20 Gorgeous Winter Wreath Ideas to Celebrate the Holiday


It is almost that time of the year and these gorgeous winter wreath ideas will get you ready for it. Once the Christmas timeline passes, the celebration of cold seasons has just begun. 

Then, the snow-covered trees, snow days, cold nights, and many more will be around for the next few months.

Celebrating the seasons with a winter door wreath is what makes the months so special. In this article, you will know the reason why. 

Furthermore, explore some of the best easy-to-make wreaths. You can begin to make one once Christmas is over.

All of these winter wreath ideas will surely make a great replacement for the previous holiday wreath. 

Before that, there is some information that you might know about.

What’s So Special About Wreath?

Winter Wreath Ideas

The wreath is an element that welcomes anyone who walks through the door. 

Anyone knows that hanging a wreath on the front door is to celebrate Christmas and other special holidays. 

Actually, it is not just for celebrations. Also, it becomes a time-tested image of mourning.

So, what does a wreath on a door mean? If you already know what this is about, just skip this section. 

Well, besides celebration, some families hang a wreath as a way to announce that there has been a death in the family.

What about during Christmas? For Christians, the evergreen wreath resembles the crown of thrones Christ wore on the cross. 

That is the reason why they welcome the Christmas season with a wreath on the door. Hence, it is to show their faith.

Well, that is how special a wreath is. These days, many people use the wreath for decoration on the front door and celebrate special times.

How do you make an outdoor winter wreath?

How to Make a Wreath

Making a wreath is much easier than you think. With some simple materials and tools, you can achieve one for your front door. 

It will be a fun project for the family during their spare time. There are a lot of different ideas you can explore on this page.

You will need bypass pruners, wire snips, a roll of paddle wire, some greens and foliage, and a wire wreath frame. 

If you do not have a pair of bypass pruners, other hand shears will work too. Make sure it can cut wire. Otherwise, you will need the wire snips.

Then, choose the ideal size of frame based on your style, it can be 12 inches or bigger. All of those materials are available in local craft stores. 

The next thing to prepare is an armful of branches or boughs. Those will fill the wreath. You can choose anything you like, such as greens, berries, or branches. 

The size will decide the amount you need to fulfill the frames. 

According to your concept of the wreath for the house, get creative to design it to be anything you would like.

How Long Does A Wreath Last?

If the wreath mostly uses faux and plastic materials, it will be in great condition for a long time. Thus, you only need to change it according to celebrations and seasons. 

Meanwhile, for a fresh wreath that comes from real plants or flowers, there are a few things for consideration.

Those who want to make or buy a fresh wreath, they probably wondering how long it lasts. The key is proper care. 

It will decide the best look and long last. So, the answer depends on a few things. 

When it is placed outdoors during the cold or winter season, it will last for about 3 to 6 weeks. If you hang the wreaths inside the house, it will last about 3 weeks max. 

To keep it fresh, you should give it a gentle spritz of water every two or three days.

Winter Wreath Ideas to Check Out

There is special kind of wreaths for every season in a year. On this page, we are talking about the wintertime. 

All the DIY winter wreath ideas you are about to explore are perfect for decoration during cold seasons after Christmas. So, it can be your January door wreaths. Check out these winter wreath diy ideas!

Old-Fashioned Style

Old Fashioned Style wreath

After Christmas or before the holiday, This old-fashioned charm will be perfect on both terms. As you can see, it looks so Christmasy. 

It represents the snowy day of the winter season. Therefore, this is the right wreath design to add a whimsical touch to the front door.

This mid century chrismas decor inspired wreath has some tiny details, Check out the miniature ice skaters that hang around the trees and frame. 

The trees are made of some bottle brush trees which get so frosty. Likewise, it sets a snowy ambiance inside the house.

Boxwood Charm

Old Fashioned Style wreath

Indeed, using fresh plants or leaves to make a wreath is not a must. A lot of people do not use it because they want their decoration to be low maintenance and long-lasting. 

Further, check out this preserved boxwood wreath. It uses greenery that can last for years if you take care of it properly. Cherish your living room or bedroom decor while sitting on coffe table with your family.

In a year, you can change its looks with a new decor so it can fit with many kinds of celebration including Christmas and winter season.

Snowy Winter Wreath Ideas

Snowy Winter Wreath

This leavy wreath looks perfect for the winter season. The craft consists of pinecones, greenery, and berries. 

It is very simple to make with all the tools we have talked about. Then, to get the frosty look, you need to spray some adhesive to the wreath.

In this picture, the crafter uses an old wreath and updates its look. First of all, the whole thing needs to be disassembled and cleaned. 

After that, you can form it with a sense of creativity. Then, spray the adhesive and sprinkle with faux snow.

Simple Snowballs

Simple Snowballs

This snowball wreath looks so easy to make. That is right it is one of the easiest ideas to celebrate the winter season. 

The concept is without any kinds of leave or faux plants. It is only a bunch of styrofoam balls well-arranged in a circular frame.

The white styrofoam balls are in various sizes. It is the cool winter wreaths for front door DIY for the season. 

To complete the look, you can add a simple satin bow which will definitely complement the front door design. 

The color red pops look well with a white background.

The Frost of Nature

Simple Snowballs 1

The idea of this winter wreath is to achieve a natural look. You can easily find all the materials needed, such as twigs and pinecones, right in your backyard. 

Hence, those things will dress up the grapevine wreath you already have.

After that, you can just apply white spray paint. It gives an obvious frosted effect to the entire wreath.

Also, it covers the grapevine, pinecones, and twigs to last longer with no maintenance. Thereupon, the image of frost makes the craft perfect as winter wreath ideas.

Unique Wreath with Ice-Skating Shoes

Unique Wreath with Ice Skating Shoes

Thinking out of the box, it is what this unique wreath is all about. The unexpected look gives you a perfect decoration for winter. 

Get your own pair of ice-skating shoes. They do not need to be old or unused. Besides, any winter shoes can work with this idea.

Stuff the shoes with fresh greens and sprinkle them with sparkly accents. 

In this picture, the light blue colors give a sense of coolness and become a nice contrast for the greenery. 

Moreover, if you do not have those shoes, you can go to a flea market or thrift store to find an old piece at a cheap price.

Wreath from Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters

Did you know that you can make a wreath out of anything? Take a look at this cookie-cutter wreath. 

It is made of something leftover in the kitchen. Interestingly, it gives a subtle statement right from the front door. 

Additionally, combine it with ribbons, a bow, and a little leaves topping.

It is probably one of the easiest winter wreath ideas you could ever find. Anyone can build this craft in about 15 minutes. 

This crafter uses star-shaped cookie cutters and strings them together. It can even make a good frame to accommodate some greenery.

Red Berry Wooden Wreath

Red Berry Wooden Wreath

Check out this cool red berry wreath. It has a big whitewashed wooden wreath. 

The contrasting color of bright faux fruit adds value to the wreath. Thus, it looks like some red berries colorize some parts of the wreath.

The combination of silvery landscape and colorful dotted surprises looks great as a resemblance to the winter season. 

As you can see, there are some details provided with the gold chevron and the twine ribbon. They complete the entire look.

Bird’s Nest

Birds Nest Wreath

This is one of the whitewashed wreaths for winter months to make. The concept is to mimic a bird’s nest. 

It reminds you who do not like the winter season and waiting for the spring to come. The season will be here before you know it.

The wreath frame is made of painted twigs. At the beginning of the project, you can collect as many branches as you could find in the backyard. 

Then, you will need a circular frame as the base to glue all the twigs.

After that, you can spray some white or grey paint to get it ready. As finishing touches, add a wooden bird and its little nest. 

Further, that gives a feeling of the spring season is around the corner.

Magnolia Leaves in Circle

Magnolia Leaves in Circle

It is one of the most simple winter wreath ideas on this page. This classic wreath is made of magnolia leaves. 

Actually, it seems perfect for various reasons. Winter is not an exception. 

Likewise, the natural gold and silver hue is what makes this craft so special. The interesting color combination within the leaves comes from spray paint. 

Some of the leaves are sprayed in silver and some others in gold color. Also, natural leaves are present. 

Moreover, as finishing touches, you can add a bow or some kind of sparkly ornaments. Otherwise, just leave it as it is.

Winter Burlap Wreath Ideas

On the video made by Burlap wreath, you will have complete instructions on how to make a winter burlap wreath. You will need to prepare a wreath frame, burlap ribbon, and wire.

She will show you how to make it in just under 2 minutes! You can also buy the equipment you need on their website, go and watch!

Winter Wreath Ideas After Christmas

wreath all season

In some families, wrath is an important decoration of the house. Some of them change their decor item regularly based on the season and celebration. 

Some others would decide to use the winter door wreaths not christmas. 

Well, it is possible to have the year-round wreath in your house. You can choose whether you want to decorate it according to the seasons or just leave it for the entire year. 

Otherwise, there are some ideas of wreaths besides winter wreath ideas you can make or purchase from the store.

Lavender Wreath

Check out this beautiful craft. It is using a faux lavender that looks so real. 

Further, it is made from silk and natural wood twigs as the base. The purple and green combination is lovely. 

Then, you can get this wreath from the store at an affordable price. Also, it becomes a great base for more decoration according to the season. 

Additionally, hang this wreath on the front door and leave it for the entire year. It would still look good.

Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Wreath

We have shown you the boxwood wreath idea before. Indeed, it is a great concept for all-season decoration. 

Besides, it has a simple greenery look to complement your door. Decorate the wreath with some other things to match the season.

Thankfully, this preserved Boxwood is available in many stores. 

This one is a faux product but you can make one at home using some actual leaves or the fake ones you get from craft stores.

Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia Wreath

It is the best option for every day and every season. The simple greenery on the front door cannot go wrong. 

This simple wreath has a natural look and does not need any maintenance. So, just purchase it at an affordable price and hang it on the door or wall.

Instead of buying the products from the store, you can make one by yourself. The concept is very easy to duplicate. 

Likewise, it is just a bunch of magnolia leaves forms a circular shape. You will need a base to maximize the structure.

Faux or Fresh Wreaths

You can choose any types of wreath you will love for your house. Whether it is fresh or faux, depends on your intention. 

If you want something that lasts longer, fake leaves or flowers should be the choice.

However, the fresh wreaths offer you some good advantages. It can go at least throughout the holidays.  You can also find winter wreath clearance easily near you on wallmart!

Additionally, it is a more quality decoration for the house.


Finally, which winter wreath ideas will be hanging on your front door? It is almost that time of the year. You would better be ready.

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