Helpful Moss Terrarium Ideas: How to Build and Care


Moss Terrarium Ideas – Many people may find this idea ridiculous and unimportant. But believe me; you will be impressed by how a moss terrarium transforms a room into an extraordinary one.

It is a breakthrough in creating shades of green both indoors and outdoors. The thing is that you use simple overlooked ingredients.

With cheap materials, you can get a beautiful decoration for the corner of your room. Even if you do not want the hassle, a moss terrarium kit will help you easily create a beautiful masterpiece.

So, if you want to present a beautiful feel differently and affordably, this is the time. For more details, read this moss terrarium ideas from start to finish.

What is Moss Terrarium?

Moss Terrarium Ideas

Based on the name, we can practically tell that this is a terrarium made of moss. However, before studying in more detail, you need to know the ins and outs of this planting concept.

A Brief History of Terrarium

Moss Terrarium Ideas history

A terrarium, also known as a vivarium, is a miniature of a natural ecosystem placed in a glass container.

Generally, the jar contains plants and their habitat replicas, complete with animals and imitations of their natural conditions. The purpose of making a terrarium itself is very diverse.

However, according to Wikipedia, the idea for its creation came from a London physicist named Nathaniel B. Ward (1761-1869), who accidentally created a miniature ecosystem in a bottle.

At that time, he placed a sphinx moth in a bottle filled with moist soil, then left it alone. But who would have thought, a few days later, ferns and other plants appeared in the container.

Ward then studied how the plants thrived in them. Water condenses and evaporates during the day and flows back to the ground at night. It keeps repeating itself and becomes a cycle.

Ward later named the device ‘the Wardian Case’ where the discovery was later one of the collections of the British Empire.

It is a glasshouse measuring 150 cm, 75 cm wide, and 110 cm high with various ferns and succulents inside.

Fern itself is a type of plant that has a very high life force. This variety has a true vascular system (Trichophyte), which allows it to survive in conditions that are nearly impossible for any vegetation.

Over time, this concept continues to develop to this day. Modern society then knows it by the term terrarium.

Meanwhile, the types of ecosystems that exist in it are starting to vary and do not only use ferns and Adiantum.

Why You Should Plant in the Terrarium

box moss terrarium beauty

If at first, the terrarium appeared by accident. Then people learned that plants can even grow in glass containers. After that, many people apply this for various reasons, for example as below:

  • Planting solutions for limited land conditions.
  • It is for research purposes. The use of transparent glass will make it easier to observe.
  • It has a high aesthetic value that is suitable for decoration.
  • The transparent container allows you to bring a natural green atmosphere to the room.
  • The shape is more diverse than ordinary pots.
  • The design allows you to place various plants in one container.
  • It is easier and cheaper than building a real-size garden.
  • You can add various beautiful decorations, including fog or dew, which represents life in nature.

In addition, there are various other advantages that you will get if you apply a farming system with a terrarium.

Although the manufacturing process and maintenance are more complicated, this is worth the beauty you get.

The Benefits of Growing Moss Terrarium

terrarium world benefits
Terrarium World

In a previous review, we have covered some of the benefits of using a terrarium. In this section, we discuss in more detail some of the benefits of using moss as the main plant in this mini habitat.

  • Moss has a slow growth; this plant takes months to breed in large numbers. It makes maintenance easier in the terrarium.
  • No need for fertilizers and other expensive materials; treat it with water and low-sunlight.
  • When compared to other plants, moss requires less water.
  • It can last a long time when receiving the appropriate care that you do not need to change plants often.
  • It is much healthier because moss does not like chemicals.
  • Become a decoration that is no less beautiful than other plants.

The Best Types of Moss for Terrarium

Moss Terrarium Ideas exo terrarium

Before starting to build your moss terrarium, you must know which type is suitable for growing inside moss terrarium ideas .

In this world, many kinds have different characters and physical appearances that may effects when you plant them.

Furthermore, the best type of mosses to choose is the clumpy and carpeting mosses and several species in them.

When building a terrarium, we recommend that you use at least three kinds of this grass-alike plant in one jar. Here are some of the best recommendations:

Leucobryum glaucum

moss Terrarium Ideas exo terrarium plants

We also call it cushion moss or bun moss. It is a beautiful plant of the clumpy type, which has compact mounds. Besides having a nice appearance, it is also easy to sculpt.

Designing the best nature decoration will be easy with his help. If you are looking for the type of moss for a closed moss terrarium, this is the right choice.

Dicranum scoparium

Dicranum scoparium

Besides Leucobryum glaucum, this type is also quite popular for terrariums because it has a charm you should not miss.

Physically, it has dense clumps that help you give off an instant green look.

The lush and wavy leaves are also an attraction to consider. This clumpy type will make you look like a beautiful bush in a terrarium jar.

Sheet Moss


After those two clumpy mosses, the carpeting type can also be the right choice. Sheet moss or Hypnum curvifolium is the first recommendation if you want shades of green grass in a terrarium.

In many terrariums, the sheet-like shape can cover various parts of the miniature. At the top, you can add many plants, either moss or others for appearance.

Fern Moss

The plant, also known by the scientific name Thuidium delicatulum, is also part of the sheet-type one. Then, the uniqueness of this kind is the various shapes that will provide variety in the terrarium.

In addition to having parts that spread out like a sheet, this moss is also sometimes has a fern-like look. By taking advantage of this difference, you will get the best terrarium.

Sphagnum/Peat Moss

SphagnumPeat Moss

This plant is quite popular in the world of gardening and decorative planting. But so far, peat moss mostly becomes a host plant for other varieties.

However, there is nothing wrong with you making these unique sphagnums as part of your terrarium design. You can decorate it nicely and combine it with other moss.

Java Moss

java moss terrariums

This plant also has the scientific name Taxiphyllum barbieri and is a type of tropical moss. It has high survivability both on land and in wet locations.

Moreover, the green color will make the room look beautiful and fun.

Many people also make it a decoration in the water because this plant can give a beautiful underwater feel.

Meanwhile, stone or wood will be the best layer to make it shine in the terrarium.

Those are just recommendations for a terrarium as they are suitable for decoration and live well in glassware.

However, you can still use other types to beautify your miniatures. Everything will depend on the taste.

How to Grow a Moss in Terrarium

It is the most critical part of our discussion. After learning the background knowledge about moss terrarium ideas, now is the time to prepare to make it ourselves.

In this discussion, we will first focus on the soil as a planting medium. You have to master the method first while going to plant on a rock. Here are the tools, materials, and steps.

Tools and materials

moss Terrarium Ideas kit
  • Glass container for terrarium
  • Moss to plant, preferably at least three types
  • Pincers
  • Scissor
  • Spray bottle
  • Planting medium (soil)
  • Decoration (optional)
  • Glue or buttermilk (optional)

Steps to Make Moss Terrarium

steps how to make moss terrarium

Building a moss terrarium will be something challenging. You will create a natural miniature with unique materials. Here are the easy steps on how to make a moss terrarium in a jar.

  • Initially, ensure that the soil is fertile and weed-free. Using a pH meter, make sure the soil acidity is in the 5.0 – 6.0 range.
  • There will some moss terrarium layers for your terrarium, and the soil will be the first. Humid conditions will be a pleasant growing location for moss.
  • If the soil conditions are ideal, then it is time to put them in a jar.
  • After that, start layering. To give the feel of green grass, you can place the sheet moss on the ground. Place it carefully using pincers.
  • If you are worried that the moss layer will not stick and get damaged, you can also use superglue or buttermilk above the soil before planting.
  • After that, you can place one by one the other types of moss that you will use. If there are unwanted parts, trim them with scissors.
  • Add decorations if necessary. You can place toys, sand, or fake plants to beautify the terrarium.
  • In the end, do not forget to spray water on the plants to make them look fresh and beautiful.

Those are some simple steps to make a moss terrarium at home. To make it even more vibrant, you can also add other plants to the jar. Happy trying!

Moss Terrarium Ideas

moss terrarium ideas beauty
Terrarium World

You can use a variety of plants for your terrarium. However, the most suitable species are those that have small sizes and a slow growth phase.

They are such succulents, palms, ferns, and what we will discuss is moss.

Like ferns, moss is one type of pioneer plant. In addition to living normally with soil media, it can live in unusual locations.

For instance, concrete, glass, stone, and other materials that are not easily penetrated by roots.

The presence of moss will be a way for other plants to grow. That is why, in the concept of planting, including terrarium, it becomes one of the best media besides soil, sand, gravel, and charcoal.

Besides being easy to grow, moss also has various types that are suitable for the terrarium concept. It will be easier for you to explore and present a charming appearance.

Additional Tips for Growing and Caring Moss Terrarium

Growing and caring for the moss will be very different from other plants. As it has no roots, you also have to pay attention to what supports and undermines its development.

Additionally, consider these things while having the terrarium with this vegetal inside.

The Critical Period

After making the moss terrarium, you will face three weeks of critical periods. Plants are still adapting to their new place. Thus, they will die soon if they do not get the proper care.

For the moss terrarium to survive all this, you have to keep it hydrated. Do not forget to spray water frequently to keep it fresh and green.

How to Make It Happy

Keeping the moss terrarium healthy and happy is the most important thing of all. Do not let your masterpiece die just because of the wrong treatment. This is what you have to do:

  • Put attention to the condition of the planting media and make sure it is moist enough with the low soil pH value.
  • Make sure no weed is interfering.
  • Never give fertilizer because it will make the moss die.
  • Because mosses live by photosynthesis, remember to provide enough sunlight.
  • Do watering with enough spray. Give water immediately if the moss looks dry.

Moss Terrarium Fog

Sometimes you will find moss terrarium fog inside the jar, especially if you use the closed-type. This is a normal condition because of the high humidity in it or lack of ventilation.

Try opening the lid a little so that the plant gets a little fresh. Besides, move it to a place with the direct sun to reduce excessive humidity and help photosynthesis.

How to a Moss Terrarium Kit?

Getting moss and terrarium equipment is surprisingly easy. Buy the complete kit at various plant shops. In one purchase, you can get jars, seeds, and all the accessories.

Otherwise, take any moss terrarium for sale that fit your need and taste. With the best design and buy offers, you will get beautiful decorations for your home.


That all information you should know about these beautiful habitat miniatures. Making and caring for a moss terrarium ideas does require patience and persistence.

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