15+ Attractive Wood Slat Wall Ideas


Slat wall ideas will be a great DIY project. Whether it is for a house, hotel, or office, this feature becomes quite a trend lately. 

A wooden slat has become so popular. Furthermore, it would make an impact on any room style, both horizontally and vertically.

So, what a slat wall is all about? What could it bring to the layout of your rooms? Why do people really want it in their space? Check out this compilation of slat wall ideas!

What is Slat Wall?

A slat wall is a building material that is well known because of its horizontal and vertical grooves. 

Further, it comes in many kinds of forms. They could be wall panelings or just a free-standing element.

A slat wall feature can be updated according to your needs. If you want it to display something, add some shelves to it. 

Interestingly, it can be done in minutes. Therefore, the slat wall is very popular in the world of home design.

Basically, it is just a feature wall with horizontal and vertical strips of wood that goes from wall to wall or ceiling-to-floor. 

Usually, it will be from half to 2 inches wide. Normally, it goes less than the width of the strips. Moreover, the gaps are crucial because it avoids it from looking uniform.

The vertical slat wall ideas become the most common ones, you can also pick the horizontal form if you want.

How to Install Slat Wall

There are a lot of ways you can go with wood slat wall ideas. For instance, one way is to attach them to the walls to create wooden surfaces. 

You can attach one to the plywood vertical board. After that, utilize screws to stick it to the wall. This definitely makes a wall panel.

Otherwise, you can choose the most common way to install a slat wall. 

You can glue the slats to the wall with adhesive for construction. Just run a thin bead on the slat then use a laser level to attach it. 

Moreover, if you want it to be extra secured, a brad nailer will be needed.

As a finishing touch, use a filler to fill up the nail holes. After that, just paint the plank to the desired color or finish. 

It is just the common way to create a stunning wood accent for your wall.

Choosing the Wood

Well, there are a lot of types of wood that you can use as the main material for slat wall ideas.

Likewise, all of them have their own characteristic, color, and durability. Then, choosing the wood material should be based on the budget.

If you have a pretty big budget for the feature, you do not mind spending a lot of money on natural hardwood. 

You can purchase precut wood strips for easy installation. Meanwhile, for those who have a tight budget, you can get the strips from a plywood board.

Cut the board into strips using a miter saw. It is the cheaper version of slatt wall ideas. 

There other materials that would also work well are reclaimed wood and a pallet. However, you have to sacrifice the finished product.

Where to Install Slat Wall

After knowing how the slat wall is formed, you now understand the opportunities you get to install it anywhere you want in your house. 

The most common purpose of having a slat wall is as a room divider.  Therefore, a dining room is often separated from the living room.

Some homeowners decided to have it in their bedroom as an accent wall. Sometimes, this item goes with an integrated frame of the bed. 

These decorative elements go perfectly inside your unfinished basement or small man cave!

Besides for interior, a wood slat can make a perfect garden feature too. It would offer a modern feel to the outdoor space.

It can even make a great planter to function in the garden. Also, you can find some slat wall ideas for laundry or garage. 

You will give a modern feel to a cool space like that. So, it is about time to explore some creative slat wall ideas to inspire you.

Outdoor Wood Slat Wall

vertical slat wall ideas

Let us start with a slat wall for the outdoor space. This one definitely makes a great accent for the exterior. 

At this point of view, it is nothing but a decoration. Furthermore, it really adds some curb appeal to the house from the outside.

Additionally, that gorgeous slat wall concept gives your building a facelift. The pattern of slat wood goes well with the red brick wall

Meanwhile, the darker brown hue makes a big statement to the scene. If you want to add more characteristics, try to grow some climbing plants on this slat wall.

How about a non-brick wall? Is still gonna look this good? This slat-wall can also be applied in a different section of your outdoor areas like a sideyard or modern front porch.

Definitely, this slat wall idea would be great on any vertical surface. You just have to adjust the type of wood and the color.

Corner Slat Wall Ideas

slat wall ideas garage

Check out this interesting corner accent wall. It is painted in a black color that goes in contrast with the pure white one. 

Moreover, it gives the room a new look. Instead of having the wood slat in its original wood color, the homeowner decided to paint the wall entirely.

The accent wall eliminates the wood charm from the slats but it makes an outstanding accent to the corner.

Now, this spot becomes dark but it is still in line with the color scheme. The white walls give the brightness that it needs.

Add a comfy chair right in that corner, it would be a great chair for taking some rest or enjoying a good book. 

The orange-colored leather is bright enough to maintain the focal point of this space. 

Wood Slat Headboard

slat headboard

If you do not need a room divider and a wall accent for any space, you can have a wood slat as a headboard in the bedroom. 

It will be installed horizontally right on one edge of the bed. This layout has a rustic feel that turns an ordinary bedroom into a special one.

A few items on the wall to maintain the rustic charm is needed on the wall. So, it is not left empty. Thus, this would be a great slat wall ideas for the next DIY project at home.

Vertical Slat Wall Divider

slat wall storage ideas

This form becomes one popular choice. The concept of a modern wood slat accent wall does make a great room divider. 

Attach this slat wall in the center of open space to separate one room from another. Hence, there will be some needed privacy in each room.

To apply this concept, there are two techniques. You can choose to have the wood slat color in line with the other elements. 

Otherwise, you can make it the focal point by going in another direction. This living room, for example, has a lightly stained wood slat to the staircase.

The color of the wood matches the couch and the brick accent wall in this room. This slat-wall idea makes a great partial space separator for living rooms.

Horizontal Wood Slat Wall

Horizontal Wood Slat Wall

Unlike the headboard wood slat, this office has a different version of a horizontal accent wall. This pattern design would fit in any room. 

Further, this interesting feature adds some character to the office. Instead of having a plain surface, the texture from the slat wall makes the space more alive.

The combination of blue, white, and wooden floors gives a soothing atmosphere. It can affect the mood of your working time. 

This office would be ideal for everyone who wants to focus on work while still being enjoyable.

It can definitely decrease the amount of stress of working. That big window adds a lot of light to the space. 

Besides, it reflects the bright blue of the wood slate wall right in front of the workstation. Painting the slat wall is recommended since you already have a wood element on the floor.

Natural Wood Accent Wall

slat wall storage ideas

The feeling of nature is all over this room. It dominates the whole space on one wall of the room. Likewise, it is surely a statement-making accent wall. 

The homeowner really knows what this room needs. Without the full slat feature, this room does not have a characteristic.

As you can see, the accent wall brings the area to an entirely new dimension. The gray and white scheme makes a perfect background for the feature. 

It also becomes a perfect background to set up a hygge living room with comfy seating.

In the center of the wood slat, there is a mirror. It is to create space and break the view a little bit. So, the room would still be comfortable for everyone.

Decorative Slat Wall Art

If you have no intention to have a slat wall installed as a big part of the space, you can choose to have it as a decoration for your wall. 

Pay attention to this decorative wall art. Interestingly, you will only need five strips of wood to make this.

This DIY project would transform an empty wall into something more valuable. Also, this slat wall idea looks so impressive. 

Furthermore, you can add some ornaments to the feature and make it goes in line with the other elements in the room like slat wall storage ideas.

In this exercise corner, you can see the wood slat is filled with some faux leaves. That is a classic way to decor a wooden feature. 

It makes the wall art looks more alive. However, you can also leave it a plant. It still has the natural pattern to impress.

Full Slat Wall to Ceiling

Full Slat Wall to Ceiling

Check out this luxurious slat wall idea. It has two sets of slat walls in the living room. They become the background for the entertainment center.

Look! The slat wall comes in brown and white. The white one is left plain and textured. Light it up with an LED, it would become dramatic.

The dark wood slat wall is just suitable for the TV. So, you do not get a distraction with the brightness. Both of the slat walls go right up the ceiling. 

It is such a fantastic addition to any room.

Sliding Door Slat

Sliding Door Slat

Instead of a wall, this wooden slat is used as both, a divider and its door. It creates a living room with a little bit of privacy. 

It is like a special space for gathering. You can close the divider whenever you need. Well, the type of wood for this concept needs to be chosen carefully.

The quality of wood should be solid and strong enough to maintain the build. If necessary, you can have it in a steel frame. 

So, you do not have to be concerned about durability and strength anymore.

The way the wooden slat divider opens is another thing to mention. This sliding system allows the room to have more floor space. 

If you do not want it to have a sliding door, you can just leave it as a divider, that would be great too.

Slat Wall White Oak

Slat Wall White Oak

This slat wall idea is a bit different compared to the others above. It is a great addition to the modern home. 

Further, it is made of white oak. The wood strips are wider. 

Then, the homeowner decided to fill it up with some shelves and holders. It makes a good slat wall storage ideas.

Also, it gives more opportunity to dress up the entire slat wall divider. The wood color is in line with the ceiling. 

It is like being a part of the ceiling that goes onto the floor. You can put some of your collectibles on the shelves.

TV and other entertainment sources would make a perfect background for living room necessities. This idea could also be a great garage slat wall ideas.

In Closing

Finally, those slat wall ideas would make a difference to any of your rooms. You can decide which one to pick to add value and introduce a new character to the layout.

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