4 Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Car


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Picking the best magnetic gun mount for car is not like picking up a snack. You will have to do deep research on your need and market to look for the best one that suits your need.

This becomes another essential thing you should prepare for road trip besides other fun accessories like fire extinguishers for a car, car travel coolers, or car lumbar support.

Nowadays, it is just normal for people to carry guns in their car, especially if they are going on a long road trip to a place they have never gone before. Security is super essential in this condition, one of the ways is by having a proper magnetic gun mount on your car or having a car alarm for vandalism.

Our team will provide you with information on the best gun magnets mount for car you can find in the market.

Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Car Buying Guide

Before you consider choosing the best magnetic gun mount for car, you will have to think about these points:

Magnet Strength

You have to make sure the gun mount has strong magnet capabilities. You don’t want your gun falling or jumping while you drive on a bumpy road. You can choose the Neodyum type of magnet as the strong one. Neodymium is made of rare earth magnets. They would have little trouble supporting weapons like mount shotguns and rifles.


After making sure your firearms do not jump off from the mount, you have to make sure that your gun is safe enough from any unpredictable accidental discharge. Let’s say you have kids around or you don’t like bringing a loaded gun, this is important to have a trigger guard protection or quickdraw feature. This will make your journey more comfortable and gun safe!


Can you attach it close to you? or is it easy to be reached? this also needs to be taken into consideration. Several brands allow you to flexibly attach it to different level smooth surface locations. You can put most guns under your steering wheel, desk, or even under your seat.

Easiness of installation

Almost all of the best gun magnetic mount for car require you to make a drill holes for the screw. If you don’t like that method, you can use double-sided tape to stick the mount. Make sure you are using an industrial-type of tape which can firmly hold the mount. To improve the security, screwing it on the surface is the best option you can do!

Our Lists of The Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Car

After deep research on the market, our team compile and categorized the group of the best magnetic gun mounts for car. You can freely choose which categories of magnetic mount for most gun types you want to get in the market. Here they are:

1. GMW Gun Magnet

Best Budget Gun Magnet Mount for Car

Best Budget Magnetic Gun Mount for Car:
Pros Cons
STRONG gun magnet GRIPNo trigger guard protection
Easy and secure installationless safe around kids
Concealed holder up to 30 lbs
Different skin/style
Budget-friendly car holster
1-year warranty

Inspired by the shape and strength of buckler shields, which were used during the Middle Ages to protect heavy infantry soldiers from steel swords and arrows, the GMW gun magnet is wrapped in discreet, pitch-black TPU covering to shelter your entire gun from scratches when mounted.

Strong Magnet

Your Gun Magnet World (GMW) Buckler Series Gun Magnet is made from neodymium rare earth magnets, which is strong mount’s magnetic force, allowing it to securely concealed holder up to 30lbs of a firearm. This magnetic handgun mount can be installed in either parallel or perpendicular mounting (no pivot!). This pistol magnet compatible with almost all firearm types: most handgun models, heavy guns like rifles, shotguns, pistols.

Easy Use

The GMW Buckler Series Gun Magnet kit includes double-sided adhesive tape and a pair of heavy-duty two screws, allowing you to mount your pistol magnet or gun magnet with no trouble. You can also secure holster with the pieces with two screws, which comprise a pair, with a total of eight screws.


GMW Buckler Series Gun Magnet comes with a one-year warranty and a very friendly customer service team, available both over email and social media.

2. DD Quickdraw Gun Magnet

Best Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount for Car

Best Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount for Car
STRONG gun magnetNo trigger guard protection
Easy, and secure installation gun holsterless safe around kids
concealed holder up to 15.4 lbsOnly fits flat top handguns
Easy quick-draw gun holster

The security of the DD Quick Draw has been improved based on the previous model, which greatly enhanced the design of magnetic gun holster for flat top guns. An outstanding design and structure, completely different magnets.


You’ll have a much easier time keeping a pistol within reach with the quickdraw pistol magnet mount. This gun magnet mount is secure, safe, and easy to install, this magnetic gun holster mount is a must-have for a responsible gun owner.

Our quick draw mount is designed with a detailed instructions manual that permits a quick and secure installation. Using our gun holster can prevent accidental discharge and keep your pistol secure and available in emergencies. This magnetic gun holder is perfect if you are not comfortable with carrying a loaded gun.

Easy Installation

This gun holster for vehicles can be set up using the four stainless-steel screws included in the package. This car holster magnet can be easily installed inside your automobile, in the office, under a cashier counter, on the bed frame table, door, or table. This only fits most flat top pistols.

3. KEEPER MG Gun Magnet

Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Car No Screws

Best Magnetic Gun Mount for Car No Screws
STRONG gun tactical magnetNo trigger guard protection
Scratch gun safeless safe around kids
Lowkey Design car holster
Easy, and secure installation
Concealed holder up to 35 lbs 

Keeper is the company that produces one of the top-selling gun holder magnets for cars and other vehicles. Their products focus on a compact design with easy installing on most flat surface.

Strong Magnetic Force

Each firearm inner magnet is 35 lbs rated and prevent scratches with soft rubber coating. These powerful gun holders enable mission security without the need to scratch guns and hold them safely and securely. Employed in the workplace, car, or house, these gun magnets are safe and simple to bring anywhere.

No Screw Installation Possible

Instead of standard holes, only you can opt for double-sided tape as an alternative. The double-sided inner magnet may lead to a rapid and easy installation on a metallic flat surface.

4. STINGER Gun Magnet

Overall Best Budget Magnetic Gun Mount for Car

Overall Best Budget Magnetic Gun Mount for Car
Powerful gun magnet (neodymium)Not for big firearms
trigger guard protection
Scratch-safe gun holder
Lowkey Design car holsters
Easy, and secure installation car holsters
Hold and conceal up to 15 lbs
easy access

Founded in 2015, Stinger Tools manufactures life-saving tools and gadgets. Based in Houston, the United States, the company focuses on providing ergonomic, extensive solutions. Every item in their continually growing list of life-saving products like the high quality mount, Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder represents a drive to solve problems facing today’s society.

Trigger Guard Protection

This patented design incorporates the gun lock function and the magnetic gun mount. It fully covers the pistol trigger and provides extra protection in case of an accidental discharge. The Stinger magnetic mounts hold guns more securely than a single magnetic part.

Strong Magnetic Force

Neodymium magnets will hold your guns without scratching them. This magnetic gun holder can hold up to 15 lbs; install any gun type and style in any way you want or for storage for easy quick access.

Mount Anywhere

The Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount is the perfect firearm accessory of its kind, letting you mount your gun anywhere you need it. Its installation can be done in less than 5 minutes and with little effort. Use its included double-sided tape to attach the mount to your desired location. Then, use the included four countersunk screws for installation.

Frequently Asked Question

Will a magnet gun mount magnetize my gun?

No, using a magnet gun mount will not harm your pistol. It might magnetize slightly, but it will not affect the overall use of your pistol. No need to worry!

What is the strongest gun magnet?

The strongest gun magnets you can find on the market is Neodymium. Powerful neodymium magnets are made of rare earth magnets, it can hold up to 35lbs of your gun weight.

Do magnets effect bullets?

Magnet is not affecting bullets, because the bullets are usually made of non-sticky to magnet materials. No need to worry!

Are magnetic gun mounts safe?

Yes, Magnetic gun mounts are safe if you install them in a proper manner. Some of the products offer additional security features like trigger guard protection or easy-quickdraw.

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