8 Fresh & Simple Study Room Design Tips


Looking for a simple study room design? As a student, you need a great mindset and motivation while studying. So, a great space surrounding you is what you need. Therefore, having a fresh study room design that is easy on the eyes and that you enjoy will help encourage your process of finishing up pending work. Also, starting with a new atmosphere will make you feel comfortable and accomplish many things.

Then, what is the better way than freshening up your study room? So, it’s time to get up and spruce up your studying area to boost productivity and creativity when doing your assignments. Here are a few tips that can help you get started on freshening and livening up your study space!

Simple Study Room Design Tips

Check out easy tips to make your study room look fresh:

Lighting is Key

Study Room Design

Lighting is essential as you would want the ambiance of your study area to be light and bright. If the lighting is dark and dim, it automatically affects your mood and productivity. Plus, you are constantly doing something such as reading and doing work, so it’s better not to strain your eyes in the dark while doing something.

Setting a tall lamp to brighten up your room and a short one for your study table will enhance the room’s look and brightness. The type of lamp must be overhead so whatever you are looking for is shown clearly. You can survey and observe what kind of light color suits you, whether it is amber or white colored, the choice is yours.

Choose the Right Color

right color for study room

The color you choose for your study room acts like the foundation of the design and aesthetic of the space. Whatever you choose must resonate with what you like and how it will impact you once it is painted. Instead of choosing your favorite color, take a look around and see if it will make you feel good later on when you are studying.

Earthy colors such as blue, green, and yellow give off a calm atmosphere as it is easy on the eyes. However, light colors such as white or beige present a clean and tidy look which many people commonly use. Finding a color combination that you think will look good together is also a great idea as you create something custom.

Greenery for the Eyes

Greenery for the Eyes

Start by including indoor plants for your study space as it serves as a visual aspect, a decoration, and excellent benefits. It has been proven that looking at plants or anything green helps relax your eyes after studying or looking at your device for a long time. Moreover, plants also help decrease your anxiety and clean the air around you, removing toxic pollutants and increasing productivity.

There are many indoor plant varieties and sizes; you can choose whatever fits your space best as it brings the outdoor feel in, and you will feel calmer when looking at it. However, if you don’t want to take care of a plant, a great option would be to invest in an air purifier. Your study room needs to be a space where you can breathe after sitting for a while, and the device will assist you in circulating the air and cleaning it.

The Right Gadget and Supplies

When studying, you want a device that has everything and can hold everything you are doing, learning, or studying. As students, we have many assignments and extra curriculum on the side, so we recommend a device with functional specifications, such as an HP laptop. To have an excellent study setup, the items you use must be good to help you as a student who is constantly doing things.

Moreover, having a stationary supply on your table is essential as you will reach out for it many times to jot down notes immediately. It is accessible to you as you have everything on hand, making it feel like your own space. You can buy cute pencil holders of your choice and arrange all your stationery however you want. So, go ahead and get all the things for your study table set up!

Great Sound System

Simple Study Room Design ideas

Want to improve your study environment and make your room feel more significant? Then we suggest implementing speakers in your study room. It produces brighter and clearer sounds and enhances your learning experience as the sound resonates within your space, making it more interactive. The sound distribution will encompass you and make you feel more focused and in tune with what you are doing.

There are many great speakers on the market, such as Bose speakers, with excellent features and specifications that can amp up your surroundings. You can play different sounds to put you in the zone while studying. It is important to make your environment as lovely as it is because you will be doing work, and a great arrangement will benefit you.

Stay Organized with Storage

organizer for study room

A storage system is a must if you want items placed and put away neatly. Students often have a lot of papers, files, and documents they printed, and putting them all in one place will create a mess and clutter. The abundance can also happen with books, making your space look less inviting over time. Understandably, students experience stress and chuck everything away, especially if it is overwhelming.

However, finding the best organization that works for you will slowly help reduce the mess. You can purchase storage bins and drawers and categorize them, making things more efficient for you to grab. Later on, it will naturally become your habit to put items away neatly and always end up with a clean and tidy study room.

Art for Aesthetics

A room is not complete until some form of art is put up or hung, as it will liven up the room with different pictures and patterns you love. Adding a piece of art can make your study room feel more personalized, like your own touch sprinkled throughout the space. Your study space can also feel more stylish and gives you great motivation when you are about to start studying. In addition, you can also put in a few photos of you and the people you love to be comfortable and safe while doing your work.

Don’t Overcrowd

As much as it is nice to have many pretty things on your desk, eventually, it will look crowded, which can look like a chaotic mess. Over time it won’t be pleasing to the eyes, so only place essential things or items you commonly gravitate towards. All you need in your desk area is a comfortable chair to sit on for long periods, your gadgets, and a few decorations. So, you can adjust the items on your desk and find something that works for you, and it will be your ultimate study room.

To sum it up, your study room should be an enjoyable space for you to do assignments and get tasks done because it’s where you will spend a lot as a student. Use these tips to help change the atmosphere and freshen up the look of your study space. Make it as comfortable as possible; it is a place for you to be creative and proactive!

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