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by Alyn Dune

The best travel crib for tall toddler is significant baby travel gears! As parents, some of us might think children grow so fast without us realizing it. From infants to toddlers, they often grow taller, and it affects the essentials that we have bought large space for them. Additionally, when you have a tall toddler, you need to purchase suitable things for him, especially when choosing a crib.

Bringing a travel crib is an excellent decision if you have a toddler and love to travel together. However, if your child has grown taller, you need to consider those that can suit his height. In this case, we provide a list of the best travel crib for tall toddler that might be helpful for you.

Our Lists of the Best Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

  1. Joovy Gloo Childrens (Best Protection Travel Crib for Tall Toddler)
  2. Phil&teds Traveller Crib (Best Lightweight Travel Crib for Tall Toddler)
  3. Lotus Travel Crib (Best Overall Travel Crib for Tall Toddler)
  4. Babybjorn Travel Crib (Best Stylish Travel Crib for Tall Toddler)
  5. 2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet (Best 2in1 Travel Crib for Tall Toddler)
  6. Joovy Room²-Playard (Best Oversized Travel Crib for Tall Toddler)

Choosing the best travel crib for tall toddler is not always easy. If you plan to purchase one, you need to make so many considerations so that it can function well and be helpful for you and your child. Our team categorizes some best travel crib for tall toddler, starting from the ones with the best protection, best stylish, until the best oversized.

1. Best Protection Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

(Joovy Gloo Childrens)

Best Protection Travel Crib for Tall Toddler
What We Like:
  • Available in two sizes and six colors
  • Dew resistant
  • Bug proof and UPF 50 sun protection
  • Comfy self-inflating pad
  • Removable and washable cotton cover
  • Easy pop-up setup
What We Don’t Like:
  • Difficult to fold

Provide your children ample and cozy space for resting while traveling. You can use this portable baby bed that works best as a best travel crib for tall toddler, whether indoors or outdoors. It is available in regular sizes (6 months to 3 years old) and large sizes (6 months to 5 years old). Also, the crib fits in a big diaper bag when folded, and you can unzip and pop it up when the baby is ready to nap on its self-inflating mattress. Then, if you are prepared to go, press the air out and fold it up.

Various Sizes and Colors
Available in regular and large sizes, this product is suitable for babies until toddlers. You can choose the standard size for six months to three years old or the large one for six months to five years old. Moreover, the variation of colors allows you to pick it based on your child’s favorite.

Safe and Comfort
Kids love to have a new adventure, and this Joovie Gloo travel tent offers excellent protection to accompany your child. It is dew resistant, bug proof, and has UPF 50 sun protection. Besides, it has a super-comfy self-inflating pad with a removable and washable cotton cover.

2. Best Lightweight Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

(Phil&teds Traveller Crib)

Best Lightweight Travel Crib for Tall Toddler
What We Like:
  • Weighs only 6lbs
  • Indoors and outdoors use
  • OKEO-TEX certified fabrics
  • Mesh sides
  • Easy open/close zippers
  • Includes self-inflating mattress and fitted sheet
  • Global safety certified
What We Don’t Like:
  • It does not include shade mesh
  • Thin mattress

Phil&teds traveler crib is an excellent choice for an adventurous family who loves to spend their trip with their baby. It only weighs 6 lbs which are super light and compact fold, and there is also a carry bag with a strap to carry the fold version. One of the best things about the travel crib is its spaciousness, making it perfect for a baby and suitable for a toddler.

Super Light
Lighter than the baby, this travel crib only weighs 6 lbs and is easy to carry anywhere. You can roll it up to the size of a yoga mat and put it in a carry bag. It is also easy to set up with a self-inflating mattress and fitted sheets.

Indoor and Outdoor Use
This best travel crib for tall toddler can provide extra comfort for your little ones, whether you go to the park, grandma’s house, or only stay at home. Its fabrics are gentle on the baby’s skin and fully breathable with mesh side and zipper. Unfortunately, they sell the shade mesh for outdoor separately.

3. Best Overall Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

(Lotus Travel Crib)

Best Overall Travel Crib for Tall Toddler
What We Like:
  • Lightweight
  • GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certification
  • Includes compact backpack carrying case
  • Thick and soft pad
  • Quiet side zipper door
What We Don’t Like:
  • Sheets not included
  • Challenging to put back in the bag

If you are a type of parent, who puts safety first for your baby’s essentials, choosing this travel crib could be perfect. It contains non-toxic materials with a GreenGuard Gold certification and full-height mesh with breathable airflow. Besides, it is lightweight with only 13 lbs in weight, ultra-compact, only takes about 15 seconds to set up, and includes a backpack carrying case that allows you to bring it quickly.

When you fold the crib, it only weighs 13 lbs and perfectly fits in its small backpack. It is easy to set up and fold down to save more time and space just like travel pack and play. Moreover, it offers many advantageous features that make you and your baby feel comfortable.

Safety Standard
The GreenGuard Gold certification adds more value to this Lotus crib. It has the approval of containing non-toxic materials, including free from PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, and Heavy Metals (Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury). Then, the crib also includes a side zipper door and comfortable mattress to keep your baby safe and relaxed.

4. Best Stylish Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

(Babybjorn Travel Crib)

Best Stylish Travel Crib for Tall Toddler
What We Like:
  • Easy to set and fold up
  • Soft and comfy mattress
  • Airy design
  • High-quality Oeko-Tex certified fabrics
  • Removable and machine washable textiles
  • Premium materials
What We Don’t Like:
  • More expensive
  • Lack of the zip-up side

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light provides your child a safe and comfortable space to sleep and play, whether at home or traveling. It is suitable for the busy parent with its lightweight material and portable design. Additionally, the best travel crib for tall toddler offers some great features, including a cozy insulated mattress, a sturdy base, and a breathable mattress cover that is waterproof and machine washable. However, it does not have a zip-up side making it difficult for parents to put or pick the baby from the crib.

Travel Friendly
You can easily set up and fold up the crib in just one move. It is easy to take and bring everywhere, perfect for travel or use at home. One more important thing is this travel crib is lightweight at only 11 pounds in weight.

Stylish and Comfortable
Safe, comfortable, and stylish are three things to describe this travel crib. Your child will experience a wonderful moment, whether at home or on the road. It includes an insulated mattress that keeps the baby warm, a breathable mattress cover that is washable and waterproof, and net fabric side panels to keep your eye on the child. All can play inside the crib comfortably, from tiny babies to tall toddlers.

5. Best 2in1 Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

(2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet)

Best 2in1 Travel Crib for Tall Toddler
What We Like:
  • Includes bassinet
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Includes an insulated foam mattress pad
  • Mattress sheet included
  • No heavy metals and lead-free
  • Do not use non-safe elements during production
  • Side zipper opening
What We Don’t Like:
  • Tiny sheet and mattress
  • Small in size

If you love to invest in your baby’s essentials, this best travel crib for tall toddler is an excellent collection. It is suitable for newborns, tiny babies, and tall toddlers because it works as a crib and contains a bassinet, perfect for long-term use. Additionally, both bassinet and crib are safe and sturdy, having a solid frame, high-quality materials, and no heavy metals. It is lightweight and small, and easy to bring during a vacation. However, some parents might have a problem with its small size.

Your child can grow with this amazing travel crib from baby to toddler. It includes a bassinet insert for newborns, and then you can swap it out when the baby grows bigger. You can also reach your little ones easily through the side zipper door.

Sturdy and Safe
Although this crib is lightweight and portable, it is very sturdy and made of high-quality, durable materials. Besides, the bassinet offers a supportive structure and solid frame to keep your baby safe. It also does not contains heavy metals, is lead-free and does not use unsafe elements during production.

6. Best Oversized Travel Crib for Tall Toddler

(Joovy Room²-Playard)

Best Oversized Travel Crib for Tall Toddler
What We Like:
  • Spacious
  • Compact fold
  • Includes a travel bag
  • Large mesh windows 
  • High-quality wheels
  • Waterproof & machine washable
What We Don’t Like:
  • Strong chemical odor

Spacious and functional, the Joovy Room2 can fit two children, especially if you have twins. It is also suitable for indoors or outdoor and perfect for traveling with its practical feature. As we said earlier, the crib is large enough to provide a space to play with over 10 square feet of space. It also looks complete with extra-large mesh windows to provide excellent visibility from inside and outside. Another best thing about this crib is its waterproof mattress to keep the play area dry and orderly.

Large Playard
With a super extensive play area, this crib can hold two kids at once and is tall enough for a toddler. It also provides large mesh windows so that the child can see the outside view and the parents can pay attention through it. Thus, it is an excellent play area and a perfect sleep space.

Suitable for vacation or just visiting grandma’s house, the crib only weighs 29 lbs, is compact fold, and easy to bring anywhere. It fits in a travel bag, so you can fold, pick it up, and get it with its shoulder strap. Besides, it provides high-quality wheels to help you move it from room to room.

Best Travel Crib for Tall Toddler Buying Guides

Best Travel Crib for Tall Toddler Buying Guides

Some parents consider the portable travel crib a lifesaver because it is practical, easy to bring, and saves time. Besides, some brands provide unique features in their products and always give additional value. With so many variations of travel cribs on the market, it might create confusion to pick the best ones, especially if you have a toddler who has grown taller. Therefore, we provide some best travel crib for tall toddler buying guides for tall toddlers below.

  • Safety and Materials
    Most parents always choose safety over many things. You need to ensure the travel crib you pick is safe and has a security and non-toxic certification. Besides, select the ones with quality materials and strong enough to hold the baby and toddler.
  • Size and Weight
    The smaller and lighter the crib, the easier you can carry it while traveling, and it helps you fold and keep it in your carry bag. Also, check the weight limit and dimension, then compare it to your toddler. However, do not forget to suit the size and weight of the crib with your toddler, and always make sure they feel comfortable first.
  • Practicality
    Fortunately, most travel cribs are foldable and lightweight. However, some products are difficult to set up or fold up, and some are heavy. In this case, you need to ensure the crib you choose does not become a burden for you and your toddler because traveling could be so tiring, and you need to save a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a travel crib?

A portable travel crib is a smaller and lighter version of the crib that you have at home. It is often foldable and includes moveable legs and a carry bag. Like its name, this crib is travel friendly, easy to carry, and does not take too much space on long trip or plane travel.

At what age should I convert the crib to a toddler bed?

Generally, the toddler can switch between the age of eighteen months to three and half years old. However, there is no exact age when the child is ready to move on from it.

When should you are not using a travel crib?

Although there is no age limit for a child using a travel crib, you can consider several factors, including the crib’s dimension, child’s age, and weight limit. A child between 0 to 3 years is suitable for using a travel crib. Also, check the length because if you have tall toddlers, the small crib will be impossible to fit them. Then, compare the weight limit, whether it can still hold your child or not. If all those things do not work for your child, it might be the right time to move to a travel baby bed.

How do you keep a toddler in a crib?

Sometimes, putting the toddler to sleep or playing in his crib might be tricky. If your toddler tries to climb, do not overreact. Instead, provide the toys, pillows, or books to accompany him and release them at bedtime. Also, you can lower the mattress and adjust the crib’s position so that your child cannot climb out of it. Furthermore, providing a sleep sack for the toddler while sleeping is an excellent idea to prevent their legs from going over the side of the crib.

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