20 Charming Mid Century Modern Office Ideas for Your Workspace


If you want to get amazed every time you walk into your workspace, creating a mid century modern office will be a perfect choice.

Likewise, mid-century modern style will provide you with quality, class, and everything you need from a lovely workspace. 

With this decoration, your space may turn into a more tranquil one that sparks lots of new ideas. The addition of best car seat cushion for long distance driving can be another option for your bucket list.

However, what is this mid-century modern anyway? How do you decorate your space to create this style in the right way? 

What is mid-century modern considered?

Mid Century Modern Office

Aside from quality craftsmanship, mid-century modern is popular for its simplicity. You can easily find a piece of furniture that displays some patterns from the 90s in this decor style.

This design style hints at practicality, making it suitable for any modern office out there. If you are remodeling a tiny workspace, mid-century modern should make an ideal option as well.

Further, another characteristic of this design style is the mid-century modern pieces of furniture and accessories that complement the decor. 

Although many people are confused about its difference from Scandinavian design, a mid century modern home office design still has that uniqueness that sets it apart from other styles. 

Essential Furniture Pieces for Your Mid-Century Modern Home Office

With natural wood and tapered legs, the style of mid-century modern furniture is pretty similar to Scandinavian design

You can differentiate mid-century modern pieces from their contemporary prints and daring colors. Rather than soft and neutral tones, this design style typically comes with bold hues.

A piece of furniture with futuristic curves, ultra-streamlined design, smooth surfaces, and clean lines will make the most of your home office mid century modern.

Moreover, if you are still clueless about what kind of furniture to get when shopping around, here are some examples for your reference.

Mid century office chair and desk

Mid Century Modern Office

Keep in mind that mid-century pieces are not overly ornate or decorative. Thus, you should stay away from furniture pieces that feature intricate carvings and flourishes.

Instead, get one that has open sides and slim legs. 

For your reference, a classic mid-century desk that has tapered legs will make your mid century modern office decor. 

Then, pair it with a long table with wall shelving to make the most of the style. A rolling design chair with an open back and curved seat will hint at a mid-century style perfectly too. 

Decorative elements

mid century chair for office room decoration

Do not underestimate small decorative elements since these can be the ones that liven up your space and turn it into a perfect mid century modern office.

For example, winter wreaths, geometric art, bonsai plants, starbursts, vintage fireplace, self- sustaining terrarium, flowering plants or orbs are among the popular decorative elements in the mid-century modern style. 

Besides, you can take advantage of a bold accent pillow and retro wall clock to infuse a sufficient touch of mid-century modern design. 

How do you style a mid-century modern office?

Now that you have decided to create a mid century modern office, knowing how to get the look in the right way is crucial. 

You already know what essential furniture pieces to invest in. Hence, this time you should be able to achieve this mid century decor style from your investment.

If you want to get a streamlined desk for your office, consider searching for one with dark wood.

Meanwhile, a wishbone chair is ideal for a mid-century home office in case a typical office chair is not your liking.

Do not forget to invest in a practical and sculptural overhanging light fixture that can make a statement in your home office as well. 

Design Ideas of Mid Century Modern Home Office

It is no secret that a list of ideas and pictures can give you further references for creating a mid century modern office at home.

Whether you are decorating one for the first time or simply considering a remodel, do not be afraid of adding furniture or accessories.

They might come with some splashes of bright colors and sharp, geometric shapes. 

Besides, you should not forget to bring that retro mood into your home office to promote the style. 

Additionally, you can recreate the look of the following mid century modern home offices if any of these catch your attention. 

Add a cozy leather chair

Add a cozy leather chair mid century office home

The key to any good office is to make a convenient space for you to work in. For instance, utilizing this leather chair where you can sink into should make it cozier to get your job done.

This chair is pretty popular in a lot of mid-century modern offices as it means for both working and relaxing. 

Therefore, match it with an abstract printed rug and a simple white table to make your home office gets the vibe of mid-century modern style.

Get a relaxing lounge chair

Get a relaxing lounge chair office home decor

If you want to have something more relaxing for your mid century modern office, this popular lounge chair is must be on the list of your investment. 

With leather upholstery, this lounge chair not only offers a space for winding off but also brings a classy touch to your office.

You can have a pair of these lounge chairs or simply get one and locate it in the corner for a reading spot. 

Furthermore, if you decide to have it in duo, add a high wooden coffe table between them for coffee or tea time.

Introduce a wooden cabinet

Introduce a wooden cabinet mid century office home decor beauty

Interestingly, the mid-century modern style allows you to add a splash of color or two to your office. 

If you do not want to go overboard, consider introducing a bright-colored wooden cabinet as shown in this picture.

It has somehow slim legs that are somehow lengthy. 

Featuring several drawers and closed shelving units, this cabinet will make your mid century modern office has enough storage for business essentials.

For a more retro look, you can swap that scenery picture with a pop art wall decor that hints at the style of the 1940s to 1960s.

Combine wooden furniture

blue mid century office home decor

The wall of this mid century modern office is in the darker shade of blue instead of the basic neutral colors. 

Likewise, it features a lot of natural wooden furniture pieces that contrast the blue wall perfectly. 

In addition to the gray office chair, you can find a mid-century standalone seat that emphasizes the space’s style.

Introduce a wall-mounted desk

Introduce a wall mounted desk decor home office mid century

Instead of an ordinary wooden desk, you can consider installing a custom wall-mounted table that will not take much of your floor space.

With brown wallpaper under the floating cabinet, it looks like the unit is connected to the desk. For extra storage solutions and partitions, there are wooden drawers beneath the table.

This mid century modern office makes an ideal reference for you who want to take advantage of an awkward corner or have only a tiny room for a home workspace. 

Bring some pops of colors

pop up color retro home office looking nice

Who says you cannot have a fully functional home office with that narrow space? The above picture shows that it is not impossible to own one. 

With a wall-to-wall wooden cabinet and vertical open shelving unit, you have everything needed to keep your office essentials. 

Do not forget that pop of colors on some of the cabinet’s drawers that make this mid century modern office appear more interesting. 

Complement with storage solution

retro looking home office decor vintage

A mid century modern desk with storage should be something you can easily spot in a home office with this style.

With wooden material and seamless design, this desk goes well with the upholstered armchair. There is also a standalone sofa that can be a nice place to unwind after work. 

Get floating shelves

blueish looking retro tone

Floating shelves always make a great choice when you need an additional storage room without sacrificing your floor space. 

For a mid century modern office, consider installing one that is made of wood.

Also, you can add some baskets below the floating shelves as an extra space to keep your magazine collections. 

Create a focal point

fun spacious home decor vintage

If you have the luxury of a spacious home office, do not let that space in the middle be left untreated. Therefore, consider turning it into a central point of your workspace.

Get a circular mid-century modern table and install a statement lighting fixture above it. This desk can double as an aesthetic feature of your office and a space for relaxing.

Consider utilizing an adjustable rolling office chair, so you can easily move from your working desk to this central table. 

Be more Colourful

colorful modern looking home office

When it comes to a mid century modern office, you are free to incorporate bold colors into the decor. 

Rather than an all-white backdrop, do not hesitate to spruce up one side of your wall with mural painting.

To balance the decoration, you will want to bring more neutral furniture like this white desk and round glass table. 

Go for floor-to-ceiling curtains

modern vintage mid century office at home personal

Are you looking for an idea to add a splash of color to your mid-century modern office? If your space features wide panel windows, installing floor-to-ceiling curtains will give a dramatic mood.

You can keep the furniture black and white to keep your office balanced. For a statement, consider adding a pair of oversize table lamps as shown in the picture. 

Utilize the corner of your room

Utilize the corner of your room decor room office

The idea of simplicity and practicality in a mid century modern office makes it easy for you to apply this style even in a tiny corner of your room.

With a set of simple mid-century desks and chairs, you can set up a functional office inside your bedroom decor or somewhere around the living space. 

For storage, you can combine a variety of floating shelves. Add a mesh board as well to display your schedules or decorative elements. 

Create an open-space office

decor room office Create an open space office

An open layout can make your office seem more spacious and modern. Besides, this may allow better communication among those who are in the workspace. 

When it comes to a home office, this idea will be perfect to create your workspace along with the living room and kitchen. 

You can use your cabinet to set the office space apart from the other rooms. Further, a row of indoor plants will make a fresh living partition too.

Balance with something neutral

neutral color mid cnetury office home

While a mid century modern office typically comes with bold colors, sometimes you need some neutral colors to balance the palette. 

This small home office gives a nice example as it utilizes light gray area rug that contrasts the wooden chair and desk.

Moreover, it allows mid-century modern furniture to get the spotlight.

Complete with notable lighting fixture

modern mid century looking vintage

In addition to the recessed lights, this stylish home office also features brass pendant lighting that creates a statement against the black ceiling. 

With the pair of cabinets are installed in the wall niches, this room has more than enough space for a mid century modern L-shaped desk and a comfortable office chair. 

Additionally, the abstract printed area rug ties the design by complementing the color scheme. 

What Makes Mid Century Modern Office Different from the Contemporary One

Labeling various types of interior design styles is not always easy. Therefore, you will find it confusing as some of them appear similar somehow.

Aside from Scandinavian design, you may also feel confused about the difference between mid-century modern style with the contemporary one.

In general, contemporary design refers to one that is popular at the moment. This style is ever-changing to meet the current. 

For this reason, it is pretty hard to define contemporary designs as this still develops over time. However, this style typically features metal materials streamlined silhouettes and an open layout.

Unlike the contemporary design that is not tied to a single era, mid-century modern style was booming between the 1930s and 1970s. 

As a result, a mid century modern office tends to feature trends from that period that promote minimalism and functionality. 

Instead of metals like chrome and nickel, mid-century modern designs will feature wood, plastic, and glass pieces. 

The Bottom Line of Mid Century Modern Home Office

All in all, investing in a mid-century modern home office will not be disappointing since this type of interior style is timeless and stays appealing for years to come.

With the beauty of simplicity and practicality, you will have a home office that is not only functional but also stylish and classy. 

As a consequence, working from home will not make you less productive since you always look forward to coming to your mid century modern office every single day. Happy decorating!

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