20 Astounding Mid Century Fireplace Ideas To Spruce Up Living Rooms


Let us get cozy with mid century fireplace in the living room. Likewise, getting some heat from a crackling fire will feel great in cool weather. 

It offers a classic style and it can attract attention. However, the traditional fireplace is not the only option.

There are a lot of ideas on this page that will inspire you to create a warm atmosphere that comes from a cool scene. 

If you have a living room that feels empty, there is no need to purchase more and more furniture.

A fireplace is a great feature of a room that can be decorated with almost anything especially the common built-in type. It is also able to cherish your room on a special occasion like Christmas or wintertime.

Another option would be the standalone one. Anything you pick would make a great eye-catching element inside the house.

Fireplace in Mid Century Room

Mid Century Christmas Decor

The best place for a fireplace is in the living room. Whether it is in mid-century modern style or the others, it will become a mesmerizing focal point of the space. 

Also, the existence of a fireplace is enough to bring any style to life. So, it is just about how to combine it perfectly. Having a fireplace inside your mid-century Christmas decor can be another point of interest.

Many designers would recommend the owner to have a micro marble fireplace to blend with the mid-century modern living room. 

As we know, mid century style deals with angular retro furniture and bright colors.

Further, having the fireplace in a micro marble design gives it a touch of elegance. Indeed, it gives a spot for another thing to be the focal point of the room. 

However, that is not the only design that goes well with mid century. There are some others you can explore.

Besides, you can go the opposite way. Check out the suspended fireplace. It is an ultra-modern piece that is often referred to as a mid-century feature. 

You can add it to any plain room to make it stylish. It can be mentioned as the truly mid-century fireplace.

The Characteristic of Mid Century Style

For those who do not know really well about mid century modern style, here are some basic characteristics to learn before exploring all the ideas:

Organic and Geometric Shapes

Mid Century Christmas Decor ideas vintage

This mid century fireplace focuses on clean lines with a combination of organic and geometric shapes. 

Usually, the most beautiful elements of mid century room are the living room pieces like chairs and games coffee tables

Therefore, it is easy to recognize mid-century modern furniture in a house.

The best thing to do when buying some new pieces for mid-century room, emphasize more on simplicity. 

You should choose the one with a simple design and minimal elaboration. Make sure your mid-century fireplace features such shapes.

Minimal Ornamentation or Decoration

Minimal Ornamentation or Decoration

Mid century is about Clean lines. In order to get in line with that characteristic, this style requires minimal ornamentation. 

It also means a lack of decoration. Hence, just keep everything clean and simple.

Indeed, it is similar to Scandinavian design. Mid century modern is a style without clutter or superfluous ornamental stuff. 

Commonly, the owner would add statement pieces like wreaths, bonsai plants or sculptures on the fireplace mantel.

Mostly, you do not find small trinkets or collections being displayed in mid-century rooms. If the room has some things you do not use or admire anymore, just get rid of them. 

Moreover, the function should be the number one priority.

Function Over Form

Minimal Ornamentation or Decoration 1

Speaking of function, the third characteristic is about functionality. Mid century modern is a simple style that looks undeniably beautiful with just that. 

Thus, it emphasizes more on the functions than decorations.

This is the reason why vintage pieces from the middle of the century are still here. All of them are made to last. 

Importantly, make sure the fireplace you have is more about the function than the look.

Neutral and Bold Colors

Neutral and Bold Colors

Based on experience, neutrals are the safest choice for the color scheme since they never go out of style. 

Traditionally, the mid century style has a different palette according to the era. In the 50s, it goes with bright hues. 

Meanwhile, it goes with warmer earthy tones during the 60s.

Further, it leaves room for other things to apply. The area is going to be quite flexible. Then, the fireplace can be the pop or the background.

Materials and Textures that Contradict

Materials and Textures that Contradict

The typical element of mid century style is hardwood and wood veneer. You cannot expect this to be the material for the fireplace. 

Instead, you can add a bit of wooden accent on the mantel. In mid century, you can also mix materials with acrylic, Formica, and plastic.

Natural Elements

Natural Elements mid century

One solution to let nature goes inside the room is to install an open window. You do not have to add a houseplant or ornamental greenery. 

Likewise, a big window will let the sunlight inside the house and also integrate the house’s surroundings.

The Best Mid Century Fireplace Design Ideas to Inspire

The Best Mid Century Fireplace Design Ideas to Inspire

It is about time to explore some inspiring mid century style fireplace ideas. So, you will know how to be sucessful in informing all of the elements together. 

As said before, the living room is the main area for the fireplace.

We have gathered all the best ideas on this page. Thus, you do not have to search through another source. These fireplace ideas would be enough to inspire your next renovation. 

Whether it is a built-in or a standalone feature, it will surely transform your living room into something else.

Soothing Neutral Scheme

living roomSoothing Neutral Scheme

The main color scheme in this living room is using a soothing palette. It combines the huge open window with a panoramic view and timeless furniture. 

Furthermore, the combination creates a highly relaxing atmosphere.

For instance, take a look at the mid century fireplace. It sets to be the highlight of the room. As you can see, it is placed just like a TV. 

The owner makes the fireplace the entertainment feature of the living room. Well, you will not need a TV with that beautiful view through the window.

Meanwhile, the color scheme provides a soothing scene and the fireplace offers the needed warmth. The natural gray concrete is what strengthens the mid-century feel of the fireplace.

Personal Decoration with Boho

Personal Decoration with Boho

Infusing personality into interior design is such a recommended thing in mid century fireplace style. This living room looks so cozy and inviting. 

Also, there are a lot of items that are related to personal interests. Check out the standalone fireplace.

It offers a stunning look of the mid century style. The brick structure supports all the needed vintage and retro vibes. 

Meanwhile, the storage space under the structure displays some collection of logs. It emphasizes the charm even more.

This copper canopy fireplace stands as the statement-making element in mid century style. The rest of the decor elements comes in bohemian design.

Double-Sided Fireplace

double sided fireplace midcentury

It is such a smart mid century fireplace design that you use from two different rooms. From the picture, you can see the fireplace seems to be standing in the middle of the room. 

Thankfully, the double-sided concept makes it even better.

Also, it should be in every home that needs warmth from a fireplace. Instead of installing it ordinarily, you can let the heat flows through the entire space of the room. 

Additionally, this feature works as a room divider. As you can see, it separates the dining room and living room.

Let us focus on the texture of the fireplace structure. It has a tile clad that brings warmth with the look. 

Moreover, the mid-century detail comes from the sunburst wall decor, pendant lights, and those dining chairs.

Minimalist Charm

minimalist fireplce mid century

For minimalist enthusiasts, this minimalist interpretation of midcentury style must be looking very interesting. 

It is designed by a designer named Charles de Lisle. Then, it has got a nice Scandinavian touch that the room gets from the muted palette.

You can see the white brick fireplace that extends the midcentury magic. Well, he added warm wood accents on top of the feature. 

Further, it acts like a mantle. It will be a perfect spot for decoration and stuff to display.

However, you do not really need so much space for decoration in a minimalist room or bedroom for christmas. So, just leave most space on the floating shelf empty. 

That will make sure the combination of mid-century and minimalism stays relevant.

Danish Elements

Danish Elements mid century fireplace

Check out that standalone Malm fireplace. The style is what a mid century fireplace design is all about. 

Indeed, this is actually a product of mid century modern freestanding fireplace. The freshly chopped wood next to the feature makes great company.

Then, the wood would be ready anytime the room needs more heat. This astonishing living room comes with a modern white scheme that brightens up the day. 

There are also a lot of oversize poster prints on the wall. It makes an outstanding background to the fireplace.

Besides, the colorful wall adds a retro feeling to the space. As you can see, the chopped wood is part of the decor that works functionally. 

The hardwood flooring needs to maintain its surface. So, make sure everything is clean before getting inside the room. That emphasizes the so-called clean lines.

Rustic Approach

rustic minimalist fireplce mid century

Originally, a fireplace is a feature of rustic style. Nowadays, it can fit many kinds of design, including mid-century modern. 

In this living room, the fireplace comes with its rustic charm, whereas the brick surface is painted in black.

Therefore, the dark color makes a great contradiction with the bright wooden shelf next to the fireplace. 

Orange and black seem to be the main color scheme of this mid century room. The orangish hue is really bright and it gives such an energetic atmosphere. 

This layout is designed by a blogger named Jessica Helgerson. She mixed a bunch of statement-making elements in one scene. 

As you can see, the high wood ceilings offer a farmhouse charm to the room.

Moreover, right in front of everything, the Eames lounge chair with black cushion and wooden structure plays an important part to keep the different colors coming together. Check out also the Best car seat cushion for long-distance driving.

White-Painted Brick

White Painted Brick fireplce mid century

If you are not a fan of a black focal point, take a look at this one. This modern farmhouse living room has a mid-century fireplace in the middle of the house. 

It is big enough to maintain the warmth for the entire room.

Check out the logs of chopped wood above the fireplace. They seem to be the stocks for the weeks of the cold season, but they are just 3D paintings. 

The painting makes a great feature for the living room. It offers you the decoration value without consequences.

Furthermore, the farmhouse vibe gets strengthened by the lighting fixture. It is a big element to hang above the dining table.

Concrete Minimalism

Concrete Minimalism fireplce mid century

For those who love minimalism, this is the mid century fireplace that would inspire you. 

This concrete chimney has double sides which are enough to spread the heat all over the room. It goes perfectly as the focal point of the house.

The natural gray color of concrete expresses the minimalist charm which also influences the mid century style. 

Some black accents are added to keep the Scandinavian chic look. Do not leave the space empty in this fireplace.

Stacking some logs of wood as a stock would give a bit of warmth and texture. 

From this point of view, you can see that the fireplace plays an important role that keeping the room as one. 

As an alternative, a mid century fireplace stone will be a good choice.

Scandinavian Fireplace

Scandinavian Fireplace mid century with Boho

We have talked about Scandinavian a lot. Well, why do not you just have a fireplace for your living room? 

This Scandinavian feature will easily become the center of attention. It is a freestanding stove that has mid century style. 

From this view, it looks like mid century fireplace screen. A stack of chopped wood right beside the fireplace acts as an accent wall of the room. 

The chopped wood strengthens the existence of the fireplace even though it is not the built-in type. There is also tiny storage right under the wood-burning stove for the small pieces.

Rustic Wooden Accents

Rustic Wooden Accents fireplace mid century

Check out this rustic living room, it comes with whitewashed bricks to cover up the fireplace area. 

The rustic wooden accents from the reclaimed wood mantel complete the sophisticated look that goes well with Scandinavian.

If you want to combine Scandinavian with mid century, this rustic concept will work well together.


Above all, adding a mid century fireplace into the living room will completely transform the entire look of the space.

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