How to Install Modern Driveway Pavers: Cost, Steps, and Ideas


Building a house is not only about the interior. Designing the outside is also a key to gaining comfort. What about installing modern driveway pavers?

If you live in a house with a modern concept, it may be the most appropriate option. 

Instead of the size, the most critical thing is how to choose the design and integrate it with all aspects around. It can also be so helpful to have that beautiful driveway after having a long road trip.

We cannot say that it is perfect as everyone has their taste. 

But what is certain, modern driveway pavers offer practicality in use and the beauty of motifs, shapes, and colors at once.

If you are interested in making modern driveway pavers a part of your home, keep reading. Here is everything you need to understand before you start thinking about design.

Modern Driveway Pavers: Pros and Cons

Modern Driveway Pavers

We must admit that the ideas of modern driveway pavers are currently an attractive choice due to their high aesthetic value. 

However, there are always weaknesses behind strengths. Here are some things you need to weigh before installing modern driveway pavers:


  • It looks attractive with a variety of shapes, textures, patterns. You can choose a small shape so that it fits various terrains and land sizes.
  • Users do not need to wait long and can immediately use it after the installation is complete.
  • The surface is not slippery so it is safer for high mobility or bad weather.
  • Its easy installation allows anyone to install it themselves without the help of a handyman.
  • Each piece has a small size to minimize the possibility of cracking, breaking, and damage. This makes paver driveways more durable than others.


  • The installation process is longer than other driveways due to the small piece size.
  • Unlike asphalt which can use machines, paver installation must be done manually, so it requires human power.
  • The sidelines may be a place for grass and fungus to grow. Therefore, you must diligently clean it.
  • The pavers have gaps that don’t allow you to scoop up snow during winter. Cleaning grass and moss must also be done manually.

Driveway Paver Types

In addition to the diversity of appearances, modern driveway pavers also have a large selection of types based on materials. 

Of course, each of them has different characteristics.

Therefore, before installing modern driveway pavers, you must understand their characteristics to understand which one is more suitable for your home. 

Here are some of them:


Modern Driveway Pavers types

The brick is one of the most durable and has a strength rating of 12,000 PSI. It does not take long to dry. 

You can even use it as soon as installed on the home page.

The color, which contains natural elements, also creates a natural feel for the modern concept. But unfortunately, you may not have much choice when using it.

Brick is only available in rectangular form with the same size as each other. Therefore, compared to other materials, you may not be able to explore much.

However, the appearance is quite aesthetic despite the simplicity. Another reason many people use it is the very affordable price for the high strength.


cobble stone pavers ideas

If you want to display classy and luxurious modern driveway pavers, then cobblestone can be an option. 

The sizes that are different from each other provide a higher aesthetic value.

Other than the possibility of mixing different sizes, you can also use multiple colors and textures at once for the best results. 

Unfortunately, the price of this material is higher than the bricks.

Cobblestone itself has similarities to Belgian blocks but with a larger size. The first is the best for modern driveway pavers, while the latter looks more rustic in style.

Permeable Pavers

pavers moodern looking for house

If you are looking for a modern eco-friendly driveway paver option, then permeable style is the answer. 

This material has a structure that supports the absorption of rainwater, thereby reducing waterlogging.

In terms of materials, permeable pavers are the same as stone, brick, or concrete. However, the surface has gaps that hold water and drain it into the gravel base below.

The gravel base has many pores to absorb large amounts of water and transfer it to the water reservoir below the installation. 

It minimizes flooding during heavy rains. Unfortunately, this material also has its drawbacks. 

You may need more effort for treatment. To keep the water flowing smoothly, clean the gap to avoid dirty grout, moss, grass, and dirt deposits.

Concrete Pavers

cement pavement drivaway

Concrete-based modern driveway pavers are a choice for the design explorer. The installation method is easy and fast, but you can get a custom look as you wish.

In terms of strength, this type may still be inferior to brick with only 9,000 PSI. However, nothing beats its design flexibility as you can decorate any pattern above it.

These can be the best driveway ideas for small homes, which certainly require a lot of custom adjustments for the sake of space-saving.

Even if you want to build modern driveway ideas on a large area, this method will be affordable. With creativity, you will get a look like a stone or a cobblestone.

Paver Stone

stone pavement

The beauty of colors and patterns makes stone the choice of many people. Mostly, people use bluestone for this purpose. 

However, there are many considerations for using it as a driveway.

If you use original bluestone, you don’t need to doubt its beauty and strength. A perfect driveway is yours without having to do frequent maintenance.

However, there are a lot of counterfeit goods out there, bringing the possibility of getting poor-quality products. 

Isn’t it annoying to know you have got a fake?

We cannot say that it is weak, but its strength is still far less than brick and cobblestone. High mobility will slowly damage the surface, making you repair it often.

However, if you want to build modern driveway pavers with less mobility and weather exposure, the ordinary stone will be an aesthetic choice at an affordable price. 

Grass Pavers

grass pavement modern driveway

A modern driveway with grass is not impossible if you use this type. The structure is similar to a mass plant pot that will give a green feel to your residential area.

But you do not have to worry about killing and injuring the grass because you are standing on solid pavers. 

This design has an interlocking system consisting of honeycomb-like cells protected by concrete on the outside.

Interestingly, the grass pavers are on the gravel-based bed that allows water to flow into the drain. You can also get this structure at an affordable price.

What are the Best Pavers for a Driveway?

When talking about the best pavers for a driveway, the answer must be relative. You have to adjust to your needs, location conditions, and, of course, budget.

Based on the reviews above, permeable pavers may be the best choice for residents living in flood-prone locations. 

Its structure allows rainwater to flow smoothly into the ground.

Meanwhile, most other pavers require you to add a new drainage system to catch the water that pools on the surface. 

However, this type of strength might not be suitable for high mobility.

For strong and fewer maintenance pavers, then bluestone is the answer. Despite the plush price, its durability will make you grateful because it will save you a lot of money and time.

Bluestone also has an aesthetic look. Therefore, building the extra drainage system does not seem like a big problem. 

But be careful when buying because there are many fake things out there.

If you do not take prestige and luxury into account, then cobblestone and brick are more than enough. 

The structure is quite strong and can last a long time despite its minimal cost.

Modern Driveway Cost

Talking about the installation price, of course, it all depends on the modern driveway pavers to install. 

The area, material, and type will have an impact.

However, you can estimate the driveway pavers cost by looking at the price of paver materials on the market. The following is the current range:

  • Brick: $10-$30 per square foot
  • Cobblestone: $20-$70 per square foot
  • Permeable pavers: $10-$40 per square foot
  • Concrete pavers: $10-$25 per square foot
  • Paver stone: $15-$60 per square foot
  • Grass pavers: $10-$20 per square foot

The list above only mentions the price range of the material. After that, you also need to take into account other costs, such as installation.

If you use the services of a contractor, the fees range from $40-$70 per hour. The wider the location, the longer they work, so you have to pay more.

Another cost you should examine is land preparation. If you are going to install on vacant land, then the cost may be cheaper.

But if you have to remodel the location, for example, changing concrete into pavers, you have to spend at least $530.

Installing it yourself is indeed more efficient, but you need to prepare supporting tools. You can rent it, but of course, you have to spend additional funds.

Do it Yourself Driveway: The Installation Steps

The cost of installing modern driveway pavers, regardless of type, is not cheap. But if you want to keep costs down, why not install it yourself? 

Here are the steps:

  • Prepare the land and start building the base. You can use gravel because of its strength, as well as the pores feature to drain water.
  • Put the edges in position so that the pavers remain firm and do not shift during and after installation.
  • Place a layer of sand on top of the gravel about 1 inch high. Do it according to the edge you have put.
  • Start laying the pavers on top of the sand layer. Do it neatly and carefully.
  • Once the pavers are in the position, you will find a gap between them. Cover with sand or other relevant material.
  • Give the final touch to the surface. You can apply paint or an anti-fungal and weed coating to make it remains durable.

Modern Driveway Pavers Ideas

Modern Driveway Pavers ideas and tips aesthetic

After well-understanding the explanation above, let’s decide on the modern driveway pavers for your dwelling. 

There are many options, but you can use some ideas below for inspiration:

Modern driveway with grass

Modern driveway with grass between
beautiful looking Modern driveway with grass between

Beautiful housing with natural nuances is one of the hallmarks of the modern concept. You can create that atmosphere by growing some greenery along the driveway.

Modern driveway with rocks

Modern driveway with rocks

In addition to grass, rocks can also give the impression of being natural and close to nature. Well-laid-out material will bring a touch of luxury when you pass the driveway.

Asphalt-based driveway

Although asphalt and pavers are two different models, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine them. Try giving a highway-style touch to your driveway to make it look pretty simple.

Artistic graveled driveway

artisctic pavers for driveway

While most people use a smooth driveway to avoid shock, this modern driveway entrance gravel provides an aesthetic feel. It’s simple but feels close to nature.

Full of light

lighting Modern driveway with rocks

At night and dark, you will have less vision that the vehicle may hit something. To avoid this, you can also add lights around the driveway.


arch driveway

For residents who like the feel of luxury and majesty, then this concrete driveway pavers theme can be an option. You can add a fountain, pergola, or other mid century decorations that can bring you the feel of a fairy tale.

Additional Tips for the Best Modern Driveway Pavers

In addition to the technical explanation above, you may also need to pay attention to the following tips and fun facts to make your modern driveway pavers more beautiful and long-lasting.

  • If you live in an area prone to rain, then permeable and grass pavement are the best choices.
  • Using recycled asphalt as a base to replace gravel can save a lot of costs.
  • To give a classy and spacey impression, try choosing a bright color, such as grayish-white.
  • Do not forget to apply an anti-smudge layer to keep it looking clean longer.
  • Avoid putting too much decoration on modern driveway pavers as this will make them look dirty.
  • Cutting pavers to suit the land is not easy. To be faster and minimize the damage, you can use a wet saw.
  • Before installing, you should buy 10-15 percent more pavers than needed to anticipate miscalculation or damage during installation.


That is all about the ins and outs of modern driveway pavers. Now you know the differences, costs, how to install, and other necessary tips. Let us start to embellish your dwelling!

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