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Looking for the best portable baby swing? Portable infant swings are a really useful gear for traveling babies, as impossible for you to bring heavy-duty baby swings. While traveling with the baby, you have to make sure to make a home-like feeling to ensure your baby’s comfort.

Making your fussy baby falls asleep is not an easy task, especially while traveling. The baby swings will save much energy compared to cradling your baby. The best baby portable should be easy to carry and power-friendly; check our lists of recommend baby swings!

Great Portable Baby Swing Buying Guides

Best Portable Baby Swing Buying Guides

Choosing the best baby swing for travel purposes is confusing, as many brands are on the market. You should think about several factors before choosing the right baby gear. Here are some considerations of the best baby swing buying guides!


For traveling purposes, this feature is something you must look for. The foldable & great portable swing allows you to save space and energy while traveling. At some point, the portability cost you the durability or build quality, make sure you are looking for easy-to-assemble and sturdy swings.

Power Option

This feature allows you to choose whether to use AC plugin power or battery power. You just cannot expect what will happen when you are traveling especially off-grid. By having power option feature, you will be able to still operate the device without any hesitation.

Build Material

This is regarding to your baby swing safety. It should be easy to assemble and study. The good quality baby swing safety will ensure your kids safety and you can use it for long-period of time compared to other baby swings.

Smart Feature

You can find the right baby swing that is able to be operated or controlled using your phone or remote device. Beside, you can also play music from your phone.


This should be another important thing you should consider befor choosing the one. Of course traveling is super hectic, so you have to think how to save space and energy for happy travelling.

Our lists of Best Portable Baby Swings

Best baby swings are perfect for saving energy and mind while traveling with your baby. Many other tasks are waiting to be done, and calming your baby will help you a lot. Our team categorized the great lightweight baby swing based on your needs so you can easily pick the best one in the market.

1. Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go

Best Budget Portable Baby Swing

Best Budget Portable Baby Swing: Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go
Hold up to 6-20 lbsNot USB rechargeable battery
FoldableBattery Powered only
Extra quietNot Sturdy
6 swing speeds with Music Player
Machine washable seat pad
Soft & Comfort
Battery powered
Shoulder straps

No matter where you travel and stay, the Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing is easy to transport. The compact size makes it easy to carry, with all the attributes you would expect from your full-size swing seat. Your infant can relax under the automatic swinging motions, listen to soothing nature sounds, and reach for the hanging toy.

Small & Foldable
Keep your child safe if you require an extra set of hands. This best lightweight swing seat is well-suited to ages of 0-9 months or 6-20 lbs. It can be folded up for easy transport to holiday travel or grandparents’ houses. More compact than traditional swing or other swings.

Battery Powered
It has 6 swing speeds, plays music, and has parent-controlled timer settings. The only problem is that you will have to stock batteries, as they’re not rechargeable and have no plug-in power alternative.

Durability Issues
It is used only for portable purposes, not suitable for home regular usage. The build quality is not really strong for bigger baby. Be aware of the baby’s weight and height limits!

2. Fisher-Price Dual Motion Baby Swing

Best Automatic Portable Baby Swing

Best Automatic Portable Baby Swing
Hold up to 25 lbsNon-rechargeable battery
Dual motion with 6 speedOK Building Quality
Adjustable seat recline
Soft & Comfort
Five point harness
Battery powered with AC plugin

Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy Cradle ‘n Swing comes to help your arms when it needs a break! This best travel swing is very cozy and gives you the flexibility to select from a variety of soothing options to find the best combination that works optimally for your little one and adjusts to their needs as they change.

Double Power
For portable purposes, a battery-powered baby swing is the best. But to compile huge pile of used batteries on your storage is not something good. The double power feature on this Fisher price allows you to use the portable swings using the plug-in power which is really nice feature for home or full size baby swings.

Dual Motion
Fisher price dual-motion swing seat allows your child to move freely side to side or head to toe. Just press a button, and you’ll be set to change positions! Various available options, you can combine and select your infant’s favorites.

Building Quality
Make sure you are aware with the weight limits with your baby. The light-weight and portability at some point will cost you the good building quality. At some points it can make a squeaky or clicking sound on the swing frame.

3. Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Swing

Best Classic Baby Swing for Newborn

Best Classic Portable Baby Swing for Newborn
Hold up to 25 lbNon-rechargeable battery
Dual motion (6 speed)OK Building Quality
Hanging toys
Adjustable seat recline (Two recline positions)
Papasan-style seat
Battery powered with AC plugin
Head and neck control

The Moonlight Meadow Cradle ‘n Swing helps provide your baby with a soothing sense of comfort and security because of its deep and Papasan-style baby seat and swing settings. As your baby relaxes, the soothing motions & music and mirrored dome enable them to soothe babies both of their auditory and visual senses, while the various overhead figures encourage eye-tracking.

2 Way Swing
The Moonlight Meadow Swing has 2 way swing feature allows your child to sway from side to side, or head to toe. Just press the button and turn it to change the movements. You can choose which one is suit the best for your kids.

These portable swings are perfect for traveling or sleeping baby over on grama’s house. This adorable dual-motion baby swing takes little time to assemble and disassemble, with legs that fold for storage or move around for ease of transport. An optional power-outlet feature offers extra convenience.

4. Ingenuity ConvertMe 2-in-1

Best 2-IN-1 Portable Baby Swing

Best 2-IN-1 Portable Baby Swing
2-in-1 design (swing to vibrating seat)Non-rechargeable battery
Removable toy bar with Music PlayerBattery power only
5 swinging speeds
five-point harness
Battery powered

When you have to do something else, this 2 in 1 baby swing is really helpful to make your baby calm for a while. Your baby can enjoy this baby swing by integrated swinging and vibration settings features. You can switch those features easily and choose the one that is perfect for your baby.

The Ingenuity ConvertMe 2-in-1 has ability to be asily folded and stored which is perfect for travel. It is light-weight for about 4.08 pounds, no worry carrying it around. The building quality is strong enough to hold baby from age 0 to 9 months.

Battery-Powered Only
One of the drawback from this baby swing is that you have to prepare huge pile of battery which is not perfect for regular/home use. Our recommendation is to buy the one that have easy plug-in power.

5. Munchkin Lightweight Baby Swing

Best High-Tech Portable Baby Swing

Best High-Tech Portable Baby Swing
Hold up to 20 lbNon-Battery powered
Touchscreen displayOK Building Quality
Award Winning Foldable & Washable
Side-to-side sway
sit upright position
Music Player
5 speed
AC plugin

Several infants can go only for a nap after being rocked or hold, which is extremely exhausting for exhausted parents and sitters. If you need a second set of hands to help get through the day, the Munchkin baby swing with Bluetooth-enabled swing is for you!

Smart Feature
A compact swing with a sleek appearance and optimal functionality, this munchkin bluetooth enabled can be quickly assembled and dismantled again. Display the speed, sound, and timer on the sleek and easy-to-use digital touch display or use the included remote control to operate the display. It has a built-in Bluetooth feature, so you can listen to your child’s favorite music through your phone.

Award Winner
This smart baby sing is the winner of the Best of Baby Awards, The BUMP, for Best Swing/Baby bouncer/rocking motion, 2021.

AC plugin only
You have to make sure to have power outlet on the place you stay. This munchkin Bluetooth enabled is not battery operated, which is not suitable for off-grid situation.

6. Graco Simple Sway LX Baby Swing

Best Battery-Powered Portable Baby Swing

Best Battery-Powered Portable Baby Swing
Hold up to 30 lbNon-Foldable
Swing or portable rocker
3 swinging directions with 6 Swing speed
Upright position
Removable swing
Music Player
AC plugin/Battery

The best times of the day are those spent with children, so take advantage of good moments with the Graco duet soothe swing + Rocker. This unique swing features an armchair that doubles as a rocker, allowing you to move freely around your home while remaining close to your baby.

Lift and Carry
Remove the car ride seat and use it as a rocker seat! Rocking motion mode allows its comfortable carry-handle to facilitate carrying baby. The roomy seat has plush body support to keep your baby comfortable and relaxed.

Power Option
Plug in to save up battery usage, or use batteries for portability and convenience. That power option is convenient for travel purposes as you cannot predict whether you will have a proper power supply or not.

Frequently Asked Question

Are swings OK for newborns?

It is not recommended to use a swing for newborn babies. Based on The American Academy Pediatrics (AAP), there is a risk in allowing your newborn to fall asleep on a swing. Do not let your baby sleep in an infant swing; if the baby fall asleep, transfer them to a firm, flat sleep surface.

What age is good for baby swing?

You can use baby swings for a baby at the age of 0 until it reaches the baby’s weight limit which is around 24-35 pounds. The AAP recommends that the younger babies should use the most reclined position for the baby swings, especially for baby under 4 months.

Are baby swings worth it?

Yes, It is worth it depending on your situation. It can really help if you need some break to calm your baby before fall asleep or in travel conditions. Sometimes it is just so hectic to always put your baby on your arm, this portable swing can be a helpful tool for you!

How long can a newborn be in a swing?

You should not be relying on the portable swing too much! Most expert limits the use of motorized swing to an hour or less. It could cause injuries or a flat head if they are laying too long in a certain place. Make sure it is soft and comfy!

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