23 Approved Modern Front Porch Ideas


If a rustic style does not suit your taste, you probably are interested in modern front porch ideas that can make your outdoor area look better and chicer. 

Thus, to create a modern front porch, you will need to match the staple design style that includes sharp edges, flat tiles, and straight lines. 

Modern front porches typically do not come with too many accents or detail. Instead, you should expect to make your terrace appear pretty straightforward yet elegant.

Therefore, you can steal the look of the following modern front porch ideas to get the most of the style without too much fuss. Here are some modern small front porch ideas!

Modern Front Porch Decor Ideas

Having a small or even tinier front porch design should not stop you from styling it to achieve an attractive and bold look.

If you are wondering how to style this small exterior space, start with painting your door with some bold colors like green, black, red, yellow, or orange. Besides you can also add a wreath depending on the season.

Then, you can opt for a dark stained floor that features patterned tiles to make the front porch look more gorgeous. 

Further, adding tall modern planters in neutral colors like grey and black or bolder ones that match the door must be great too.

A hint at greenery

Modern Front Porch Ideas

Most small modern front porch ideas will not suggest you use blooms since they typically do not look contemporary. 

Instead, pick mini trees or greenery that can leave a cool impression on everyone passing the entrance.

Likewise, this small front porch features some pots of mini trees along with colorful pumpkin decorations. 

The randomly arranged stone path leads you to the outstanding wooden door that contrasts the broken white walls.

You will love how beautiful this front porch is with its lantern-like sconces as well.

Crisp white shade

Crisp white shade

When it comes to tiny modern front porch ideas, you should consider stressing the architectural details by using a crisp white shade.

This idea is particularly wonderful if there is stonework, corbels, or stucco in your exterior design. 

Then, feel free to make your front porch even more interesting by incorporating a dissimilar color for the door. 

Blush pink or fresh blue can be a good choice to lighten up the floor that is on a darker side.

Open and spacious

Open and spacious

For a small porch, getting the balance right is important if you do not want to end up having a messy outdoor space.

Modern front porch ideas for a small room typically encourage you to make the space feel spacious and open. 

However, do not forget to allow for a practical space by incorporating functional elements like a storage unit or a bench to get relaxed. 

The Classic Pavilion Style

The Classic Pavilion Style

Use this porch idea to turn your porch into a space that has the comfort of your home. 

Thanks to its classic pavilion-style, this front porch is large enough to accommodate a variety of seating options for you and your guests.

Furthermore, install a few ceiling fans with lights to circulate the air in this space while providing additional illumination at night.

In addition to the furniture pieces, this one of the modern front porch ideas also has some unique planters like, exotic venus fly traps or Chinese elm bonsai that are situated on each seating area. 

Modern Front Porch Ideas with Screens

Modern Front Porch Ideas with Screens

Since the front porch can act as an extension of your home, decorating it to make the space feel like a room in the house is critical.

While comfy chairs and other furniture pieces tend to be the essential part of your front porch.

Moreover, do not forget that sometimes you would appreciate it if there are screens that can boost the privacy of this outdoor space.

This simple-looking front porch makes a good example if you like something clutter-free and easy to recreate. 

Screened front porch with natural vibes

Screened front porch with natural vibes

If you are looking for modern front porch ideas with screens, this one should be on the list. With a flower garden next to it, this space is not only functional but also stunning. Check these orchid care for beginners to cherish your front porch.

Thanks to the screened design, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden from the comfort of your home. 

Hence, just bring in enough chairs so that other family members can join you in your spare time.

Also, you can line up some planters in front of the screened porch to extend the beauty of the garden. Modern front porch railing ideas looks amazing!

Screened-in porch for a private retreat

Screened in porch for a private retreat

A screened porch is perfect for a private retreat since you still have some privacy while enjoying the beauty outside your home.

Adorn your screened front porch with a cozy sofa and chairs so that it will be more enjoyable to spend your time here. 

Do not forget to have sufficient lighting fixtures as well if you want to enjoy your evening on this front porch as well.

Two-Toned Front Porch

Two Toned Front Porch

The overall design of this front porch is probably not that modern, but you can use the two-tone palette as an inspiration.

Instead of broken white, consider utilizing the clear one to paint the shiplap walls and fence. Then, use light blue on the exterior windows and the door for a splash of color combination.

Grab a pair of modern wall sconces for extra lighting sources. Do not forget to include a bit of greenery around the entrance to enliven the space.

A Room with a View 

A Room with a View

If you need a place to unwind during the hot summer days, this one of the modern front porch ideas can be a perfect choice.

This front porch is an extension of the home with a view of the garden that can give you peace of mind.

For a splash of color, it features a striped blue and grey area rug. The patterned throw pillows on the couch match the carpet for a balance. 

There is also a floor lamp and a ceiling fan that boost the convenient level of this porch.

Seasonal Front Porch Themes

Seasonal Front Porch Themes

You can also go seasonal with your modern front porch ideas. The point is to switch the decoration once in a while depending on the season.

For instance, you can adorn your front porch with a bunch of colorful DIY pumpkin décor during Halloween. 

Then, swap it with Christmas-theme decoration when this festive holiday is around the corner.

Additionally, during the common days, you can simply let that mini trees and greenery enliven the front porch.

Daring Exterior Walls

Daring Exterior Walls

Your modern front porch can feature the beauty of exposed brick walls too. With its red tones, your exterior will look daring and different.

For a balance, you can paint the other exterior elements white and include a modern glass pendant over the seating area.

Rather than a set of wooden rocking chairs as the idea suggests, you can pick a contemporary-styled couch or a hanging rattan chair to emphasize the modern vibe.

Stylish Modern Front Steps

These wooden steps may look simple, but they perfectly lead you up to the welcoming front porch and dark green front door.

The yellow boots around the entrance match the flowers that beautify the steps or modern pavers. There is also a pair of sconces that highlight the shiplap design of the exterior walls.

To fit the white posts, the door and window trims are all in white. You can also add outdoor chairs in the same color to complete the modern front porch ideas. Check on how to open a locked door without a key.

Practical Dining Area

Practical Dining Area porch

Instead of creating a second living room on your front porch, you can opt for turning it into a dining area with outdoor vibes.

Consider building a screened front porch and bring in a dining table set that suits your taste. You can even add a fireplace in this space for extra functions.

Complete the design with a statement lighting fixture over the marble coffee table and a beautiful centerpiece.

Eye-catching Modern Porch Roof Design

Eye catching Modern Porch Roof Design

Since a porch is supposed to be a laid-back place to wind out and enjoy some fresh air, adding a roof can always be a nice move to add shade and make this space even homier.

Not only helps to make your front porch more comfortable, but a good roof design can also increase curb appeal.

Just like this creative porch roof design that is functional and visually pleasing at the same time. This can also be applied on your side yard to enjoy the time.

Incorporating a glass sheet allows more light to enter your space without sacrificing the needed coverage.

Porch roof with skylights

Porch roof with skylights

Adding skylights to your porch roof can keep your space classy. This design is perfect if you want to enjoy the sky and surrounding scene from the comfort of your outdoor furniture.

You can also consider a sunroof porch as it is more flexible to use no matter the weather. Use dissimilar colors and materials from the main building and this room will stand out.

Upgraded Victorian Porch

Upgraded Victorian Porch

If you already have a classic Victorian-styled porch along with the intricate gables, simply repaint it to make it look modern and fresh.

Choose a color that can be a perfect introduction to welcome your guests. 

You can also pick a palette that suits the architecture of your home exterior when it comes to repainting a front porch.

For a timeless and attractive look, consider selecting colors that come from the matching undertone. 

Pick some shades darker or lighter than one another too.

Residential Front Porch Designs

Bold Exterior Look

Instead of a bold color door, this house features daring exterior walls and outdoor furniture. To keep the balance, the porch fence and the window trims are in white.

The red outdoor chairs are indeed attention-grabbing against the blue walls. There is a hanging decorative element in the same color to match the furniture pieces as well.

You can DIY the house number in white to contrast the walls. Then, get a few modern sconces in this neutral color too for a light source. 

Cozy Furniture Pieces

Cozy Furniture Pieces

With a calming color palette that hints at that summer beach, this front porch will make you want to spend more time outside the house.

Not to mention the hanging chair and rattan sofa that makes this house extension even more comfortable.

The matching cushions of the hanging chair and sofa not only boost your comfort but also complement the overall design of this one of the modern front porch ideas.

A Welcoming Glow

halloween porch

Create an inviting glow in your modern front porch ideas by adding outdoor lighting fixtures.

Then, installing candle lanterns on the steps or hanging wrought iron pendants will make a great option.

Festoon lights or any other outdoor string lighting fixtures can make a chic choice as they can easily be included in any home design.

Whatever your ultimate choice will be, there is no doubt that you can benefit from the cozy atmosphere that the lights offer during the night. 

Blend with Nature

Blend with Nature

This front porch idea is perfect for you who need a space to have a Scandinavian coffee table in the morning. 

Surrounded by a lush garden and the sky as the ceiling, it will be one of your favorite spots to chill out and unwind before starting your day.

Since this front porch does not come with a roof, you should consider having a spare space inside your house to keep the outdoor furniture during extreme weather. 

Comfy Hanging Chair 

Comfy Hanging Chair

Instead of the usual outdoor sofa out there, incorporate a comfortable hanging chair in your modern front porch ideas.

Add a colorful cushion or patterned one in this hanging chair for a splash of color in the design. You can also have a pot of greenery that connects your porch with the outside world.

Simple yet Stylish Detail

Simple yet Stylish Detail

The stucco exterior walls can give the flexibility to get any decoration you like. If you prefer the simplest one, just let this decorative coating be the star. 

This one of the contemporary porch ideas is pretty straightforward with a wooden flower bed beside the steps and a small bench in the entrance area.

A jute rug adds a little visual detail to this front porch while being functional. Meanwhile, the modern black wall sconce matches the color of the door and the roof.

Finally, you have arrived at the end of the list to pick your favorite among the above stunning modern front porch ideas

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