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If you are Asian or European, the best travel bidet is necessary for traveling abroad. For everyday bidet lifestyle people, live without it, make your travel experience less complete. Besides, a portable bidet can also be used if you are new and trying to experience this before attaching the permanent device to your bathroom.

You can find different types of portable bidets on the market, starting from manual, electric, or USB powered. Our team of traveler sorts and compile the best travel bidets into different kind of categories depending on your needs.

Our lists of Best Travel Bidet

  1. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet (Best Manual Travel Bidet)
  2. Meidong Portable Travel Electric Bidet (Best Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer)
  3. Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette (Best USB Powered PortableTravel Bidet)
  4. TUSHY Travel Bidet Classic 2.0 (Best Portable Bidet Toilet Seat)
  5. toto Portable Bidet (Best High Pressure Portable Bidet)

While choosing the best travel bidet, you should identify your needs and understand where will you travel to. Are you going camping? Off-grid? or backpacking to cities? Then you can choose whether you need the one that is able to contain more water to compact in size. Our team of travelers does an individual travel accessories review on each category of the best travel bidet. Check that out!

1. Best Manual Travel Bidet

(Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet)

Best Manual Travel Bidet: Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet
What We Like:
  • Soft squeeze bottle
  • 400ml water capacity
  • Consistent spray
  • NO Battery required
  • Come with a travel bag
What We Don’t Like:
  • Limited spray pressure
  • Small water capacity

Thanks to the GoSpa travel bidet, it is possible to have a hygienic wash anywhere at any time. The discreet carrying bag and simple-to-store nozzle make the GoSpa ideal for traveling.

  • NO Power Required
    All you need is just pour in fresh water, screw on the bottle cap, point the flexible nozzle toward your posterior or feminine area, and squeeze the soft bottle to cleanse yourself gently. So simple with no battery required.
  • Unique Features
    The angled spray head is ergonomically designed to allow the user to optimally clean and reach a focused target. Besides, there is no other bottle nozzle quite like it. It was designed specifically for easy attachment to the underside of the bottle, making it more sanitary.
  • Enough Water Capacity
    This portable travel bidet is able to hold 400ml of water. It is enough to effectively clean, but you should be aware of the amount of water available.

2. Best Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

(Meidong Portable Travel Electric Bidet)

Best Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer: Meidong Portable Travel Electric Bidet
What We Like:
  • 180 degrees adjustable travel bidet nozzle
  • Battery Powered (two AAA batteries)
  • Max. 140ml water capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Two washing modes (Gentle & Strong)
  • Come with a travel bag
What We Don’t Like:
  • Small water capacity
  • Non-Rechargeable

The Meidong Portable Travel Electric Bidet is perfect for personal care hygiene refresher in the comfort of your home, office, on vacation, travel, or more. Not only for travel purposes, this portable bidet is also widely used for baby flushing after the toilet, washing the buttocks after changing diapers, pregnant hygienic washing, student living in school and elderly daily cleaning.

  • Battery Powered
    This portable bidet is battery-powered with two AAA batteries. You will need to prepare some of the batteries on your bag as it is not a rechargeable travel bidet. You might find the rechargeable AAA batteries as a complement.
  • Small & Portable
    The bidet is lightweight, foldable, small, and takes up little room. It’s functional and doesn’t take up any space when packed. One of the drawbacks is the small water container which is only able to hold a max.140ml of water.
  • Easy to Use
    Take the cover off and fill it with water, then invert it, point it, and press the H and L keys to start according to your needs. The two wash modes “L” is gentle, “H” is strong, and meets your specific needs. A flexible 180 degrees travel bidet nozzle can be adjusted according to your posture and personal habits, and the water spray is stable.

3. Best USB Powered Portable Travel Bidet

(Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette)

Best USB Powered PortableTravel Bidet: Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette
What We Like:
  • Bottle adapter
  • Rechargeable USB Powered
  • Easy to use
  • Two washing modes (Gentle & Strong)
What We Don’t Like:
  • No warranty
  • Doesn’t long last

Looking for the best electric USB portable bidet? This one can be an option! Using USB power, you don’t need to store an exchange battery. Super simple and compact, perfect for your travel without hassle.

  • Bottle Adapter
    This feature is really unique, you can use custom big water bottle as container. By using an adapter, simply attach the sprayer into the water bottle. Not all bottle can be attached, the short head bottle is the best suit for the adapter.
  • USB Power
    The plus point from this travel bidet is the USB power rechargeable, you can charge it using a power bank, phone charger, or car adapter. Really simple and convenience!
  • Doesn’t last long
    The rechargable battery doesn’t stay for long period of time. Most of the review says the life working period is somewhere around 3-4 months duration.

4. Best Portable Bidet Toilet Seat

(TUSHY Classic 2.0)

4. Best Portable Bidet Toilet Seat: TUSHY Classic 2.0
What We Like:
  • For semi-permanent traveling
  • 10 Minutes easy installation
  • Nozzle adjuster and pressure control knob
  • Rechargeable USB Powered
  • NO electricity required
  • Fit most standard toilet
  • 12-month warranty 
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not convenient and portable

TUHSY founder was born and raised in a Japanese family with Asian roots, and sanitation after poop is common. Their product is a low-cost toilet creation that would benefit the end consumer and enhance lives by introducing a clean toilet experience.TUSHY add-on bidet fits any standard toilet with ease, giving your bathroom sleek, timeless looks for the classiest poops you’ve ever had.

  • Add on Portable Bidet Toilet Seat
    TUSHY saves you tons of money on toilet paper, helping you save money every time you use the restroom. With just one pint of water, you can use TUSHY instead of 15 million trees to generate toilet paper annually.
  • Easy Installation
    Only 10 minutes Easy installation on all standard two-piece toilets, including all necessary parts simple instructions for fast set-up. This non-electric bidet attachment requires no electric hookups or additional plumbing. Setup is faster than a smartphone app update.

5. Best High Pressure Portable Bidet

(toto Portable Bidet)

Best High Pressure Portable Bidet: toto Portable Bidet
What We Like:
  • Portable
  • Battery Powered (AAA batteries)
  • Max. 140ml water capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Two washing modes (Gentle & Strong)
  • High Pressure Pressure Portable Bidet
  • 1 Year Warranty
What We Don’t Like:
  • Small water capacity
  • Non-Rechargeable

Made of a highly durable plastic, this Japanese portable bidet is a helpful, intuitive design and made to fit compactly in a travel bag. The Toto’s nozzle offers separate spray patterns so that you can clean rear and front ares effectively. It can also be stored conveniently when not operated.

  • Small water capacity
    It only holds 180 milliliters of water, so it appears to hold much less water than the manual portable bidets featured here. However, for its excellent cleaning capabilities, you don’t need any more than this, particularly.
  • High Pressure Pressure Portable Bidet
    This portable bidet can deliver a strong flow rate of 8 to 9 ml per second. Each cycle offers 20 to 22 seconds of cleaning action, and this should be enough to get the job done in most circumstances.

Best Portable Bidet for Travel Buying Guides

Best Portable Bidet for Travel Buying Guides

What to look for in the best travel bidet? It depends on your need and where you want to go whether you want to have an electric or manual pushing style. Here are some of the main feature you should consider while choosing the best travel bidet:

  • Compact Size
    The size is matter while you are traveling. Lots of stuff you should consider to bring, saving space is what you should do! Looking for the compact size with maximum feature is what you should choose.
  • Spraying Power
    The spraying power should be another things you should look for. If you choose the not electric bidet, you have to make sure they have ability to enhance the spraying power while you are pushing or put pressure in it. For the electric, most of the have ability to adjust the spraying power, whether the gentle or strong.
  • Water Reservoir Capacity
    It just annoyed to refill the portable bidet while dong the rituals, so you have to make sure it have big enough water capacity to enjoy your time without hassle.
  • Power
    For the non electric bidet, it is best if youdont want to worry about charging or changing battery of your travel bidet. Depends on your occasion, if you want to do it in style, you can go with the battery powered bidet with battery or USB charged bidet.
  • Warranty
    Warranty is helpful to making sure the quality of the product. Don’t waste your money for one time used only product! Make sure it is built in high quality materials to ensure the durability thought its pricey. The price worth the quality!

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a travel bidet?

Yes, travel bidet allows you to bring water inside container and spray them to wash and refresh your bathroom experience. You can find the best travel bidet in electric or non electric, depends on your preference and style.

Are bidets sanitary?

Yes, Bidets are sanitary! It allows you to clean with the water with touch of a button or pushing it. It is really convenience if you are get used to bidet lifestyle.

What can I use instead of a bidet?

You can use portable travel bidet instead of the home standard bidet. It comes in many different size and features. Super simple to fulfill your bidet lifestyle habit.

Are portable bidets worth it?

Yes, portable bidets is worth it if you are get used to bidet lifestyle or if you want to learn to use bidet before permanently using it. It is work just the same whether it is manual or electric portable bidet.

How much does a portable bidet cost?

The portable bidet is going somewhere 10$ to 100$. Depend on its feature. In general it is just not as expensive as the permanent or semi permanent bidet.

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