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Looking for the best travel cat litter box? Taking a trip may be stressful at times, particularly if you’re traveling with a cat. Bringing your cat might sometimes be daunting since you have to take care of all the little details and pay attention to your cat’s fundamental requirements. One of the most common demands that may arise during a road trip is for your cat to relieve itself. That is why bringing your travel cat litter box can be very helpful to you while traveling. 

However, finding the right travel cat litter box can be very challenging. There are so many brands you will see with their pros and cons, and you have to select the items carefully. Also, it must be comfortable for your kitty too because if it’s not, it will arouse stress not only for the cat but also for you. Choosing the best travel litter box based on what you need will be very beneficial. 

Here is our list of travel cat litter box recommendations and its review so the options can be narrowed down for you: 

Our Lists of Travel Cat Litter Box Recommendations

Travel litter boxes are simpler to transport than normal ones and that is why it is great for travel. These litter boxes are disposable or washable and may be folded or collapsed to save space and the features make them ideal for road trips or overnight stays away from home. So, we collected the greatest portable litter boxes so you can choose one for your next vacation with your pet.

1. Overall Best Travel Litter Box

(HiCaptain Travel Cat Litter Box)

Overall Best Travel Litter Box: HiCaptain Travel Cat Litter Box
What We Like:
  • Two colors available (Gray/Black)
  • Size for small and medium cat 
  • Portable
  • Ultralight
  • Polyester material 
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not Spillproof

The medium travel litter box is suitable for kittens and cats who need easy access both while entering and exiting the litter box. Can be set up and moved in a hotel room, on a camping trip, across the country, or while traveling by car.

  • Shovel for Free
    This litter box comes with a shovel. We hope you can simply cope with cat feces wherever. Unused litter may be stored in a mesh bag on the litter box. A feed dish is included so you can give your cat food and water while you’re outdoors.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Using
    Cat Litter Box may be used inside and outdoors. Take this foldable litter box outdoors with your cat. It helps address the issue of random feces in cats.
  • High Quality
    Waterproof, robust, lightweight 600 Denier oxford fabric. It’s cleanable and foldable into a super small size travel litter box. The handle and zipper allow for easy portability.

2. Travel Cat Litter Box with Lid

(IRIS Travel Litter Pan)

Travel Cat Litter Box with Lid: IRIS Travel Litter Pan
What We Like:
  • Great for traveling with your cat.
  • Light-weight canvas allows easy storage
  • Dimensions: 15.5″L x 15.5″W x 4″H, Folds to: 12.0” L x 11.0” W x 2.0” H
  • Zipper top stores litter in pan while not in use with no mess
What We Don’t Like:
  • Short
  • Cat-scratch-able material

Travel wherever with your furry companion! This travel-friendly litter box frees you from the burden of transporting a cumbersome litter box. The folding, lightweight canvas enables for simple storage when not in use. When away from home, the litter can be contained without causing a mess thanks to the zippered top.

  • Flexibility
    A lightweight mobile litter box frees you from the need to carry a big litter pan whenever you take your cat with you. It can also be quickly folded up and stored thanks to the strong canvas material.
  • Design
    When not in use, the trash and litter may be confined inside the bag thanks to the zippered cover. Excellent for use in automobiles, which present the risk of trash scattering all over the inside during travel. The top completely unzips to provide for quick and simple access to the box.

3. Best Disposable Litter Box for Travel

(PetSafe Disposable Car Litter Box)

3. Best Disposable Litter Box for Travel: PetSafe Disposable Car Litter Box 
What We Like:
  • Disposable
  • A unique design for privacy
  • Bigger and heavier than other models
What We Don’t Like:
  • Depending on how often your cat uses it, it will only last a few days.
  • Due to its inability to form clumps, Crystal cat litter is not the ideal choice for use in portable toilets.
  • Non-recycled

Self-cleaning cat toilet boxes from Pet Safe are a terrific option if you decide to leave your kitty at home while you’re away.

  • Compact design
    Cardboard structure that is both sturdy and able to fold for easy storage. However, because it can be used for up to a week, it is an excellent choice for either a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.
  • Leak protection
    A layer of wax to protect against pee leakage. It also comes with crystal litter in addition to eight disposable scoops, making upkeep very simple.
  • Less mess
    Your cat is sure to love the cardboard box design. The hood provides your cat with privacy and a safe place to hide during stressful situations.

4. Best Travel Cat Litter Box for Kittens

(Petleader Collapsible Portable Cat Litter Box)

Best for Kittens: Petleader Collapsible Portable Cat Litter Box
What We Like:
  • Dimension: 16 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Material: Nylon and Fabric
  • Folds for storage
  • Deep 
  • Waterproof
  • Bonus water bowl
What We Don’t Like:
  • Small size
  • Pricey

The premium pop-up portable kitty litter box from Pet Fit For Life can be put up in a flash, and it is just as simple to clean, fold, and store, which makes it ideal for traveling with your cat.

  • Design
    The cover on the outside is constructed from a nylon fabric that is long-lasting and simple to clean, while the liner on the inside is composed of poly-plastic that is both smooth and waterproof.
  • Flexibility
    The litter box can be opened to a size of 16 by 12 by 5 inches (it can accommodate about 5 pounds of litter), and it can be folded down to a size of 8 by 5 by 2 inches for easy storage.

5. Best Light Weight Litter Box for travel

(Petsfit Fabric Foldable Cat Litter Box)

Best Light Weight Litter Box for travel: Petsfit Fabric Foldable Cat Litter Box
What We Like:
  • Made from Oxford fabric materials
  • Machine washable
  • Rounded design
  • Weighs 13 ounces
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not the cheapest alternative
  • Some pet owners may find it to be too shallow

This one, in contrast to the other best portable cat litter boxes that we’ve examined, can be cleaned in the washing machine and is plush enough to double as a bed for the cat.

  • Foldable
    It can be folded up for easy storage and has a relatively low weight, making it an excellent option for holidays and trips with the family. Large enough to let cats and kittens of medium size to wander about freely, and it can retain a significant amount of litter.
  • High-Quality Material
    Strong enough to resist regular usage as well as the claws of cats. Because it can be washed in the dishwasher, this portable litter box for cats is one of the least difficult to clean.

Best Travel Cat Litter Box Buying Guides

Best Travel Cat Litter Box Buying Guides

Looking for the best travel cat litter box for your trip? Here are some suggestions of things you should consider while buying the one. Check these out!

  • Size
    The size of the new portable litter box is an important factor to take into account. There must be a way to transport a cat that is both large and portable. Choosing a box that is at least four inches deep is highly recommended, and we made a note of the ones on our list that weren’t. So, your cats will have a harder time getting their litter out of the box.
  • Material 
    The material utilized in the creation of a mobile litter box is another consideration. Nylon is a popular material for portable devices since it is both waterproof and robust. When it comes to making your travel box more durable and less likely to leak, materials like PVC and polyurethane might be an excellent choice.
  • Storage 
    Choose a collapsible portable litter box for simple storage. Folded boxes are less likely to be filled with liner-compromising things. While not required, side pockets might be useful, therefore we attempted to highlight companies that have them in our evaluations.

Frequently Asked Question 

Do cats need litter boxes on long car rides? 

You do not need to bother about organizing pee breaks, setting up a litter box, or giving food and water for your pet if you are just traveling a short distance. Because the motion of the vehicle and her fear may cause her stomach to become unsettled, it is best for the kitten not to eat or drink before or during the car trip. If she does, she may end up throwing up within the cage.

When traveling with your cat, you should always box them. It stops her from distracting you while you’re driving and is safer overall. It is preferable for kitty’s health that the cat carrier be placed near you or another member of your family, and ideally in a location where she can see you. Because a cat may experience anxiety during travel, having her person close by, being able to see her, and hearing her voice are all very soothing.

How do you travel long distances with a cat litter box?

Consider a larger cat carrier for your vacation. For extended trips, a dog kennel that fits in your vehicle is preferable than a cat carrier. Your cat won’t be cramped in a little carrier, and he can see you the entire time if you get a cage-type crate. When stopping quickly, be sure it won’t wobble or topple. Seatbelts should work.

Even if your cat is mentally ready to go, nature will call. Small litter pans fit in dog crates. Place the crate with the litter box where your cat’s customary litter box was before your vacation. Allow entry. When he has to go, he’ll use the cage, especially if you start with his litter box inside. Later, swap to a smaller, travel-friendly tray.

How do I get my cat to use the litter box before traveling? 

First, choose a term to lure your cat to the litter box like “come, Potty” or anything else. Once you get the term for the cat, make sure your cat acknowledges the term. Don’t forget to train the cat using the term. Positive reinforcement is also essential for cat training. So look for litter box usage. This may be annoying if your litter box isn’t in your line of sight, but it’s necessary. Say your keyword when your cat poops. Your cat will eventually identify these phrases with the litter box. After your cat emerges from the litter box, treat her with praise. You may reinforce praise by using the same term like “Good potty!” when it uses the litterbox.

Once your cat learns that the box and keyword signify it’s time to leave, make it a habit. Routines assist cats to grasp what’s happening and anticipating what’s expected of them.  Consistency is crucial for your cat to grasp what’s going on and cooperate with you.

Where is the best place to put a litter box?

Don’t let your cat wander while driving. It’s not safe for you or your cat to let kitty snuggle up on your lap, sit on your shoulders, or sprawl over the dashboard. Instead, put your cat in the carrier and choose a position in the vehicle where you can see her plainly. Make sure the carrier is well-ventilated.
Most cats feel safer and more comfortable in a carrier during a lengthy trip. It protects your cat from distracting you while driving, keeping you both safe. It’s acceptable if your cat doesn’t eat or drink while traveling. Less food minimizes stomach distress. After a night’s rest, they’ll hydrate and eat.

How long can a cat go in a car without a litter box? 

It is essential that you give some thought to the well-being of the cat before embarking on any excursion. The temperament of the animal, its age, and its general state of health will determine how long a cat may be contained in a carrier for a certain number of hours.

If you believe your cat will need it, you can either plan a few stops along the trip or pack a bag for them that contains a litter box, food and water bowls, and treats. If you think your cat will require it, you should prepare a bag for them. It is possible that the idea of going on a trip with a cat would make you feel anxious, but as long as you make preparations and put the health of your cat first, everything should go well.

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