20 Pool Coping Ideas to Complete Your Outdoor Area


If you are thinking of remodeling your outdoor area, knowing some good pool coping ideas may help.

Hence, there are many ways to customize this attraction and you will indeed find the best one that suits your taste.

You can select a coping style that makes your swimming pool exceptional and become the talk of the neighborhood. 

Otherwise, choosing something humbler and simple will not hurt too. Use the following information as your reference to find out the best style for your next pool coping replacement.

What Pool Coping Is and Why You Need It

In case you are not familiar with this term, pool coping refers to the top edge of your pool that joins this water area with the deck.

Pool coping is popular as one of the finishing choices for an above ground pool and acts as protection of the area while complementing the overall look.

If you are hesitant about installing pool coping, there are some good reasons to use this edge that may change your mind.

First, pool coping is crucial in covering maintenance features of this water area. Besides, it can keep the edges in good shape in the longer term.

Second, coping can prevent debris from falling into your swimming pool. Rather than draining the water area, it provides an edge that will push grass clippings to the deck’s drainage system.

Next, to make sure that the edge of your pool deck is safer for people to get in and out of the water, you will need coping. 

Then, if you are not convinced yet, any coping style is aesthetically pleasing and can save your landscape design from looking a bit off. 

It can make your swimming pool has that complete and more finished look.

Different Types of Pool Coping Materials

When you prepare to design your pool coping, there will be several different styles and a variety of materials to choose from. 

Depending on the kind of pool you have, your coping choices will typically vary. Your best option is the one that can protect the area’s shell.

If you have browsed some pool coping ideas, you will notice that concrete pavers, bricks, and natural stones are pretty common materials to use.

Composite materials are popular too when designing pool coping. These make a good choice if you want a quick and clean look around your water area. 

When choosing your pool coping materials, make sure that you will not want to change this after a year or two. 

Keep in mind that this will be a long-term investment that you need to keep for a long time.

Cool Pool Coping Ideas for Your Home

Indeed, you have a lot of options when it comes to customizing the look of your pool with coping. 

While each material choices have their upsides and downsides, your ultimate pick may be different from others.

If you have no idea about what kind of pool coping to install, the following list may help to find your dream pick.

Classic concrete pool coping ideas

Pool Coping Ideas

Are you looking for materials that will not show a notable transition between the deck and your pool coping? Then, you should take concrete into account.

This classic coping material is very flexible so that you can design it into any style. It is not impossible to customize concrete edge with any color you like too. 

For a budget-friendly choice, you will want to have precast concrete rather than the poured option. 

When you are utilizing poured concrete, there should be a firm unit that connects your deck and coping without any seam. 

In case of the budget is not an issue and you prefer a more modern look, poured concrete makes a great choice for its clean lines. 

However, you should note that pool coping with big slabs of concrete are prone to crack, especially when the temperatures fall and rise.

Matching concrete walls

coping cool nice

This concrete pool coping perfectly matches the walls, offering a simple, modern mood in this outdoor area. 

If you want to apply this idea in your backyard, do not forget to incorporate a few beach lounge chairs around the deck for additional functions.

A hint at Mediterranean vibes

Pool Coping Ideas mediterranian

Are you interested in bringing that warm Mediterranean mood into your pool area? Installing concrete coping makes a great choice due to its natural character.

Decorate the pool pavilion with outdoor drapes and you will make this water attraction even more relaxing to enjoy.

Decorative pool coping tiles

Decorative pool coping tiles

If you like a project to get creative with, a decorative tile should be a great material to pick. This comes with a variety of patterns and colors so that you can create your dream pool coping at ease.

From solid, bright colors to intricate floral patterns, you can find anything you like when it comes to decorative tiles. 

Consider using the style of your home or outdoor area as a reference to select your tiling choices.

In case you think that using all-tile unique pool coping ideas is a bit overwhelming, feel free to mix your tiling choices with concrete for a balance. 

For instance, you may love to utilize the mosaic tile in the center for an eye-catching focal point while leaving the surrounding in the concrete material of your liking. 

Charming green splashes

Charming green splashes cope pool

This decorative tile coping is perfect for you who dare to be different. With the surrounding neutral color, both the edge and the tiled patio appear charming.

To add a touch of nature, you can add a few mini trees to the pool deck. 

If you prefer a subtler color, do not hesitate to try this one of the pool coping ideas with tiles in lighter shades or pastel tones. You can use plant or tropical orchid flower around the pool.

Brick pool coping

Brick pool coping

If concrete and tile are not your things, you probably love to have brick as a choice for your modern pool coping ideas. 

This material is particularly perfect if your exterior walls have already utilized bricks. Brick coping also makes a good choice if you have a complete patio with the same material around the pool. 

Done it right and you will have a pool that looks like it is customized for your family only.

While bricks typically withstand well over time, these make a versatile material as well as they are available in a few different finishes.

Since brick pool coping typically comes with a bull-nose or rounded edge, you may need to discuss with professionals first.

Talk to them to find out if they can attempt to imitate the brick pattern of your home and infuse it on your pool coping.

Surrounded by lush greenery

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This one of the brick pool coping ideas shows that this material is adaptable even in the most unique shape of the water area.

The beauty of lush greenery in the surrounding pool complements the brick coping. There is also part of the design that takes advantage of decorative tiles for a fun twist.

Natural stone coping

Natural stone coping

Do you want to introduce a warm, comfortable, and welcoming mood in your pool coping design? Using natural stone can be a good option. 

If you want the coping to have some texture on it, the natural stone is also a great alternative. Depending on your style, you can select from travertine, limestone, granite, and quartz. 

These natural stone options come in different colors, so you can easily pick one that matches your landscape’s palette and design.

Utilizing travertine pool coping ideas is particularly suggested if your home is in an area where the temperature gets hotter sometimes. 

Travertine is a material that can be cooler upon contact although the weather is hot. Besides, it also has better slip-resistance compare to other natural stones.

Stone coping and wooden deck

Stone coping and wooden deck

This pool coping is very charming and exceptional. Surrounded by a wooden deck, the natural stone edging looks pretty outstanding.

The light color of the stone coping matches the patio area that features outdoor furniture like scandinavian coffee table to enjoy the pool.

Eye-catching combo

Eye catching combo

If you cannot choose only one of the pool coping ideas, it will not hurt to combine different materials for installing this edging.

For instance, you can combine different sizes and colors of stone materials in your coping design to distress the edge.

Bluestone pool coping

Bluestone pool coping

Due to its durability and visuals, bluestone makes a perfect building stone for pool coping. It comes in a lot of different cuts, including rectangles, squares, and triangles.

You can also have bluestone cuts in natural asymmetrical shapes that are ideal for creating a unique pooling design.

Aside from being a good material for pool coping ideas, bluestone cuts are popular for decking as well. You can find them in several color options, such as blue, tan, gray, and brown.

Flagstone pool coping

Flagstone pool coping

If you want to introduce a unique dimension in your pool, consider using flagstone as your coping material.

Similar to bluestones, flagstones are available in a range of shapes as well. You can install uniform cuts or get them in different sizes for a twist.

Since flagstones typically vary in colors too, you can expect to build an exceptional pool coping from these materials.



Different from bricks, pavers are more likely to come with a factory edge on them. These materials are pretty straightforward to install and can endure saltwater.

If having concrete pool coping bothers you because it may crack, pavers should make a good alternative. 

Pool deck with pavers are typically installed individually. Hence, if one of them cracks, you can simply replace the damaged piece without the need to replace all the deck and coping.

Matching coping and deck

Matching coping and deck

For stone paver coping, you can easily get the matching material for your deck. Just like these randomly arranged stones that complement the pool edge flawlessly.

However, because paver stones are slightly slippery compared to other surface finishes, some homeowners consider using these materials on pool decks.

What to Consider before Installing Your Pool Coping

Now that you know some good ideas to add coping to your water area, the next thing to do is determine one that can work for the pool.

To help you decide your best choice, you should first know that there are some types of pool coping installations to consider.

Whether you will choose a top mount, flat-mounted, cantilevered, or rough cut coping style, make sure it can promote the best use of the materials.

Aside from the pool coping ideas and installation types, you need to take the following points into account as well.

  • The cost of pool coping installation

Keep in mind that pool coping pricing will vary depending on the type you choose. 

For example, if you decide to have a natural stone edge, the installation price is more expensive as it takes several days to get the perfect look.

On the other hand, a simpler installation of composite materials tends to be less costly and it still offers good protection against water damage.

  • Basic landscape plan

It is significant to consider the look of your pool design and the yard before determining pool coping ideas that you want to recreate.

If you are planning on having a wood deck, you will not want to install a concrete pool coping because this can make the finish look a bit disorganized.

You can talk with your pool designer first to find the smartest idea to proceed with the landscape plan. List your expectation and let them know so that the finished project will meet your style.

  • Safety and durability

After considering the look and your budget, you need to take the durability and safety factors into account. Make sure that your ultimate choice of pool coping and designs are hard-wearing and safe. Don fotger to do regular check and floor grout cleaning.

Since most people love to spend their time on the edge of the pool, it should be tough enough to deal with a little weight.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the coping is not sharp and slippery as well. It is important to pick the right material that can handle your type of pool as well.

For instance, if you want to have a saltwater swimming pool, pick something like concrete pavers that can withstand it.

Finally, you are now ready to install your favorite pool coping ideas that serve both aesthetic and functional value.

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