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Are you looking best car alarm for vandalism? Safety is the most important thing while traveling, not only because of our own actions, other security issues can also happen from outside. Preventing any bad people from stealing or doing vandalism to our car is significant for your road trip, especially while we are away or taking sleep after a long tiring road trip.

Car security system is as important as other travel necessities like travel car cooler, car seat cushion, fire extinguisher, and portable toilet.

Car stealing and vandalism is common crime around the globe, as a car owners, you should be well prepared for this scene. An appropriate car alarm system is a must to prevent car thieves from breaking into your car!

Normally, car alarm systems consist of different structures like a control module, a siren, flashing lights, an antenna, and also remote system. Our team makes it easy for you to choose which one is the best car alarm systems for vandalism, whether it is active or passive car alarms.

Best Car Alarm for Vandalism Buying Guide

While purchasing the right car security systems, you should be at least knowledgeable about your need and purposes. Our team will give you what thing you should be aware of in buying your best car alarm systems for you.

Types of car alarm system

Two types of remotes for car alarm systems are found in the market: one-way and two way car alarm. A car alarms remote is designed with a one-way transceiver, meaning it is designed to give information to the car remotely, only. A two-way car alarm system remote sends out, transmits, and receives signals from both the remote and the vehicle.


Before looking for car alarms for vandalism, you should comprehend the reason you have for wanting one. Car owners who are opting for protection instead of car alarm systems are only getting an additional level of security.

People who live in high-risk areas may choose to prefer more vulnerable people with advanced safety features, such as GPS tracking.

Car alarm systems and security alarms are offered for all your needs, but you should choose according to your budget and requirements.

Remote Technology

Two way remote car alarm are able to provide you with advance notice of an car alarms sounding or your vehicle unlocking or door locks as well as your successful remote commands. These systems come with an LCD screen or a LED display screen so you can easily see the system status and differenciate false alarms.

To enjoy a more advanced interface, then choose the SmartStart system, which can easily work in tandem with your Smartphone and accept orders placed and updates via that platform.

Car alarm system Operating Range

You should also think about how far your car is parked from where you live or work. Usually, car alarms operate within a quarter-mile of proximity, but if you cover more than this, you’ll need advanced varieties, which have the capacity to cover greater distances.

What are the different types of car alarms?

Best Car Alarm for Vandalism

There are several types of car alarms, including:

  • Passive arming alarms: These alarms arm automatically when the car is locked. They do not require any action from the owner to arm.
  • Active arming alarms: These alarms require the owner to actively arm the alarm by pressing a button or using a remote control.
  • Perimeter alarms: These alarms are triggered when someone attempts to enter the car by breaking a window or opening a door.
  • Impact sensors: These alarms are triggered by the impact of someone hitting the car, such as if someone attempts to break into the car or if the car is hit in a collision.
  • Glass break detectors: These alarms are triggered by the sound of breaking glass.
  • Remote start systems: These alarms allow the owner to start the car remotely using a key fob or smartphone app.
  • GPS tracking systems: These alarms use GPS technology to track the location of the car in case it is stolen.

Our Lists of The Best Car Alarm for Vandalism

Our team compile and compare different kinds of car alarms product in the market. We choose and categorized the best car alarms system for car vandalism in 5 categories, helping you choose the aftermarket car alarms that suit your needs.

Avital 1 Way Security System

Best Economic Car Alarm for Vandalism

Best Car Alarm for Vandalism
4-button transmitterDifficult to install (professional installation)
Valet modeNo warranty
D2D cables
Shock sensors
Anti jack security features
2 key fob
Save money

In the last 20 years, Avital has been a major player in the security and remote start segment. Their aftermarket car alarm are popular with consumers because of their combination of style and safety, and they continue to develop innovative safety features in order to stay ahead.

Offer the PROXIMITY of remote start with the smallest Avital remote ever. Perfect for use with OEM keyless entry & starters integrated into the factory key. Long-range remote start with the compact unit. The main security features of thi best car alarm for vandalism are:

Large Range of Protection

This wireless remote is the best economic one-way security and remote engine start or stop available, complete with the ability to protect your vehicle recovery systems from vandals and marauders for about half a mile. The system is built from a single, four-button transmitter and the unit is anchored to a wired battery.


This product includes 2 of this product’s transmitters, which are nice as you can easily lose one and be difficult to control. The buttons used for the remote are uncomplicated methods that can lock and unlock the vehicle just like standard car alarms.

One powerful button can be used to remote trunk opening, and one other button is a light- and sound-rattling alarm button that liquefies rapidly. This system also features an automatic antitheft mode with the alarm remote transmitter.


This car security system works by using your dedicated A to D converter, which measures your automobile’s voltage hundreds or even thousands of times per second. This eliminates the need for any tachometer connection. It can also quickly connect the Avital interface to other D2D cables. This offers a lot of convenience and support.

Compustar CS7900

Best 2-Way Car Alarm for Vandalism

Best 2-Way Car Alarm for Vandalism
Two way alarms Keyless EntryLimited warranty
4-button sidekick remote control transmitterDifficult to install (professional installation)
3000 feet range
105 dB Alarm Siren Included
Supports up to 2 vehicles
Tachometer/Voltage/Oil sensor/Temperature
dual zone impact sensor

The “all-in-one” title is sufficient to understand the true all-rounder nature of this product. With intelligent safety sensors, it’s one of the best aftermarket car alarm on the market.

The CS7900-AS is equipped to add door, hood, remote trunk release, and impact sensors to your vehicle to track intrusions. If it is intruded upon, the two-way LCD remote included with this complete system will prompt you upon that event.

Two way alarm – car’s alarm system

The Compustar remote start alarm bundle was designed to be user-friendly with keyless entry. You get this companion with two-way LCD screen remotes. The LCD screen actively shows the dispatch status and can inform you specifically if any door is open or not.

Long Range

This security features is very handy because you’ll know if someone’s trying to break into car owners even if it’s parked outside of 3000 feet away from you.

Complete Bundle

The kit consists of an interactive LCD display remote with a detachable alarm component. It contains the main power harness, an input/output harness, a starter disable relay, an adjustable shock sensor, an antenna, and a cable.

CARLOCK – 4th Gen

Best Easy Installation Car Alarm for Vandalism

Best Easy Installation Car Alarm for Vandalism
CarLock monitors and alerts Required to pay each month
Trip gps tracking
Easy active car alarm system installation
Control multiple vehicles
Vehicle Health monitor
Smartphone integration

CarLock is more effective than an aftermarket car alarm systems. CarLock is the best car alarm system with a real-time monitoring security devices that tracks your vehicle and alerts you of suspicious behavior no matter where you are. Use this application in order to control it on your smartphone.

Easy to Install & Use on All Cars

The tiny Carlock dongle simply attaches easily to your automobile’s OBD (on-board diagnostic) port. This port can be found on all cars made after 1996, and it’s easily accessible without the need for any equipment (often located under the wheel around your ankle).

Carjacking Awareness

CarLock will notify you on your phone when your vehicle moves, when the key fob turns on, if an unusual sound is detected or if the device has been removed from your car.

Car Status Monitor

CarLock tracks harsh acceleration, hard braking, and hard cornering and highlights the monthly safety score of the driver. Low scores may imply drag racing, reckless driving, and other dangerous behavior.

Smartphone integration can monitor your vehicle’s health and warns you once it begins to run low or even experience car alarm drain. Detailed trip tracking enables you to check on where your classic car has been. Your trip details will be displayed whether your motor vehicle is stolen or you are driving a “trusted” individual.

Wsdcam Wireless Vibration Alarm

Best Touch Sensitive Car Alarm

Best Touch Sensitive Car Alarm
Versatile, simple design car alarm systemPoor Battery life
Loud 110dB blaring alarmWeak range
4 modes key fobs
Ten adjustable sensitivity levels
Easy car alarm system installation

Simplicity is not typically an attribute that underlies high caliber alarm systems, but Wsdcam’s Wireless Vibration Alarm rethinks the norm. This car’s alarm system easily adapts to a wide variety of circumstances, making it easy to use in a variety of situations.

Adjustable Sensitivity

You can set the level of sensitivity between gentle touch and severe thrashing. You can select the level depending on your preferences. The 4 modes mentioned above include doorbell mode, panic mode, arm, and disarm mode.

Loud alarm

You will be notified of someone approaching by the doorbell sound if the doorbell mode is activated, and the distress mode will tone loudly to repel any person who might be entering. You can lock and unlock the car by activating the arm and disarming the button.

Viper 5305V

(Overall Best Car Alarm for Vandalism)

Overall Best Car Alarm for Vandalism
Remote start up; Range of ¼ mileFinicky two way alarm LCD remote
Keyless entry & startupNeed Expert to Install (professionally installed)
Very accurate shock sensors
The six-tone siren alert system featured
fault proof starter interrupt

Viper is among the best-known names in car security. It has a vast selection of products and services related to securing your ride, including the availability of cloud security, wi-fi alarm systems, and car alarms.

Remote startup mechanism

This high-tech remote engine start features allow you to start your car engine from as far as 1/4 of a mile away from your car. You won’t have to deal with the stress of fumbling with the dangling keys before work. In addition to this active car alarm features, this program works by means of your mobile security devices with keyless entry.

Car alarm alert system

The alert alarm system in a car uses a useful six-tone alert siren to deal with situations in which the car security system detects a risk. This can be used to respond quickly and effectively if danger is entered, which means you will be sufficiently close to your car to flee danger if necessary.

2 –Way Remote

The users most recommend this remote entry two way alarm Viper remote start system. Many buyers who purchased it reported they think it is an awesome gadget to check to see if they have in fact locked the door or not. Another good part of this 2-way remote is you can manage as many as 4 vehicles with full access to all features.

Frequently Asked Question

Do car alarm systems deter car thieves?

YES, The loud siren noise from your car alarm will catch people’s attention and of course, will deter the thief. At least people or you will notice what is actually happening around your car. Moreover, the advanced vehicle remotely allows you to see the current status of your vehicle security system and see false alarms.

How can I protect my car from being stolen?

Here are some tips on protecting your car from being stolen:
1. Don’t forget to check your locked doors
2. Remove your key fob from the vehicle (Spare key fob too)
3. Park in a well-lit area/secure
4. Install Car Basic Alarm System
5. Install GPS tracking inside your car/tracker
6. Don’t leave valuables in your car

What is a 2-way car alarm?

A 2-way car alarm is a type of car alarm that uses a two-way communication system between the alarm and the remote control. This means that the remote control can not only arm and disarm the alarm, but it can also receive feedback from the alarm regarding the status of the car, such as whether the alarm has been triggered or if the car is being started remotely.

This allows for greater control and security, as the owner can receive immediate notification if the alarm is triggered and can take immediate action. 2-way car alarms often come with a LCD remote control, which can display the status of the car, such as whether it is locked or unlocked, the current temperature inside the car, the battery status of the remote control and more.

Can thieves bypass car alarms?

Yes, thieves can attempt to bypass car alarms. While car alarms can be an effective deterrent against theft, they are not completely foolproof.
There are several methods that thieves can use to bypass car alarms, such as:
– Jamming the signal: Some thieves use signal jamming devices to prevent the car alarm from receiving the signal from the remote control.
– Code grabbing: This is a technique where thieves use a device to intercept the code sent from the remote control to the car alarm, allowing them to disarm the alarm.
– Bypassing the alarm system: This can be done by physically bypassing the alarm system, such as cutting wires or disconnecting sensors.
– “Relay attack”: This is a technique where thieves use a relay device to extend the range of the keyless entry signal, tricking the car into thinking the key is nearby and allowing them to unlock the car and drive away.

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