Best Shelf Ideas for Bathroom


Choosing the right shelf ideas for bathroom can be the only solution for the messy and cluttered issue. Thus, you need a strategy to get everything well organized.

A shelf is one of the most common elements in the bathroom. It is used to store and display all the necessities. 

Then, you can install a shelf on any side of the wall to use up the space. Also, it will keep the stuff neat as well as display decor.

Further, many ideas are available in various sources. Well, you do not have to do that. We have gathered all the best ideas in one place. 

Therefore, you can just begin exploring and make the idea come true in your own bathroom afterward. Check out shelf ideas for bathroom!

The Best Shelf Ideas for Bathroom

These design ideas would really make a great addition to any bathroom. They offer both function and decoration. 

For example, a floating shelf above the toilet could give a nice accent to the bathroom wall as well as store all the knick-knacks.

For those who are looking for shelf ideas that would make their bathroom well organized and decorated, let us check Therefore, you can just begin exploring and make the idea come true in your own bathroom afterward. Check out these shelf ideas for bathroom!

Storage Below the Sink

small bathroom shelf ideas

Let us take a look at this stunning bathroom. The minimalist style is very obvious on this one. Furthermore, it comes with a lot of space for all the things you need. 

As you can see, the floating shelf is installed right under the vanity.

Hence, you can store all the bathroom essentials on it. In this case, the designer only put a few towels to make it look neat and match the color scheme. 

Also, there is more available space for other items. If you need something to be out of sight, the vanity is back with seamless drawers right above the bathroom shelf unit.

Meanwhile, a double mirror and the three light fixtures really complete the setup for this space. The combination of white marble, the black floor, and the wooden slat wall ceiling is full of charm.

Shelf in Vanity Cabinet

bathroom shelf organizer

This bathroom is so full of fun patterns. Some people would enjoy the vibe. Meanwhile, others might feel uncomfortable with those whimsical patterns in the entire space. 

However, this room is still really as charming as you see.

Let us focus on the open shelf within the cabinet. It is not something apart from the furniture. Some classic vanity designs have both closed and open cabinets. 

So, do not leave it empty. Fill the storage space with all the essentials.

In this case, the space is already full of decorative patterns. Leaving the shelves empty is recommended since you do not need to add any more. 

Additionally, this vanity cabinet can be an inspiration for your bathroom or powder room.

Window Sill Space

floating shelves bathroom ideas

Instead of having lots of things on the wall, just leave it alone. You can use the other horizontal surfaces available in the bathroom. 

One of the spaces to check out is your windowsill. It is perfect if you have a box bay window which gives more additional spaces. Also, that tight space can be an alternative shelf.

Try leaning a framed picture and flower vase-like you see in the picture. Without a window blind or a curtain, you can still have something to cover up the lights. 

Besides, it decoratively adds some privacy you need.

The flower vase comes with a little flower. It really adds a burst of energy. In addition, you can have a hook instead of the shelf on the wall. 

Moreover, it is very functional to hang the towel or clothes. One of the reasons you do not have to install any other things on the wall is because of the size of this bathroom.

A plain wall without decoration can give a sense of space with the brightness or reflection it gets.

Floor-To-Ceiling Cubbies

bathroom shelves for towels

A shelf in a form of cubbies is a good addition to any space, including the bathroom. This small bathroom does not have any cabinets. 

Beside the sink vanity, it only has a bench, some hooks, and cubbies on top.

Thereupon, placing the open shelves up high is necessary. It is great for the visual effect of the space. 

Meanwhile, the bench makes a great seating area and farmhouse laundry room

You can reach the towels anytime you need them. If you are not tall enough, a bench will always be there to help.

Once again, this bathroom does not have drawers and cabinets. Instead, it has cubbies which add a more interesting aesthetic. 

Besides, you can see a few baskets right under the sink to hide the essentials.

Even though this bathroom is very small, it does not feel like one. Thanks to the wall-to-wall mirror that absorbs all the lights and gives the allusion of space.

Right Above the Sink

Right Above the Sink

Previously, you have seen a shelf right above the sink or vanity. You may try another style with this idea. 

Additionally, there is a floating shelf right above the sink. It comes in a form of little rectangular glass with a metal structure.

It is installed right under the oval-shaped mirror. In this case, the shelf is there for decoration purposes. You can put a little plant on it to add life to your vanity scene. 

Besides, any small knick-knacks can be there for a while. However, it does not mean that you can add more shelves or store a lot of things there. 

If the shelf is the only storage you have, just put anything as needed. Make sure they are well organized and neat.

Shelf Over the Toilet

Shelf Over the Toilet

Obviously, this shelf concept is quite common in bathrooms, especially the small ones. A wall space right above the kitchen is often left empty. 

If you have limited space, you should use this up for storing all the knick-knacks.

On this shelf over the toilet, it looks like a ladder. The paint color is matched with the toilet and wainscoting. 

Moreover, a great thing about this shelf is its portability. Move it to any place as needed.

However, it is still steady enough for accommodating all the essentials for your bathroom activity. AS you can see, the toilet is placed right beside the vanity. 

So, you can use the shelf as the second vanity storage.

Floating Shelf Right Next to The Tub

Floating Shelf Right Next to The Tub

Take a look at this freestanding tub. This item has a small floating shelf right next to it. 

Furthermore, it is so useful for your knick-knacks. While enjoying the tub, sometimes people like to use their phones.

Well, the shelf would be very functional for that. The owner can put the phone on the shelf to keep it dry. 

Hence, you do not need to take up another space for extra storage. It is all you need for the bathtub in this kitchen.

On the other side of the room, there is a walk-through closet to the bathroom to put all the essentials. 

Remember, a small laundry room shelving should always be the second storage. The main one has to be an actual cabinet.

Clever Pieces of Bamboo

Clever Pieces of Bamboo

Check out these clever pieces of bamboo wood. They are actually a frame for the mirror. This item comes with a floating shelf attached to it. 

Thus, it is very useful for your vanity. You can fill the shelf with any decor item you want or small bathroom knick-knacks.

In this case, the little bonus shelf is taken by accent lighting that doubles as cheeky art. The natural yellow color of the bamboo is quite a highlight of this bathroom. 

Moreover, the gold-colored faucet on the sink is a complement to the bamboo hue. Add a little plant to echo the natural atmosphere made by the bamboo’s existence.

Shower Nooks as Shelf

Shower Nooks as Shelf

If you design a shower space in your bathroom, make sure to install nooks. These shower shelf ideas are very practical to hold the care products you will use during the shower. 

Also, these nooks can make a great decor space for your bathroom scene. A closed walk-in shower

would be a different case.

The nooks will make sure the space looks clean and sleek. 

As you can see, this luxurious blue bathroom has three nooks with curved edges. It matches perfectly with the hexagonal tiles. 

The edges are quite simple but it makes a big statement for the scene.

This unique blue bathroom is designed by the infamous Justine Blakeney. A touch of gold accents is the biggest why this space looks so authentic.

Washstands with Bottom Shelf

Washstands with Bottom Shelf

Instead of having a classic vanity, you can opt for a washstand. It is more friendly to small rooms and it does not take much visual space. 

Choose the one that is made of metal and has a deep bottom shelf like this one.

You can use the space with a bunch of florals and essentials. The shelf beneath the sink will be available for something bigger. 

Besides, leave it empty and put everything in the closed cabinet. That would be fine because the washstand design gives you a nice industrial look.

Additionally, the washstand surely becomes the focal point of the bathroom.

Tiny Corner Floating Shelves in Shower

Tiny Corner Shelves in Shower

For those who do not have time to install nooks in the shower space, you can have this instead. It is an easy-to-install stainless steel corner shelf ideas for bathroom. 

It is a functional element to store all hair and body care products.

You can attach the product to the wall by using glue or screws. It is a simple solution of storage for anywhere in the bathroom. 

Then, buy these floating shelves bathroom ideas for affordable prices both online and offline stores.

Folding Table and Shelf

Folding Table and Shelf

A folding table is a space-saving element that many people admire. It is very useful whenever you need it. 

You can fold it back in and get the space back in no time. This solution works great for small bathrooms.

There is no need to have a vanity with large counters. Instead, just have it for the sink space and a folding table right next to it. 

Sometimes, you just need a bigger table but a vanity space is not big enough and it has a sink. When you are not using the table, there is still a shelf space for openly storing your stuff.

Blending Mounted-Wall Shelf

Blending Mounted Wall Shelf

It is one of the practical shelf ideas for bathroom you can make right away. The concept is to have a simple wall-mounted display rack above the toilet. 

This shelf allows you to hide away all the essentials from sight.

The point is the blending color. It has the same dark color as the background wall. The blending color gives you a sense of floating to all the storage items. 

Moreover, the blending of dark elements gives an illusion of a bigger space.

The contrast color between the items and the dark background does not make them feel overwhelming. It eliminates all the cluttered made by the shelf itself.

Built-In Shelves on Wall

Built In Shelves on Wall

This bathroom has some built-ins on the wall. Basically, the floating bathroom shelves in this vanity space do not take any wall space. 

However, it becomes part of the wall. The advantage of having this shelf storage is its sturdiness.

It would be strong enough to handle a lot of things since the wood structure is built inside a concrete wall. 

Well, the space is not big enough for a lot of things. Although, it makes a great feature to add character and color to the white wall.

Storage Shelf Above the Bathroom Door

Storage Shelf Above the Bathroom Door

This is quite a unique solution of shelf ideas for bathroom. If you prefer storing some things invisibly, this is the shelf to install. The shelf is placed right above the entrance door of your bathroom.

It is made of cut-to-size plywood and some brackets. Store your closet supplies and other things up there. Nothing would disturb its position.

Can I put shelves in a bathroom?

The answer is yes! Adding shelves to a bathroom can be both functional and decorative. Shelves are perfect for stowing away toiletries, towels, linens, and other items that would otherwise take up countertop or drawer space.

Not only will they help keep your bathroom clutter-free, but they can also add visual interest to an otherwise plain wall or corner. There are many styles of shelves available on the market today—from floating wood shelves to wire baskets hung from the wall—so there’s sure to be something that fits with your existing decor.

Where do you put shelves in a small bathroom?

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for shelves, consider adding them above the toilet or on an empty wall behind the door. Above-the-toilet shelving is great for storing towels and other items without taking up too much floor space. Hanging a shelf behind the door offers additional storage without creating clutter in an already tight area. You may also choose to add recessed shelving into existing walls as this will provide more storage without making your bathroom feel cramped or cluttered.

Are floating shelves weak?

The strength of floating shelves all depends on what material they are made of. Generally, if the shelf is made from solid wood or laminate-covered particle board, it can be strong enough to hold up heavier items such as books or DVDs.
However, if the shelf is made out of hollow MDF (medium density fiberboard) then it might not be able to support much weight at all. To ensure that your floating shelves are strong enough for whatever you need them for, make sure you inspect them before using them.

What should you not store in a bathroom?

However, there are certain things that should not be stored in a bathroom. From hygiene products that can spoil to items that can create a safety hazard, here is what you should not store in your bathroom.
First and foremost, medications should never be stored in the bathroom. Due to high humidity levels, medicines may become damaged or less effective when exposed to moisture for extended periods of time. Similarly, makeup and other hygiene products such as perfumes and moisturizers should also not be kept in the bathroom due their susceptibility to spoilage from heat and moisture accumulation.

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