20 Delightful Scandinavian Coffee Table for Simple Home Decor


Nowadays, a Scandinavian coffee table has become the most popular furniture. With the simple shape, it is a great option for any kind of interior. 

Moreover, this type of table is perfectly suitable for a minimalist style.

Although this type of coffee table is not something new, it never feels old. Whatever interior you have, the existence of this coffee table is never going wrong. This coffee table can also be a portable tool you can bring while you are on a road trip adventure. You can place your drink from the travel cooler for a road trip and enjoy a time of relaxation.

However, you should know how this coffee table looks and what your consideration for this type of table is. 

These points become the most essential aspects before sending this never-old coffee table to your home. 

How a Scandinavian Coffee Table Looks Like

Although the name sounds unfamiliar, you might be familiar with its look. The Scandinavian table is usually made from natural materials with non-complex patterns. 

Also, there are some characteristics of Scandinavian-style tables.

Besides having natural materials, like the frequent use of wood, the Scandinavian coffee table is made from glass and other materials. 

The main characteristic of the Scandinavian style table is the color. It chooses bright colors which are perfectly fine for various types of interiors.

Since the table with this style will not clutter up, a Scandinavian side table is the best choice for limited space.

If you want to decorate your house, specifically for a certain room, you should know the concept that you want. 

Thus, it allows you to obtain the basic things easier to get the ornaments.

For the Scandinavian table itself, it is perfect for almost any type of concept. You can incorporate its materials to fit the concept well. 

Moreover, check the following ideas for a Scandinavian coffee table for your home decor.

Rounded Glass Coffee Table

Scandinavian Coffee Table

A scandinavian coffee table round is the most popular one. It is perfect for a small room or bedroom to give a spacious effect. Besides, this model applies to your Scandinavian coffee table.

For the glass material, it is recommended for the upper surface. It will be easier for you to add some ornaments to its top. 

Additionally, with a clear surface, it will give a natural and vintage vibe.

Meanwhile, you can take wood for the structure with light brown colors. The color will be softened combined with the upper surface glass. 

Hence, with this combination, you can place any type of sofa to complete your warm living room.

A Double Scandinavian Coffee Table

Scandinavian Coffee Table

A double round coffee table, in a simple way, is placing two round tables side to side. Some designers might place two round tables of different sizes. 

In contrast, you can also find two round tables of the same size placed side to side.

For general concepts, you might choose the same color in different size tables. It will help your spacious living room fill up in the right way. 

For instance, this table with 3 legs and a rounded surface is the most recommended one. 

It will not only fill the blank spot in your spacious room, but the two tables will let you have more space to place ornaments without thinking if it is possible to have tea time on it.

Mid century scandinavian coffee table

Simple Square Scandinavian Style of Coffee Table

A square table defines sharp and sleek looks. Therefore, if there is any more space, this model is the choice. 

Further, you can choose a square coffee table with a sharp or rounded edge. Both will not affect the decoration you chose.

You can find two types of this Scandinavian coffee table. For the simple one, the piece has four legs without any additional ornaments. 

Further, its darker colors still have light wooden vibes.

White and Yellowish Brown Colors of Scandinavian Style

White and Yellowish Brown Colors of Scandinavian Style

Nowadays, the table with Scandinavian design massively has white and yellowish-brown as the main concept.  

Although these combinations do not always define the style automatically, it is still worth the hype.

The white color should be for the surface and the yellowish-brown color perfect for the table legs. Also, this combination has simple and neutral looks. 

Therefore, people prefer to choose the table with Scandinavian style since it is easier to combine with various interiors.

Scandinavian Nesting Coffee Table Style

modern coffe table scndinavian

Different from a double coffee table, this two-tier table is connected. The shape is mostly round with four legs. 

Then, the first tier has a smaller size than the second tier. 

This style usually combines different materials like wood, glass, and metal. The surface for both tables might have different or the same materials. 

If you want to combine all the materials, choose glass for the first-tier surface and wood for the second-tier surface.

For the legs, metal is the recommended one. 

This material is strong enough as table legs. Moreover, it will also harmonize the concept of the Scandinavian look.

Raw Coffee Table for Farmhouse Concept

for Farmhouse Concept

This picture shows you a depiction of the characteristics of a Scandinavian coffee table that has neutral and natural looks at first sight.

Mostly the Scandinavian table will have wood as the main material. The type of wood might vary. 

So, if you like the farmhouse concept, the Scandinavian coffee table is possible to be included as the furniture. 

Then, you can custom the raw coffee table with raw wood. The texture of raw wood gives the natural look which is the main concept in farmhouse style. 

Just take a bar of wood and let the edge as it is. After that, furnish it and use metal as the legs.

Cool Scandinavian Coffee Table with Storage

Cool Scandinavian Coffee Table with Storage

If you have limited space in your house and want to make the most of it, the Scandinavian retro coffee table completed with storage is the best recommendation for you.

This coffee table has small but firm legs for each side. 

The storage is right under the surface which is a drawer. It can be a pull-out drawer, an open drawer, or both.

Further, its colors are various, but most of this style chooses the soft tone which is combined with neutral hues like white or black. 

Scandinavian coffee table set

Back to the Basic scandinavian

The first thing that you can do is go back to the basics and make it simple. Clear everything out then you will find where you have to place your Scandinavian coffee table.

Placement is the key and you have to make sure that the furniture and ornaments will not overlap each other. 

Thus, just focus on the function of each piece of furniture that you have.

Define the Sleek and Clean Lines

Define the Sleek and Clean Lines

The Scandinavian style is all about minimalism. From this key point, you may keep the concept look simple, clean but elegant at once.

However, do not give too much accent on your coffee table since it will distract the basic concept of Scandinavian style. 

It is better to have a coffee table by considering the wider angles, geometric shapes, and also simple cabinetry.

Keep It Neutral

scandinavian home

Scandinavian style has clean and unbiased looks. Thereupon, it is better to choose a neutral color as the base, especially for your coffee table.

You may combine the color base with other furniture in your room. Then, choose the coffee table with the shade of brown, grey, cream, beige, oatmeal, or ivory. 

After that, place your table in the center of the living room with the L-shape sofa.

Using the Shade and Light as Accent

Using the Shade and Light as Accent

Although the concept of Scandinavian style is as minimal as possible, you still have a chance to add the ornament and accent. 

Hence, you can choose to put the accent on your coffee table or place additional ornaments on it.

Moreover, add the deep blacks or whites as the accent, but make sure to scatter them perfectly. It can be on your wall mirror, cushions, vases, lamps, bedroom carpet, rugs, or even your coffee table legs.

New Materials for Perfect Texture

New Materials for Perfect Texture

Talking about the placement of a coffee table with Scandinavian style, you may choose the table first. Then, you can decide what to do next and how the other furniture will be. 

You have to make sure that you will not overboard on decorating your living room with this concept. If adding the ornaments does not work on your style, choose to highlight the textures.

Likewise, it can be ceramics, rattan, marble coffee table, weaving, and many more. 

You can mix and match any kind of material which have distinctive textures. Then, incorporate them with your coffee table and others.

Soft Touch with Textiles

Soft Touch with

If you already bought a scandinavian coffee table ikea formed by full wood, you do not need to worry about how to add the accent or texture to it.

The ornament that might work is adding the touch of textiles. For example, the textile ornament is a blanket, rug, or cushion. 

Otherwise, put the tablecloth on your coffee table. Still, the color shade should be neutral as its concept. This touch will keep your living room warm. 

Keep the Light Tone for Easy Match

Keep the Light Tone for Easy Match

The advantage of choosing the Scandinavian style for your living room is the easy match. It is only a combination of light and soft colors. 

It is better to choose furniture with a light tone. 

The color might probably not be the same but similar. You can match the tone for the big furniture with your coffee table.

Focus on Function and Shape

Focus on Function and Shape

Indeed, Scandinavian style is all about the neat and simple decor. Not only the design and color tone, but the function can also be the main key to choose and situate your coffee table.

If you like multifunctional furniture, the coffee table with storage is the recommended one. 

You will not only use it as a table in the middle of your living room or unfinished basement, but also use it as a mini-storage. 

Put Additional Tone

Put Additional Tone

If you already have a coffee table with a soft and neutral tone, the next step to do is to balance the tone. As mentioned previously, add the accent or ornaments for completing the decoration.

You can choose a plant for balancing the tone of your room. 

However, it only works for spacious rooms. If you have limited room, you can use the mini plants and place them on your coffee table.

Vintage scandinavian coffee table

Choosing the Complementary Pieces

It will take a lot of work if you buy the furniture separately. As a solution, you may choose a set of furniture from ikea coffee table.  

At least it consists of a table and sofa.

This matching table and sofa or chairs will be perfect to combine with a sideboard in the same tone. So, it will not put a lot of work.

Tips to Style Your Scandinavian Coffee Tables

While a Scandinavian coffee table alone might be able to make your living room appear more beautiful, complementing it with other adornments will not hurt.

For instance, you can throw in unexpected centerpieces or layer your table with different tablecloths to highlight the accent.

Furthermore, adding something like a pretty vas or dummy book can give a touch of beauty to your table as well.

  • Take advantage of a plant
Take advantage of a plant

Besides, you can count on an indoor plant as the additional tone for this style. You can take a big or small one to spice up your Scandinavian decor. 

You may feel free to find a plant with light or all green leaves to beautify your living space.

  • Play with Scale

Whether you have a large coffee table or a smaller one, making it the focal point of your living room is a must.

To make a statement, consider adding a big centerpiece that can emphasize this piece of furniture. Play with the scale by not taking the same size for all furniture too.

  • Utilize notable floor cushions

You may also combine a Scandinavian coffee table with floor cushions besides having a sofa or chairs. It will be more relaxing and natural but still neat. We pick our best car seat cushion for long distance driving for your road trip.

Finally, remember that before choosing this piece for your living room, you have to know whether you like the soft and simple style. 

Since a Scandinavian coffee table is more flexible to place in any kind of style, you should not find it hard to set up. 

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