Outstanding Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls


Instead of one tone, deciding on a two colour combination for bedroom walls is fun because it can give a different feel. 

Otherwise, we must admit that it does not seem easy.

As we know, each color carries its characteristics. Like matchmaking humans, two tints do not always blend perfectly.

Errors in the colour combination will cause discomfort, especially if it is in the bedroom. It will influence the residents’ productivity and mood.

Therefore, as a guide in designing the space, now we will review the two colour combination for bedroom walls

These are some of the best to try! 

Tips to Choose Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

In addition to the two colour combination for bedroom walls that we have discussed above, of course, there are many other options that you need to try. 

However, mixing colors must be careful to make it comfortable. The mismatched combination will lead to stress and less productivity.

Therefore, if you are not interested in the two colour combination for bedroom walls above, try to make your own. 

Find out the basic things about the color wheel and its characteristics.

  • If you want to make your bedroom a relaxing spot, choose bright colors, for example, pink, light blue, lavender, turquoise, and muted green. Combine them.
  • For those who often experience sleep disorders, such as insomnia or lack of quality sleep, try using blue. This tone can help you relax and sleep peacefully.
  • Besides blue, other color choices for quality sleep are green, yellow, silver, or orange.
  • Red, purple, and gray colors are not good enough for insomniacs because their light is not suitable for sleep conditions. But you might be able to minimize this with a blue blend.
  • Dark colors are suitable for those who are rarely in the room because they cover the impression of being dirty and unkempt.
  • If you want a more energizing bedroom, use bright colors. Give a spot that contains color because it can raise the mood.

By studying the guide above, you might opt for the two colour combination for bedroom walls for your room. It all depends on the impression and look you want to build.

Inspiration of Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Understanding the basic principle of two color combinations is important. The next step is looking for inspirations and ideas for references. Check these out!

White Lavender Bedroom Wall

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

White is indeed very flexible and can blend with various tones beautifully. This neutrality makes many people rely on it for purposes, both in terms of art and interior design.

However, when it has come to the bedroom wall, you cannot just interfere. 

Given the bedroom is a very private location, so it must provide a sense of comfort. Why not try the calm mix.

For this purpose, lavender is the best colour combination with white. 

As one of the tones with classic and classy nuances, this combination will bring the impression of luxury to your room.

There are various ways to combine them, but one of the most popular is to place lavender on the walls and white on the ceiling. See how they impress you.

These two colours that are both bright and bring a peaceful impression will make your room feel more spacious and have a cheerful feel. 

Apply this two colour combination for bedroom walls well under your taste. 

Do not forget to place a variety of furniture with a supportive tone, such as a coffee table, shelf, dresser, or bed linens. You can use this area rug placement for the simple guide.

However, you can use other methods when blending them. One of the methods is by placing lavender on the wall and white in the corner of the room.

Whichever way you go, make sure it matches and makes your room comfortable. Since these two colors are neutral enough, you can add other tones, such as pastels or grays.

Light Blue and Radiant Yellow Wall Bedroom

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls yellow and blue

Everyone has their purpose, tastes, and goals when choosing a tone on the color wheel. So how do you create a bright and slightly playful feel?

Using yellow is one thing that you can do. It presents joy and happiness in your bedroom. This vibrant hue is in line with the bright blue character.

Almost all types of blue can mix with yellow. But if you use a Sunkist color, try combining it with a bright turquoise but still looks subdued.

These blue two colour combination for bedroom walls can inspire enthusiasm and encourage residents to be more productive. 

Although bright in tone, both do not cause eye pain.

In this yellow two colour combination for bedroom walls, you should use turquoise as the base color. The reason is that the excessive use of bright yellow will make you glare and your eyes hurt.

Using these two colors alone is actually enough to display a pleasant bedroom atmosphere. Even though it is playful, you can still find classic and elegant nuances.

However, you can add other colors. If you want to insert another tone, try to choose a neutral, such as white.

Given that Sunkist and turquoise are already very striking, the colors you add should be neutral. Other bright hues will make the scene even less comfortable.

Burgundy and Beige

burgundy two color combination

Determining the tone of the bedroom must need consideration. Besides Taste, you also have to take into account how often you spend time in it.

For those who are more outside, the use of the bedroom maybe just a place to rest. If so, avoid colors that are too bright because they can make the occupants unable to sleep.

One of the two colour combination for bedroom walls that you can choose is burgundy and beige. Both have a tone that is equally calm and gives peace.

This alloy will remain perfect in both dim and bright lighting. Both will still display a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

How to combine it also varies. If you want the perfect room to unwind, then use burgundy as the dominant color. 

On the other hand, beige will give a more energizing feel.

Another advantage of using this combination is that it makes it easier to disguise dirt and stains that may appear on the walls. 

Therefore, if you are rarely in the room, it will help keep the room looking clean. The less bright color will cover the stains and promote tidy feel.

Even though the combination of these two colors is quite perfect, you can still add other tones. Recommended tints are light brown, gray, or white to balance out the boldness of burgundy.

Touch of Grey

grey color combination decor

In addition to white, gray is a color that fits perfectly with modern concepts. 

Aside from the simple and minimalist feel, every tint degree gives the impression of luxury and spaciousness.

Therefore, using gray with various levels of color is the right choice to create a comfortable and futuristic room. 

Just mix and see the results of white two colour combination for bedroom walls.

To make it look beautiful, you can create patterns on the walls using dark and light grays. However, you can also apply the color differently to each area.

To put the furniture that can support this nuance, choose one that fits a modern theme. Black or white can be an alternative. 

However, you can still add nature-themed decorations such as decorative mirror, indoor plants, self-sustaining terrariums, or pastels things. 

Remember to avoid the neon tone as it will emerge an odd two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Light Brown and Army Green

green color bedroom

Among other colors, green is indeed one of the rich variants. Uniquely, each type of tone you use will give a different feel.

But overall, the tones contained are natural, beautiful, and some give a touch of calmness. Then what is the best color combination for green?

In this context, let us try to make a colour combination of light brown with army green. The two seem to complement and balance each other and emit peace and comfort nuance.

These green two colour combination for bedroom walls bring a great effect. Army green, which tends to be stiff, becomes more flexible when standing by the bright tone of brown. 

The latter brings the natural nuance because of its woods tint. Combining the two can be an elegant choice of space.

There are various ways to apply the two colour combination for your bedroom walls. You can use green as the dominant tone and white as a supporting one. This green theme is also appropriate for christmas bedroom decor, add more winter elements like Christmas wreath, decorative retro fireplace, or mid-century christmast decor.

This method may make the room seem calmer, more peaceful, and less energizing. It is suitable if you use the bedroom for tranquility.

But if you spend a lot of time in the room, choosing this combination might make us less productive. As a solution, you can swap positions.

Using white as the dominant tone will make the room look bright, spacious, and full of energy. But you may have to provide more frequent maintenance than the previous method.

Lime Green and Pink 

If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time in the room, this two colour combination for bedroom walls can be an option. 

The combination of lime green and pink can be an alternative to make you comfortable in the room. Put them wisely and you will see the amazing effect.

Lime green has a neon feel that is refreshing when you look at it. Its placement will make your room look clean, classy, ​​and full of energy. Put natural elements like plants inside the bedroom. Some of the exotic plants like bonsai, venus fly trap or orchid can be an option to be bold.

But if you stay in it for too long, you might get dizzy quickly because of the neon glow. 

Therefore, there needs to be a neutral color that makes you feel comfortable even if you spend a long time.

In this case, pink could do a good job. The soft color will minimize glare. This combination will keep you energized and productive for a long time.

Besides, this perfect combination is for people who spend time working in the room. It is also a choice for students who have to complete various school assignments.

Additionally, the girly impression that appears can raise the mood to stay cheerful and full of positive energy. 

The combination with white furniture or bedroom carpet is the best choice.

The Pastels Wall Color

The Pastels Wall Color

Among the existing colors, pastels always succeed in giving a calm and peaceful feel. Some of the ones we know include peach, pink, yellow, light purple, and many more.

These colors will give a warm and playful impression. Its radiance can lift the mood and support a productive and energetic atmosphere.

Because of these properties, there is nothing wrong if you make it the theme of the room. 

Choose the brown or orange two colour combination for bedroom walls, and you will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere inside.

One of the most favorite colors is peach because it is more beautiful and neutral than others. You can combine it with pink or light yellow to get a girly feel in the room.

Pastel colors are also suitable for children’s bedrooms because of the playful impression that attracts their attention. 

For adults, this option will help you stay energized and energized.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

Like the greens and grays we discussed above, purple also has some degree of boldness. Each also has different characteristics and radiance when caught in the eye.

If you are a fan of this color, why not use it as a tone generator in the room. You can use a mix of different boldness to present the atmosphere you want.

To show the two colour combination for bedroom walls with a dark atmosphere, choose deep purple as a base color and combine it with the brighter one. 

If you want to add furniture, white can balance out the radiance. Adding bright light can also be an option aside from the two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Brown and Cream Bedroom

brown color bedroom

Brown and cream is another best two colour combination for bedroom walls. As these tones are in the same root, then you will have no trouble blending them.

If you want a darker feel, then choose a darker brown as a base. After that, you can add a touch of cream to some parts.

But to get a brighter and playful bedroom, you can use a light brown or make the cream the base color.

Making the brown two colour combination for bedroom walls with these tones is easy and fun. But you need to know how much intensity to take in making it harmonious.

If you want to provide furniture with colors other than the two, choose neutral and not too bright. White or black is the safest choice, but you can still explore with others.


Designing a room is sometimes not an easy thing because you have to consider various aspects. But if you know the theory, this will be fun.

The two colour combination for bedroom walls above certainly give an idea of how to combine rooms under the purpose. Now, are you ready to explore?

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