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by Alyn Dune

Planning to but the best double stroller for travel? A double stroller is the best alternative to travel with more than one child. Whether you bring twins or a toddler and a baby to travelling, it will be beneficial to take them with you. Besides, a compact double stroller is perfect for traveling if you plan to go far from home.

An easy, lightweight, and compact fold stroller is what the parents often need for traveling. It is beneficial to bring through airport baggage, a trunk, or train carriages. Our team collects some of the best double stroller for travel on this list so that you can pick one based on your needs.

Our Lists of The Best Double Stroller for Travel

  1. Summer Infant 3DPac (Best Tri-fold Double Stroller for Travel)
  2. Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight (Best Tandem Double Stroller for Travel)
  3. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight (Best Lightweight Double Stroller for Travel)
  4. Graco Ready2Grow (Best Single to Double Stroller for Travel)
  5. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite (Best Sit and Stand Double Stroller for Travel)
  6. Mountain Buggy Nano (Best Compact Double Stroller for Travel)
  7. Evenflo Minno Twin (Best Storage Double Stroller for Travel)

Traveling with more than one child can be challenging. You will need more gear like best pack n play for travel, baby high chair or baby travel booster. It can be a reason for you to purchase a double stroller so that both you and your baby can experience a pleasant journey. Since there are so many double strollers available, we provide the best ones below. From the best tri-fold stroller to the best ones with storage, these best double stroller for travel are here to fit your needs.

1. Best Trifold Double Stroller for Travel

(Summer Infant 3DPac)

Best Trifold Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • A lightweight frame
  • Compact fold
  • Compatible with car seat
  • Multi-position seat recline & leg rests
  • For long-term use
  • Include an extra-large storage
What We Don’t Like:
  • It does not include a tray

Sturdy and lightweight are two things to describe this best double stroller for travel. It fits through standard doors or a trunk with its 30 inches wide frame and compact fold technology. Also, it allows your children to ride side by side and always feel comfortable with multi-position seat recline and leg rests. Then, you can store the baby essentials in the stroller’s extra-large storage and will not worry about bringing so many things in a backpack anymore.

Compact fold and quick to pick up result from this stroller’s lightweight frame. With only 23 lbs, you can carry it easily and throw it in the trunk or store it in your house when it is not in use.

Large Storage
There is no need to bring any additional bag to store your baby essentials because this double stroller provides ample space for storage. It features a basket, cup holders, and pockets.

Safe and Comfortable
The multi-position seat recline and leg rest help keep your baby comfortable. Besides, this double stroller has extra canopies that are adjustable to protect the baby from the sun. Meanwhile, the stroller can hold up a weight of up to 50 lbs per seat.

2. Best Tandem Double Stroller for Travel

(Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight)

Best Tandem Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • Lightest weight
  • Removable rear seat
  • It has a multi-position recline
  • Includes parent organizer
  • Includes a universal car seat adapter
  • Sturdy steel frame
What We Don’t Like:
  • Small rear seat

The Joovy Caboose too Ultralight Graphite stroller is a great choice to bring both baby and toddler on traveling. Its removable full-size rear seat has a multi-position recline and can hold six months to a 2.5-year-old child. Meanwhile, the front seat can recline to 3-positions and accommodates a baby from 3 months old. This best double stroller for travel includes a universal car seat adapter for traveling to create an effortless travel system and a large canopy to cover both children on the front and rear seats. Besides, it includes a parent organizer and is lightweight with only 23 pounds with the back seat and 21 pounds without it.

Compact and Lightweight
Experience an easy and fun trip with this tandem double stroller. It weighs over 23 pounds with the rear seat and only 21 pounds when you remove it. Also, the stroller is strong enough to hold up to 90 lbs.

Great Protection
Its canopy extension can cover the child on the rear seat and protect the children from the sun’s heat. Additionally, the four-wheel suspension and a sturdy steel frame provide extra protection and can hold the children safely.

Beneficial Features
Spend a lovely journey with so many unique features on this double stroller. You will get a universal car seat adapter for easy traveling and a parent organizer to hold beverages. Also, it includes a zippered pocket to keep your phone or wallet safe.

3. Best Lightweight Double Stroller for Travel

(Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight)

Best Lightweight Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • Lightweight design
  • Extended canopy
  • Reclining seat
  • Convenient self-standing fold
  • Includes an extra storage
What We Don’t Like:
  • Unsturdy material

If you are trying to find a double stroller for a quick trip or a vacation, this one is the perfect solution. It includes extra storage for children and parents, such as two baskets, dual cup holders, and trays. Also, provide your children comfort and safety with the stroller’s extendable canopies, front-wheel suspension, and reclining seats.

Whether you and your children only go to the park or even on vacation, this double stroller will always be a lifesaver. Its reclining seats keep the children comfortable, and it folds compactly for easy storage.

UV Protection
Keep your children safe from the sun’s harmful rays with the stroller’s protection feature. It has three-tier, extendable canopies with peek-a-boo windows for maximum sun coverage.

Extra Storage
Keep yours and the baby’s essentials in large and easy access storage baskets provided by the stroller. You will also get the child’s removable trays with dual cup holders and a parent tray.

4. Best Single to Double Stroller for Travel

(Graco Ready2Grow)

Best Single to Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • Small-folding
  • Includes two stroller seats
  • A bench seat
  • A standing platform
  • The rear seat is facing the parent
What We Don’t Like:
  • Small front seat
  • Heavy
  • The rear seat does not recline

If you have twins or children close in age, you might want to consider getting this lovely best double stroller for travel. It includes two seating positions with a rear seat for the baby and a front seat for the toddler. Besides, you can remove the back seat and change it into a bench seat or standing platform for your bigger kid. Then, do not worry about protecting your baby from the sun and wind because the stroller looks complete with full-size canopies. Lastly, this double stroller is foldable in one step, and a self-standing fold offers easy transport and storage.

Unique Design
Although this is a double stroller, it folds like a single one. It is perfect for twins or siblings that are close in age. Also, the back seat is removable, and you can convert it to a kid’s standing platform and bench seat.

Awesome Features
This double stroller offers several outstanding features, including two stroller seats, ample storage, and full-size canopies. Its back seat provides multiple options, and the storage gives room for the baby and parent essentials.

5. Best Sit and Stand Double Stroller for Travel

(Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite)

Best Sit and Stand Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • Maneuverable double stroller available
  • Lightest weight
  • Includes Parent Organizer
  • Universal Car Seat Adapter
  • Rear seat canopy extension
What We Don’t Like:
  • Low-quality wheels
  • Too large and bulky for storage
  • The rear seat sold separately

The most efficient, practical, and compact double stroller is here to bring your two children of different ages. It is also lightweight with a lighter aluminum frame and includes a universal car seat adapter for easy traveling. When your child is sitting in the back, the rear canopy provides shade and protection from the sun. If we focus on the storage, it has a basket for diaper bags and a parent organizer with a zippered pocket for phones or keys.

Compact Fold
Since the stroller is foldable, it is more lightweight and trunk-friendly. It allows you to store it somewhere in the house or bring it along for travel.

Multi-functional Seat
Your toddler can use the rear seat area for a bench seat or ride along on the stand-on platform. Also, the front seat is adjustable and able to move to three positions. Then, if you have a newborn, the double stroller also provides a car seat adapter.

6. Best Compact Double Stroller for Travel

(Mountain Buggy Nano)

Best Compact Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • Only weight 20 lbs
  • Compact fold
  • Car seat compatible
  • Deep recline
  • Extra tall seats
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Full coverage sun canopies
What We Don’t Like:
  • Hard to fold and unfold

With only 20 lbs, you can effortlessly push this lightweight double stroller. This best double stroller for travel is a foldable side-by-side stroller that can provide an excellent solution for traveling with twins or two siblings. If you have a newborn, it is compatible with an additional cocoon accessory to provide comfort. Also, the seat looks complete with adjustable legs and can recline, which is perfect for napping. For protection, the stroller has full coverage canopies with flick-out visors to protect the kids from the sun’s harmful rays.

Roomy Space
The stroller has an extra-tall seat size of 66cm and is suitable to hold up to 15kg or 33 lbs. It also provides a deep seat recline perfect for your babies or small passengers.

Bring it conveniently with a handle and shoulder strap. Its lightweight material makes it able to fold and easier to carry.

7. Best Storage Double Stroller for Travel

(Evenflo Minno Twin)

Best Storage Double Stroller for Travel
What We Like:
  • Compact fold
  • Easy to clean fabrics
  • Front-wheel suspension system
  • Oversized canopy
  • Large storage
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-position recline
What We Don’t Like:
  • Narrow seats
  • The strap is hard to adjust

Experience a smooth ride and easy push with the Minno Twin double stroller’s front wheels suspension system. Its excellent design is for two children to ride along comfortably. Additionally, the stroller provides generous storage, oversized canopies, and two positions recline. You can use the foot pedal and one-hand compact fold for folding and easy storage.

Easy to Fold
Conveniently fold this double stroller by releasing the foot pedal, grabbing the handle, and pulling up in one hand. Also, it can self-stand and vertical fold so that you will not need to bend over anymore.

Smooth Ride
The stroller provides a smooth and comfortable ride for the baby with a front-wheel suspension system and swivel lock wheels. Besides, those features allow you to push it quickly.

Best Double Stroller for Travel Buying Guides

Since there are so many double strollers available on the market, it may be difficult for you to decide. Besides, with great features and technologies, it is tricky enough to choose. These are several things to consider before buying best double stroller for travel.

  • Safety
    Make safety your babies’ priority while choosing a double stroller. Among many safety features, the harness is popular and essential. It usually comes in three to five-point types, and the number shows how tight the stroller is.
  • Weight and Capacity
    A travel double stroller’s weight is often different than the regular ones. When you choose the ones for traveling, consider having a lightweight and smaller stroller. Meanwhile, for the capacity, make sure the stroller that you choose can hold your children’s weight and is comfortable enough for them to move.
  • Foldability
    An easy-folding stroller is essential for traveling. It helps you set and fold it up quickly so that you will feel more convenient and save more time. Besides, a compact double stroller is easy to bring through doorways or transport.
  • Features
    Many products offer great features such as sun canopies, storage baskets, and carry straps. The best double stroller for travel must be functional, durable, and does not upset you and your child as a user.
  • Needs
    Think about your needs and your priorities before purchasing a double stroller. Also, make sure it fits your budget and does not waste your money with its unnecessary features.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you fly with a double stroller?

Yes, you can. But it would be best if you handed it to the airport staff at the gate before the flight and they will put it as luggage. It will arrive safely at the same time as you at the destination.

Is it worth buying a double stroller?

Buying a double stroller is worth your money. It is beneficial, especially if you often take your children for a walk, whether in the park or traveling.

Should I get a travel stroller?

If you plan to travel to very warm or cold places, a stroller can be very helpful for your baby. It keeps the baby warm or can also protect from the sun’s heat.

What type of stroller can I take on a plane?

A stroller with a collapsible diameter not exceeding 25.5 cm (10 inches) and a length not exceeding 92 cm (36 inches) are allowed.

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