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Why should you have the best baby monitor for travel? How does that become necessary? Traveling with a baby is another level, more complicated and stressful sometimes—lots of things before planning your trip with your baby.

The baby monitor for travel is one of the things you might get while traveling with a baby, besides travel bottle warmer, headphones for baby or a baby travel booster seat. A portable or travel type of baby monitor can be a practical choice to add extra eyes to your baby. While on the road, you can have a mirror to see your resting baby in the car. Besides, you can also monitor your resting baby while in the hotel or camping; meanwhile, you are doing something else.

A baby monitor for travel is different from a normal baby monitor. It should be portable and have multiple options of power. Our team will make it easy for you to find the best baby monitor for travel in the market.

Best Baby Monitor for Travel Buying Guides

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What to look for in a baby monitor for travel? It is just simply different compared to a normal baby monitor at your home. There are some points you should consider while buying the best baby monitor for travel, that are:


Basically there are 2 types of connection mainly used for baby monitor, it uses Wifi or Internet connection & direct secured connection. Both having its own benefit for certain condition. If you are going off grip, the direct secured connection is the best baby monitor option. Menawhile if you plan to go to a place that have proper internet connection, the Wifi/internet based connetion is smart option.

Video Clarity

You need to see every detail around your kids. Maybe something crawling around and disturbing them, so having high-quality camera is a must. The best baby monitor for travel, at least, should be capable to stream 480p image quality to have a clear and detail image of whats going on.

Transmission Range

Going little far from your kids? make sure your baby monitor has wide-range transmission coverage. This issue is manly happen if you are using direct secured connection not for Wifi Based connection.

Smart Features

Smart feature, like night vision, motion, tempreature, breathe sensor, are significat to improve your awareness about your kids condition. The detail information from the smart feature on the best baby monitor for travel will make you sure and not worry anymore!

Power Supply

Think about the power source! are you going off-grid? the battery powered is the best option. You can find the battery based power baby monitor that can last for 19 hours!

Remote Control

This feature is important if you are far from your kid. It allows you to control your camera movement to tilt ot rotate so you can see whats around them. I think this one is really significant feature that you should have on your baby cam.


This feature not letting you miss a thing, allowing you to put the recorded moment on the storage so you can watch it later. This is also perfect for storing your baby’s growing memories.

Our Lists of The Best Baby Monitor for Travel

Travel baby monitor should be able to work in a new place seamlessly, not depend too much on plugged-in electricity and adjustable. Our team categorized the best travel baby monitor to help you choose the best for your condition.


Best Outdoor Baby Monitor

Best Outdoor Baby Monitor
Lightweight (198g)No Monitor Display (Voice only)
Survive Outdoor temperature (-30°c-+60°c)
Transmit up to 1000 feet.
Two way talking & long transmission range
20+ hours of life per charge (USB)
12 month warranty
Rugged exterior case (Drop Proof and Water Resistant)
Fully wireless (NO Wifi required)

Roar baby monitors are also available specifically designed for outdoor use. These monitors typically feature weather-resistant and durable construction, allowing them to be used in a variety of outdoor environments such as a backyard, patio, or even on a camping trip. Outdoor Roar baby monitors may come equipped with additional features such as a long range, allowing the caregiver to listen in from a greater distance, and a waterproof transmitter unit.

These features make outdoor Roar baby monitors a useful tool for parents and caregivers who want to keep an ear on their baby while enjoying the outdoors. It’s important to note, however, that outdoor baby monitors should not be used as a replacement for proper supervision of the baby. Caregivers should always keep a close eye on the baby while they are outside and ensure that they are protected from potential hazards.

Long Battery Life

Long battery life is a feature that is particularly important for baby monitors, as it allows caregivers to use the device for an extended period of time without having to constantly replace or recharge the batteries. Both Parent and Child units of ROAR BABY MONITOR have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which allows for a 20+ hour life on a single charge.

Long Range

Outdoor Roar baby monitors are specifically designed for use in outdoor environments, and as such may come equipped with a long range feature to allow the caregiver to listen in on the baby from a greater distance. This can be particularly useful for caregivers who want to keep an ear on the baby while enjoying the outdoors or working in the yard.

Roar Baby Monitors will transmit 1000+ feet between the Child and Parent units easily. Parents will enjoy the outdoors without staying tethered to their children’s tents.


Outdoor Roar baby monitors are designed to be durable and able to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. These monitors typically feature weather-resistant construction and durable materials, allowing them to withstand exposure to the elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Some outdoor Roar baby monitors may also be designed to withstand rough handling or accidental drops, making them a good choice for caregivers who need a sturdy and reliable device.

2. ANMEATE Digital

Best Budget Baby Monitor for Travel

Best Budget Baby Monitor for Travel
High quality color 2.4” screenNo Cloud / Video file Saving
2x ZoomLess sound quality
No Wifi & AppManual Pan & tilt camera (Not from the monitor)
480ft-960ft Transmission RangeSignal is distorted with phone signal (if receiveng any phone or message)
Night vision & temperature monitoring
Two way talking & long transmission range
950mAh Battery
Connect Up To 4 Cameras

When you seek the best baby monitor for travel, you won’t get by with its less costly alternatives anymore. What you require is a 24/7 uninterrupted connection with crystal-clear video and audio. You get with the ANMEATE baby monitor with a camera and its 24 GHz FHSS Technology, paired with a generously far-reaching 960 feet.

NO-WIFI Connection
Compared with the WiFi and APP required model baby monitor, It is perfect for traveling or off-grid condition that has limited access to wifi or internet connection. In addition, this model baby monitor does not allow anyone to hack into WiFi and APP and view your child. This product ensures your child’s safety and privacy.

Infrared Night Vision
Knowing you could see your little one night and day will give you peace of mind. The Infrared Night Vision system will detect dim light, giving you clear video in any place orf your travelling even in total darkness.

Long Transmission Range
ANMEATE video baby monitor has improved two-way communication technology, supplied with an Ultra–utility microphone and speakers. Parents can get steady videos anytime, the support allows 960-feet max. in an open-air environment.

2. VTech DM112-2 Audio Baby Monitor

Best Travel Baby Monitor for Camping

the best baby Monitor for Camping
Level Sound IndicatorNo Cloud / Video file Saving
Easy set-upNo Video Monitor
Secured channelSignal is distorted with phone signal (if receiveng any phone or message)
No Wifi & App
Covers up to 1,000 feet transmission range
8 hours of portable operation

The VTech DM112-2 Audio Monitor’s advanced technology provides discreet sound transmission and eliminates distracting background noise. LED indicators of the parent unit display the level of noise in the room out loud with the console muted.

Audio only
The VTech DM112 features Crystal-clear sound with DECT 6.0 digital technology. You obtain the best reception by keeping the units away from cordless phones or other electronic devices. It is long-lasting and can run 1,000 feet away.

Perfect for Camping or Off-Grid
For traveling condition, this best baby monitor for travel can bring you the most essential point of baby monitor, the most simple and easy to use baby monitor device you can use at camping or off-grid. Parent units are operated by rechargeable batteries or power cables. A fully-charged battery can run for 8 hours.

3. Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Cam

Best Car Baby Monitor

Best Car Baby Monitor
Carseat mirrorsManual Pan & tilt camera (Not from the monitor)
Night visionNo Cloud
Adjustable camera
No Wifi & App
Easy Setup Cable

If the kids are crying and fussing, we have to take our attention away from the road to see what they want. The Itomoro Baby car camera monitor makes such a task quick and easy. The observation display is easy to utilize adjustable, and you can keep an eye on your child without needing to turn around and take your eyes off the road.

Car-Specialized Baby Monitor
Unlike other car seat mirrors, this best baby monitor for travel can remain to be held in the center of the car. No special assembly is necessary to position this baby car monitor. The camera easily attaches to your headrest, and it can be adjusted easily. Connect the lighter power supply to the car, then install the camera; it will run automatically.

Stable Vision
Many infant car mirrors vibrate, shake, and move while you are driving. This car baby monitor camera has been created to stay steady as you drive, so it is safe for you and your baby.

4. Lollipop Baby Monitor

Best Travel Baby Monitor for Hotels

Best Travel Baby Monitor for Hotels
Easy to SetupInternet/Wifi Connection Required
iOS and Android Compatible (WIFI)
Night vision
Multi Streaming
Crying detection
Sleep Tracking
Cloud Storage

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is perfectly designed for parents with babies! It provides a WiFi and video-based solution to help you keep an eye on your baby anytime, anywhere. Their mission is to bring parents and babies smart solutions through our innovative maternal and baby products, software, and services.

Portable Baby Monitor for Hotels
The unique-portable design of Lolipop Smart Baby Monitor is super convinient, perfect for travelling or staying at hotel. Setting up the camera is easy! The lollipop baby camera is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. By using the Lollipop app, just connect your camera to your phone. It is perfect portable baby monitor for hotels because of its portability and the internet based connection feature.

Smart Features
You can access to different many smart feature inside this tiny-portable monitor, that are night-vision, crying detection, sleep tracking and cloud storage. Simple solution for smart & portable travel baby monitor.

5. VTech VM819

Baby Monitor for without WiFi Travel

Best Battery Life Portable Baby Monitor for without WiFi Travel
Best-in-class Battery Life and RangeNo Cloud
No Wifi & AppManual Pan & tilt camera (Not from the monitor)
High quality color 2.8” screen Signal is distorted with phone signal (if receiveng any phone or message)
Two way talking & long transmission range (1000ft range)
Temperature Sensor
Night vision & temperature monitoring
Up to 19 Hour Battery Life

Monitor your child with a 2.8-inch LCD screen on the VTech VM819. You can make sure your child is comfortable by checking the nursery temperature on the monitor’s LCD screen. With its rechargeable battery life of up to 19 hours, you can easily monitor your baby at your convenience.

Long-life rechargeable battery capacity
This best baby monitor for travel has long capacity if battery with 2600mAh battery power. By that capacity, this baby monitor is able to work for 19 hours of video streaming and 29 hours in power saving audio-only mode. This type of heavy-duty battery monitor is perfect for off-grid or long trip.

No-Wifi Needed
This VTech baby monitor does not need Wi-Fi or App Pairing systems. It is trusted in the United States in more than 3 decades, but each report is always securely transmitted via the included 2.4GHz channel, so it’s assured only you can see of your baby. It has a tempreature sensor and night vision which are helpful features for certain conditions.

6. VTech Smart WiFi Baby Monitor VM901

Best Portable Baby Monitor to Phone

Best Portable Baby Monitor to Phone
720p Display (10x Zoom)Loud beeping trouble sound
Double Channel connection (Wifi & direct connection)Connectivity issues
Easy to Setup (iOS and Android Compatible)
Fully Remote Pan Tilt Zoom
Wide-angle Lens
Motion and Temperature Alerts
Two way talking & long transmission range
Night vision
Cloud & file saving

The VTech VM901 with 1080p Full HD Pan & Tilt Camera allows you to check on your child from anywhere at home or remotely from your phone or tablet. The camera is mounted on the parent unit and configured for local direct connection. Plus, it can be configured to operate in Router Mode for remote access to your iOS or Android device through the free app.

Double channel connection (Wifi & direct connection)
You can choose whether using direct connection or wifi to operat the device. This feature is a handy option for a traveling situation as you cannot really expect what’s you have on your staying place. Some drawback are the connection problem might happen sometimes, you have to waiting for configuration each time switching the connection.

High-Performance Camera
The high-quality wide-lense picture is one of a good point of this baby monitor. It is capable to serve 720p Display with 10x zoom which is suprisingly good for baby cam. The smart features, like night vision, temperature and motion alert, are super helpful to keep your eyes in your kids condition. Besides, you can easily tilt or rotate the camera from your gadget.

7. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Best Travel Baby Monitor with WiFi

Best Travel Baby Monitor with WiFi
1080p DisplayManual Pan & tilt camera (Not from the monitor)
iOS and Android CompatiblePricey
Sleep tracking & Motion sensor
Two way talking & long transmission range
Night vision
Breathing band for breathe sensor
Cloud & file saving
1-year warranty

The Nanit Pro Camera & Floor Stand allows you to observe and listen to your baby with high-definition video and two-way audio. Plus, sleep tracking, breathing monitoring and auto-memory capture are all included so that you’ll never miss a thing while traveling.

Secure Internet Connection
See your baby’s adorable facial expressions and movement from any place on any of your iOS or Android. 256-bit encryption keeps your connection and data safe, and two-factor authentication keeps your account secure. Invite the entire parenting team to access your webcam, with adjustable user permissions.

Smart Sensor
Nanit provides you with your baby’s sleeping information with stats and a timelapse video showing your baby’s entire sleep cycle. Along with the Breathing Band, you can monitor your child’s breathing without disturbing them in any way.

8. Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen

Best Portable Split Screen Baby Monitor

Best Portable Split Screen Baby Monitor
High quality color 4.3″ split screen No Cloud / Video file Saving
2 CamerasSignal is distorted with phone signal (if receiveng any phone or message)
No Wifi & App
Two way talking & long transmission range (480ft-960ft)
Night vision & temperature monitoring
950mAh Battery
Remote Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (90 degrees)
1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your child needs top-quality child care, and BabySense premium video baby monitor is the best way to go. This best baby monitor for travel offers real peace of mind while you’re traveling or completing your daily duties and your child is resting or sleeping.

Split Screen Baby Monitor
The vivid 3″ LCD color screen provides an excellent viewing area. The screen offers a SPLIT-SCREEN choice, allowing you to view both cameras or your kids side-by-side along the same display. The latest 2.4 GHz FHSS tech allows stable, HACK-FREE connection and added tremendously-detailed video and audio.

Remote Pan, Tilt & Zoom
Remote Pan, Tilt, & Zoom allow you to see and control your live stream from multiple monitoring points. Fully automated Pan Tilt & Zoom allow you to control the camera as a result of a remotely controlled pan (360 degrees) and tilt (90 degrees). Watch your child remotely a 960-foot viewable long-range.

Frequently Asked Question

Do baby monitors work long distance?

Yes, some directly secured connection baby monitor allows you to work for long-distance around 480ft-960ft Transmission Range. If you need more range, you can use a Wifi Based baby monitor, it will work as far as you have any internet connection!

Is there a baby monitor that works with and without WiFi?

Yes, VTech Smart WiFi Baby Monitor VM901 is a baby monitor that works with and without WiFi. It gives you 2 types of monitoring devices, the closed range and the android/ios app. I think this is one of the best baby monitor for travel on the market.

Can you turn your iPhone into a baby monitor?

Yes, you can turn your iPhone into a baby monitor. Some baby monitor device allows you to use your phone as the monitoring device, all you need to do is just download the app and you are ready to go!

Do all baby monitors need internet?

Not all baby monitors need internet, some of them are using a direct secured connection that allows you to see your baby without any internet connection.

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