5 Best Headphones for Baby on Plane


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Are you planning to fly with your baby? Best Headphones for Baby on Plane is super essential to make your baby traveling easy and comfortable. Baby is sensitive to any sound or movement, especially on planes; loud noise, turbulence, and different air pressure can be serious.

Traveling with a baby is another thing; it is just not as simple as normal traveling. It would help if you were more prepared to face this extraordinary experience. Our team will help you choose which one is the best baby headphones on plane.

Best Headphones for Baby on Plane Buying Guides

How to choose the right headphones for baby on a plane or traveling? You should aware of these several criteria of a good headset. These are the thing you should know before choosing the best one:


The size of a baby’s head can vary according to their age, you will need to do some research on the size of it before considering buying one. Look for an adjustable headset for the baby, this will help you solve the size problem. The perfect size will make your baby comfortably use it for a long period of time while traveling.


Soft and comfortable material is also significant while choosing the best headset for a traveling baby. Baby skin and ears are more sensitive compared to adults. Make sure you choose the soft and chemical-safe for kids to keep safe and protected.

Noise cancelling headphones

This is the most important aspect you should look at first before buying the right headphone for your baby. The main reason why using this while traveling is to reduce the loud noise from airplanes or roads. Sensitive kids’ hearing should be protected from any loud sound. The max recommended safe sound level for kids is 100 dB, so make sure you find any headset that is able to reduce the sound below that level.


Find the cutest design for your kids! Choose a different kind of color or shape. There are several types of the headset looks in the market, starting from the typical look headphone, headband, to ear muff.

Not only the looks, but you have to also look for its versatility and compactness. A good headset should fit your kid’s head perfectly, not too tight or loose. It should also be durable enough as your kid’s movement can be unpredictable.

Our Lists of The Best Headphones for Baby on Plane

Picking the right baby headphones on plane can be so complicated. You need to think about the comfort, usability, durability, and many other aspects of your baby’s needs. Our team compile and categorizes different kind of baby headphones on the market and make a summary for you! Check our lists of best baby headphones on plane!

1. Snug Baby Earmuffs

Best Budget Baby Headphones on Plane

Best Budget Headphone for Baby on Plane
Powerful noise reduction ratingStrong Chemical Smell (new opening)
Soft and comfortable baby-friendly design
Good for newborn – todller
Lightweight and durable headphones for babies

Babies have delicate, developing ears, and some loud sounds can injure or damage their hearing. Formulated to meet the needs of your babies on planes, the Snug baby headphones feature a noise reduction rating of SNR 23 dB to effectively block out loud noise, while still allowing ambient sounds.

Soft, Comfortable Design

Designed with the well-being of a baby’s ears in mind, each ear cuff on this muff is filled with soft padding to offer comfort and ear protection. These muffs are best for babies aged 3 months and up. A compact design allows you to wear these earmuffs on the go, and they are gentle on your child’s neck and shoulders.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Shaped out of sturdy fabrics, Snug Snug baby headphones will stand the pressures of infancy. Since babies grow quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll be around longer than you anticipate. It’ll be essential for your child to get enough high-quality rest. To make sure your child sleeps soundly, use these earmuffs to safeguard them from loud noises inside airplane.

2. Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection

Best Infant Headphone for AirPlane

 Best Infant Headphone for AirPlane
Comfortable materialCame off frequently
Powerful noise reduction rating
Baby-friendly design
Lightweight and durable headphones for babies
Adjustable & safe
Tested & certified

Alpine is one of the leading innovators and leaders in quality hearing protection. Additionally, the business has been working for years to promote awareness about ear protection.

All products are well designed and manufactured by a Netherlands-based business. These products have placed first in critic reviews in over fifty countries. Enjoy your ears! A wide variety of earplugs allow individuals to enjoy themselves without risking serious damage to the ears.

Comfortable Fit

The Alpine Muffy Baby has been designed to protect the issue of too-tight headbands. The hear protection is also good for use in strollers and baby baskets. The Alpine Muffy Baby features a colorful striped headband with an extra gray headband. The inside earmuffs are lined with very soft foam.

Easy Adjustable

Alpine baby headphones and toddler ear protection is a safe and practical design, with no hard parts that can injure or cause harm. The two separate earmuffs can be attached effortlessly to the baby banz with 2 clicks and correctly fit in the position.

Ear caps are manufactured from multiple layers of noise-reducing foam and cushy padding for the perfect fit. Improved headbands are non-slip, comfortable, and readily adjustable.


The Alpine Muffy baby headphones is the only hearing protection for babies and toddlers with a CE-certification. The earmuff satisfies all legal requirements of the European Union and the United States in the fields of safety, health, and the environment.

Independent tests confirm that Character Muffler achieves noise reduction of 23 dB NRZ in accordance with U.S. and EU standards. Durable hypoallergenic material without silicone, BPA-free; free from allergies or irritations.

3. JBL Noise Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

Baby Headphones for Music on Airplanes

Best Toddler Headphone for Plane
Quality soundLimited color choice
ACTIVE noise cancelling headphones
Comfortable material headphones for babies
Baby-friendly design
Lightweight and durable

Not only protect your kid’s ear from loud noise, but this headset also allows your kid to listen to their favorite song or show. JBL is a well-known brand of high-end headset which is widely used by music lovers. Give your child high-quality JBL Safe Sound audio for either traveling or to wind down at home. Hand-calibrated for children’s ears and heads, they’re carefully made to be comfy and easy to use for little ones.


Quiet the noise and distractions around yourself with Active Noise Cancelling headphones. Your kids can fully focus whether they’re traveling on a plane, listening to an audiobook, watching their favorite film, or studying on the web.

Non Stop Music with 20-HOUR BATTERY 

Quality sound doesn’t have an age limit, but it’s important to make sure your children are protected while enjoying audio. With a maximum volume set at 85 decibels, these wireless headphones for babies are free to enjoy JBL quality sound safely, wirelessly. This JBL speaker system offers up to 20 hours of Bluetooth playback time (and 30 hours in airplane mode). To recharge, it takes two hours.

4. CozyPhones

Best Cute Headphones for Baby on Plane

Best Cute Headphones for Baby on Plane
COMFORTABLENeed constant adjust
Durable headphones for babies
Colourful Choice

Young, sensitive ears require a more forceful need for protection than do the ears of adults, so they must be tended to accordingly. To ensure the safety of children’s ears, the built-in volume control in CozyPhones ensures that the volume is a maximum of 90 dB. In children, the recommended safe sound level is 100 dB.

Cute design

Earphone headbands are a good alternative for girls and women of all ages. They are fun to wear, washable, and compatible with numerous devices. Children will love the characters, colors, and innovative design of kids headphones. They can wear these over the eyes as a sleep mask.


Young, sensitive ears require a more forceful need for protection than do the ears of adults, so they must be tended to accordingly. To ensure the safety of children’s ears, the built-in volume control in CozyPhones ensures that the volume is a maximum of 90 dB. In children, the recommended safe sound level is 100 dB.

5. Snug Play+ Kids Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones for 2 Year old on Plane

Best Overall Headphones for Baby on Plane: Snug Play+ Kids Headphones
COMFORTABLE No guarantee
Powerful noise reduction rating
Colourful Design
Premium sound quality

Designed especially with children in mind, SNUG Play+ was created for safe use even as your children play. This headphone was developed to be harmless, so your kids’ eardrums wouldn’t be damaged. Plus, you can share musical tastes with others with the ready-sharing port.


Snug Play+volume is automatically limited to preserve your child’s ears. Safety is the first concern for kids, which is why the Snug Play+ volume is limited to a consistent level of 93db – adequate volume to hear everything without disturbing hearing.

Tough, Durable & Lightweight

These kids headphones earpads are thick and soft, with cushioned foam that carefully conforms to the contour of smaller ears. This headset is specially designed for children. It is designed to be tough enough to withstand adequate use while providing a lightweight and comfortable fit. These headphones are certain to remain in your home with you and your kids for a long time.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a 1 year old wear headphones on a plane?

Yes, your 1-year-old baby will be safe from any loud sound if you use noise cancelling headphones. This type of headphone is able to reduce or even cancel any loud noise to your sensitive kid’s hearing. Make sure you are choosing the right headset for your infant by looking at its safe material, design, and size.

What helps baby ears on plane?

Not only the loud sound from the plane, but the air pressure can also disturb your baby. Having baby headphones will help your baby from that problems.

Do headphones help kids on airplane?

Yes, It does help! it will help your baby a lot from loud noise and air pressure turbulence inside the airplane. It will help your baby to keep calm and comfortable so you will not disturb another passenger inside the plane.

Do noise Cancelling headphones help babies on airplanes?

Yes, it does help! The noise cancelling headphones feature will keep your baby calm just like nothing happen around him. The headset will also help with any air pressure problems.

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