5 Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel


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Looking for the best filtered water bottle for travel? You need to have water that has a good taste and is free from bacteria and harmful chemical compounds. This need is not only for you when you are at home but also when traveling. You don’t need to worry; nowadays, we have filtered water bottles you can bring for traveling.

This best filtered water bottles will keep you hydrated and cool, and you can maintain your health while traveling by consuming water from filtered water bottles.

Best Filtered Water Bottle Buying Guides

Before buying some filtered bottles for travel, please take note of some quality of them that need to be highlighted. Some of the quality need to be noted and compared between some products are material, filtration, and taste of the water. 


Please take a note about the material used for making the epic water filters. Are the materials safe? What are the materials? If the water bottle filters say that it is made from bpa free plastic material, it will safe for you to use the bottle. Some label such as BPA-Free is really important. It means that the material is free from harmful material. 

Filtration System

The water bottle filter has a filtration and self-cleaning system in it. Make sure that its filtration is aligned to the standard of the filtration. We need to know about the process of how the water is filtered. It is to make sure that the system is safe for us and it is also to make sure that the water we will consume is eligible. Some travel water bottle says that it is okay to take water from a puddle, river, and any water sources that have not been filtered. Thus, we need to be sure that the filtered system is strong and aligned with the international standard for filtration with replacement filters. 

Taste of The Water

The taste of the water must be good. It means that water is free from any smell, color, and contaminant. Since the water is free from all contaminants, the taste will really fresh and uncontaminated. The system of the filter has to be good in order to eliminate all contaminants. If the taste of the water is not fresh, it means that the water is still contaminated. Thus, you need to compare the review regarding the taste of the water before buying any filter water bottle.

Our Lists of Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel

We have already suggested five best-filtered bottles. All of them have gained a great number of good reviews. Thousands of people have bought the filtered bottles we suggest. All have good quality with unique characteristics. Some characteristics are the best self-cleaning, best for hiking, and maintaining your cold drinking water like the best cooler for car travel. The five water purifier bottles we suggest have different best characteristics.

1. GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

Best Purifier Bottle for Travel

Best Filtered Water Bottle for Travel
The material is PolypropyleneExpensive
Removing all pathogens such as norovirus, hepatitis A, E. Coli, chemicals, microplastics, sediments, etc
Easy and fast to purify tap water
Perfect for urgency and disaster preparations
Versatile filtration water bottle
Dimension of the bottle ‎3.4 x 3.4 x 10.4 inches

Grayl geopress is the perfect water purifier of filtered bottle for traveling, even for hiking or camping. The grayl ultralight water purifier is protected by the packaging in which there is a cable tie to keep it safe. There is also a tape that prevents the cable tie from rubbing on the handle. GARYL Geopress is made from Polypropylene which is a mixture of propylene monomers. These bottles remove harmful chemicals, viruses, and bacteria from tap water contaminants or any water source. With 8 second press, all the harmful contaminants will be removed from the water.

Removes All pathogens and contaminants

Grayl geopress has the ability to remove pathogens and contaminants. You only need to press the inner and outer press for 8 seconds. After 8 second press, all pathogens and contaminants will be removed. This inner product water purifier will purify your tap water. The contaminants are viruses, bacteria, protozoa, particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals. Thus, this bottle will make your water safe and fresh, even if you can take your water from the river. 

Easy and fast purifying process

This filtered bottle of water will purify 24 oz or 710ml water. No need to set up times, no need for pumps, sucking straw filter, batteries, and hoses. You only need to wait some seconds for the bottle to purify the drinking water with its advanced purification technology inside. Since the purification is easy and fast, this drinking bottle is recommended for disaster preparation. This bottle can purify drinking water from many sources such as sinks, rivers, spigots, lakes, and wells. 

2. Survimate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free

Best Filtered Water Bottles for Hiking

Best Filtered Water Bottles for Hiking: 
Survimate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free
The material is Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneTaste like a tap water
There are three sizes of bottles. They are 550 Milliliters, 500 Milliliters, 650 Milliliters It leaks if it’s not upright
Having an advanced purification system
Safe like baby bottle
Durable & Versatile
No need for the pump or hoses
Drinkable water in though outdoor condition

SurviMate is designed for harsh outdoor conditions. The product is recommended water bottle for hiking, traveling, camping, and running activities. It has an advanced purification system to purify the water. When you buy the product for the first time, it will have a slight plastic odor. It is just normal that you can smell that. To banish the smell, just wash the bottle with some water. In addition, this product is made of safe food-grade material. The material makes the product sturdy.

Advanced Purification

This product is equipped with an advanced purification system. It is installed with four high-performance purifiers. The purifiers are the membrane of Medical Grade Hollow Fiber, Medical grade PP cotton, beads, and charcoal filter with activated carbon filters. Since this bottle product has a purification system, this will be good for the jungle journey. Although it has a purification system, we don’t recommend you to take water from seawater, carbonated beverages, alcohol, pigmented water, ice water, hot water, dirty water, and polluted industrial water. 

Safe Like Baby Bottle

This product claims that it is safe as a baby bottle since its material is the same as a baby bottle, and it applies for security and protection like baby bottles’. Food Grade Tritan Copolyester is used to making the product. In addition, the material is BPA-Free Tritan, PP, PE, ABS, etc.

3. Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle

Best Brita Filtered Bottles for Travel

Best Brita Filtered Water Bottles for Travel: 
Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle
The capacity of the bottles are 1,6 pound per oz bottle and 36 fluid ounces for 36 oz bottle.The issue with the straw
Plastic bottleThe silicone sleeve mouthpiece can grow mold
Great tasting water
It removes chlorine and other contaminants
Easy to clean & Food grade silicone

The 36-ounce Brita Filtered Water Bottle is easy to be brought everywhere. With its safe material made from BPA-free, this product is equipped with a replicable filter. This product is ready every time to eliminate chlorine. Chlorine brings a certain smell and taste which is not good for water. Thus, chlorine needs to be removed from the water by Bruta water bottles. Brita also has staw that makes your sipping experience easier. 

Designed for effortless convenience

This filtered water bottle has many features that make us enjoy using it. It has a straw that is easy to sip and enclosed. The straw filter will give us convenience relating to the sipping experience. It has also a carrying loop which is easy to grab when we want to go somewhere. Thus carrying a loop will really help you when you are in an urgent situation. Furthermore, it has also a one-handed push button lid. 


The material is eco-friendly. By using Brita, you have replaced 300 plastics with Brita eco-friendly bottles. By using Brita, you have saved the ecosystem and the earth. Each year we use 300 standard plastic bottle that pollute our earth. Using Brita means that you have stopped using 300 plastic bottle for 1 eco-friendly water bottle of Brita.

4. CrazyCap 2.0 UV Water Purifier Bottle

Best Self-Cleaning Filtered Bottles for Travel

Best Self-Cleaning Filtered Water Bottles for Travel: 
CrazyCap 2.0 UV Water Purifier Bottle 
Self Cleaning (Advanced uv light Sterilization)Need Power to recharge
Ultra Waterpoor Cap System
Triple Insulation Technology
Best Portable Purifier by Time Best Invention 2020
NSF/ ANSI  55- 2019 Certified
Battery for 7 days

CrazyCap filtered water bottle is the best substitution for boiled water and water tablets that has a high price. As it has a self-cleaning feature, the water put in the CrazyCap will be healthy water for you. This water bottle is eco-friendly. It replaces 500,000+ plastic bottles; this means that it lowers the waste and saves dozens of money. In addition, this product has a Satisfaction Guarantee that will give a guarantee for the product. 

This product is durable since it is made from 304 stainless steel water bottle with a double-walled vacuum installation. The stainless steel is BPA-free. Since it is made of stainless steel, the product will be sturdy and durable. It will not leak. The hot beverage will stay for 12 hours and the icy beverages will stay for 24 hours.

60 Seconds Self-Cleaning

The self-cleaning needs 60 seconds to finish. The processes are so simple. Even kids are able to start the self-cleaning feature in this water bottle. Just tap your finger for a second and you can easily sip the water everywhere. Do you have camping or are you traveling? Just go with CrazyCap. This self-cleaning water bottle will efficiently purify your water while you are everywhere. It just need 60 seconds for doing purification. 

Self-Cleaning Feature

This bottle belongs to a water bottle, meaning that when the water is put inside the water, the water will be purified by advanced water technology. Every smelly and colored thing inside will be purified and the breeding of bacteria and viruses will be stopped. This bottle has UV rays in the cap. The UV light will active every four hours to do self-cleaning, making the water  99.9996% fresh and clean. Since the water actively does self-cleaning, it will be free from mold, odors, mildew, etc.

5. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Best Water Bottle with Filter for Hiking

Best Water Bottle with Filter for Hiking: 
LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle
The material is plastic (Durable & bpa free plastic bottle)Leak Problem
Hollow fiberFragile
Advanced water filtration process
Sustainable design
Microfiltration membrane & activated carbon
Good taste

LifeStaw water bottle has two-stages filtration system and better protection from contaminants. This product wins an award regarding contaminants’ protection and the purification process. The thing that wins this bottle is the hollow fiber membrane filter and carbon filter capsule. This carbon capsule lowers any harmful chemical compound, chlorine, odor, and smell that make the taste of the water feel bad. This bottle is designed for places with poor water quality. Best for you to travel, hike, camp, etc.


This product is made from BPA free plastic Tritan which is extremely durable. It has also a long-lasting membrane microfilter that stays for 4,000 liters. The activated carbon filter will stay for 100 liters. If we maintain and use this bottle properly, it will add to its product’s durability. 

Easy to use

Lifestraw go water bottle is easy to use. To fill it, just take some water from any stream, pond, river, or any source that is still eligible to be your water resource. After you take some water from any resource, the filtration will happen for some seconds. Wait for some seconds and your water is ready to drink. When the capacity is full, the bottle will stop taking water. The full capacity of this water bottle is 1,000 liters or 264 gallons. Since it is easy to use, this water bottle is also suitable for disaster preparation.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Brita as good as LifeStraw?

Brita and LifeStraw are different brands for filtered bottles. In our article, Brita and LifeStraw belong to our recommended filtered bottles. While belonging to the water filtration bottle we recommend, they have different systems to purifying water bottle. Brita doesn’t remove bacteria while LifeStraw removes bacteria and viruses. Brita only removes chlorine. So, according to us, LifeStraw is better than Brita

What is the most effective filter for around water?

Reverse osmosis systems are effective water filter bottles for water. It has seven stages that remove 99% of contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, bad chemical compounds, chlorine, herbicides, heavy metals, and pesticides. 

Is it worth getting a water filter?

It depends on the reliability of the system of the water filtration. If the water filtration is effective to banish all of the contaminants and make the water eligible to drink, getting a filter water bottle is worth it. If a water filter cannot remove contaminants and the water is still bad, installing a filter water bottle is not worth it. 

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