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Looking for the best lumbar support for car is something you should consider while having a long road trip. Sitting and driving for a long period of time can really cause serious problems with your back pain. If you ignore that, that can get worse!

In order to prevent that, having the best lumbar support for the car is one of the simplest ways. Our team features the best lumbar support for car from the market for you to choose from.

Best Lumbar Support for Car Buying Guide

While choosing the best lumbar support for car, there are several things you should consider before buying. Our team summarizes the major point you should take while asking this question “How do I choose a lumbar support for my car?“:

  • Firmness: Before purchasing a lumbar pillow, it’s important to consider what you prefer in terms of comfort and support.
  • Adjustablility:The loft, or elevation, of a cushion can range anywhere from low to high. Many cushions are available with varying elevations or have removable inserts so you can customize it to your preferences.
  • Size and shape: Lumbar support pillows vary in sizes. Consider how you’ll use it and how much support you want. In addition, pay attention to the advantages of using lumbar support consistently, so you’ll end up with something sturdy if you experience chronic back pain.
  • Materials: A good lumbar support cushion needs a good base material. The material should be able to retain its shape for several hours of daily usage. Especially if you live in a hot area, it is wise to make sure that there is enough air flow in the material in order to prevent problems relating to temperature.
  • Removable cover: If you have a personal care cushion that is not made with mesh, then make sure it has a detachable cover. This is beneficial for cleanup purposes if the seat cushion develops tears or gets cluttered with dust and dirt.

Best Lumbar Support Materials

Material is another thing you should be aware of. Whether you want to look for super comfy materials or breathable ones. Here are some of the best lumbar support materials we can find on the market:

Memory Foam

This pillow conforms to the shape of your body to reduce tension and help spinal alignment. memory foam can be effective for pain relief, but it retains heat slower than other materials.

Polyurethane foam

Made of moderate memory foam, this material offers great contour while costing less than memory foam. However, it’s not nearly as durable and is generally not as dense.


These pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls and may even vary the firmness and height for comfort. The hulls can distribute more evenly to alleviate pain in the back.


This fabric is obtained from the sap of rubber trees. It is also very durable and breathable, with variable contouring to provide extra back support for users.

Our Lists of The Best Lumbar Support for Car

Our team categorized the variety based on the best budget, usage, and comfort. Hopefully, you will find it useful while choosing the best lumbar support for your car!

McKenzie Lumbar Roll

(Best Budget Lumbar Support for Car)

Best Lumbar Support for Car
High-qualitySmall size
Removable cover
Adjustable strap

In over 25 years, The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll has helped millions of people experience freedom from lower back pain. Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll for back pain relief; the top-selling lumbar cushion for long-distance driving. This is the leading choice of physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors, and other back pain specialists.

Simple, Versatile Usage

McKenzie’s back supports are ideal in the car or when being applied to any seat that does not offer sufficient lumbar support. This best lumbar support for car provide optimal relief for back and neck pain and protect against injury in the lumbar region.

High-Quality Construction

McKenzie lumbar supports’ sturdy, durable construction is on the top; their non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, 100% polyester removable cover is exclusively manufactured for these lumbar supports. With its Exclusive design and long-lasting, plush foam, the lumbar support comes equipped with a handy strap (made of latex) for securing to most chair backs or around one’s waist.

Kingphenix Mesh Best

(Best Breathable Lumbar Support for Car)

Best Breathable Lumbar Support for Car
Pros Cons
Ergonomic DesignNot as comfort as foam
Comfort and Breathable
Removable cover
Adjustable strap
Easy to Clean

Made comfortable for users based on ergonomic design principles, the Kingphenix lumbar support provides relief to the lower back. One of the elements that make this support unique is its design.


Memory foam provides an extremely comfortable feeling thanks to its superior tactile feeling, but it also tends to retain body heat when utilized for a long duration, even with an open pillow covering over it.

Nothing beats the importance of breathable seat material on a hot summer day, you will need a fire extinguisher for the car. Of course, the AC is also great, but just imagine the perfect air circulation using tiny ventilation holes on your seat.

Anyone who likes things to be as cool as possible as a car travel cooler will likely prefer the Kingphenix Breathable Lumbar Support Mesh to traditional pillows.

Ergonomic design

This best lumbar support for car comes with a strap and an adjustable design but is specially designed to provide breathability. It also comes in a dual pack, so you can keep one in your car or at home, and the other at the office.

Everlasting Lumbar Support

(Best Comfortable Lumbar Support for Car)

Best Comfortable Lumbar Support for Car
Premium gel infused memory foam Pricey
 Ventilation holes
Ergonomic Design
Includes both lumbar support pillow and seat cushion
Machine-washable covers

Most chairs are not designed to accommodate your body’s natural curve and shape, which gradually results in you slouching forward, resulting in discomfort in your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Adding a lumbar cushion to your chair is a simple, affordable way to enhance uncomfortable seating.


This best lumbar support for car features premium gel-infused memory foam with heat-triggered technology that conforms to your body’s curves for better core support. Stop sitting hunched over in pain. With seat cushions for pressure relief, we supply the support needed to allow you to sit more aligned.

Reduce Heat

This Everlasting Comfort cushion contains gel-infused memory foam as well as targeted ventilation openings. All of them are designed to provide you with a cooling and comfortable sitting experience when driving long distances.

Double Part

This package comprises everything that the Everlasting Consolation Lumbar Support Pillow boasts and adds a comfortable seat cushion, making it an integral part of any chair. Of course, the additional cushioning adds to the cost, but it is a worthwhile investment if you’re trying to make your chair more comfortable.

Zyllion Shiatsu

(Best Electric Lumbar Support for Car)

Best Electric Lumbar Support for Car:
Versatile & ErgonomicPricey
Overheat ProtectionSmall size
Advanced Heating Function
Rechargeable & wireless
1-year warranty guarantee

Zyllion products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they function correctly and remain strong. They incorporate ancient traditional medicine like Shiatsu and acupuncture into a present-day design, so everyone can take pride in the art of massage.

Rechargeable and cordless

The portable lumbar massager’s rechargeable battery provides up to three hours of cordless massage at full charge. Relish your daily dose of relaxation and pain relief.

Powerful Massage

The heating function adds a touch of soothing muscle tension to the therapy. The nodes can remarkably relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension. Each node acts as though it is actually massaging a deep-tissue injury as if it is connected to a real massage therapist or masseuse.

This cushion offers infrared heat, which is effective at increasing circulation, to the muscles, with an overheat protection feature integrated to prevent it from working too long and an auto-shutoff timer that shuts it down after twenty minutes.


Zyllion devices are covered by a one-year warranty; extended warranties are obtainable for products registered. In the event that any Zyllion product you obtain breaks down within a one-year period, they will deliver a replacement model at no extra cost to you.

Dreamer Car

(Overall Best Lumbar Support for Car)

Overall Best Lumbar Support for Car
Pros Cons
Designed to stay in place in your carOnly works in your car if you have an adjustable headrest
Large area of support
Washable cover
1-year warranty guarantee

Even if you’re a casual road-tripper or have a grueling daily commute, you’re most likely experiencing back pain due to your inadequate vehicle seat. Your back can refrain from additional strain by using the Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Pillow.


The inherent design of the car seat cushion gives a gap between the car seat and the human body, with no lumbar support would easily cause driving fatigue. One square inch of ergonomically approved lumbar support for the car conforms to your full back curve, which just supplies you the car seat and your body the support it requires, providing you with a relaxed driving experience.


Two adjustable loops in the car seat back make that lumbar support stay in place without sliding off your seat. The bottom strap design keeps your car’s lumbar support in place without being loose on you any longer. The arms top strap design lets you adjust up or down the height of your car’s back, which offers beneficial support to your back.

Frequently Asked Question

Is lumbar support good in car?

Yes, It brings lots of benefits like:
1. Increase comfort while driving on a long road trip.
2. Pain relief for long hours driving, It usually causes serious pain, by having support It will help a lot.
3. Better Posture, lumbar support can help you improve your posture over time.

How do you attach a lumbar support to a car seat?

Common lumbar support product has an adjustable strap for chair attachment. All you need to do is just put it in the correct or best position, depending on your body height or posture.

How do lumbar pillows work?

A small lumbar support pillow lies at the base of your spine to assist prop up your lower back. This cushion also helps prevent you from slouching in your chair, which can put pressure on your muscles and cause pain or discomfort.

How thick should a lumbar pillow be?

You’ll have to look for at least 1 – 1.5 inches. Anything less than that could offer less convenience and anything over 1.5 inches will add little additional support.

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