also popular elements found within this era’s designs. Organic motifs such as boomerang shapes or sunbursts can also be seen in many mid-century modern pieces.

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