15 Genius Walk Through Closet to Bathroom Ideas & Designs


A walk through closet to bathroom is a design plan that connects three rooms together. Also, it is called the master hallway closet. 

Usually, the concept is applied in the bedroom which is often called a master suite.

People need it in their bedroom due to several reasons. The first reason is to make some kind of sound barrier to bathroom noises. 

Besides, there are some other reasons, we will explore on this page. 

However, there are some downsides to having this kind of bedroom with a bathroom and walk-in closet floor plans.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have a walk-in closet right outside the bathroom. So, when you get out of the bathroom right after a shower, you can get dressed immediately. 

Check our discussion on walk through closet to bathroom ideas for you!

The Concept Walk Through Closet

So, what is a walk-through closet? This is a big kind of closet that you can walk inside. It usually connects one room to another. 

It is called a “walkthrough” because you should walk through the closet to get to another room.

Basically, it’s a walk-in closet. In the master suite, they have a closet that connects the bedroom with the master bathroom. 

Besides, it can be designed to be a functional passage to other rooms like a home office, small man cave, or other kinds of private space.

The reason why people like to have a walk-in closet in their bedroom is because of ample storage. It requires a large space. 

Therefore, if you have the space ready, a walk-in closet is a must. 

In one wardrobe, you can store all the things like shoes, clothes, make-up, jewelry, hats, and other accessories.

Usually, homeowners that have a walk-in closet, own a big collection of clothes and the other nick-nacks. 

The existence of this type of walk through closet to bathroom is to remove clutter from both the bed and bathroom.

Design Tips for Walk Through Closet to Bathroom

Walk Through Closet to Bathroom

There are several things you have to consider in creating a walk through closet to bathroom.

Walk Through Closet to Bathroom Dimensions

small walk through closet to bathroom

The first thing you have to consider is the traffic pattern. So, make sure to leave a clear path for the walk. 

At least, set it about 36 inches wide for the empty floor space. This is the ideal measurement for the closet bathroom combo.

If you choose to give it away to another store for the closet, you will end up climbing up piles of stuff to get to the other room, in this case, the bathroom. 

Some owners choose to have an island in the center. There will be no problem if the space is already large.

Keep it Neat

walk through closet to master bedroom

Neatness is very important in a walk through closet to master bathroom. Likewise, nobody wants to walk through a messy pathway. 

This is a space that other people have a chance to see. Therefore, make everything organized.

You can conceal closet sections that should be out of sight. Then, choose attractive baskets or boxes to distract the attention. 

A hidden and built hampers or pull-outs can make a great addition too.

The lighting

walk in closeet lighting

It is better to have the closet illuminated well. Thus, LED lighting for the closet would be a great recommendation. 

The light helps you highlight different functions and areas just like in the kitchen. Besides, you can also have task lighting. 

It is something that can light up the countertops.

The task lighting will make great ambient lighting to brighten up the rest of the space. If needed, you can also add dimmers to highlight the needed area.


alk through closet to bathroom dimensions

Dressing up your walk through closet to bathroom with some accessories would be something good for the closet. Hence, you can aim to have elegant accents such as a special countertop and knobs. 

In addition, crown moldings and trim would be perfect.

As we know, a walk-through closet is like a semi-public area in the house that will be on display every time.

Make a Focal Point

Make a Focal Point closet walk in

A distinctive focal point would be a great feature of the closet. Choose one unique thing to emphasize. For example, it could be attractive baskets, a special island, and other things.

The Balance

walk in closet drawer balance

Making everything symmetrical is a key to a successful walk through closet. Then, choosing a clear focal point can be done as soon as possible.

For example, you should balance the closet hutch on one side with something like a cabinet on the other. 

They should be in a similar heft. So, it will look symmetrical.

Visual Unification

Visual Unification closet walk in

A walk through closet between two rooms should have a unifying element. It should bring in two color combination that relate to the two rooms as a cohesive transitional area.

Moreover, the closet will become the feature that blends the bedroom and bathroom together.

Maximize the Surface

Maximize the Surface

In a closet leading to bathroom, make sure to use every surface available. Hence, it is the way to maximize the storage. 

Further, pay attention to the smallest details because they can make a big difference too. Do not leave an empty wall space. So, put it to sensible use.

At last, you will realize that there is space left for more components. Well, you have already had everything ready.

Best  Ideas for Walk Through Closet To Bathroom

Best Ideas for Walk Through Closet To Bathroom

For those of you who are planning to have a walk through closet in your bedroom, we have gathered some of the small walk through closet ideas

Therefore, they are already proven to impress the homeowners and make their day.

Walk Through Closet to Master Bedroom

Double Elegance

Check out the walk through closet in this traditional bedroom. The pathway is pretty narrow but it is still big enough for one person to get into the bathroom.

Indeed, there are two small walk-in closets. Each space has its own function, one for the clothes, and the other is for accessories and stuff. 

This small bedroom makes use of every wall space. As you can see, it is filled with laundry room shelves all over.

It is similar to what happens inside the closet. Then, the owner illuminates the small closet really well. It really feels like a little functional passage to go to the bathroom.

Neutral for Boys

Neutral for Boys closet walk in

This transitional closet is part of a west-side townhouse in New York. Also, the neutral palette and bathroom design look like it is designed for boys. 

Furthermore, check out the fossilized limestone in the bathroom space which put interest out of everything.

The walk through closet comes in form of built-in units. Everything is completely hidden inside the cabinet. 

Thankfully, it is such a perfect concept for minimalism enthusiasts. Well, there is nothing to see here. It looks like a simple passage to the bathroom.

Moreover, the owner organizes all the clothes and their accessories inside the closed cabinets. You can just pull out the drawers and open the cabinet whenever you need to get dressed.

Contemporary Walk in Closet to Bathroom

Contemporary Walk in Closet to Bathroom

This design of walk through closet to the bathroom is quite similar to the previous one. However, this elegant space comes in rich wood. 

Furthermore, the modern elegance in this passage is out of this world.

The medium-tone wood and flat panel cabinets are the biggest draws of this space. Everything is hidden inside the closed storage. 

Thus, it is big enough to store all the costume collections you have. There is also a countertop for any kind of preparation.

Traditional Blue Attic Closet to Bathroom

raditional Blue Attic Closet to Bathroom

Try to create this simple idea. This ceiling defines the attic feel of this closet. Likewise, it is designed for homeowner who does not need a lot of storage for their clothes. 

There is only a simple organization with hangers and an open cabinet.

If the closet is placed next to a laundry room, this one would be perfect. That blue rustic cabinet emphasizes the attic feel of this space. 

Besides, it becomes storage for towels for bathroom use.

Light Wood Modern Walk in Closet to Bathroom

Light Wood Modern Walk in Closet to Bathroom

This modern walk through closet connects the unfinished basement with the bathroom. The empty floor space is big enough to comfortably get dressed right after a shower. 

Also, it becomes a comfortable passage to get to the other side.

The light wood magic gives you a soothing feeling. Thus, the lighting fixture emphasizes the mood in this space. 

Besides the closed cabinets, there are also some open ones. Making it neat and well-organized is essential. 

Additionally, it can affect the atmosphere entirely.

Walk in Closet and Laundry

n Closet and Laundry

This multifunctional passage is a great idea for a house with limited space. Making the closet in the same place as a laundry room is a big decision. 

Losing some of the good things in a walk through closet should be taken. Therefore, it is no longer a special room for clothes.

From this view, you know that a laundry area is on the right side. Meanwhile, the clothes are kept on the left. Also, there is a little shoe storage next to the washers. 

Moreover, the rich wood flooring gets covered with traditional carpet for bedroom.

Small Walk Through Closet to Bathroom

roning Board

Unlike the laundry closet room, this one has an ironing board. So, instead of being a storage room, the walk through wardrobe to ensuite is also a preparation room. 

Hence, having a neat closet is as important as keeping the clothes neat too.

The ironing board is not going to block the way. Pull it out when needed. Then, push it back in to unlock the way.

The Pros and Cons

There are some upsides and downsides of having a walk-through closet to the bathroom in the master suite. 

Therefore, these points might become your big consideration.


  • Greater Privacy in Bathroom
  • Quite
  • Odor-Free Bedroom
  • Open Closet
  • Convenience

A walk through closet to bathroom offers better privacy to your bathing activity. 

Thus, the arrangement gives another person direct access to get dressed without disturbing anyone in the bathroom. 

A closet space that is full of stuff will make a great sound barrier.

From the bedroom, you will not hear any bathroom noises like the hairdryer or running water. When someone sleeps on the bed, your bathroom activity will not disturb her or him. 

Besides the noise, the bedroom will not be getting an odor from the bathroom.

This kind of closet offers less chance of the smells reaching the bedroom. A walk through closet offers more versatility and the possibility of a layout for an open closet. 

If you are into an open concept for the entire master bedroom, this will be fine.


  • Closet as Hallway
  • Additional Cost
  • Longer Walk to the Bathroom
  • Public Closet
  • Less Privacy in Closet

Those are the main points that many people put no interest in having a walk through closet to bathroom. 

There is a high chance for the closets to be cluttered and messy because it doubles as a hallway too. Hence, it is better to have a professionally designed organization system for the closet.

As an alternative, you have to be a neat person. Keep everything neat every time. Besides, there will also be a problem with additional expenses. 

The closet needs cabinet doors to cover all the things in order to keep it neat. Also, it becomes a semi-public area of the house. 

There will be less privacy in the closet. For example, if someone is in your room and suddenly wants to go to the bathroom, they will see everything in the closet.

One of the obvious reasons is a long walk to the bathroom. You should walk through the closet to g into the bathroom. There will be no other way.

What is Bathroom with Walk-in Closet?

Besides the arrangement we are talking about, there is another concept you have to know, a bathroom with a walk-in closet. 

This floor plan is the opposite of the walk through one. If you want to go to the closet, then must walk through the attached bathroom.

It means the walk-in closet is located in the bathroom. This concept also has some benefits and drawbacks. 

Thus, you might opt for the one that makes you comfortable living in.

Final Words

After all, you now have some walk through closet to bathroom ideas in mind. So, what are you waiting for?

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