20+ Adorable Side Yard Ideas Make Outdoor Space with Style


The side yard ideas might become your last consideration when remodeling an outdoor landscape or garden. 

Since this space is mostly small and narrow, it is pretty understandable if you think that way.

Furthermore, with some creativity and a little effort, you can turn this narrow space into a gorgeous, practical part of your landscape. 

If you are not convinced yet, the following information will make you think twice about overlooking your side yard. Check out these small side yard landscaping ideas!

Incorporate Rainforest Vibes

Side Yard Ideas

This rainforest-inspired walkway will make you feel like walking in the jungle with big trees and greenery. 

Likewise, a large, easy-to-navigate pathway makes this side yard seem more inviting and manageable. 

You can feel free to add any fern or palm to promote the rainforest vibes. Vary your choice of vegetation in terms of colors so that the walkway will appear more interesting. 

Create a Relaxation Spot

relax spot backyard

Turn the unused space alongside your home into a relaxation spot that everyone can enjoy. Then, add a durable outdoor couch and coffee table to give this area extra functions.

To make it more comfortable for an afternoon conversation with your family on the weekend, there is a wood-burning fireplace to warm you up.

Moreover, add privacy in this one of the side yard ideas by growing ferns that can cover the fence. 

If you do not have much room for adding outdoor furniture, simply make it into a tranquil walkway that allows you to get relaxed when walking there.

Consider Side Yard Garden Design Ideas That Your Children Love

Playing outside is a critical part of children’s development. Hence, if there are kids in your home, you can consider turning the side yard area into a place where they can play freely.

Luckily, you can easily create a fun and engaging side yard play area no matter what the budget is. From hanging a swing in the nearby tree to creating a DIY wood climbing tower, your options are limitless.

Also, you can ask your kids’ opinions regarding these side yard ideas and if they have anything to include in the landscape later.

Create a play area

shady side yard ideas

This picture shows a great example of a side yard play area. With a plastic slide, a tiny house, and a small tent, it will appear like a mini playground that is located right beside your home. 

The wooden fence is pretty high to make sure that something like a ball will not go outside the play area if your kids love to throw it randomly. 

Besides, it ensures privacy and does not bother the neighbors. 

Additionally, to make the play area even fancier, there are some decorative stickers on the fence and a few artificial flowers on the pathway.

Install a Painting Board on the Fence

large side yard ideas

If you prefer budget-friendly side yard ideas that your kids will love, simply mount a painting board on the fence. 

You do not need to frame the board to save more money. Otherwise, if you want to make it look more creative, try to cut it into another shape instead of the common rectangular one.

Further, it makes a good idea to add a small sandbox under the board’s area as well for additional attractions.

Build a Long and Narrow Garden Bed

cheap side yard ideas

Side yard landscaping ideas are not only for those who have large spaces. Also, you can spruce up your narrow landscape to liven up your outdoor area.

To suit the available space, build a long and narrow garden bed along the fence. Then, plant a range of different shrubs, especially the skinny species that grow vertically. 

This way, your narrow bed will appear more spacious. Besides, consider climbing perennials and let them grow on your fence.

Set Up a Comfy Outdoor Waterfall

outdoor space with style

Take your side yard ideas to the next level by incorporating an outdoor shower for more calming bathing.

You just need to make sure that your exterior walls are high enough to ensure the privacy of this outdoor shower. You can also add temporary above ground pool on your side yard.

Then, add some tropical plants or orchid flower around the bathing area to promote a natural soothing mood.

Hang a Hammock

lot side yard ideas

Rather than the usual outdoor furniture like a bench and sofa, you probably want to add a more exceptional yet comfortable piece like a hammock.

This idea is perfect if there are some sturdy trees along your side yard. However, you can go for the standalone hammock chair as an alternative. 

More interestingly, the standalone variety allows you to move the hammock easily to anywhere you like around the yard.

Go Vertical with Your Plants

Go Vertical with Your Plants

To complement your contemporary home design, you may love to use hardscaping pavers for driveway or walkway, particularly ones that come with geometric accents.

Thus, utilize vertical planters to alleviate the design of the pavement and to save some space in your yard.

Shady Side Yard

Achieve That Elegant Look

Do you want to make your side yard look imposing and elegant at the same time? Recreate the look of this outdoor space by including a brick paver walkway in the landscape design. 

At the end of the walkway, you can situate a wooden bench along with the outdoor scandinavian cofee table to let you enjoy the striking surrounding. 

Additionally, if you prefer the side yard ideas to look more casual, consider incorporating a row of flowering plants on the bed.

Grow Your Favorite Vegetables Side Garden

Grow Your Favorite Vegetables Side Garden

Are you looking for side yard ideas that can accommodate your daily cooking needs? Hence, try to create a vegetable bed along with this space and turn it into your veggie garden.

In case you only have limited space, create a long, narrow raised bed to grow your vegetables. To plant creeper vegetables, add something for the plants to climb. 

Rather than a carpet of exposed grass, you can incorporate stepping stones to make it easy for you to walk and grab your vegetables. 

Add a Functional Shed

Add a Functional Shed

Adding a functional shed is another one of the best side yard ideas that you can take into account. 

It allows you to have extra storage for your garden tools or any other things that need to be stored when not in use.

Then, make the shed bigger if you need an additional storage solution to keep your outdoor furniture during harsh weather. 

Create a Side Yard Patio

Side Yard Patio

You deserve a perfect outdoor gateway that you can access right outside your door. Therefore, make this special space come true by transforming your side yard into a functional patio area.

The patio surface is in brick, offering a warm and rustic flair to this outdoor area. Besides, you can see how natural it looks to be the background of the black steel furniture.

Since this side yard is not that spacious, going vertical with the greenery is indeed a wise choice. As a result, you can have much space for the seating area to accommodate more people.

Large Side Yard

Second living area side yard

This is another one of the side yard ideas to recreate if you need a space to chill out during the warm summer days.

A set of natural wooden chairs and a coffee table stand out against the concrete patio. 

Further, with a green garden as the backdrop, this outdoor living space can provide a calming atmosphere to your home.

If you do not keep the outdoor furniture on the patio all year round, consider sparing enough space in your garage or house to store the units during extreme weather.

Add a Pergola

side yard pergola

Adding a pergola in your side yard will allow you to turn this exposed space into a cool, breezy pathway. Also, make it more eye-catching by growing vines or flowers to cover the ceiling. 

This way you will have a more private space that is shady enough to have relaxing dining with family or friends.

Create a Lush Garden Path

Create a Lush Garden Path

Having a tiny side yard should not stop you from being creative. Thus, make this fairy garden path come true by growing a variety of plants along the walkway. 

The plants that encroach on the pathway make this side yard looks more natural. Meanwhile, the flowering trees and chinese elm bonsai plants add beauty to this narrow side yard.

To get a lush shade that allows you to walk conveniently in this side yard, you may like to add a wooden pergola and let the climbing tree cover it.

Recreate Forest Beauty

Recreate Forest Beauty

If you love to garden, this one of the side yard ideas must be something easy to recreate. At first glance, you may think that the forest has taken over this space. 

Take a look closer and you will notice how the trees, the stone pathway, and the plant bed are seamlessly maintained. 

For a wilder touch, consider growing a wide variety of plant types and do not grow them in such neat rows instead of planting matching greeneries as shown above.

Include Tropical Plants In Narrow Side Yard

Include Tropical Plants

Are you living in a warm climate? If so, do not hesitate to make the most of its temperature to grow a variety of tropical plants in your side yard.

Allow the vibrant shades of the tropical plants like venus fly trap to turn your side yard into a thrilling pathway of the jungle. The lush greenery may make you feel like you are walking as a jungle explorer. 

Moreover, create this side yard design to link your front yard to your outdoor living area in the backyard and get your visitors to explore this little tropical forest.

Incorporate Water Features 

Incorporate Water Features

Get the best of your side yard ideas by concealing a small seating spot at one end. Turn it into a hidden surprise by filling your space with a range of different plants. 

Furthermore, if you have a spare budget, adding a fountain or other water springs in the landscape design must be even more perfect. 

Take your guests for a walk and they may feel like discovering a secret garden sanctuary in your yard.

Simple Landscape for a Narrow Side Yard

Simple Landscape for a Narrow Side Yard

When it comes to the small side yard, opting for something simple will never go wrong. Therefore, add some seasonal perennials and a built-in grass planter in your design for a natural look.

Instead of something pricey like those large concrete pots, you can consider using DIY wooden planters that match the tall fence.

Opt for a Zen-inspired Design

Zen inspired Design sideyard

Will your visitors walk through the side yard to get into the backyard? Then, you need to turn this narrow space into something that can amaze the guests.

You can build a simple walkway that gives out that relaxing vibes with this Zen-inspired design. 

Additionally, exotic plants, asymmetrical stepping stones, and a natural wooden fence set a comforting tone in this side yard.

Create into a Backyard Substitute 

Create into a Backyard Substitute

If you do not have any backyard, feel free to transform a narrow yard beside your home into a space that serves a similar purpose. 

You do not have to fill the space with grass if it is not your style. Alternatively, you can introduce greeneries by adding some potted plants that can soften the look of the pathway.

This one of the side yard ideas is unexpectedly inviting and cozy. 

Also, you can even include a dining table and cushioned bench into the plan to get the most of this gorgeous outdoor area.

Walkable Outdoor Space


Although it appears pretty simple, this side yard design can add appeal to your outdoor space. 

Likewise, the pathway uses different sizes of stones that are arranged perfectly to lead into the backyard garden.

Unlike some of the previous ideas, it features shrubs and perennials on one side of the edge only while the rest is left without a flower bed.

Make sure to mow the grass regularly, particularly the exposed one if you want to keep the neat and straightforward look.

Add Magical Vibes

bamboo side yard

Turn the disadvantage of a narrow side yard into something advantageous by growing bamboos along the walkway. 

Thanks to its growing habit, bamboos are perfect for a small side yard since they will not cover your entire space with their leaves. 

Besides, these tall trees can add a magical flair into the area too.

As you can see above, the bamboos transform this narrow side yard into a secret forest walkway that leads to a hidden fountain. 

All in all, side yards are not only a space that connects your front yard and backyard, but these narrow spaces can also serve other functions if you design them right. 

You can use the above side yard ideas to challenge yourself from transforming this narrow strip into something charming and functional. 

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