Formula How to Design Mirror Wall Living Room Easily


There are various ways to create a pleasant room, one of which is by providing decorations. How about designing a mirror wall living room?

Although this idea still leaves pros and cons, it never hurts to try. 

If we are among people who like to put mirrors in the room, then try this method. The following are information, tips, and ideas that you can do.

What is a Mirror Wall Living Room?

As the name implies, a living room wall mirror is a mirror that is on the living room wall, whether it stretches in height, width, or both.

This concept is not new. The mirror wall in the living room was a popular design style choice in the mid century decor era, 1970s and 1990s.

In that era, people had tried a lot about room embellishing. Then, placing a mirror on the wall became a decoration idea and had artistic value. 

In those days, the use of glass was no longer limited to seeing faces and appearances but instead referred to decorations.

With a mirror on the wall, you can take full advantage of all the room characteristics through strategic placement.

Also, to enhance the impression of a spacious space, mirrors can multiply the sensation of light. It will create a cheerful atmosphere in it.

However, the mirror wall living room will function best if you can choose the right size, style, color, and shape, according to the original decoration of your living room.

The Benefits of Wall Mirror in Living Room

Today, the mirror wall living room is a trend that inspires many people. You can package it in various unique designs, one of which is by using a frame.

This idea can certainly support the decoration function to beautify the space. Thus, we can create different nuances without fixating on a monotonous design.

Further, you can get a lot of benefits from decorating walls with mirrors designs. Here are some of them:

  • Make a Space Look Bigger
 Mirror Wall Living Room

Mirrors create the illusion of space. The appearing shadows are the result of reflections that, at first glance, will make the room look twice as large.

If you live in a house or a narrow room like, this method is helpful to give the impression of a more spacious room. 

Hence, it will affect the psychology of residents to feel comfortable.

  • Enhancing Room Lighting

If you have a poorly lit living room, such as a basement or office room, placing it opposite the window can help improve the situation. 

It is because the mirror has the property of reflecting light. 

No matter how much, the incoming radiant is reflected and returned with greater intensity. Therefore, it can save your electricity bill.

  • Beauty Purpose
 Mirror Wall Living Room decor  aesthetic

The reflection of the glass also helps the room look more beautiful and pleasant. Place the mirror in a place that reflects a beautiful and unique object, such as a flower vase.

With this trick, you can minimally beautify the mirror wall living room. Isn’t this a fun way to do some spatial planning?

  • Safety Reason

Mirrors help you increase home security. Likewise, you can easily keep an eye on someone suspicious by looking around walls and doors through a mirror.

This trick is a lot of us have encountered on the streets. Large mirrors are always around the corner to detect any vehicles that might pass.

  • To Disguise Any Damage

Mirrors can hide wall damage, such as holes or cracks. Thus, by choosing a beautiful design, flaws can become a perfect interior unit.

Moreover, those are several advantages of installing a wall mirror in living room. 

In the next section, we will discuss choosing the right type according to the needs and conditions of the room.

Types of Mirror Wall

To start decorating the living room with mirrors, you need some references about the mirror wall living room to maximize the unity of the entire room.

Living room mirror ideas are available in various shapes and sizes with different designs and functions. Here are some types that can inspire.

  1. Full Wall Mirror
Full Wall Mirror

The full wall mirror design for living room can be on one side of the room. Besides, this type of mirror can give you all the benefits because it displays the room with an entire angle.

Some of the benefits include giving the impression of a spacious room and helping you check your appearance before leaving.

In addition, the house residents can monitor the entire room, maximize lighting, and hide the damage by using this mirror wall living room concept. You can also adapt this mirror inside your bedroom, try to incorporate all of your bedroom decor element like bedroom carpet or how you put in some form of syle like christmat bedroom decor.

  1. Entrance Mirror
Entrance Mirror decoration

Its primary function is to check your appearance before and after traveling. As the name suggests, its placement is at the entrance. 

Also, you can use an entrance mirror with any model that matches the interior design of the living room and allows you to have your face or even your full body.

As a tip, if your interior is minimalist or Scandinavian style, use a mirror with the symmetric flower-shaped rattan frame. 

Additionally, this type of mirror that is currently popular will add to the beauty of the room, especially in the entrance part.

  1. Reclining Mirror
reclining mirror looking livingroom

You can anticipate a narrow space by using a back mirror. 

Thereupon, a leaning mirror with a simple frame will make the room feel much larger, airy, bright, and open.

Its placement is also easy enough, namely by leaning it against the wall. The size is quite large, with various models that support the decoration of the room.

  1. Makeup Mirror

You can place a small vanity mirror on a living room table or a medium-sized sideboard. Place it together with small decorating props like frames, small vases, winter wreath, and other accessories. You can also use this ara rug placement living room as guidance.

  1. Asymmetrical Mirror
Asymmetrical Mirror

Puzzles’ enthusiasm can choose mirror wall living room ideas with this type of decoration. 

Furthermore, the function of this type of mirror is purely decorative and, of course, not ideal for makeup.

How Much Does It Cost?

You may be wondering how much it costs to have a mirror wall living room. It is relative, but at least you can estimate it.

Plain full-wall mirrors are standard size floor-to-ceiling, generally costing 250 to 500 dollars.

For the installation of a mirror wall living room, this is indeed quite pricey. However, please note that this does not include shipping and installation costs.

Unlike the case with mirrors with other types of designs, prices vary more. The reason is, in addition to the use-value, you will get a decorative advantage as well.

The price of a mirror with a modest design and smaller size does not require additional shipping and installation costs unless you need extra shipping facilities.

You can get a mirror with a plain frame with a size of 35 x 96 centimeters with prices starting from 6 dollars. 

As for the rattan-framed round mirror, which is more beautiful and minimalist, you can buy it with prices starting from 7 dollars.

Again, the selection of mirrors must be following the interior design and your needs. So, the atmosphere of your living room will remain in harmony.

If you want to have a luxurious impression, of course, you have to choose a fancy design for the mirror wall living room. You also have to pay much more.

Tips to Choose the Wall Mirror

Tips to Choose the Wall Mirror

In addition to the function, a mirror wall living room is also a significant decorative element. However, before buying, first, consider all aspects carefully. 

To avoid mistakes, you should have some background knowledge about them. Here are tips on choosing a wall mirror that you should know.

  1. Thinking About Goals
Thinking About Goals

What do you need from applying mirror wall living room? To make sure the appearance is perfect before leaving the house, or just as decorative?

Also, measure the condition of the room. Is your living room narrow and want to give a spacious impression? Or do you want to put it as a complementary part?

Through that goal, you can choose the type of mirror that is most suitable for your living room. If confused, try contacting an expert for advice.

  1. Considering the Shape
Considering the mirror Shape

The choice of very diverse mirror shapes will make you confused. If you want to take things easy, the most common are squares and rectangles.

Meanwhile, round, oval, even hexagonal will make you more confused. It is indeed quite decorative, but the placement must be under the theme and shape of the room.

The shape of the mirror will be closely related to the interior design of the living room. It refers to the theme, concept, and how you arrange the components

If it is simple, you can choose a round shape. Meanwhile, a square or rectangular shape suits the traditional theme.

  1. The Best Size to Take

The mirror size can follow the wall dimensions and the impact you want to display in the living room.

If the area is large and you want to appear bold, choose an extra-large mirror. Otherwise, if the space is relatively small, then you need to be wise to choose the right size.

  1. The Frame Material

For an elegant impression, you can choose a gold-plated frame for the mirror wall living room

Further, if you want a traditional and comfortable atmosphere, choose a glass edge with wooden materials.

Not only that, there are still many choices of other frame materials of the mirror wall living room that you can choose from, such as iron, rattan, glass, and so on.

Living Room Mirror Ideas

After knowing the concept, now is the time to decorate your mirror wall living room. As an illustration, here are some living room mirrors to inspire you:

  1. Irregular Mirror
Irregular Mirror livingroom decor

Irregularity sometimes actually gives aesthetic value. You can place a design of a mirror wall living room with some beautiful glass mounted on the wall.

  1. Window Mirror Ideas
Window Mirror Ideas decor

Indeed, the design is very unique because it impresses a mirror-like window. It can make the room feel spacious and improve lighting.

  1. Decorative wall mirrors
hecagonal decor livingroom

Sometimes you do not need to display an original-shaped mirror in the living room. If the goal is decoration, you choose any model that has an aesthetic value.

  1. Large decorative mirrors for living room
full wall mirror livingroom decor

A big mirror for living room wall will be perfect for people who are very concerned about appearance. In addition to ensuring appearance, you can see the entire room with reflections inside the full wall mirrors.

  1. Put the Unique Frame

Fortunately, there are many unique and decorative mirror designs today. Thus, you can use frames with various models to make the room feel alive.

Wall Mirror Tips and Caring

Mirror Tips and Caring

Once you install a mirror wall living room, daily maintenance will be a must. Therefore, you need to do the following things regularly:

  • In the mirror wall living room, the easiest way to do maintenance is to clean regularly. Clean the glass with warm water and a soft cloth.
  • Before cleaning, make sure that the cloth is not dirty and gritty because it can scratch the mirror surface. Use a mild cleaner, such as a microfiber cloth.
  • While cleaning wall mirrors, you need to avoid using cleaning solutions that contain alkalis, abrasives, ammonia, chlorine bleach, and other strong chemicals.
  • In addition, you need to condition the mirror to keep it dry at any time. It is to prevent moisture around the mirror from damaging the edges or close to livingroom fireplace .
  • To clean the mirror from dust, use a soft, lint-free cloth. Some people also use a soft sponge to clean it thoroughly.
  • Periodically, you need to check the mirror for scratches or chipping. If there is, fix it immediately before things get worse.
  • When you want to move the mirror to another position, do it carefully. You need to wear gloves so that the surface and back of the mirror are not scratched or peeled off.
  • If your wall mirror is large, heavy, or even made of delicate and sensitive materials, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to avoid unwanted things.
  • The last critical tip, but frequently overlooked, is to put the mirror far from the door. It avoids the risk of being hit and broken when you accidentally open a door too tightly.


Above all, that is some information, tips, and ideas that you need to know about the mirror wall living room. It is suitable if you live in a tight space or low-light space. Happy trying!

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