9 Best Travel Booster Seat for Kids


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The best travel booster seat is needed for the comfort of your kid’s travel. As a parent, the comfort and safety of your children are number one to think about. A regular seat in the center seat of a car or airplane is not fit for your beloved kids. Having the right travel car seats can make your baby traveling journey more enjoyable and safe.

Besides the baby headphones or travel high-chair, a travel car seats is a smart option you can choose while flying compared to bringing your heavy-duty baby car seats. Foldable booster seat is way lighter and more compact compared to your rental car seats. You can find a different kind of backless booster seats, foldable and light travel booster seats on the market easily, depending on your needs.

Our team went to detail research on choosing the best travel car seats on the market for your sake! No need to spend hours researching the right travel booster seats on amazon; we got travel booster seat options for you!

Best Travel Booster Seat Buying Guides

Best Travel Booster Seat Buying Guides

Comfort and safety are the number one to think about before buying the best booster car seat for your lovely kids. Our team will provide you with a buying guide on how to find the great travel car seat:

1. Economic Value

Why should you buy it many times if you can buy a long-term all-in-one foldable booster seat? The kids are growing fast, just in a matter of month or years, consider to buy once but more expensive rather than buy it several times. It is okay to spend more initially while you are saving more money at last.

2. Safety

The main reason to buy a travel booster seats is safety. Make sure your kid is accommodated with the car seat safety standard that is commonly only for adults. Kids are more fragile and sensitive compared to adults, the special treatment is necessary to make sure they are safe.

You may consider choosing the travel booster seats that covers more body parts like the back and side. The safe latch or seat belt is also important before choosing. In order to have that guarantee, make sure you check on their certification on safety tests like FMVSS213 or FAA.

3. Comfort

Comfort is also significant, make sure your choice is fit with your kid’s body. The discomfort can ruin your long travel journey. To solve this, you can choose the one that has the maximum level of adjustable features. How far can it stretch or recline?

4. Portability

It is impossible to carry a heavy-duty car seat for long-way traveling, especially by plane. Choose the one that is able to be folded or inflated. Not only in terms of mobility but also having a place as you’ll also think about other belonging. The weight and space is the main thing you should consider besides the safety in this situation.

Our Lists of Top Travel Booster Seat for Kids

Choosing the right travel booster seats should accommodate your baby’s needs like ages and travel necessities. Our team has divided the best booster car seat into different categories, starting from the best portable, lightweight, safety travel booster seat.

1. Century Carry On 35 LX

Best Travel Booster Cat Seat for Newborn

list of Best Travel Booster Seat
Ultra-lightweight (under 8lbs)Sun visor make less comfort in handling
Secure Protection just like regular booster seat
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 
Easy Installation
Good for Newborn & Infant

The Century Carry On 35 LX weighs in at about eight lb. Let’s give it up for “The Weightless Wonder.” It is designed for suitable for children from 4 to 35 lb to travel anywhere safe; this is convertible offers LX Extras like a large canopy for shade and plush pads and harness covers.

Ultra light-weight
This ultra-lightweight infant booster car seat weighs just over 8 pounds which is super convenient for airplane seats or long trip travel. No worry about carrying a heavy-duty car seat, this lightweight travel seat booster will make your baby travel easy and possible.

Easy Instalation
The Century Carry gives you the possibility to install it on the car seat belt latch on the front, middle seat or back seat. Whether you want to face it upfront or back, it’s all possible. This seat is also compatible with all strollers made from Century to ease your traveling experience.

Keep your child cool and comfortable in an extra-large canopy that deflects the sun and keeps a comfortable temperature. The extra-large cover with a visor for vision and a padded body with a harness protects your baby from things, allowing them to enjoy walks comfortably.

2. Doona Infant Car Seat

Best Travel Booster Seat for 2 Year Old Infant

Best Travel Booster Seat for Infant
Easy Transforming From Car booster seats to StrollerRear-facing only
 TUV & FAA approved
Compact and lightweight
Good for Newborn & Infant
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 
2 years manufacturer’s warranty

The Doona integrated seat and stroller combo were designed to make traveling with a baby safe and quick, both inside and outside your rental cars. This best travel booster car seat is the world’s first integrated travel system, allowing you to go from seat to stroller instantly.

Car Seat to Stoller
You can easily transform your Doona Stroller into a seat with just one simple motion. This product has strict internal standards and external laboratory testing to ensure its safety. All accreditation is performed, guaranteeing that your stroller is completely safe to use. Doona, with its unique hybrid design, has been evaluated against the strictest US standards for car seats, strollers, and hand-held carriers.

High-Quality Material & Safe
Doona has a 5-point harness, an adjustable handlebar that also serves as an anti-rebound bar within the car. For the comfort of your baby, it has 3-layer side impact protection with the highest safety and quality standards. This seat is already TUV and FAA approved for use in the aircraft.
It is made of Baby Safe Materials & Breathable Fabrics. It’s also provided with a removable, machine washable seat pad stretch material canopy and shoulder pads or shoulder belt clip with contrasting dark gray bamboo. The 2 years warranty is how they demonstrate their quality.

3. Peg Perego Viaggio Flex

Best Travel Car Booster Seat for Toddler

Best Travel Booster Seat for Toddler
RIGID LATCHPricey booster seats
Highback booster seat
Easy to install
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 
Shoulder belt

Since 1949 the Peg Perego Family has designed and manufactured products specifically for families and kids. Every step of the design and production cycle is executed by Peg Perego and no one else to ensure high-quality products.

Integrated Rigid Latch
Securing the Viaggio Flex 120 booster seat to the car is made more convenient with the rigid LATCH features, which utilize a blind lock attachment system that prevents the seat from being turned off by another child. The rigid LATCH is mounted within the base, simplifying the installation of just the seat belt.

Best foldable booster seat
The high back booster seat backrest of the Viaggio Flex 120 can be folded down on itself when not in use, even when attached by the rigid LATCH. This makes this highback booster seat simple to store and transport. Perfect for your traveling baby!

Comfortable booster seat
The children can be perfectly relaxed during a trip regardless of the position of the backrest of the car since the seat can be set to recline in five different positions, suitable for children!
A steel-reinforced headrest and side supports helps ensure the occupants’ safety and can prevent the incidence of whiplash. The anti-whiplash safety feature and EPS in the side wings and headrest also help to reduce energy during an impact.

4. Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1

Best Safety Booster Seat for Infant & Toddler

Best Safety Booster Seat for Infant & Toddler
3 in 1 car booster seatNon Foldable booster seats
For infant to toddlerToo heavy-duty for air travel
highback booster seat
Easy to install
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 
Removable cup holders (Dual cup holders)

The Graco Seat has a 5″ tall extension panel for rear-facing use, providing your child up to 5″ more legroom. This best booster car seat offers three modes of use to grow with your child, from a rear-facing harness (4-50 lb) to a forward-facing harness (22-65 lb) to a high back booster seats (40-100 lb).

Perfect for growing kids
No need to buy a booster seat many times! This 3-1 booster seat is able to accommodate your kid’s growth. The Graco car booster seat is perfect for infants to big kids. A nice choice for saving more money and your kids!

Developed using the most rigorous crash tests, this booster seat is vehicle tested to work with the Safety 1st Protect Plus Harness System. Only a single move is needed to safely adjust the high back booster seat on the Hint harness and the harness system’s headrest.

Comfort & Convinience
This booster seat comfortably keeps your child alongside you on your many adventures with the 6-position recline and integrated cup holders. Also, the LATCH InRight attachment system allows for a quick, one-second attachment.

5. Mifold fit-and-fold

Best Portable Booster Seat & High Back

Best Portable & High Back Travel Booster Seat for Kids
FOLDING AND  Portable Booster SeatNo integrated latch
SAFETY TESTEDNo Recline-able
For infant to toddler
lap belt & shoulder belt
Easy to install
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 

Do you want a booster that’s comfortable and takes up relatively little space? The highly adjustable Hifold flexible fold and bolster booster, with its “Multi-fit” technology, along with its easy portability. Its advanced “Multi-fold” system collapses and folds down into a small, easy-to-store size.

Perfect for Travel
This mifold booster seat is the world’s most portable booster. The “multi-fold” system folds down to a compact booster seat and convenient size included for traveling, storage, carpooling, and more. It is lightweight and also includes a convenient carry strap. This booster car seat is suitable for children 4 to 18 years old, 40 to 100 lbs., and 40 to 59 inches tall.

Safety Tested
This portable booster car seat meets NHTSA standard FMVSS 213 and is regulated for global use, so it can be taken and used everywhere in the world except Australia and Taiwan. This traveling booster seat has received many honors, including the 2019 Creative child booster seat Product of the Year award.

6. Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat

Best Backless Booster Seat for Kids

Best Backless Travel Booster Seats for Kids
Portable car booster seatNo intergrated latch
Easy to move and install
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 

The Cosco Topside Booster comes equipped with a comfy extended seat for your kids. This booster works for your child’s safety and comfort, providing them with the height needed for seatbelts. Lightweight and easy-to-move, the booster keeps your children’s car seats clean when switching smaller cars.

Extra Height
The Cosco Topside Booster is designed for keeping your vehicle’s seat belt positioned correctly for your child of the appropriate size and weight, from 40 to 100 pounds and up a range of 43″ to 57″. It has been independently verified for safety by the Federal Safety Standards.

Easy on the go
The lightweight, seat-safe Topside design makes it effortless to move from car to car while avoiding any adhesive marks or stains. Designed for your 3 in the back seat of almost any vehicle, this pickup is ideal for young families that are always on the go.

7. Diono Monterey

Best Side-impact and Overall Protection Booster Seat

7. Best Side-impact and Overall Protection Travel Booster Seat
Portable & foldable booster car seatNon Recline-able
For infant to big kids
Rigid Latch
Easy to move and install
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 

Introducing the latest generation of transportable boosters, Monterey® transforms from a compact fold to a full-size booster seat without compromising safety or comfort. Monterey® has dimensions 25% smaller than the average booster and compact.

Monterey makes your travel with kids easier and safer! You can fold and unfold the booster seat just in a matter of a second. Then attach it on with an integrated rigid latch to secure the movement. The carrying strap makes it super easy for your mobility.

Monterey is subject to the highest levels of crash tests — frontal, rear, and side injury, rollover tests, and testing security in the front or back seat. Advanced Safe Impact Protection has 8 layers of interlocking EPS and EPP double foam padding interlocking into armor with the Safe+ energy-absorbing shell to shield and manage with lap belt.

Suitable for children
Save more money by buying this booster seat. Monterey is able to accommodate your toddler to big kids’ needs. You can use it for up to 8 years duration. The adjustable headres and expandable side can accommodate your child from 18-54 kg and 96-160 cm tall.

8. Pico Travel Car Seat

Best Lightweight Booster Car Seat

Best Lightweight Travel Booster Seat
Portable & FoldableNo Recline-able
FAA approved
For infant to big kids
Rigid Latch & lap belt
Easy to move and install
Safe Materials & Breathable Textiles 

Are you looking for a lightweight and foldable travel booster car seat? This Pico product should be on your list. Weighing only 8lbs, Pico’s four-point safety harness is suitable for ages two and older and up to 22 to 50 lbs and 30 to 45 inches. Pico’s travel car seat keeps your exciting day trips or road trips.

Pico is a forward-facing, portable booster seats travel car seat that passes all applicable U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213) and is certified for use on aircraft (FAA certified). It installs with the car/airplane seat belt by the LATCH system.

Strong & Light
Pico’s AeroWing weighs only 8 pounds. Unlike bulky models with a plastic outer shell, its AeroWing aluminum frame is sturdy yet lightweight. AstroKnit performance mesh fabric is used in the areas that require direct contact with your skin. The seat, backrest, and headrest is not only wool-polyester, but also inherently fire-resistant.

Fold & Go
Pico has a small shape & folding booster seat that makes it easily storable or transportable. It also has a travel bag that can be carried as a backpack or slip on the handle of rolling luggage, and it is made out of super-durable, bluesign-certified recycled polyester.

9. Hiccapop UberBoost Inflatable Seat

Best Sturdy Inflated Model Booster Car Seat

Best Sturdy Inflated Model Travel Booster Seat
Inflatable booster seatNo Recline-able
Pass FMVSS213No latch
For infant to big kids
Easy to move and install

UberBoost’s Hiccapop inflatable backless booster seat inflates in seconds and ensures your child’s safety while driving. Certified safe for your kids and built to last days with the added convenience of being able to fold away into backpacks for after-school ride shares, traveling, and more!

Inflatable booster seat
The modern Hiccapop backless booster seat has inflatable cushioning and deflates rapidly, making setup and packing simple. It folds up and stows in its own travel bag so it’s convenient to carry in various transport options. This backless travel booster car seat meets all federal standards for seat safety (FMVSS213 Federal Motor Safety Standard for USA).

Strong & Removable Cover
The Hiccapop cover is made of durable material with a heavy-duty zipper to be removed and machine-washed. No-skid silicone bottom is soft on upholstery and firmly holds the seat in place on most types of upholstered components, including leather, vinyl, and cloth. Double-thick vinyl resistant to punctures is engineered to hold weights ranging from 40 to 110 lbs.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I fly with a booster seat?

Yes! You can fly your kid with a booster seat. It depends on what booster seat you are bringing. Make sure your booster car seat is already FAA approved.

Can you bring a backless booster seat on a plane?

Yes, You can bring a backless booster seats on a plane. You can find the one that is easy to be packed, the foldable to an inflatable travel booster car seat. The backless booster car seat seat is significant to improve your kid’s height so it will fit with the airplane seat belt guides.

What is a backless booster car seats?

The backless booster car seats are special cushion for kids to sit on it in order to improve comfort. Besides, the improvement of the height is to make sure they are fitted with the seat belt in order to have the maximum level of protection.

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