Creative Pool in Small Backyard Ideas on Budget


You definitely can have a perfect pool in small backyard. Well, this article has got everything about it. 

A swimming pool is not only for a house with a large outdoor space in the back. A small space can also get that kind of facility.

Although there will be some considerations before you decide to install the pool in the backyard, think about the design, shape, materials, and measurements. Furthermore, landscaping becomes one of the important considerations to deal with.

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Designing Pool in Small Backyard

Before we begin exploring all the ideas and concepts for pool in small backyard, you have to know a few things. 

Indeed, consider several things. The first one is to think about the location of property lines. You should consult local pool landscape architects, first.

It does not seem like a big deal but it does make a big difference in the design you want to apply. Any size of the pool will be having some equipment and zoning restrictions. 

After all of those are clear, you will be ready to decide what kind of small pools for your backyard.

According to the state, you have to consider having fences for the pool. It should be something in careful consideration since it will affect the space in your small area. 

After that, think about the orientation of the sitting areas and the pool itself.

Try having a western-oriented pool to enjoy an evening sun. If you want it to be having some reflections, make sure your pool is under a large tree in your backyard. 

Therefore, check out these things first to help you decide the best pool shape for small backyard.

Go Long or Narrow Pool

best pool shape for small backyard

For a house that comes with a narrow small space in the backyard, it would be friendly to a pool.

There is no reason to tuck away a swimming pool, especially in a smaller space. It has to be the key feature of the garden that works with the landscaping.

As you can see in this small outdoor space, this pool in small backyard is right in the middle. The size is small and narrow but it is ideal enough. 

Around the pool, the space is filled with a modern garden and some seating areas.

The modern garden emphasizes the design and shapes of this entire space. Meanwhile, the pool fits naturally in the architectural design. 

The shape itself does not really rectangular. It has a little twist that lets the water flow into the gaps in the garden. 

Moreover, it is a special way to blend with the surroundings.

Side Yard Pool

small backyard pool ideas on a budget

Who said a pool is just for swimming? Well, it should be more than that, especially in a small side yard area

This backyard has a landscape that is not suitable for a swimming pool. So, it is important to design this area to be decorative and functional.

One thing you should do is to avoid the blue tiles. We do not need those kinds of brightness in this small backyard. 

This pool in small backyard looks like a water feature that makes a perfect focal point for such space. The still water offers a great reflection of the garden around it.

As you can see, the pool does not really take a lot of space, it stays in the center with double duty, like a pool and a decoration of the outdoors.

Blend a Plunge Pool

small swimming pool design

Any house with small backyards will need to check out plunge pool ideas for small backyard. It is definitely made for an outdoor area with limited space. 

This type is perfect to enjoy the summer right from your backyard. Eliminate the heat and cool waters from the pool.

Probably, you do not want to call it a swimming pool because it is a plunge. However, you can still do some exercises inside it. 

Try water joggings and aerobics. Then, install a Swim Jet System to complete the experience.

Further, this backyard pool is perfect for the small area. It comes with a marvelous quality and color range. 

Several types of plunge pools are available to check out. The first one is the Fiji which is perfect for a tiny backyard.

The second one is the Palladium which is bigger than Fiji. It comes with a flat bottom and ample seating.  

Make A Water Feature

A truly water feature is something that is designed only for the matter of decoration. Check out this amazing small backyard pool. 

It has a subtle feature as part of it. Thus, this combination will be something to draw attention to in your backyard.

This inspiration will be a great one to consider for your narrow outdoor area. Also, surround this water feature pool with a garden. 

The feature will give ease and elegance to the layout. It will make the area more relaxing and inviting.

Sitting in the backyard enjoying the outdoor while listening to the gurgling from the water feature is going to be so relaxing.

Use Dark Tiles

Instead of bright blue tiles, there are many other color choices you can pick. 

However, any color but blue would give a great influence on the space. For example, this small swimming pool has black tiles and it looks fine.

This one is a dramatic choice of pool coping ideas. The dark color is actually ideal for smaller pools. It is one way to make the space look deeper and bigger. 

Furthermore, the key to this successful backyard design is the contrast.

You will be okay as long as the dark tiles are balanced with brighter hues. As you can see, the pool makes a great contrast with the pale sandstone patio. The floor will be easier to be clean!

The tall architectural design of this house is just so unique and one of a kind.

Have Minimalist Industrial Style Pool in Small Backyard

Minimalist and industrial style is a great combo. Industrial will really fulfill the minimalist style. Check out this small urban garden. Judging by the looks, you can see 

This simple rectangle pool in small backyard is in line with minimalist style. 

The things around the pool have the right amount of industrial feel that would go well with the minimalist style.

Also, the position is an important part of designing a pool in the backyard. If you have it in the center, the space for a walk on the sides of the pool will be very limited. 

Besides, having the pool only on one side will be better and much more comfortable.

It is better to have it closer to the house, so you can have a lot of walking space on one side. Some furniture can be part of the pool.

Choose a Raised Pool

This small backyard has a small pool on the raised decking. This style of plunge pool can really add the desired function while still allowing a lot of space for beds, chairs, loungers, and even a lawn. 

Instead of covering the structure with tiles, this pool has white-painted plaster.

This above-ground pool in small backyard is such a great alternative that offers a different characteristic and impression to the backyard.

Moreover, it mirrors the house color scheme and looks very chic. 

Before you decide to have this one, consider the practicality and the overall look first. The design should be safe and suitable for the climate in your location. 

One last thing, it should also be durable. You can see this backyard is quite peaceful even though it’s still a small one.

Aim Up to The Edges

small above ground pools for small yards

If the space is very limited, you should think about getting the pool right on the edge of the house’s structure. 

You do not need to set up a pool with its own edged since it would take up more space. Just make use of the empty corners and fill them with water.

You can eliminate the feel of boxy in your swimming pool by adding some climbing plants to cover the corner wall space. 

It really gives a better view of the layout than an empty wall. The choice of colors used in both the wall and pool creates the allusion to larger space.

Well, that kind of climbing plant would take a lot of time to grow. Moreover, you need to clean up the leaves that fall on the water. 

However, it is a worthy consequence since you have a stunning view of a pool in such a tight space.

Have a Circular Pool Design

small swimming pool size for home

A circular pool option is definitely available to pick for your small backyard. This tiny feature of the outdoor is perfect for a space with a more natural, rustic feel. 

However, that kind of space will not be suitable for the rectangular kinds.

So, a circular pool becomes a great option to take. This shape is friendly with a small backyard since it doesn’t have corners. Indeed, a circular shape can only be a plunge pool.

This inspirational backyard idea has a lot of stones surrounding the pool. It blends well together and also adds some privacy in your yard with the elements around it.


hardscape pool ideas

The choice of a pool deck with pavers for the backyard space with a swimming pool is very important. It would be the hardscaping that takes a lot of space of your outdoors. 

Take a look at this garden scene from the view. It is very gorgeous, you can see the paving concept is so natural.

It is even better with all the dry garden. All the plants come in a good portion to ornate the space. The pool size is so narrow but it gives a larger effect to the entire backyard. 

From this point of view, you can see the pool looks like a blue carpet to walk on.

Beautiful Pool in Small Backyard Ideas

There are so many beautiful pool ideas that would be perfect for a small backyard. We have gathered several of the best picks that would inspire you for your space.

Small Square Pool

Square Pool

It is a perfect choice for tiny homes. This square pool will not be a place for swimming but it is big enough to sink your body in and have some relaxing time. 

It could also make a perfect jacuzzi in your backyard.

The square shape really complements the geometry of the house design. This modernist home becomes a nice contrast with the concrete structure of the pool.

Swim Spa Pool

Swim Spa Pool

If you have narrow space, a long rectangular pool will be perfect. This layout allows you to have an area for living and activity while still having a gorgeous pool. 

Right on the edge, you can see some steps inside the water. It creates a visual rhythm that echoes the shape of the backyard.

On each side of this backyard, there is a beautiful flower garden. It adds color and makes the space more enjoyable.

Small Staycation Pool

Small Staycation Pool

It looks like a small pool on a balcony. Right on one edge, there is a seating that gives a sense of furniture to the space. 

A bunch of pillows completes the relaxing atmosphere you can enjoy. This plunge pool definitely fits in any kind of outdoor space.

Half Wall for Privacy and Structure

Half Wall for Privacy and Structure

This swimming pool has a dramatic feature. The lighting can really make a big difference to your small yard. 

Besides, the half walls give the needed privacy that would add more value to the entire backyard. That kind of wall will not make the space feel boxed in.

Private and Elegant Pool

Private and Elegant

A small plunge pool seems to be able to fit in any kind of place. You can see this water feature is placed between two walls.

It has no grass, you can only see the filigreed wall that adds visual interest to the backyard.

Cozy Serenity

This pool has architectural fountains that make the space more and more interesting. It is such a great feature that makes the pool becomes an outstanding decor element. 

You can see this swimming pool has two kinds of shapes. It adds more area for walking while still giving a comfortable size for swimming activity.


Finally, a swimming pool is not only for houses with large backyards. Those ideas show that even though your space is limited, you can still install a pool in small backyard.

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